29 Purrrfect Cat Mom Gifts For The Feline Lover Your Life

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 24, 2023

    There are people who have cats, and then there are “cat people”. So whether that’s you, or a loved one, this gift guide was created by a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady.  There are a mix of practical and/or entertaining items that make awesome gifts. Cats are awesome so I’m sure either you or somebody you know is kinda obsessed with them. Here are some awesome gifts for cat lovers. There are great ideas here for both guys and gals.

    What are the best cat mom gifts?

    Our gift guide is celebrating the incredible cat moms out there with a curated selection of gifts. We know how much you love your feline companions and the special bond you share with them. That’s why we’ve put together a purr-fect collection of gifts that will make any cat mom’s heart skip a beat.

    From charming accessories to practical goodies for your beloved fur baby, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover an array of thoughtful and delightful gifts that will make both you and your cat feel extra loved and appreciated.

  1. Cat Coasters 
  2. gifts-for-cat-lovers-coasters


    With a simple and eye-catching design, these adorable cat coasters are perfect for daily use. They are made of high-quality silicone with high heat resistance. 

  3. Silicone Cat Egg Cat Mold
  4. Serve a pair of sunny-side-up eggs in perfect style! This Funny Side Up is a handy frame that helps turn eggs into a fun, feline-inspired treat! Great for Sunday morning breakfast with the family. Makes a cute gift for kids and adults alike. Made of pure food-safe silicone. Fun and functional!

  5. Wine Bottle Opener


    Replace a colorless, shapeless, and impersonal corkscrew with a unique piece of artwork. Treat your friend to an adorable and elegant cat bottle opener. This corkscrew will put a smile on your face every time they open a bottle.

  7. Exploding Kittens Card Game
  8. In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of the game — unless that player has a Defuse card.

    There are kittens using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches for defense. I have this game and it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

  9. Cat Glass Markers


    Perfect for any cat-loving wine drinker. These adorable kitty wine charms stick to your glass. Super cute and a fun way to keep everyone’s drinks separate! Includes 12 different colored kittens.

  11. Sketchy Cat Skull Men’s Graphic T-Shirt
  12. gifts for cat lovers cat tee

    The most badass cat t-shirt out there. Printed With Eco-Friendly Inks. Machine Washable. Comfortable Ring Spun Cotton. Fashionable Slim-Fit T-Shirt

  13. PyroPet Candles


    This isn’t your average sweet kitty gift. This cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes. Yea, kind of dark but still really cool for the badass cat lover on your list.

  15. Cat Measuring Spoons
  16. gifts-for-cat-lovers-spoons

    This gorgeous set of kitty measuring spoons is a perfect gift for any cook or cat lover for a housewarming gift. The exquisitely detailed design provides a unique combination of, decor, style, and function.

  17. Cat Side, My Side Pillow Case
  18. gifts-for-cat-lovers-pillow-case

    Any cat lover understands the struggle – it’s real. Those little fluff balls take up a lot of bed space. The cat to human space ratio on this pillowcase is pretty accurate.

    It is a standard size pillowcase that measures approximately 20″ X 30″. It’s machine washable and printed and shipped from the USA. *Pillow Not Included.*

  19. Cat Hair Don’t Care Print
  20. gifts for cat lovers cat art

    Being covered in cat hair is a part of cat ownership. There’s no way to get around it so why not embrace it. This Cat Hair Don’t Care funny cat quote in an instant downloadable file. Simple black and white design for your home decor or gift for your favorite cat lover.

    Print it yourself and frame it for a friend. It’s a quick, easy and affordable gift. Give it with a pack of lint rollers to give them an extra laugh. Funny wall decor for a veterinarian’s office.

  21. Party Cat Plates
  22. gifts for cat lovers plates

    Proving they’re every bit the party animals, our festive felines are at your service in pastel-toned ironstone that’ll set a whimsical tone for any celebration on your social calendar.

  23. Kitty Shaped Tea Bags
  24. gifts-for-cat-lovers-tea-bags

    There’s nothing much better than sitting in a comfy chair with a kitty cat curled up on your lap and a nice cup of tea and perhaps a cake and a good book! Would make a great quirky gift for the cat lover.

    This listing is for 6 handmade cat-shaped tea bags filled with an English Breakfast. Pair this with a cute mug for a gift. There certainly isn’t a shortage of cute cat mugs out there like this, thisthis or next on the list.

  25. Fluff You Cat Mug
  26. gifts-for-cat-lovers-cat-mug

    This one is sure to put a smile on their face and make every morning brighter. This 11-ounce mug is made with high-fire ceramic with glossy black glaze. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

    You can even place this on your desk at work as an SFW way to tell your annoying co-workers to fluff off.

  27. Kitty Cat Sleeping Mask


    Get your beauty rest with this cozy cat eye mask. Great for at home or when traveling. Pair it with some Cat Streets Hand Cream, Crazy Cat Lady Lip Balm, and Crazy Cat Lady Essential Oil Candle to make a cute spa gift basket.

  29.  Knit Your Own Cat
  30. gifts for cat lovers knit cat

    What’s better together than a kitten curled up in a basket of wool or a frisky feline chasing a skein of yarn down a hallway? Knit Your Own Cat is packed with knitting patterns for 16 different fanciful felines, from a pretty Persian to a sleek Siamese, from a cuddly kitten to a traditional tabby.

