Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: 42 Gifts For Girls From Toddlers to Tweens

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: March 6, 2023

    A little girl needs to know she can and accomplish anything she sets her mind to. So when choosing a gift for her, open her up to new ideas, interests, and experiences. There’s a whole world of fun out there. From educational to crafts to toys, here is a list of our favorite gifts for girls from toddlers to teens.


  1. Ms. Potato Head
  2. gifts for girls ms potato head

    This is an oldie but goodie. You’ve got all the parts you need for Mrs. Potato Head with the Silly Suitcase Set! Make all kinds of funny potato faces with the included parts: eyes, ears, noses, arms, and more! When you’re done, store the parts in the Silly Suitcase container!

  3. Kitchen Toys
  4. gifts for girls toddlers kitchen

    Cutting, play, cooking, learning about healthy foods and utensils are essential life skills children can learn by play. Perfect for developing fine finger skills and food and color recognition. Great toy for group play to develop co-operation, language skills, sharing, and social skills. Perfect for parent-child interaction to assist in their learning life skills and develop a lifelong love of cooking.

  5. Toy Shopping Cart
  6. gifts-for-girls-cart


    Time to go grocery shopping. This toy cart is a great way to get young ones to practice social and motor skills and encourage a sense of exploration and creativity. Made with natural woodcuts and decorated with non-toxic paint, it will help babies learn to balance and walk.

  7. Vtech Magical Unicorn
  8. gifts for girls toddler unicorn

    Bring Twinkle to life by pressing the heart button to light up her multi-color horn and watch her flap her wings. Then, feed Twinkle her golden carrot to trigger more fun sounds and responses. Next, place Fairy Prisma on one of Twinkle’s two MagicPoint locations and Fairy Prisma will introduce herself and play three sing-along songs while Twinkle flaps her wings, moves her head, and walks around.

  9. Plush Fox


    Gund offers the best selection of soft plush stuffed animals and toys in the cutest and most luxurious fabrics and textures. With unmatched quality, find the perfect stuffed animal with the coolest designs for babies, kids, and adults alike. In addition, they feature a variety of collections and themes to adorn any nursery or children’s room for both boys and girls, making this fox the perfect gift. 

  11. Teepee


    Every kid deserves a fun childhood, and there is no better way to ensure your kids enjoy their childhood than with an adorable playhouse for kids. Designed with ultimate child fun in mind, this adorable teepee tent will be your kids’ favorite little place. It will be that special place where you read books, play with friends, take a nap, watch movies, or have quiet alone time. With spacious space inside, your children will have long hours of unlimited fun.

  13. Bilibo


    Children have an amazing talent for finding unusual uses for their toys or, more inconveniently, finding interesting new uses for your property – mostly at the same time that you need it. Say hello to Bilibo. Tortoiseshell and sand toy, swing and spinner, a cradle for dolls and a shell to build within the snow – Bilibo is all this and much more. It arouses curiosity, stimulates senses, engages the imagination, encourages creativity. With open-ended play, she can use this at home, at the park, at the beach, in the water, and even in the snow.

  15. Mermaid Bath Towel
  16. gifts for girls toddler towel

    She can use this one until she’s 6! It makes it great for growing toddlers and kids. Each side has a plastic snap, so it’s easy to get on but not easy to slip off.  The material is healthy for babies and kids, and printing is bright, colorful, and delicate. Dyed with high-quality reactive dyes, not falling and no smell.

  17. Music Set


    Explore the world of music and rhythm with your little angel. Order the educational music toy set today to increase hand-to-eye coordination, promote fine motor skills and stem learning, keep your kids busy for any hours, increase their hearing stimuli and have some fun!

  19. Wool Slippers
  20. gifts for girls toddlers slippers

    A classic Garnet Hill gift. Our traditional European slipper boots by Haflinger for Garnet Hill highlight a menagerie of whimsical creatures and favorite childhood characters. Parents will love the breathable boiled wool that keeps little feet warm and comfy and the knit cuff that makes them a breeze to get on and off. Kids will love having little friends that travel with them all through the house. Also, a cozy choice for indoor footwear at daycare or preschool. 

  21. Push Buggy
  22. gifts for girls buddy

    Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Push Around Buggy with this new pink edition. Cute character buggy for enjoyable push and ride fun. Designed with storage space under the hood for snacks and toys. Features seatbelt to keep your little one safe during the ride.

