24 Crochet Gifts That Will Keep Them In Stitches

By Candice Elliott | Updated: December 10, 2022

    Dishcloths, beanies, headbands, mittens, afghans, baby blankets, pom pom hats! There’s no end to what crocheters can do with their talents. We have 24 crochet gifts that will keep them in stitches. And you in handmade gifts!

  1. Customized Leather Labels
  2. crochet-gifts-labels

    Handmade gifts are full of love, time, and talent. You can’t put a price on that, but you can put a label on it! These leather sewing labels can be customized with text, color, images, and size. There are 25 labels per order. These labels are a great crochet gift idea for the crocheter who wants to brand and sell their items! 

  3. Stitch Markers
  4. crochet-gifts-stitch-markers

    Stitch markers are a way for crocheters to know where to pick up when they put down a not yet completed project. Most look like giant plastic safety pins, so these bee-themed stitch markers will be a hit! The six charms are silver plated with lever back clasps that will fit yarn size up to bulky and chunky. 

  5. Crochet Basket
  6. crochet-gifts-basket

    All crafters know that all of the bits and bobs required for their chosen hobby can sort of explode all over the house, and crocheting is no exception! This crochet basket will help keep the chunky yarn, bulky yarn, blanket patterns, hat patterns, crocheting needles, sewing scissors, and all of their other crochet project accessories contained! The crochet basket measures 16 x 11 x 7 inches and comes in several colors. 

  7. Travel Bag
  8. crochet-gifts-bag

    Vacations are a great time to bust out all those free crochet patterns you found on Pinterest and make a crochet blanket for your friend’s baby shower or your mom for Mother’s Day. This travel tote will let you bring all of the supplies you need on the road. The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon and has many different compartments and pockets to hold everything you need. 

  9. Personalized Yarn Bowl
  10. gifts-for-mother-in-law-yarn-bowl

    All quiet except for the steady click, click, click of knitting needles: music to their ears. Send your favorite weaving, crocheting, or knitting loved one this stoneware bowl that features their name etched into the edge. Leslie Nieto handcrafts each with a hooked slot to keep skeins of yarn untangled as they create scarves or wall hangings. Complete with holes to rest their needles between uses, and finished in three rich glazes, the design adds a touch of color to their sewing room or side table.

  11. Crochet Journal
  12. crochet-gifts-journal

    Some crocheters have multiple projects happening at once, and some prefer to do one at a time. Either way, this journal will help them keep track of important details like what products were used for each project, how long it took, and how it turned out. The book also has room for yarn samples and a photo of the complete project. 

  13. Crochet to Calm 
  14. crochet-gifts-book

    Crochet stitches can be oddly calming and mesmerizing. Many people take up crocheting to relax, and this book is a great gift for them. The pattern book includes home decor items like crochet coasters, wearable items like an infinity scarf, and crochet slippers that make lovely Christmas gifts. All patterns use simple stitches, so the crochet projects are calming, not frustrating. 

  15. Yarn Bowl
  16. crochet-gifts-bowl

    This bowl is so beautiful it might encourage you to take up crocheting! The bowl contains yarn so that it doesn’t roll away or unravel into a messy heap while in use. The bowl is handmade from rosewood and finished inside and outside so it won’t snag or damage the yarn. 

  17. String Lights


    These string lights are made of rattan, and they resemble balls of yarn! The string is 16.4 feet in length, the balls are two inches in diameter. While the lights are safe for outdoor use, they are not waterproof, so it’s best not to leave them up year-round. They can also be used indoors. 

  19. Puzzle
  20. crochet-gifts-puzzle

    Here’s another fun, relaxing activity, a puzzle! This puzzle will delight yarn lovers the world over. The puzzle has 1,000 pieces that have been precision cut, so they lock together tightly. The finished puzzle will measure 30 x 24 inches. 

  21. Earrings 
  22. crochet-gifts-earrings

    These adorable earrings are laser cut from solid cherry wood and hand-painted. At just 1/8 inches thick, they are light and comfortable to wear. The earrings have a 3D appearance thanks to the way they’re painted, but they’re flat. They can be customized in several different colors. 

