34 Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls That They Will Treasure

By Candice Elliott | Updated: July 16, 2024

    Choosing the perfect gift for a 12-year-old girl is an exciting journey into her evolving interests and emerging personality. At this pivotal age, where childhood whimsy starts to blend with teenage sophistication, finding something that will truly resonate with her can seem daunting. It’s an incredible opportunity to support her passions, encourage her dreams, and support her growing individuality. 

    Whether she’s a budding artist, an aspiring scientist, or an athlete in the making, our list of gifts covers a wide range of hobbies, interests, and curiosities. From tech gadgets that keep her connected and creative to DIY kits that challenge her ingenuity, each gift idea has been chosen to ensure it will be something she’ll treasure. Dive into our selection and discover the perfect present that celebrates her at twelve and embraces the amazing person she’s becoming.

  1. Name Plate
  2. gfts-for-12-year-old-girls-name-plate

    Here’s the classic name pendant necklace! Our Personalized Classic Name Necklace in 925 sterling silver makes any name or meaningful word look fantastic, thanks to a gorgeous, flowing script alphabet with perfect flourishes accentuating capital letters.

  3. 3D Printing Pen
  4. gits-for-12-year-old-girls-pen

    The best gifts for 12-year-old girls or anyone are those that spark creativity and imagination. It’s even better if it’s also a super cool gift. This 3D printing pen ticks all of those perfect gift boxes! This pen is an excellent introduction to 3D printing. The adjustable feed allows her to control the pen’s speed and flow, and the temperature control is in one-degree increments for better precision. This set includes three colors of ABS plastic filament, an A/C adapter, and a touch pen. This gadget is a great way to introduce a tween to STEM toys. 

  5. Instax Mini Instant Camera


    This instant camera is as close as boys and girls these days will even come to a Polaroid. And the Fujifilm Instax Mini is similar to a Polaroid, so what’s old is new again! The camera takes and prints wallet-sized photos. It has a macro lens, a selfie mirror, and 20  film sheets. It’s great for taking selfies with her besties.

  7. Crystal Jelly Lip Balms
  8. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-gloss

    These color-changing lip balms are such a unique gift! They’re beautiful; each tube has a natural dried flower and gold flecks. They’re moisturizing and special to each wearer because the color depends on everyone’s unique Ph. The colors are shades of light pink, so not too much for even 10-year-old girls if their parents aren’t ready for heavy lipstick colors. These are more lipgloss. 

  9. Bag Set
  10. gfts-for-12-year-old-girls-bag

    It’s a cute mini backpack that is perfect for 12-year-old girls! It can carry all small accessories, and the bowknot decor makes her look chic and fashionable. It also comes with a cute-sized crossbody and wallet so she can accessorize for any occasion. 

  11. Journaling Kit
  12. gfts-for-12-year-old-girls-journal

    Includes everything needed to create your beautiful journal — the perfect set for the young writer, creator, or memory gatherer. Organize your thoughts, lists, feelings, or favorite memories. With trendy patterned papers, fun chipboard frames, and sparkling glitter tape, you can decorate all 70 pages uniquely. The possibilities are endless! Complete it with shapes, borders, bookmarks, paper clips, and the charm.

  13. Wireless Earbuds
  14. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-earbuds

    These earbuds have Smart Touch Control, so several functions like play/pause, taking a call, and adjusting the volume can be done without touching the phone. They use Bluetooth technology and are waterproof up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes, so they’re great for sports and activities. They will last up to six hours from a single charge and up to 30 hours with the charging case. 

  15. Cherry Blossom Bonsai LED Light Tree
  16. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-tree

    This beautiful tree can be used as a night light or to provide a bit of ambiance when studying or reading. It’s 16 inches tall and has 36 LED pink cherry blossom lights. The timer can be set to turn off after six or 18 hours, and it runs on 4 AA batteries or the included adaptor. 

  17. Kindle
  18. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-kindle

    A Kindle is an excellent gift for a girl who loves to read. She can fit this Kindle in her bag and take it anywhere. Since it is lightweight and offers lots of storage, she will happily download many books to keep her occupied.

