28 Fluffy Gifts For The Corgi Lover In Your Life

By Candice Elliott | Updated: November 28, 2023

    All puppies are adorable balls of fluff and love. But there is a solid argument to be made that corgi puppies are the cutest dog breed of them all. Is it their stumpy little legs? Is it that they look like chubby loaves of bread? Their wiggly little cute corgi butts? I mean, how can you resist the fluffy butt?! This dog breed deserves its gift list this holiday season. 

    What are some cute gifts for corgi lovers?

    Every corgi lover is unique, so finding a gift that reflects their personality might be difficult, and it’s hard to pick out just one adorable corgi trait! We covered you with Corgi accessories, décor, and Corgi dog apparel. Our corgi gift guide has the best corgi-themed gifts for the corgi lover in your life.

  1. Corgi Keychain
  2. corgi-gifts-keychain

    With his gentle personality, Corgi is easy to be our good friend. He is not only your pet but also your family. Though a small dog, the Corgi has a steady heart hidden in his tiny body. The Corgi always has a smile on his face, and when he smiles at you, you get a warm feeling, which is contagious and makes you feel good.

  3. Novelty Mug
  4. corgi-gifts-mug

    These adorable corgis are sure to brighten your mood while you drink them. A perfect gift for proud corgi parents! This corgi mug is handmade ceramic, and the cute lid will keep your coffee or tea warm for a while. An adorable gift for any corgi fan.

  5. Makeup Bag
  6. corgi-gifts-bag

    This adorable corgi case is made of durable canvas. The bag can be used as a cosmetics bag to toss into a purse or as a travel case, a pencil case, an electronics case, and more. The bag measures 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches. 

  7. Corgi Butt Slippers
  8. corgi-gifts-slippers

    Wiggly corgi butt slippers! These slippers are eco-friendly made from bio-degradable plastic. We want to leave a better world for corgis! The bottoms are rubber, so they can be safely worn inside and outside to grab the paper or walk the Corgi! The slippers are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. 

  9. Luggage Tags
  10. corgi-gifts-tags

    Make that luggage stand out in corgi style! These two luggage tags are made of PU leather, and the rings are made of stainless steel. The ownership information card is covered, so your personal information stays private. 


    Corgi cookies! This is a great gift or a corgi owner who loves to bake. This cutter can be used to make cookies for humans or cookies for corgis! Made of copper, the cookie cutter measures 5 x 3.5 inches. 

  11. Corgi Plush Toy
  12. corgi-gifts-toy

    Sadly, not all animal lovers can have a corgi of their very own. They may be allergic or not allowed to have pets in their apartment or condo. In that case, this is the cutest alternative: a Corgi stuffed animal! This is Kirby, the Corgi! He is safe for anyone over two years old and machine washable.

  13. Doormat
  14. corgi-gifts-doormat

    This dog owner and their Corgi welcome you into their home! Look how happy he is you’ve come to visit! The mat is made of 100% polyester and is suitable for use inside or outside. The mat measures 18 x 27 inches and has a felt backing to stay in place. 

  15. Corgi Clock
  16. corgi-gifts-clock

    This Corgi loves summers at the beach! The clock is silent, there is no ticking and runs on a single AA battery (not included). The clock measures 10 x 10 inches. It’s always beach time when you’re a corgi!  Cute decor for a veterinarian’s office!

  17. Wine Glasses 


    Stemless wine glasses are better for corgi owners; there is less chance they’ll get knocked over when the zoomies start! Each glass holds 15 ounces and is dishwasher safe. 

  19. Airpod Pro Case
  20. corgi-gifts-airpod-case

    Look at that funny corgi face! This silicone corgi is cute and functional! He’s a protective case for AirPods Pro. There is a cutout for the charging port so the Airpods can be charged without removing them from the case, and the loop can be attached to a keychain. 

  21. Stickers
  22. corgi-gifts-stickers

    Look at all the corgis! I see an astronaut, a Harry Potter, a corgi in a sun hat! I can’t take it. These waterproof vinyl stickers can decorate laptops, phones, journals, planners, water bottles, and more. There are 50 stickers in a set. 

  23. Corgi Succulent Pot


    This succulent pot is the perfect gift for the person who is a corgi mom or dad and also a plant lover. This cute corgi planter is made of resin with a drainage hole in its tummy so the plant inside won’t get waterlogged and a stopper so the surface won’t get wet. 