  23. Foreign Language Blocks
  24. gifts for girls toddlers language blocks

    Bringing up a bilingual baby will be as easy as Uno, dos, tres with these beautifully made alphabet blocks in Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian. Each block is embossed to give it a classic look inspired by traditional blocks. They are handcrafted in Michigan of Basswood grown in the Great Lakes area and printed with non-toxic inks. In addition, the blocks feature beveled edges for a more comfortable hold.

  25. Garden Plate & Utensils
  26. gifts for girls toddlers

    Even picky eaters will be shoveling in their food with this playful garden dining set. Instead of spoon and fork, kids get to harvest their dinner with a bite-sized hoe, rake, and shovel. Their textured handles are lightweight but sturdy and easy to grip by little hands. The colorful matching plate has divided sections that keep food in their separate plots, with specialized zones for scooping and pushing. By making mealtimes fun, this dining set ensures that good nutrition can always be in season. 

  27. Ice Cream Cart
  28. gifts for girls toddlers ice cream

    Create and sell sweet ice cream treats! Learning is sweet when pretending to run your own ice cream cart! First, create imaginative and tasty-looking ice cream combinations using delicious ice cream flavors and toppings. Then, use the magic scooper to scoop up the ice cream and toppings to build customer orders, and it will recognize the colors and flavors. Then, please ring the bell to let them know their order’s up!

    Ages 4-7

  29. Unicorn Duvet
  30. gifts-for-5-year-old-girls-duvet


    Your little one may prefer jeans by day. But at the stroke of sundown, she is magically transformed into a unicorn. So send your little unicorn into dreamland with this whimsical bedding set. Featuring a printed and glittering duvet, they’ll slumber with a style fit for their unicorn spirit.

  31. Tea Set
  32. gifts for girls toddlers tea set

    Tea anyone?  Invite all your dolls or your best friends to join in as the hostess serves tea and goodies in the garden. This 23 piece set includes 1 teapot with lid, 1 sugar bowl with lid, 1 creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 spoons, 4 napkins, a tablecloth, and a special basket. All of these pieces are beautifully adorned with beautiful butterflies. The wicker-design basket carries all your tea set needs, has a sturdy latch closure and a handle. 

  33. Playdoh Bakery
  34. gifts for girls pllaydoh

    It’s a Play-Doh frosting frenzy! Aspiring cake chefs can feel like pros with all the right tools to make lots of fun pretend cakes. Create Play-Doh Bundt cakes and crazy cakes that look like teddy bears and stars with the 3 cake molds, or build a crazy tiered cake with the 3 cake cutters and cake tier. Now for the best part – decorating! Cover the creations in fluffy Play-Doh Plus frosting with the frosting tool, which comes with 3 tips for various shapes. Top it all off with make-believe candies, silly fruits, and other fun toppings with the half-molds, then show off the creations with the plate and utensils.

  35. Ms. Food Face Plate
  36. gifts for girls food face plate

    Good taste is a matter of play with this foodie-forward plate. Endless ways to play “dress up” makes mealtime fun for your little miss by encouraging creative ways to use everyday foods as eyes, lips, hair, earrings, or any imaginative add-on your little chomper can imagine. Mashed potato pearls? Sunny-side sunglasses? Broccoli bouffant? They’re sure to work up an appetite to get their creative juices flowing.

  37. Inspirational Women Book
  38. gifts for girls book

    Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists, mini activists, and little kids who are ready to take on the world to thirteen inspirational women who never took no for an answer and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted.

  39. Amazon Stem Club
  40. gifts fr girls stem club

    Stem Club is a monthly program that delivers handpicked, high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys to your door at a great price. Each month you will receive a different, age-appropriate STEM toy that will encourage your child to learn through play. From robotics to natural sciences, there’s always a discovery on the way.

  41. Easy Bake Oven
  42. gifts for girls easy bake oven

    The Baking Star Edition of the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven lets kids feel like baking stars when they make scrumptious treats for family and friends. This updated version of the classic toy oven looks truly modern in sleek white, with sparkly gold, pink, purple, and periwinkle accents for a fresh look. In addition, the oven comes complete with everything young bakers need to make mini Sparkle Cakes — delectable frosted brownies topped with rainbow sugar sprinkles!