  19. Remote Control Night Light
  20. gifts-for-12-year-old-girl-light

    What could be a cuter night light than a glow-in-the-dark unicorn? This cute light has three levels of brightness and 16 different colors to choose from. She is made of soft, BPA-free silicone, so she can be hugged and squished and will pop right back into shape. The light has a remote control and runs on a USB rechargeable, built-in battery. 

  21. Zen Desk Garden
  22. gifts-for-girlfriend-garden


    Everyone could use more Zen, and this garden provides it! The park has six tools and 12 features, including stones, sand, rakes, and moss. Let the garden be her little oasis when things are stressful. 

  23. Hey Doll! Teen+Tween Subscription Box
  24. Hey, Doll is a uniquely curated, themed, bi-monthly subscription of 3 to 5 quality fun lifestyle items that provide motivation, direction, and support for girls 10 to 16 as they navigate through this stage in life. We aim to inspire and encourage with products to help her take maturity one step at a time while reminding her that she is beautiful.

  25. Wearable Bluetooth Speaker
  26. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-speaker

    This speaker is an excellent gift for a pre-teen with an active lifestyle. The speaker is waterproof, so it’s great for the beach, the pool, boating, hiking, running, and biking. This speaker provides twice the smartphone volume, offers hands-free calling, up to 10 hours of playtime, and easily connects to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. 

  27. Cute Portable Charger
  28. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-cute-portable-charger

    Gift ideas for tween girls can be challenging, but she will be excited to have a portable charger to power up her electronics. The cute and compact design is small enough for a pocket or backpack and will fully charge an Apple iPhone or Samsung. Also, it has a convenient built-in flashlight, an excellent tool for camping or trying to find something at the bottom of her bag.

  29. Hair Chalk
  30. hair-chalk

    This kit includes ten rainbow hair chalk pens, glitter gel, and light-up hair extensions. The components are non-toxic and washable. A great gift for Halloween or a birthday slumber party! 

  31. Bean Bag Chair
  32. gifts-for-tweens-chair

    This bean bag chair is perfect for cuddling up to read, do homework, or watch a movie with your BFF! The chair comes filled but can be refilled when the filling compresses over time. The chair measures 33 x 30 x 20 inches and comes in several colors. 

  33. LED Photo Clip String Lights
  34. If the Instax Mini is her Christmas gift, these string lights are the perfect stocking stuffer! The wire is 10.5 feet in length and holds 20 explicit photo clips. Each clip contains an LED light that gives a warm, white glow to the mini-photos attached. The LED lights run on 3 AAA batteries that are not included. 

  35. Rainbow Scratch Art Pad
  36. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-pad

    This fun notepad contains 125 pages of rainbow mini notes. The bright colors are hidden under a matte, black coating. Kids use the wooden stylus for scratching a letter, doodle, or design into the black layer to reveal the colors underneath. 

  37. Young Chefs Cookbook
  38. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-cookbook

    Using kid-tested and approved recipes, America’s Test Kitchen has created THE cookbook every kid chef needs on their shelf. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your friends, or your family, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs has delicious recipes that will wow!

  39. Build a Robot Toy
  40. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-robot-toys

    Does your favorite pre-teen love science kits and STEM classes? This STEM robot-building kit is the best toy for her to learn; maybe one day, she will make award-winning robots. Since this kit offers 190 pieces that can be built into 12 different robot shapes, it will keep her busy for weeks. 

  41. Bed Side Shelf
  42. gifts-for-college-students-shelf

    Forgot the nightstand. This shelf is perfect for the college student who sleeps on the top bunk! The stand can hold everything they need at night or while studying, reading, or watching TV from bed. The frame is available in seven styles, including one with a divet to hold a cup. This may be the most practical gift for dorm life. 

  43. Tie Dye Kit
  44. gifts-for-tween-girls-tie-dye

    Those are awesome if tie-dye makes you think of psychedelic chic and summer camp projects. But there’s also more to the colorful craft that keeps returning as a DIY-style must-have. So whether you’ve never dipped into the trend or want to take your textile arts to the next level, this well-stocked kit gives you all the necessary tools. Transform the included 100% cotton squares into colorful bandanas, hair accessories, reusable gift wraps, and more.

  45. Pajama Set
  46. gifts-for-12-year-old-girl-pajama-set

    Pre-teen girls love to be comfy, so this pajama set makes the perfect gift! She can lounge playing Nintendo or pack these to show off at her next sleepover.

