37 Unique Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls To Encourage Learning

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: May 25, 2023

    Two years old is such a cute age! So if you are looking for the perfect gift for that special little lady in your life, we found adorable and fun gifts they will love. Two-year-olds love discovering new things, and we found the perfect gifts for all different types. From sports to dressing up, this little girl gift list will help you find the best item for any occasion.

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    What are 2-year-olds interested in?

    Oh, two-year-olds are just the cutest, aren’t they? At that adorable age, they’re usually interested in exploring the world around them and learning through play. You’ll often find them fascinated by shapes, colors, and sounds.

    They love engaging in pretend play, like playing with dolls, toy cars, or kitchen sets, as it helps them make sense of the world. Plus, they absolutely adore stories, songs, and nursery rhymes, especially ones with lots of repetition and catchy tunes. It’s such a magical time in their development, filled with curiosity, wonder, and lots of giggles!

    What are the best gifts for 2-year-old girls?

    At this enchanting age, their imaginations and curiosity are soaring. One of the best gifts you could give is a beautifully illustrated picture book – they’ll be captivated by the colors, characters, and stories. And who can resist a plush toy or a cuddly stuffed animal for them to snuggle with during naptime or bedtime?

    Let’s not forget about educational toys that encourage learning through play, like colorful puzzles, building blocks, or shape sorters – they’ll be learning while having a blast!

    Finally, consider pretending play sets that inspire their creativity, like dollhouses, kitchen sets, or dress-up costumes. With these delightful gift ideas, you’ll brighten up any two-year-old girl’s world and bring endless smiles to her face! Our gift guide will help you find the best gifts for 2-year-old girls.

  1. 3 Wheel Scooter
  2. 2-year-old-girls-3-wheel-scooter

    Kids love to be on the move, which makes this scooter the perfect gift. Not only are the handlebars adjustable, but it collapses, and there is a seat for them to use also! Also, the wheels light up, and it is offered in multiple colors for you to choose from.

  3. Water Doodle Mat
  4. 2-year-old-girls-water-doodle-mat

    A water doodle mat is an excellent gift for indoor or outdoor use. If the birthday girl loves to color, this toy will be a hit! Also, since only water is involved in getting a decoration, the parents will love the quick clean-up. 

  5. Princess Tent
  6. 2-year-old-girls-princess-tent

    This princess tent will be a great addition to the playroom or her bedroom. It comes with adorable white star lights for an extra special touch. Also, since it is big enough for a few kids, she can invite her friends or cousins to play!

  7. Flower Garden Building
  8. 2-year-old-girls-flower-garden-building

    This fake gardening set which works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, is also on the STEM-approved gift guides. She will love building a garden or bouquet while mixing and matching the different pieces available. Also, since it comes with a storage case, it can be easily packed away to bring on a trip.

  9. Tea Party Set
  10. 2-year-old-girls-tea-party-set

    This adorable set comes with a book, tea set, hat, and purse! She will be excited to enjoy a tea party with her friends, family, or even baby dolls. Also, the cute book will be a lovely addition to her library for storytime.

  11. Musical Mat


    Educational toys can be a lot of fun, like this musical mat. Your favorite little one can jump around making music or playing different animal sounds. Since the mat is foldable, it can easily be packed up to bring for a day out or a family vacation.

  13. Minnie’s Birthday Party DUPLO Block Set
  14. 2-year-old-girls-minnies-birthday-party-duplo-blocks

    Lego makes some great products, like these DUPLO blocks for younger kids. Not only will she love that Minnie is included, but she will also build her fine motor skills. This set can be gifted alone or added to a more extensive collection of Duplo blocks for more building fun.

  15. Pet Care Set
  16. 2-year-old-girls-pet-care-set

    VTech makes this adorable pet care set offered in pink or orange. It comes with a plush dog plus some accessories to help take care of the pup. Since there are learning activities on the side, this is also a great educational toy.

  17. Tricycle
  18. 2-year-old-girls-tricycle

    Trikes are great for little kids to ride on safely. This tricycle offers many features, like removing the pedals to make it a balance bike or removing the rear training wheels to make it a two-wheeler. Also, the height adjusts to fit and grow with your little one.