  25. Coasters 
  26.  corgi-gifts-coasters

    These classic cork coasters feature the Corgi in 4 poses. With a 4’ Diameter, ¼ Inch thick, each coaster includes a cork bottom to protect your coffee table and home or office surfaces from moisture rings, spilled liquids, or scratches from your mugs and glasses. Anyone who loves Corgi will love these cute coasters for their coffee table, patio, table, or desk. Coasters make a great housewarming gift or a gift for the arrival of a new dog, rescue, or puppy to the family! These coasters are a great hostess gift for a corgi family. 

  27. Water Bottle 
  28. corgi-gifts-bottle

    This water bottle is great for bringing their Corgi along on walks, runs, or hikes. The puppy can drink from the reservoir rather than trying to drink water poured from a bottle or their owner having to bring a bowl along. The bottles come in 12 or 19-ounce sizes. Most items on this gift list are for humans, so we wanted to include a dog gift, too! 

  29. Corgi Socks
  30. corgi-gifts-socks

    A cute corgi in a kayak! It’s not something you see every day. Unless you have these corgi socks! These socks blend cotton, polyester, and spandex and are machine washable. The socks fit men’s shoe sizes 7-12 and reach mid-calf.

  31. Coffee Mug
  32. corgi-gifts-mug

    There is no more adorable way for a corgi lover to start their day than with this coffee mug! The high-quality ceramic coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe and holds 11 ounces. The corgi mug is carefully packaged in styrofoam to get to your corgi lover in perfect condition. 

  33. Dish Towel
  34. corgi-gifts-dish-towel

    Giving her a few dog lover kitchen towels and the Corgi will make her day even more special. Each kitchen towel for dog lovers is more than just a dishcloth. It is made from pure cotton, machine-hemmed, and professionally designed.

  35. Throw Pillow Sham


    What couch or bed is complete without a piece of corgi home decor? If you know someone whose home is sadly lacking, this Corgi throw pillow sham will remedy the situation! The sham is made of linen and measures 18 x 18 inches. The sham has an invisible zipper, and please note the pillow insert is omitted. 

  37. Corgi Pin
  38. corgi-gifts-pin

    This is my favorite corgi pin because it’s so weird! What is going on? Anyone who loves corgis will love a corgi in a fish ice cream cup! The pin is made of enamel and has a rubber backing. He will look so cute on a jacket, a bag, a hat, or anywhere they want to show their corgi love! 

  39. Rose Gold Corgi Necklace
  40. corgi-gifts-necklace

    Dog moms will love this corgi necklace. The two-inch corgi pendant hangs from a 17-inch chain and is available in rose gold, gold, silver, and carbon black. She can take this necklace places her four-legged friend can’t go. 

  41. Corgi T-Shirt


    Whether you need gift ideas for a man, woman, or child who loves corgis, this t-shirt will be a hit. It’s a pocket corgi! The shirt is 100% cotton or a cotton blend, depending on the color. The shirt is available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes and five colors—a gift for a corgi dad.

  43. Dog Booties
  44. corgi-gifts-booties

    Do you know how to make a corgi even cuter? Doggie booties! Seeing a dog in booties makes me squeak. These booties are waterproof and anti-slip, protecting little paws from water, snow, salt (which can burn them), and hot pavement. 

  45. Tote Bag
  46. corgi-gifts-tote

    Tote bags are always a cute gift because they’re so helpful. One is perfect for the dog lover who thinks fur babies are better than human babies! This tote bag is made of sturdy cotton, suitable for a beach, grocery, gym, or commuter bag. The mag measures 14 x 14 inches. 

  47. Corgi Print
  48. corgi-gifts-print

    A Steampunk corgi! This corgi print is on an upcycled dictionary page, so each one is unique. The image measures 8.5 x 11 inches, and the frame is not included. 

  49. Sleep Mask
  50. corgi-gifts-mask

    Sweet dreams are assured with this cute little guy. The mask can be used as a traditional sleep mask or a headache treatment when the removable gel insert is chilled and slipped into the mask. Chilling the gel in the refrigerator, not in the freezer is recommended. 

  51. Memo Pad
  52. corgi-gifts-pad

    Let’s see: dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog beds. What else should we add to our shopping list? You can remember everything your Corgi needs when you write it down on this memo pad. There are 90 sheets of paper and five different corgi designs. 

  53. Bottle Stopper
  54. corgi-gifts-stopper

    Do some people not finish their bottles of wine? I guess they must since someone is making these bottle stoppers! This silicone stopper is, of course, a corgi! Look at him keeping your wine fresh like a good boy. The edges are ridged to help maintain an airtight seal.