    With a few evenings of work, you can have a covetable companion for life. Each cat includes clear, step-by-step instructions for both knitting and assembling the parts. Yes, kind of strangely awesome.

  31. Cool Cat Socks
  32. gifts for cat lover cat socks

    It’s hard to find gifts for the cat man in your life but these beauties will do the trick. These funny socks feature stylish patterns and vibrant colors that will put a fun finishing touch on your outfits. Perfect for everyday wear.

    Keep his feet looking chic in our novelty sneaker socks. Don’t worry ladies we didn’t forget about you. Here are some cool cat socks for you too! I mean, who doesn’t need cat socks?

  33. Decorative Cat Pillow Cover
  34. cat-gifts-pillow


    What’s cuter than a cat? A cat pillow! Great for their couch or bedroom. Hey, it may even turn into a cat bed. If you have a cat person to buy for, they will love this pillow cover. 

  35. Fairly Odd Cat Ice Cube Tray
  36. gifts for cat lovers cat try

    Cat lovers love cheesy cat stuff so this ice cube tray will be a big hit. Pair it with these Kitty Cocktail Glasses and Coasters for a cute gift basket.

    Not only can you make cat-shaped ice cubes, but you can also use it as a mold for cookie dough and then remove the shapes onto a cookie sheet and then bake them. Two in one gift!

  37. Cat Ear Rings
  38. gifts for cat lovers cat ear rings

    These cute cat ear ring claws for attention from everyone around you. Everyone will try and get their paws on this whimsical ring.  It’s perfect because it’s such a simple, but cute design.

    Made with the Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated that protects your ring and silver’s bright shine. Subtle, minimalist design that cat lovers are sure to love.

  39. Black Cat Printing Dress
  40. gifts for cat lovers cat dress

    Take pride in your Cat Lady Title with this fun cotton blend Black Cat sleeveless dress. I would recommend this dress to anyone because everyone needs a cat dress (or cat skirt).

    Looking for something a little sexier? Add a little flair to your wardrobe with the Kitty Cat Tights. Face in the front and the tail in the back of the leg.

  41. Silk Cat Fan
  42. gifts for cat lovers cat fan

    Nothing helps beat the summer heat better than a cat fan. This is cute cat folding fan is made of bamboo and silk with hand-painted black cat patterns.

  43. Meow Measuring Cups
  44. gifts for cat lovers measuring cups

    This Meow Measuring Cup Set is a must-have kitchen gadget for a cat lover. An assortment of 3 measuring cups black cat-shaped, stackable to serve you every day to take your measurements and rations in the kitchen and bakery. These cups are also available in white too.

    Pair it with this adorable Cat Apron and matching Oven Mitt from Anthropologie. They can even be used out of the kitchen as candy bowls or even to organize jewelry.

  45. Scratches The Cat Pendant
  46. gifts for cat lovers pendant

    Show your love for your feline friends with this adorable cat pendant. Rendered in cloisonné enamel and 22-karat gold and suspended from a gold-dipped chain, this cute kitty makes a charming addition to any cat lover’s collection.

    Designed by Christine Schmidt. made in San Francisco.

  47. Cat Lunch Bag
  48. cat-gifts-lunch-bag


    This is not your ordinary cat lunch bag. This reusable bag is made from Oxford fabric and can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth for cleaning. Insulated, it will keep hot or cold foods fresh until lunchtime

  49. Domesticated Trinket Dish
  50. gifts for cat lovers trinket dish

    Polish ceramicist Marta Turowska takes her inspiration from children’s book characters and geometric forms found in nature. She creates her pieces at her Warsaw-based ceramic shop, Clay Opera, lending them a sweet wink of personality that’s sure to keep you company.

    These stoneware bowls can be used for just about anything.

  51. Fur and Flowers Cat Doormat
  52. gifts for cat lovers door mat

    Nothing beats coming home to your favorite feline. But having this cute cat’s mug greet you at the front door is a close second. Printed with the words “Hello There,” this eco-friendly, biodegradable mat sets a welcoming tone for your home, while also keeping dirt and mud at bay.

    This stylish home accessory is best maintained under a protected area. An adorbale doormat can make for a great housewarming gift!

  53. Cute Cat Cross Body Shoulder Bag
  54. gifts for cat lovers kitty purse









    If you can’t bring your pet cat with you, this kitty bag is the bext best thing.Great for the cat lady fashionista in your life. Beautiful streamlined stitching outside and fully lined interior with silky fabric all in one cute cat design outer.

    It can be worn 3 ways- top-handle/crossbody/single shoulder as long as you attach the removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

  55. Happy Cat Writing Journal
  56. gifts for cat lovers cat journal

    These adorable notebooks are great for the cat lover who loves to travel, write or draw. Pair it with these Black Cat Gel Pens and Desk Organizer for a home office themed gift basket.

  57. Cat Embossed Rolling Pin
  58. gifts for cat lovers rolling pin

    Handmade of wood, beech, natural makes for a very ecological gift. Rolling-pins can be a really great housewarming gift for your cat loving friends.

    The wooden rolling pin was made for making cookies but the dough can be made of salt-, sugar- or ceramic-mass! Use your imagination!