29 Couch Potato Gifts For The Laziest Person You Know

By Candice Elliott | Updated: March 14, 2024

    Alright, let’s talk about that special someone in your life who’s turned relaxation into an art form—the undisputed champ of chill, the sultan of the sofa, the laziest person you know. We all have that buddy whose idea of a perfect weekend revolves more around nesting in the comfiest corner of the sofa than tackling an early morning workout.

    If you’re on the quest for the ideal present that matches their chill vibe, you’ve hit the jackpot. From supreme comfort to sheer convenience, our selection of gifts for the couch enthusiast promises to make their relaxation time unforgettable. Prepare to boost their chill-out sessions to new heights of comfort and convenience!

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-echo

    The Echo with Alexa is the perfect GIF for those with sloth tendencies! They can lay on the couch and order Alexa to do all sorts of things that used to involve getting off the sofa, including turning lights off and on, locking and unlocking doors, and setting timers, alarms, and reminders. Alexa can even answer questions. The Echo can also play music from your streaming services and make and take phone calls. All without ever leaving the couch. 

  3. Armrest Caddy
  4. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-caddy

    Everything they need (gadget-wise) can be kept right on the arm of their favorite couch with this caddy! The caddy can fit an iPad or tablet, an iPhone or other cellphone, TV remote controls, magazines, and more! The caddy has six pockets, is made of heavy-duty linen, and has a rubber backing to prevent slipping. 

  5. Couch Snack Caddy
  6. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-caddy

    If they put in a long night of binge-watching their favorite TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, they will need some sustenance. This snack caddy can hold their snacks, drinks, and remotes! The snack compartments are removable for easy washing. This caddy is a great Father’s Day gift! 

  7. TV Tray


    This tray is great for couch potatoes who like to eat in front of the TV or work from home on the couch. The legs slide under the sofa, so they don’t have to sit too far forward. 

  9. Binge-Watching Beauty Kit


    Snacks and drinks aren’t the only things you need for a good binge! This kit includes 18 essentials like coasters, socks, a snack clip, wet wipes, and more. The kit comes in a cute gift box and makes a funny gift for a White Elephant exchange. 

  11. Potato Parcel
  12. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-gift-box

    This gift box is the weirdest gift I have ever come across, and I have written a list called “Weird Gifts for Weirdos!” You can have the image or message of your choice printed on a real potato. That personalized potato will then be put in a gift box with an assortment of candy. This is the best WTF gift ever, and you will win your following White Elephant exchange. 

  13. Healthy-ish Snack Box
  14. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-snacks

    If they’re going to snack, you can give them healthier snacks than chips and cookies! This snack box offers sweet and savory snacks that are lower in sugar and higher in protein than typical junk food. The package contains 20 individually wrapped snacks. 

  15. Couch Potato Gnomes
  16. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-gnome-sculpture

    These couch potatoes get outside, at least! This beer-drinking, chip-eating gnomes are a garden decoration, and the beer mug is a solar LED light! The sculpture is made of resin and measures about 10x7x10 inches. 

  17. Ornament
  18. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-ornament

    Sometimes, a couch potato’s couch is a recliner! This Christmas ornament is for them. The recliner ornament is made of stone resin and includes a red ribbon, so it’s ready for hanging. 

  19. Robot Vacuum
  20. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-vacuum

    Just because you’re a couch potato doesn’t mean you have a dirty house! This robot vacuum can do all the hard work while sitting on the couch with their feet up. So it doesn’t get in the way of the vacuum! The vacuum can run for up to 100 minutes. 

  21. Binge-Watching Beauty Kit


    Lazy people need some self-care, too, and how lazy can you be when you’re multi-tasking? This kit provides socks, face cleansing wipes, a yoga sofa guide, and more. It all comes in a cute gift box. 

  23. Mini Fridge 


    Why should anyone in the 21st Century have to make the long trek to the kitchen when they want a cold drink? This retro mini fridge means they don’t have to live like our primitive ancestors! The refrigerator holds up to 12 cans of soda, beer, sparkling water, or whatever they drink. The fridge runs on a standard cord or can be plugged into a carport, so it’s also great for camping and road trips. 

  25. Page Holder
  26. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-book-holder

    Not all couch potatoes are binge-watchers; some are binge-readers! Holding open a big book can be tiresome! But really, it can be painful for people with arthritis, so that bookholder would be a thoughtful gift for a piece of resin; it’s pretty and practical. They’ll love this gift the next time they snuggle up with a bestseller! 