  43. Fold and Go Castle
  44. gifts for girls fold castle

    This charming, take-along wooden castle comes fully assembled, loaded, and fit for royal fans. The vibrantly colored two-story castle includes a working drawbridge, a secret chamber, and a sturdy handle for portable adventures. The princess and prince who live inside are the proud owners of horses, thrones, a royal bed, a vanity, and a treasure chest. They are certain to live happily ever after in their beautiful castle. The many details allow for lots of play options, such as the secret chamber, which encourages adventurous pretend play.

  45. Microscope
  46. gifts for girls mircoscope

    Take a closer look at animals and nature with the only talking microscope for preschoolers! Pre-packed with photo-quality images and fact-filled audio featuring the voice of wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin, kids can learn up-close about the world of animals, plants, and everyday items. Slide one of the 20 realistic microscope slides onto the Talking Microscope and take a look while listening to cool facts about what you’re looking at.

  47. My First Purse
  48. gifts for girls purse

    Studies show that children’s imaginative abilities are most effectively employed when given freedom within a specific topic or scenario. Realistic role plays modeled after real-life grown-up tasks are essential for developing critical thinking skills. Inspire growing minds with our adorable & adventure-ready. My First Purse will keep your little one busy while looking pretty in her favorite color as she plays at home or outdoors.

  49. Baby Alive
  50. gifts fro girls baby alive

    It’s not just a doll — it’s a Baby Alive doll! From feeding to diapering and beyond, Baby Alive dolls create realistic nurturing experiences. For example, with the Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby doll, kids can immerse themselves in the fun of caring for the baby by helping her to feel better and changing her diaper.

  51. Save Spend Share Bank
  52. gifts for girls piggy bank

    The cutest and most exciting way to show your kids how to budget their money is to save and share banks for preschoolers by using one of our spends. They are made with three separate chambers; one for sharing, one for saving, and one for spending. If this one doesn’t tickle your fancy, we have a whole list of cool piggy banks here.

  53. Cat Backpack
  54. gifts for girls backpack

    This backpack is truly the cat’s meow! With cute kitten accents and a luxe, roomy design, it’s purr-rect for toting across campus or the country! Designed exclusively for PBteen by celebrity stylists and fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, it captures their classic and rebellious aesthetic.

  55. Princess Play Tent
  56. gifts for girls play tent

    By now, you must have figured out that at some point, every little girl expresses the desire for a bit of personal space. They mimic us grownups – and it’s perfectly normal. So forget those shabby cardboard box houses and messy pillow forts. A Tiny Land Princess playhouse in what your child needs. This simple but well-made tent offers children a place to play, read, nap, or use their imagination with a measure of privacy – but safely, never a few feet away from their parent’s watchful eye.

    Ages 7-12

  57. Your Decor Water Bottle
  58. gifts for girls preteen water bottle

    With the Your Decor Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit, you can stay hydrated in style! The Your Decor Water Bottle allows you to express your style by decorating your own BPA-Free water bottle with markers, gemstones, and glitter. Included carabiner clip makes it easy to carry and show off your design. So let your imagination go wild as you create a unique masterpiece. The Your Decor Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit is a great gift for anyone creative. It is perfect as a solo project or group activity for birthday parties, sleepovers, and any other fun get-togethers.

  59. SmartWatch
  60. gifts for girls preteen smart watch

    Double the fun with dual cameras that let kids capture everything from action videos to selfies. Express individual style by choosing from 55 digital and analog watch faces and awesomely explore time concepts with a timer, alarm, and calendar. Using the camera on the smartwatch side and another on the front, kids can take videos, pictures, and selfies with one touch. Add fun photo effects stamps, frames, and filters and make custom watch faces.

  61. Cat Pearl Studs
  62. gifts for girls tweens earrings

    This adorable cat earring design is made with beautiful pearls with a touch of a delicate great for young girls and teen girls. This cat at earring is made from standard 925 sterling silver, so they will last as long as she wants to wear them. In addition, it comes with an anti-tarnishing cloth for keeping your silver jewelry shiny and clean.

  63. Make Your Own Lip Gloss and Balm
  64. gifts-for-girls-lip-balm-kit


    Discover the sweet and shimmery science behind lip gloss! Lip gloss keeps your lips smooth, shiny, and protected but did you ever wonder how it’s made and what makes it work? With this lip gloss kit, you will blend your own lip glosses and balms. So think like a real scientist while creating a luxurious custom item you can use again and again!

