32 Crafty Gifts For Knitters Who Have Everything

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: April 7, 2024

    News flash, knitting is not only for Grandma. There are some super cool knitting accessories and gear for crafty knitters of all ages. Some knitters knit socks or scarves, while others focus on toys, but they can never have enough knitting tools to help them create. 

    What are the best gifts for knitters?

    Finding the perfect present for a knitter can be pretty challenging if you have never knitted a single stitch. So, if you are not crafty, knowing what to get your favorite knitter will be hard. Our gift guide has rounded up some of The best gifts for knitters they will be super excited to get.

  1. Yarn Bowl
  2. gifts for knitters yarn bowl

    This is every knitter’s sidekick. With a super smooth finish, allowing your yarn to glide smoothly through the specially designed deep swirl – no more catching or tangling! They are handcrafted, making each bowl 100% unique. This bowl is so light that they can easily pack it in their yarn bag or tote & take it with them on their journey.

  3. Knitting Light
  4. gift-for-knitters-light

    Gift them the joy of nighttime knitting, ideal for working with dark yarns. This versatile knitting accessory offers three distinct color temperature settings: warm yellow (3000K), warm white (4000K), and cool white (6000K). Each lamp head has its switch, allowing for three adjustable brightness levels. This thoughtful and functional gift will surely be a hit among knitting enthusiasts.

  5. Personalized Made-By-Tags
  6. knitting-gifts-tags

    Personalized satin sewing labels are the perfect finishing touch for homemade sewing, knitting, quilting, or craft projects. At 3/4″ inches wide, these elegant labels are available in various designs and lettering colors, styles, and icons, letting you customize your labels! In addition, they’re ideal for new or small crafters, as they are available to purchase in small batches. 

  7. Big Balls Mug
  8. gift-for-knitters-cat-yarn-mug

    This mug makes the perfect gift for your favorite knitter! It’s sure to put a smile on their faces, whatever the occasion! This mug is a great gift idea for any coffee or tea lover.

  9. Personalized Yarn Bowl
  10. gifts-for-mother-in-law-yarn-bowl

    All quiet except for the steady click, click, and knitting needles: music to their ears. Send your favorite weaving, crocheting, or knitting loved one this stoneware bowl that features their name etched into the edge. Leslie Nieto handcrafts each with a hooked slot to keep skeins of yarn untangled as they create scarves or wall hangings. Complete with holes to rest their needles between uses and finished in three rich glazes, the design adds a touch of color to their sewing room or side table. A truly unique gift they will love.

  11. Cat Knitting Markers
  12. gifts-for-knitters-markers

    This set of six bead stitch markers for knitting to help mark your stitches. You get 1 of each design. They come in a cute box for storage and easy travel. 

  13. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible
  14. gifts-for-knitters-knitting-bible

    In the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, knitting guru Hitomi Shida shares some of her favorite needlework patterns. Shida’s strikingly original designs and variations on every classic imaginable stitch result in intricate patterns that form the basis for beautiful, unique, knitted fashions. This book is perfect for the experienced knitter looking for new stitches that yield spectacular results!

  15. Ball of Yarn Winder
  16. gifts for knitters yarn ball winder

    Transform skeins into compact balls that sit nicely while you knit. Use the clamp to easily attach the ball winder onto a table to quickly and easily wind your ball into a neat, center-pull ball. It is best when used in tandem with a Yarn Swift. This is an essential tool for a knitter.

  17. Yarn Boss Bag
  18. gifts-for-knitters-yarn-boss

    This knitting bag is excellent for multiple color projects. It easily fits six yarn skeins standing on end and has grommets on top to feed the yarn through. No more tangles, and I can take even a big project with me. Durable yet stylish, made with durable canvas, this bag was built to last while not weighing you down. All at the same time, keeping little hands and paws out. No project? No problem. Because of the dimension, this bag will store flat easily and pack away until your creative vibes are flowing.

  19. Yarn Storage Tote Bag
  20. gifts-for-knitters-tote

    This yarn bag and totes holder is the perfect size for fitting and storing yarn and wool for several smaller projects or one more extensive project. The bag provides extra pockets to conveniently store crochet hooks, knitting needles, patterns, and accessories. Everything is easy to find, and the zip lid keeps yarn clean and away from pets, dust, and dirt.