  27. Coffee Mug Warmer
  28. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-warmer

    Choosing between a cold cup of coffee or tea and getting up off the couch is tough. Take that struggle away with this mug warmer! The warmer has two settings and doesn’t require a special cup. It can accommodate mugs of almost any size. 

  29. Library Candle


    Another gift for book lovers! This candle’s scent is reminiscent of a library, leather, paper, mahogany, and oak. The candle is made of vegan soy wax and has a burn time of up to 60-90 hours. 

  31. Floor Cleaning Shoe Covers 
  32. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-dusters

    Even your most dedicated couch potato friend has to get up occasionally. Why not make those trips to the bathroom and fridge more productive with these dust-mopping shoe covers? The covers can go on bare feet and fit over most shoes, too! The dusters are washable so that they can be reused. These are great for households with pets.  

  33. Snack Bowl
  34. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-bowl

    The couch is a great place for snacking with one problem: it’s far from a trash can. This bowl solves the problem of what to do with pistachio shells, cherry stones, edamame pods, olive pits, and other snacks with non-edible parts. The main event goes in the bowl, and the inedible bits go under the bowl! The bowl comes out of the trough for easy cleaning and is made of dishwasher-safe melamine. 

  35. Peddle Exerciser
  36. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-peddler

    Sitting on the couch is not suitable for our health. Help them get some movement in with this peddler. The machine can be used to exercise the arms and legs, and it’s portable. It can be used while they’re on the couch or placed under a desk while working. 

  37. T-Shirt
  38. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-shirt

    I mean, who wouldn’t? This t-shirt makes no bones about their preferences! The shirt is available in several sizes and colors in Men’s, Women’s, and kids’ cuts. The shirt is a fun gift for introverts, too. 

  39. Coffee Mug
  40. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-mug

    Happiness is those two things. And a cup of coffee, which they can drink out of this mug! The ceramic coffee mug is available in two sizes, 11 ounces and 15 ounces. 

  41. Insulated Wine Tumblers
  42. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-tumblers

    A glass of wine goes perfectly with chilling on the couch, but you don’t want to spill it! These insulated stainless steel wine tumblers will keep your drink where it belongs and keep it at temperature. Each tumbler has a lid and a straw, and the set includes two straw cleaners. 

  43. Wearable Heated Blanket


    Is your favorite couch potato also perpetually cold? They will love this heated, wearable blanket! The blanket is made of microlight and can be worn like a shawl. There are five heating levels, and it will shut off automatically after four hours—the blanket measures 64×50 inches. 

  45. Mermaid Blanket
  46. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-blanket

    Okay, the wearable blanket is warm, but it’s not very glamorous. If she prefers a little glamour with her couch time, this mermaid tail blanket is a much better choice! And it’s wearable, too, as it has a removable neck strap. The blanket is made of knit fabric, and the inside is made of warm, snuggly lambswool fleece. 

  47. Cozy Puzzle
  48. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-puzzle

    Can’t you picture yourself in this cozy scene? Puzzles are a great couch potato pastime. This puzzle has 500 pieces and makes an excellent holiday gift. 

  49. Heated Avocado
  50. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-plushie

    The best gifts are the cutest! This plush avocado is filled with clay beads. He can be heated up in the microwave or popped into the freezer, depending on whether they need a heating pad or a cold pack. He’s an excellent gift for a couch potato or an avocado enthusiast! 

  51. Monogram Throw Pillow Case
  52. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-pillow

    Monogrammed gifts are always lovely for the personal touch. This throw pillow cover will be a pretty addition to a couch potato’s lair. The body is available in every alphabet letter and measures 18×18 inches. Please note the pillow insert is omitted. 

  53. Socks
  54. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-socks

    Some people can’t tear themselves away when they hear the dulcet tones of Keith Morrison, the opening notes of the Unsolved Mysteries intro music, or see a Forensic Files marathon about to start! These socks are for those devoted true-crime show fans! 

  55. Couch Potato Kit Molds 
  56. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-mold

    Well, this is a unique gift for a couch potato! This is a mold for making chocolate or soap with a couch potato theme. You could probably make some fantastic Jello shots in this mold, too! Or for the lazy potato, just some ice cubes! 

  57. Stress Toys
  58. gifts-for-couch-potatoes-toys

    Contrary to popular belief, couch potatoes can have stress in their lives! Have you ever watched Breaking Bad?! Sweaty palms and elevated blood pressure for every episode! These toys are squishy, stress-relieving potatoes! Perfect for those heart-pounding moments. These toys are a fun gag gift.