28 Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys To Entertain and Inspire

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: November 27, 2023

    No longer a 1-year-old “baby”; 2-year-olds are real little people. They sing and dance and run – and always talk back. So, how do you harness that wild energy?

    When buying gifts for 2-year-olds, you want to speak to their developmental progress and interests and give them gifts that will encourage them to explore the world around them or master a new skill.

    Play kitchen items, anything with wheels, and baby dolls are great ways to introduce pretend play. Also, toys that encourage problem-solving and open-ended play, like building blocks and puzzles, are great for two-year-olds (ensure no choking hazards). So entertain, educate, and inspire with our best gifts for 2-year-old boys.

  1. Trucker Cap
  2. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-cap

    Every kid at the park will be jealous of your two-year-old’s style. But more importantly, you get sun protection whenever he leaves the house. Each hat has a mesh backing for breathability, and if sharks aren’t his thing, there are 32 prints to choose from.

  3. Two Rides In One
  4. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-scooter

    Here are two joyrides for the price of one! First, toddlers can start using the Radio Flyer as a seated ride-on (basically a tricycle with four wheels) and carry their fave toys along for the ride. Then, it easily converts to a 4-wheel scooter by flipping the deck.

  5. Farm Playset 
  6. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-farm-set

    The Fisher-Price Little People range is popular with young kids as they’re the perfect size for little hands. This farm set provides plenty of pretend play as they help Farmer Jed care for his animals. There are fun animal facts, early math, songs, sounds, and phrases. 

  7. Slip-On Canvas Sneakers 
  8. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-sneakers

    Toddlers need functional and comfortable shoes for their growing feet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be super stylish! These sneakers have an elastic strap to make getting their shoes on and off easy and some adorable little dinosaurs to keep them interested.

  9. Personalized Dinnerware
  10. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-dinnerware

    Bring excitement to the dinner table with a personalized mealtime set for your favorite little boy. The plate, bowl, and mug are made of durable BPA-free plastic, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, all made in the USA.

  11. Non-Toxic Bath Crayons


    These crayons are made for the bathtub – which feels like a dream place to put a toddler armed with a drawing apparatus. There are 12 crayons and a mesh bag for storage to allow the crayons to dry after bathtime. 

  13. Carry-On Luggage Set
  14. gifts-for-2-year-old-boys-luggage


    There’s no such thing as traveling light with kids, so get toddlers to help carry the load. Plus, he’ll have fun doing so because wheelie luggage is just a big toy car. Is that suitable? This set is super lightweight and perfectly sized for a 2-year-old –– my friend’s toddler was zooming this bag through airports at 20 months old.

  15. Play Camping Set 
  16. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-camping-set

    What better way to prep little tikes for family camping trips than with his own camping experience? This imaginative playset is so realistic, and kids will love it! He’ll get 18 camping necessities, including a pretend gas stove and oil lamp, binoculars, utility knife, whistle, cooking pan, food, and pop-up tent.

  17. Mini Soccer Ball
  18. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-ball

    Help them bend it like a two-year-old Beckham with these high-quality, durable mini soccer balls that will also build eye-foot coordination. Parents will also enjoy having a kick around with their little ones. *Note: The ball was shipped deflated. 

  19. Birthday T-Shirt
  20. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-tee

    Celebrate their special day with a coming-of-age birthday gift – like this funny tee. The tees are made from 100% cotton and sum up what every toddler wishes to say when their parents tell them to “calm down!”

  21. Ultimate Bath Toy Set
  22. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-tubes

    Boon bath sets make the best toys for water play. Their deluxe set includes a large assortment of colorful toy pipes, cogs, and tubes that can be suctioned all around the tub individually or linked up in a chain like a fine-tuned piece of machinery.

  23. Flip Open Sofa
  24. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-sofa

    If they’ve been taking up all the room on your couch, this mini couch for tots is the perfect gift! They’ll get their comfy seat to watch Trash Truck, and when they want to stretch their legs, it quickly transforms from sofa to bed with just one move. The cover is also removable and machine-washable.

  25. Mega Bloks Train Set
  26. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-train-blocks

    The only thing better than a musical toy train for a toddler is one they can build themselves – plus, it’ll help them to learn their ABCs. With 150-piece building blocks, this set will spark their imagination and keep them busy for hours.