  47. Lokai Bracelet
  48. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-bracelet

    A Lokai bracelet is more than just a piece of pretty jewelry. The white and black beads contain elements from the highest and lowest points on earth. The white dot contains water from Mount Everest as a reminder to stay humble. The black bead has mud from The Dead Sea as a reminder to remain hopeful. The small is six inches around and will fit most 12-year-old girls and women with thin wrists. 

  49. Bath Bombs Gift Box
  50. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-bath-bombs

    Lots of bath bombs look the same, round. That’s boring! These bath bombs come in fun shapes like cupcakes, donuts, and cubes. The set includes seven bath bombs made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients. The scents include rose, orange, lavender, ylang-ylang, mint, coconut, and freesia.

  51. Crystal Growing Hedgehog Kit
  52. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-crystal-kit

    This fun kit includes everything she needs for growing crystal hedgehogs! You get four hedgehogs, four colors of crystal growing powder, four seed rocks, four containers, four stir sticks, and detailed instructions for producing the crystal hedgehog spines in 72 hours.

  53. Fuzzy Slippers
  54. Fluffy faux fur upper with cross band design makes the slippers soft and fashionable. Plush fleece wraps your feet for warmth and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. The open-toe design makes it easy to slip on and off. 

  55. What Do You Meme? Family Edition Board Game
  56. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-game

    Everyone loves a good meme, so this is a fun way for the family to spend time together. Players compete to create the funniest means by using one of the caption cards they’ve been dealt to caption the photo card in each round. The card game is for those aged eight and older and is best played with three or more players. 

  57. Water Bottle Craft Kit
  58. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-water-bottle

    This is a cool gift! Remember when we used to bedazzle our jeans? This is the modern version of that for a water bottle. The set includes 17-ounce stainless steel, a pink water bottle, seven sheets of rhinestone stickers, and hundreds of glitter gems for a customized DIY bottle.

  59. Scooter
  60. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-scooter

    This Razor scooter is a fun way to get around. The extra-large wheels provide a smooth, stable ride, adjustable height, and hold up to 220 pounds. 

  61. Harry Potter Box Set
  62. gifts-for12-year-old-girls-books

    Many 11-year-old boys and girls were disappointed when they didn’t receive their Hogwarts letters, but at least they can read about the magic with this Harry Potter complete set. This collection contains paperback copies of books 1-7 of the entire series. Give her this birthday gift to compensate for not getting that letter last year! 

  63. Pastel Tie Dye T-Shirt
  64. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-shirt

    Tie-dye never goes out of style, but it sometimes gets an update. This tie-dye t-shirt is in soft pastel colors, not the harsh psychedelic colors of the 60s, and the eyelashes are trendy. The t-shirt is 97% polyester and 3% spandex, so it has a bit of stretch and is available in several sizes. 

  65. Twelve Bracelet
  66. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-necklace

    The birthday girl will adore a charm bracelet with her age and some other pretty charms. Commemorate her milestone Birthday with 12 dainty sterling silver dipped beads, one for each precious year. She was designed in Los Angeles. It arrives in a gift box with space to write your sentimental message. 

  67. Amazon Gift Card
  68. gifts-for-12-year-old-girls-gift-card

    Sometimes, you comb through ten gift guides and still don’t see the perfect gift, or maybe you need assistance for a 12-year-old girl you don’t know. Amazon gift card to the rescue! You can buy gift cards starting at pre-set dollar amounts or choose your own. 

    What are 12-year-old girls into?

    Most 12-year-old girls typically enjoy creative activities such as crafting, DYI projects, drawing, writing stories, performing arts, and playing video games. They also enjoy playing team sports, bike rides, and spending time with family and friends.

    Books are always a great gift! At 12, most girls have started finding their interests and tastes. Clothing and accessories can be a little challenging because some girls are starting to look for trendier pieces, but there are still plenty of great basics that every girl can use.

    What are the best gifts for 12-year-old girls?

    Shopping for tweens is intimidating. Between keeping up with trends and raging hormones, they can be hard to impress. They are now into tech gifts, creating their own space and DIY projects.

    Our gift guide has the coolest gift ideas to grow their interests, engage them, and help them create their style. We’ve made it easy to find the best ideas with these gifts for 12-year-old girls that they will love.