  65. Mermaid Tail Blanket
  66. gifts for girls tweens mermaid blanket

    Mermaid Blanket is a perfect gift for any girl who has dreams of being a mermaid! Use Kpblis blanket in bed, on the couch, in the car, camping, dream of being a mermaid anywhere. Snuggle into it while watching TV, reading a book, playing tablet, having a nap, and so on. Kpblis blanket can be used all year-round. Protecting the leg temperature has the role of preserve one’s health. Accompany you day and night!

  67. Instax Camera
  68. gifts for girls tweens camera

    The new INSTAX Mini 8 features automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED light, and the user can manually adjust the dial to the recommended setting. This helps the user capture the perfect photo every time. In addition, a new High-Key mode is available on the INSTAX Mini 8 cameras. This mode enables consumers to take brighter pictures with a soft look -perfect for portraits.

  69. Fjallraven Backpack
  70. gifts for girls tweens backpack

    All the fun and practicality of the Kanken in a smaller bag. From kids to parents, the Kanken-Mini has a function for everyone. The Kanken-Mini is made of durable, lightweight, water-resistant Vinylon F. The main compartment has a large opening making it easier to put in/take out items. Featuring two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, allowing the bag to be carried as a tote, narrow, flexible shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back, and logo that doubles as a reflector.

  71. Earbud Case
  72. gifts for girls tweens earbud case

    It’s time to keep your earphones earbuds in order!  Do earphones and charging cables make your room a mess? Do you usually look for your earbuds everywhere? Do you always find your cords become dirty? With this smallholder case, this trouble won’t bother you any longer!  Provide protection for your earbuds, keep them organized, and are easy to carry and find. Perfect for travel and an ideal gift for friends, family, or colleagues.

  73. Puravida Bracelet 


    She’ll love this unique bracelet. Every bracelet is 100% waterproof. Go surf, snowboard, or even take a shower with them on. Wearing your bracelet every day only enhances the natural look and feel. Every bracelet is unique and hand-made; therefore, a slight variation in color combination may occur.

  75. Trace Pad
  76. gifts for girls tweens trace pad

    Kids can draw like a pro with the Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad in pink, featuring over 35 art tools to inspire imagination. Using the included fashion and animal tracing sheets, or the hundreds of downloadable online images, children ages six and older can draw creative scenes with crisp, clean lines. In addition, the kit includes a graphite pencil, tracing sheets, blank sheets, and colored pencils for drawing, illustrating, and coloring. 

  77. Selfie Ring Light
  78. gifts for girls tweens phone ring

    The ring light has Three Brightness Levels suitable for different lighting backgrounds; press the power button, and you will be able to change the lighting to suit you. Take it with you anywhere without any bulk; portable size makes it easy to put in your purse. It’s like having a personal studio photographer that you can attach to your mobile devices whenever you feel the sudden urge to take selfies and record every important and happy moment in your life! It can also be a portable night light or closet light.

  79. Unicorn Craft Set
  80. gifts for girls tweens unicorn crafts

    Every child needs something they can believe in, and the Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit is it! Our kit contains everything they need to make six crafts they can wear, play with, and hang in their room—including pom poms, felt, yarn, card stock, glitter-filled plastic vial. It’s all here! Our unicorns aren’t just fun to make; they’ll make true believers of kids. Love learning new techniques? Great, because Craft-tastic has tons to choose from. 

  81. Cupcake Maker


    The foolproof way to make mouth-watering cupcakes in just minutes! Normally, it can take an hour or more to whip up a tasty dessert for your family. But now, you can make perfect mini desserts in a fraction of the time with this Babycakes dessert maker! Just fill one of the non-stick dishwasher safe trays with batter, close the lid, and in just minutes, you have 12 hot, fresh cupcakes that will thrill your family.

  83. Bean Bag Chair


    Keeping your rooms tidy encourages children to store away their stuffed animals, blankets, pillows sheets, seasonal clothes, etc., and promotes the child to clean up the fun way. Perfect for kids to use as a bean bag chair for reading or watching TV. The handle is both decorative and functional, a convenient handle to carry around the house, and easy to move around.