25 Pawesome Gifts Ideas For a Rockin’ Dog Mom

By Alyssa Bosco | Updated: November 28, 2023

    Dog moms are a special breed (pun intended). They have an extraordinary love for their pups, and it’s a bond that can’t be broken. Raising a puppy takes a lot of dedication, so what better way to say we appreciate your dog mama than with some dog mom gifts that any woman would love?

  1. Dog Mom Sweatshirt
  2. Pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-sweatshirt

    Dog moms love clothes that symbolize paw prints on your heart. Dogs love to snuggle, so what better way to snuggle than in this comfy pullover sweatshirt? The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or any holiday. 

  3. Lap Dog Socks
  4. dog-mom-gifts

    Sorry, I can’t get up now; I just read my socks. Dogs, even the giant breeds, like to get comfy and cuddle with their dog parents. These socks are perfect for when your husband, boyfriend, or any man in your life asks you to do something, and a great excuse is written perfectly on the bottom of your sock. My favorite line is I can’t get up. Our son thinks he’s a lap dog at 130 pounds. 

  5. Dog Mom Wine, Please!
  6. Pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-wine-please

    Dog moms could always use a wine glass, especially when you have a puppy. This wine glass will remind you that you are just a puppy, but you still enjoy your wine after a long, stressful training session with your pup. Remember, dogs become your best friend after countless glasses of your favorite wine. 

  7. Paw Print Necklace
  8. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-paw-print-necklace

    This furry friend necklace is significant not only for a dog mom but also for all dog parents. This pendant allows you to keep your pup close to your heart no matter where you are. Some dog parents will personalize the necklace and put the dog’s name on the paw.

  9. Dog Mom Ornament
  10. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-ornament

    Life is so much better with a dog, especially during the holidays. You could personalize the ornament to have a custom pet portrait of you and your cute dog. Then, if you give this to a dog mom every year, she could watch her pooch grow. 

  11. Dogs Welcome Box Sign
  12. dog-mom-gifts-sign

    Dogs are a man’s best friend, but women love to decorate and show off how cute their dogs are. In my house, we say, “Dogs are always welcomed; people are tolerated.” Dog moms treat their puppies as their babies and love to decorate areas of the house just for them. This would go perfectly on your dog’s chest full of toys.

  13. Dog Mom Bracelet 
  14. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-bracelet

    Moms love to wear jewelry, and what better way to keep your dog close to you all day than a trendy bracelet that says, dog mom? It will make you think of your pup all day and remind you how much you love them. It is a meaningful and great gift to get a dog mom. 

  15. How dog moms tell time 
  16. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-how-dog-moms-tell-time

    Hmm….. gifts for dog moms, what could be better than this? You could start your day by having your cup of coffee with your pup and end it with a glass of wine after dinner. This is great for storing your cups and keeping them organized. Any new dog mom needs caffeine to keep up with their pup. 

  17. Travel Bag for Dogs
  18. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-travel-bag-for-dogs

    Pet lovers and pet owners need this bag when traveling with furry friends. This is the perfect gift idea if you take your dog everywhere. You could pack treats, dog food, and water for your pup. It’s great for hiking with your dog or a walk on the beach; it can hold so many things for you and your furry friend.

  19. Leash Holder for Dogs


    The perfect decorative piece for your foyer. You could use it for your keys, but it is ideal for placing your dog’s leash and collar on. That way, you never misplace them. If you are looking for a unique or thoughtful gift that will make dog moms and their furry dog best friend happy, then this leash holder sign with funny quotes is just what you need. 

  21. Dog Treat Maker
  22. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-treat-maker

    What dog doesn’t like treats? I can assure you that every dog loves treats, and what better way to show your pup you love them than by baking them homemade dog treats? My dog’s favorite homemade treat is peanut butter and banana mini donuts; you could make anything in this grill for your pup. 

  23. Doggie Cam
  24. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-doggie-cam

    Dog cameras are excellent when you feel bad leaving your fuzzy friend at home, but you can watch their every move with this camera. I have multiple so that I can see my dog in each room. This is a special camera because it is compatible with Alexa and spits treats to your dog. 