  23. Yarn Cutter Pendant
  24. crochet-gifts-necklace

    This is no ordinary necklace! The handmade pendant is a yarn/thread cutter. The blade is sharp enough to cut through yarn, but the edge is encased so it won’t cut or otherwise harm your skin. The necklace is great for traveling with just a carry-on where scissors may not be allowed. The chain is 26 inches long. 

  25. Wall Clock


    Anyone who has ever lost themselves in a crochet project will understand this clock! Time loses all meaning when you’re doing something you love. The clock is 12 inches across, battery-operated, and doesn’t tick; no noise to interrupt your concentration! 

  27. Neck Light 
  28. crochet-gifts-light

    This lamp fits comfortably around the neck and is great for crocheting or reading in bed, on a plane after the cabin lights are turned off, camping, or any other low-light situation when you want to crochet. The rechargeable battery can last up to 25 hours on a full charge. 

  29. Coffee Mug


    Why even ask? Of course, they need all of that yarn! No knitter can ever have enough. This mug holds 11 ounces, is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the design is printed on both sides. 

  31. Tumbler 
  32. crochet-gifts-tumbler

    The coffee mug covers mornings and hot drinks, and this tumbler will cover the rest of the day and cold drinks! Hot beverages, too. The tumbler is made of stainless steel so that it will keep your drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold. The tumbler holds 12 ounces, has a lid, and is available in several colors. 

  33. Pillow 


    Crocheting has your heart! This pillow is printed on both sides and a stuffed pillow, not just the case. The pillow is available in two sizes, and each one is cut and sewn by hand. 

  35. Yarn Swift
  36. crochet-gifts-swift

    I know to non-crocheters this looks like a naked umbrella, but crocheters understand what it is, and it’s a great crochet gift idea! This is a yarn swift, and it’s for winding balls of yarn. It holds the hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls. For those new to crocheting, there are video tutorials online that show how to use the swift. 

  37. Compression Gloves
  38. crochet-gifts-gloves

    These compression gloves are great for crocheters who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other joint pain. The gloves are fingerless so that you won’t lose any of the necessary dexterity required for crocheting. The gloves are available in several sizes and colors. 

  39. Crochet Scarf and Beanie Kit
  40. crochet-gifts-scarf-kit

    If you have a young fashion lover on your gifting list, she’ll love this DIY crochet cowl scarf and beanie kit. The kit includes a scarf pattern, hat pattern, loom, crochet hook, yarn, yarn hook, and sparkly beads. This is a great gift for those new to crocheting who love fashion! 

  41. Amigurumi Toy Kit
  42. crochet-gifts-toy

    Amigurumi yarn is a wheel of fun! Each 4-color wheel makes the 2 characters pictured on the band or put your creative hat on and make a different character. All patterns and colors are interchangeable! The 12 unique character designs are so adorable, you’ll want to stitch them all. The kit includes everything crafters need to make the toys, including cotton yarn, a crochet hook, stuffing, her little accessories, and an easy crochet pattern. 

  43. 3D Granny Squares Crochet Patterns
  44. crochet-gifts-patterns

    Granny squares are so much fun! This book offers 100 different designs, everything from flowers to animals to food! Each pattern has 3D elements to it. The book also includes ten projects showing ways to use the squares to make last-minute gifts for family and friends. 

  45. Tote Bag


    This cute tote bag is perfect for trips to the craft store to stock up on yarn! The bag can be used as a grocery bag, work bag, gym bag, or beach bag. Made of canvas, the bag is available in two sizes.

  47. Lion Brand BonBons 
  48. crochet-gifts-bon-bon

    Crocheters can’t get enough yarn! These mini skeins of yarn are a perfect gift for a small, single crochet project that requires several colors like rainbow fingerless gloves or a quick crochet bookmark or coffee cozy. The yarn is acrylic, so washer and dryer safe.