  27. Balance Bike
  28. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-bike

    Balance bikes are super light and small and help tiny humans learn to balance on two wheels. Once they can hover, they can switch to a pedal bike – never requiring a trike or training wheels! These bikes are recommended for ages 18 months and up.

  29. Bicycle Helmet
  30. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-helmet

    A rad helmet with high protection features is the perfect pairing to a balanced bike. These Giro “MIPS” helmets may seem pricier than others, but you get what you pay for – in this case, the Multi-directional Impact Protective System. The helmets comply with US CPSC Safety Standards and are lightweight, well-ventilated, and comfy.

  31. Painting Set


    Fingerpaints! The two-year-old artist will love you forever, and their parents will curse the day you were born. It is washable paint. In this set, you’ll get six paint tubes, paper, brushes, a smock, and 37 pieces. 

  33. Birthday Baseball Shirt 
  34. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-baseball-shirt

    Why not personalize a 2nd birthday baseball shirt for the little guy in your life? These make a great gift that’s highly original. Select their name, age (or anything else you’d prefer), shirt, and font color. Then, get them outside to practice those gross motor skills!

  35. Dump Truck
  36. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-dump-truck

    Are you looking for toys for 2-year-old boys? You honestly can’t go wrong with this dump truck. Firstly, it’s an excellent price for a toddler toy. Secondly, it’s made by Green Toys out of 100% recycled plastic with no paints or dyes. Finally, even if they have several dump trucks already, they’ll still be obsessed with this one.  

  37. A Magical Bilibo
  38. gifts-for-2-year-old-boys-chair

    This is a MOLUK Bilibo. It’s deceptively simple and inspires imaginative play and new skills. They can sit in, stand on, or stack it. It can be a helmet, sit ‘n spin, doll cradle, shovel, or water basin. Whatever it is, it’s an award-winning toy designed in Switzerland by child development experts, and it’ll withstand any two-year-old antics.

  39. Bouncy Horse


    This lil’ air-filled horse hopper is great for kids to better their balance as they wiggle and jiggle to ride him – much like an adult exercise ball. Easy-to-grip ears and anti-slip feet make for a comfy ride. He comes deflated, but a pump is included.

  41. 100 Words Educational Toy
  42. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-word-book

    This “100 Words” learning toy from Leapfrog targets little one’s word relationships and goes beyond a typical “first words” book. Tots can touch the words and pictures on each page to explore fun facts, music, and sounds (plus a Spanish mode.)

  43. Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase 
  44. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-pillow

    Babies must sleep without extras in their crib for a while, but they may like to have a pillow pal by two years. These pillows are designed specifically for toddlers; consulting with a children’s chiropractor ensures they’re ergonomic for tiny spines. Choose from 17 pillowcase designs.

  45. Carry-And-Go Track Table 
  46. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-car-track

    Here’s an idea for toddler boys: a portable, storable, two-sided table for “on the go” adventures – one side is a race track, and the other is a train track. Keep the playroom tidy, or cart the cars to Grandma’s house. This would make a great Christmas gift, with a few bonus cars as stocking stuffers.

  47. Adidas Tracksuit
  48. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-tracksuit

    Clothing always makes a great gift idea, and any little guy will ooze cool in this ensemble – can you ever go wrong with Adidas? Plus, it’s a perfect set for playtime and sporting adventures. You can even get Mom and Dad one to match.

  49. LEGO Garbage Truck 
  50. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-lego-duplo

    LEGO DUPLO is designed for toddlers up to 5 years old, and this garbage/recycling truck is made to inspire learning, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play. Plus, they’ll learn colors, improve fine motor skills, and develop an understanding of eco-friendly habits!

  51. Dr. Seuss Board Book Collection
  52. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-seuss-books

    This book box celebrates one of the most beloved children’s authors ever. It is designed especially for tiny tots. It includes four Dr. Seuss board book editions with a handle for easy carrying.

  53. Name Puzzle
  54. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-puzzle

    Classic jigsaw puzzles always make excellent educational gifts, and this one helps two-year-olds learn about their animals and how to spell their name. The mystery is made with water-based, non-toxic paints.  

  55. Water Play Table 
  56. gifts-for-two-year-old-boys-water-table

    Water tables are a fantastic outdoor toy for summer when you don’t have a pool, and this one has loads of things to do. First, as the main waterfall drains into the “pond,” spinners, ramps, and buckets are activated. Then, rearrange the maze pieces to create new waterfalls for cause-and-effect STEM play.