  25. Love T-shirt


    She’ll feel the love! This t-shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable and is the best gift idea for a dog mom who loves to show her passion for her fur baby. This would look cute with leggings or jeans to dress it up slightly. 

  27. Matching Neck Accessories 


    Matching with your pup is so picture-perfect. With this matching scarf and dog bandana combo, people will stop and ask where you got it so they can also check with their furry friend. This is perfect for when you take your dog for a long winter walk; you will stay warm and look so cute. 

  29. Keepsake Ornament
  30. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-keepsake-ornament

    This is the perfect gift for Christmas for a dog mom. It’s safe and easy; there is no mixing or baking; you only have to roll out the clay and press your pet’s paw into it. Then, wait 48-72 hours for it to dry; it will be perfect for hanging on your tree. It also comes with a stencil to put your pet’s name on the ornament. 

  31. Funny Dog Candles
  32. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-funny-dog-candle

    This pet-friendly scented candle is calming fr dogs and is orange/mango scented. A perfect addition to any dog owner’s home. This decorative pet candle is the ideal friendship gift and makes a funny, humorous present for the dog lover in your life.

  33. Dog Mom Tote
  34. The best dog mom gifts can be found right on Amazon. Having a dog mom tote is great for traveling with your doggy. You could pack dog treats, toys, and sweaters in the bag to keep your dog happy. 

  35. I’ll be Watching You Mug
  36. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-i'll-be-watching-you-mug

    Dog Mom mugs are fantastic to give as a gift, perhaps even as a mother’s day gift. The saying on this coffee mug always gets me because it is so true. I don’t know about you, but my dog is right by my side with his cute puppy face when I have any food.

  37. Dog Mom Tumbler
  38. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-tumbler

    This is a must-have item for any pet parent, especially dog moms. I love walking around and running errands with my dog’s mom’s tumbler in hand. It’s excellent at keeping your drink ice cold or piping hot; everyone enjoys it at just the right temperature. This stainless steel tumbler is fantastic for when you want coffee on the go or to keep your drink iced cold. It reduces condensation and is BPA-free.

  39. Dog Mom pillow
  40. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-mom-pillow

    Chewy has some fantastic gifts and items for any animal, but this pillow would be a tremendous gift for a dog mom who loves to cuddle with her puppy. This pillow adds a paw-fect touch to any dog lover’s home. Protect that pillow before your pup takes the fluff out for fun.

  41. Dog Mom Beanie


    My “Hooman” loves to wear this dog mom hat on walks. So, as the holidays are approaching and the weather is getting chilly, grab this dog mom beanie and take your favorite pup on a nice long walk while you stay warm.

  43. Dog Parents Baseball Hat
  44. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-dog-parents-baseball-hats

    Moms love to hide messy hair with a baseball cap, so this is necessary when training your pup. Training any dog breed is stressful, but you could look refreshed with this dog mom and dog dad hat. It’s also perfect to wear on hiking trails with your furry friend to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can stay focused. Of course, any dog owner would also love to wear these to remain calm, and they make for good conversation starters, like “Oh, you have a dog too; what kind of dog?”

  45. Touchless Vacuum for Pet Hair


    Although this item might seem expensive and overpriced, it’s a great thing to have in your house, especially if you have more than one pet and allergic guests. This vacuum sweeps hair, dust, and debris up to the sensors at the base of the unit, and then it automatically suctions it into the dump canister.

  47. Stay at Home Dog Mom Tee
  48. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-stay-at-home-dog-mom-tee

    This tee is what every dog mom thinks but won’t say. Although I would love to be a stay-at-home dog mom, it’s a full-time job most days, especially when training your pup. So, show your passion for your pet’s best friends by wearing this casual-style shirt that matches most pants.  

  49. Mom and Pup Matching Shirts
  50. pawesome-gifts-for-a-rockin-dog-mom-mom-and-pup-matching-outfits

    The cutest combo and the most fabulous matching shirt with your puppy. Dogs can be much to handle when just a wee pup, but it only gets better with time. After being a latte to take, your puppy becomes your best friend and your cuddle buddy.