  21. The Knitters Life List
  22. gifts-for-knitters-book-list

    The Knitter’s Life List is a richly illustrated road map to more than 1,000 must-have experiences guaranteed to get any knitter’s needles clicking faster. Veteran knitter Gwen W. Steege has canvassed the knitting community to create this inspiring compilation, including unique yarns to try, classic techniques to master, ground-breaking designers to know about, most-loved and new patterns to knit; knitting-related museums, movies, and books to enjoy; and much more. These are the experiences and events no knitter will want to miss.

  23. The Yarnit
  24. gift-for-knitters-yardit

    The Prym Yarnit is a durable clear globe that provides a protective home for your yarn and accessories. Threads can be switched mid-project with a hinged lid and open yarn channels. The shoulder strap makes the Yarnit easy to use on the go. Non-slip base removes to store all of your yarn accessories. On the go or at home, the Yarnit is perfect for all your fiber art projects.

  25. Knitting Project Bag
  26. gifts for knitters project bag

    They can take their projects anywhere with them. This practical bag will store their knitting project, crochet hooks, needles, stoppers, and small notions like scissors, retractable measuring tape, stitch markers, etc. Pulling the yarn through 4 reinforced grommets on the side is excellent for avoiding tangles and mess. An additional zippered pocket is to stash your knitting supplies, keys, cell phone, and tissues.

  27. Vogue Knitting
  28. knitting-gifts-vogue

    The ultimate knitting reference from the world’s most recognized knitting magazine gets a thorough update—including 1,600 color images and brand-new sections with techniques and designs! Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book is surprisingly easy to navigate with comprehensive indexing and footnote cross-referencing. From beginners needing to learn the basics to seasoned knitters wanting a refresher on a complex technique, every knitter will cherish this guide for years to come.

  29. Vintage Knitting Scissors 
  30. gifts-for-knitters-scissors

    Made of good quality stainless steel, ensure the embroidery scissors are sharp, durable, anti-rust, sturdy, not too loose, and lightweight to carry easily. Multi-purposes for needlework, crewel, sewing, and crafting work can be used widely in diary life, Especially as an ideal gift for friends who enjoy crafting or DIY.

  31. Mini Knitting Notebooks
  32. These sweet A6 knitting notebooks are great for taking notes on your favorite pattern, jotting down ideas, or using them because they’re cute! The notebooks are blank inside, so you can sketch plans and make notes. You can choose from 5 designs of knitting journals or the whole set.

  33. Stitch Counter
  34. It’s easy to lose track of your stitches and rows when you knit, especially if you Netflix and knit. A counter is a convenient way to track the number of knitted stitches and rows. And they may have one already. If they’re working on multiple projects, they’ll need various counters to keep track of each one—knitters’ best friend. 

  35. More Modern Knitting Book
  36. gifts for knitters book

    In 2010, Kristina McGowan published the successful Modern Top-Down Knitting- a collection of fashion-conscious top-down designs. Knitters loved the technique, which allows for easy, try-on-as-you-go custom fitting, and applauded McGowan’s modern sense of style. This gift is excellent for a more advanced knitter to help them up to their game.

  37. Kitting Kit
  38. gift-for-knitters-kit

    Learn to knit with super chunky wool! This starter knitting kit includes needles, yarn, and illustrations featuring a complete beginner’s guide to knitting a chunky snood. This Mateusz Snood moss stitch cowl is a must-have winter accessory, and this Mateusz Snood moss stitch cowl is gorgeous and easy to make!

  39. Reusable Tote
  40. gifts-for-knitters-tote

    The knitting enthusiast will appreciate this strong, spacious canvas bag. It has plenty of room for all your yarn, knitting needles, pattern books, and more. Easy to carry, strong, and durable, you’ll quickly use it for more than just your knitting projects. Be eco-friendly while saving money by using it for all your shopping trips and expeditions to the yarn shop. 

  41. Wool Shampoo
  42. gifts-for-knitters-shampoo

    This highly concentrated shampoo is designed for the care of wool and cashmere. Our Cedar scent is a modern take on the traditional woody scent, combining sandalwood, orange, and rose with a cedar base. Pair it with a sweater stone and wool spray for a great gift basket.

  43. Yarn Cat Tumblers
  44. knitting-gifts-tumblers

    These pint glasses depict curious kitties getting all tangled up and loving every minute of it—the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life. Two black cats with red collars and red yarn pose differently on each glass. These glasses are functional works of art to enjoy every day. They look fabulous with any beverage. Capture the playful fun when knitting material meets Mr. Whiskers with this Yarn Cat Tumbler set. 