  19. Octopus Bubble Maker
  20. 2-year-old-girls-octopus-bubble-maker

    Bubble makers are fun for kids of all ages. She’ll be able to chase and pop a continuous stream of bubbles without someone needing to create them for her. This octopus is adorable, and its arms move once it is switched on to create bubbles.

  22. Play Kitchen Set
  23. 2-year-old-girls-play-kitchen-set

    A kitchen playset is perfect for the little girl who loves helping when her parents are in the kitchen. An imaginative playset with 25 accessories will encourage her little hands to learn and play while keeping busy for hours! Also, she’ll love that she can cook, make coffee, and prepare a meal for you if she also has the farmers market set!

  24. Disney Princess Dress-up Set
  25. 2-year-old-girls-disney-princess-dress-up-set

    Girls who love Disney princesses and imaginative play will love this dress-up set. It has four outfits plus accessories and a trunk to store the items. This is an Amazon bestseller and is a favorite for playtime or role play. 

  26. Magnetic Fishing Toy
  27. gifts-for-two-year-old-girl-game

    Grab this one if you’re looking for a toy that incorporates hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! The cute fishing set will work on their skills and recognition of letters, numbers, and colors. Since this set is multiplayer, they can play it with their siblings or friends.

  28. Play Tent and Tunnel
  29. 2-year-old-girls-play-tent-and-tunnel

    This new version of a classic kids’ toy will be used often! A tunnel connects two tents, and you can purchase a set of balls to make it a ball-pit on one side! Also, the tents have openings that will allow them to create different games to play!

  30. Pretend Play Kitchen
  31. 2-year-old-girls-pretend-play-kitchen

    My niece loves this little kitchen sink set! This set kept her and her brothers busy for hours. You add water, and the faucet works, which makes it a perfect gift for outdoor use. Also, the plates and utensils turn white if the water gets too hot.

  32. Picnic Basket 


    This cute 14-piece set picnic basket is made by LeapFrog and is an excellent toy for learning shapes and colors. Fun songs and sound effects play to encourage learning as she uses this set.

  34. Unicorn Backpack
  35. 2-year-old-girls-unicorn-backpack

    This small backpack has a plush animal and a holder for it too! She will be excited to carry her toys, notebook, and favorite animal around her. No worries if she doesn’t like a unicorn because they have other options to choose from too!

  36. Personalized Fairy Tale Book
  37. 2-year-old-girls-personalized-fairy-tale-book

    A personalized book is a special gift to purchase for a little girl. She will be so excited to see her name, and this book was written to build confidence in kids!

  38. Wooden Puzzles
  39. 2-year-old-girls-wooden-puzzles

    Puzzles are great for kids to build their skillset and hand-eye coordination. This set of 6 animal puzzles is a great gift idea for the curious toddler in your life. They can learn animals and colors as they take apart and redo these adorable puzzles. 

  40. Camping Play Set
  41. 2-year-old-girls-camping-playset

    The best toys are the ones that promote pretend play and creativity, just like this camping set. All the items needed for camping are included in this set which will help prepare them for your upcoming trip! So, if you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for a little girl that loves being outside, this is it!  A great gift for 2-year-old boys as well.

  42. Ice Cream Set
  43. 2-year-old-girls-ice-cream-set

    Ice cream nights are the best, and now your favorite little one can enjoy ice cream whenever they want. Melissa & Doug make great sets like this one which includes two scoopers, two cones, and four scoops of ice cream.

  44. Farmers Market Play Set
  45. 2-year-old-girls-farmers-market-play-set

    Twenty-five foods are included in 5 colors, along with buns for sorting. Your favorite little one can practice colors and sorting and learn their fruits and veggies too! Also, this is an excellent addition if they have a play kitchen and love to pretend play.

  46. Basketball Set
  47. 2-year-old-girls-basketball-set

    Like this basketball set, you can’t go wrong with a Little Tikes gift. She can use this hoop indoors or outside to practice her skills. Also, the height is adjustable to grow with her.