  45. Ballsack Reusable Tote
  46. gifts for knitter reusable tote

    Yes, we went there. Everyone needs more reusable bags. This fab tote is more environmentally friendly than the throwaway plastic carrier bags you get at the supermarket, and you can reuse it repeatedly. This bag is solid, durable, and made from 4oz 100% Cotton. It’s great for holding their knitting supplies wherever they go, carrying any other items, and showing off their knitting passion.

  47. Cat Butt Knit Coasters
  48. knitting-gifts-cat-butt

    What else to say about these cat butt coasters? If you are a cat lover or yarn lover, these will fit right in your home. And your friends will love them too because these are great conversation pieces. They are suitable for small to giant mugs and cups and are not only decorative. You’ll be getting a truly unique, fun, and helpful product!

  49. Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers
  50. gift-for-knitters-blockers

    These easy-to-handle blockers substantially speed up blocking on all types of projects. The design helps maintain even tension across the width of the blocking pins—ideal for stopping straight edges like sweaters, shawls, and scarves. Anchor holes in each blocker allow the user to attach string along large sections, which can be pulled and pinned to maintain constant tension.

  51. Chunky Knit Blanket
  52. gifts-for-knitters-blanket

    Are you looking for that colorful, charming addition to your cozy bedroom home decor? Fall head over heels for our adorable chunky knit blanket! Show off your style with a pop of bold color, or blend your cozy bedroom decor with a soothing neutral—no shedding and machine washable.

  53. Interchangeable Circle Needle Case
  54. gifts for knitters circle needles

    This set is ideal for knitting small projects in the round with two circulars without buying extra needles! Interchangeable needles needle sizes up or down to get proper gauge is a cinch. This package contains ten needle heads between six cords, two connectors for joining lines, and four end buttons. I have this set and LOVE it!

  55. Knit Weave Mug
  56. gifts-for-knitters-mug

    The mug is made of new bone china. The silicone lid can be used as an infuser holder or a coaster. The lid is insecure, so you cannot use this as a travel item. The extra-fine mesh stainless steel tea infuser provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand and brew. The silicone grip on the tea infuser allows you to remove the infuser without your hand getting too hot. The infuser is designed so that you can rest it on the mug.

  57. Enamel Pin
  58. gift-for-knitters-pin

    This sweet enamel puppy pin has an easy-to-use black rubber clutch. Made from soft enamel and black metal, this measures 1 and 1/4 inches high and ships on a denim-colored card. Pin it to sweaters, jackets, hats, bags, and more. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

  59. Sweater Mug Hugger
  60. gifts for knitters mug sweater

    Their favorite warm drink will be even cozier dressed in one of these adorable mug sweaters made using a classic jersey knit pattern in either tan or gray; its tiny sleeves clip around your mug for a hug. The gray version also features a front pocket to hold their favorite tea bag, and they’re all a result of hours of detailed work by artisans in the Andean villages of Huancavelica and Huancayo.

  61. Pop The Champagne Pillow
  62. gifts for knitter pillow

    The Champagne of Pillows. Toast a wedding, anniversary, or new home with vintage decor that’ll go right to your head. Knit from 100% baby alpaca wool, this champagne bottle pillow is a playful and huggably soft way to add an effervescent pop to a couch or bed. Handcrafted by a self-managed collective of women in Bolivia, these pillows produce a living wage that helps bring health care and education to their families. Hypoallergenic wool and polyfill.

  63. Knitting Humor Pillow
  64. gift-for-knitting-pillow


    Enjoy spreading the laughter with this knitting humor pillow gift by artist Bill Abbott; it’ll make an excellent present for someone on your gift list. The heavyweight stretch material provides a beautiful color definition for your design and perfectly complements your touch.

    What should you consider when buying a gift for a knitter?

    When buying a gift for a knitter, there are several factors you should consider. First, it’s essential to know their skill level. A beginner might appreciate a knitting kit with step-by-step instructions, while a seasoned knitter might prefer higher-end yarns or advanced pattern books.

    Second, consider their style and project preferences; do they enjoy knitting sweaters, scarves, socks, or something else? Their preferred knitting projects can guide your gift selection. Lastly, please take into account their color and material preferences. Not every knitter enjoys working with every type of yarn, so if possible, find their favorites!