  48. Wooden Birthday Cake Set
  49. 2-year-old-girls-wooden-birthday-cake-set

    The birthday girl will love building a fun cake for herself and celebrating with her friends. This set can come with just the birthday cake, or you can choose to add other items like pizza to make it a complete party set. Also, since this is a toy by Melissa & Doug, you know it’s well made! 

  50. Balance Bike
  51. 2-year-old-girls-balance-bike

    A balance bike is fantastic for a little one to roll around on. Since the seat and handlebar height can be adjusted, it will grow with her for a couple of years. Also, it has a durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires, which makes this an easy maintenance toy.

  52. Bubble Mower
  53. gifts-for-2-year-old-girls-mower

    This is an excellent gift for two-year-olds to 4-year-old girls and little people who enjoy helping out with their parents’ activities. The best gifts for 2-year-olds are ones like these that get them outside and learning new skills. The mower blows bubbles as it’s pushed along, and the bubble solution is included. 

  54. Birthday Outfit
  55. 2-year-old-girls-birthday-outfit

    A birthday outfit that your favorite two-year-old will love! This comes with a cute shirt showing off her age and a matching tutu for her to twirl around. A bonus is that you support a California small business by purchasing this! 

  56. Puppy Buckle Plush


    My niece loves buckling the snaps on her car seat, which made this the perfect gift. Now she can unbuckle and re-buckle these five different styles while working on her motor skills. Also, the puppy is so cute and plush, making bringing him along for a car ride easy.

  58. Musical Wall Chart
  59. gifts-for-2-year-old-girls-music-poster

    Early learning toys like this wall chart are a great birthday gift for the curious 2-year-old. She will have much fun practicing ABCs and numbers and identifying the items with each letter. Also, songs are included to sing and dance along to.

  60. Radio Flyer Wagon
  61. gifts-for-two-year-old-girl-wagon

    This wagon is the best gift if you want something other than toys for 2-year-old girls. It can be used for walks with the family, and she can put her toys in to bring them on a short walk. Also, since this is one less toy to add to the living room, her parents will be thankful too! This wagon is recommended for one-year-olds and above up to 150lbs total.

  62. Stacking Wooden Blocks
  63. 2-year-old-girls-stacking-dinosaurs

    These fun-colored wooden dinosaurs perform a magic balancing act on their wooden base. Also, they can help train children’s concentration, thinking, logic, and hands-on skills.

  64. Drum Set
  65. 2-year-old-girl-gifts-drums

    A drum set is the best gift for a musical girl. She can learn how to play the drums with this little set which won’t take up too much room in the home. Also, it has pre-set melodies and lights up for added fun! 

  66. Baby Doll Carrier
  67. 2-year-old-girls-baby-doll-carrier

    A baby doll carrier is a perfect gift for a little one who loves bringing her baby dolls wherever she goes. Also, if she has a younger sibling that gets to ride in a carrier, she’ll love feeling like she is included in the action! 

  68. ABC Bath Toy Set
  69. 2-year-old-girls-abc-bath-toy-set

    This bath toy set includes all you need to review the ABCs and numbers with your kid. You can use them during bath time, or they’re soft enough to have around the playroom too! Since it comes with a fishing net and organizer bag, you can keep everything nicely together after bath time.

  70. I Love you to the Moon and Back.
  71. Books are always a great gift or can be used in place of a card. This board book has a cute story with a bear and cub and their adventures and love. She will be sure to love having this book in her library collection.

  72. Toy Cars with Storage Bag
  73. gifts-for-2-year-old-girls-cars

    These toy cars are adorable and can be moved by pulling them back and letting them go. Perfect for child development and hand-eye coordination. The vehicles have lights and make sounds, which are great for holding a toddler’s attention! 

  74. Growth Chart
  75. 2-year-old-girls-growth-chart

    A beautiful custom-made chart to track their growth will be a fun gift for years. This sign is high-quality and personalized in multiple ways, including finish, its name, and a beautiful floral design. A bonus is that it ships quickly from this small business!