34 Magical Gifts to Delight 1-Year-Olds and Parents Alike

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: July 18, 2023

    It can be hard to shop for a 1-year-old. No longer a baby, but barely a toddler – what does a 12-mth old even like to do? An excellent gift for a 1-year-old stimulates the senses and helps develop new skills. Think of bright colors, interesting textures, or vibrant sounds. Or some cool clothing.

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    What kind of things are one-year-olds onto?

    Oh, one-year-olds are just bundles of joy and curiosity! They absolutely love exploring the world around them, so they’re drawn to toys and activities that engage their senses and help develop their motor skills. They’re big fans of bright colors, interesting textures, and fun sounds. Think along the lines of sensory play mats, musical toys, or even soft, touch-and-feel books.

    One-year-olds also enjoy simple games like peekaboo and stacking blocks, which can keep them entertained for hours. Overall, their inquisitive minds and boundless energy make this age a truly delightful time!

    What is an appropriate gift for a 1-year-old?

    When choosing a gift for a 1-year-old, you’ll want to find something that’s both entertaining and educational. A colorful, interactive toy like a shape sorter, stacking blocks, or a musical activity center can be perfect for sparking their curiosity and developing their motor skills. Personalized storybooks or cuddly stuffed animals are also great options that’ll put a smile on their little face. Just make sure to pick something age-appropriate and safe for them to enjoy.

    Our gift guide has some great drool-friendly ideas for the little one, including educational toys, personalized baby gifts, and practical items!

  1. My First Doll


    Around the age of one, babies start to love snuggling with their plush toys. This little ballerina is the perfect size for cuddling at 13 inches high with skin made of incredibly soft plush. A favorite of Amazon reviewers, she comes with an incredible price tag and can even be machine-washed. 

  3. Interactive Shape Sorter 
  4. gifts-for-1-year-old-shape-sorter

    This clever little yeti shape sorter teaches shapes and colors while developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, and cause and effect. It incorporates three learning modes and plays 50 songs, nursery rhymes, sounds, and phrases. Press yeti’s hair for some fun giggles. 

  5. Wooden Baby Walker
  6. gifts-for-1-year-old-walker


    A walker can help your new toddler learn to… well, toddle. This walker also serves as an educational toy that incorporates fun and games into learning to walk. This walker is painted with bright non-toxic paint and includes an abacus, xylophone, and more. It will provide your baby with hours of practice and entertainment! 

  7. Bathtub Toys


    This water activity center attaches to the tub and helps to boost fine motor skills for toddlers. For example, when they pour water into the funnel, it spins the gauge to create ten streams of water spray. The water causes the face on the toys to stream from the mouth and spins its propellers. You’ll have almost as much fun watching them play with it as they are playing with it! 

  9. Dr. Seuss Board Book Set
  10. gifts-for-1-year-old-dr-seuss

    You’re never too young to get to know Dr. Seuss! Especially when the books are toddler-proof board books. This baby gift set includes board editions of the classics Hop On Pop; Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!; Ten Apples Up On Top!; and The Shape Of Me And Other Stuff. 

  11. Personalized Wooden Puzzle
  12. gifts-for-1-year-olds-puzzle


    A neat twist on a timeless toy, this name puzzle encourages name recognition, spelling, and fine motor skills. The back can be engraved with a personal message from you to the lucky boy or girl. 

  13. Tool Box With Sounds
  14. gifts-for-1-year-old-tool-box

    Here’s a safe and snuggly first toolset for any young builder – boys and girls. Each tool makes realistic sounds so little ones can have an interactive and educational pretend play experience. Made from heavy-duty, hypoallergenic fabric and stored in its own plush toy box.

  15. Wild “One” Tee 
  16. gifts-for-1-year-old-tool-box

    Mark the day with this unique 100% cotton tee – a fun and stylish baby gift idea for 1-year-old boys and girls. Choose your toddler-sized crew in one of seven colors to best suit the personality of the wild one in your life.

  17. Wooden Drum 
  18. gifts-for-1-year-old-drumYou’re never too young to start learning music! This wooden “drum set” contains everything a little tike needs to discover their inner rockstar. Tap each animal to play a different note, while a second mode allows your little one to compose their own hits.

  19. Plush Chair 
  20. gifts-for-1-year-old-plush-chair

    Once you’ve become a pro at sitting up, you start to wonder why you can’t have your own lounge zone too. Enter these sweet seats, which also double as adorable room décor and snuggly friends. Soft yet sturdy with an easily washable cover, there are 14 animals to choose from.

  21. Personalized Birthday Book
  22. gifts-for-1-year-old-name-book

    Gift them a personalized first birthday book that’s all about them! This award-winning little board book is the perfect keepsake and includes their first and last name, choice of gender, birth date, and your name for the dedication page. 

  23. Bath Turtles
  24. gifts-for-1-year-old-bath-toy

    It doesn’t get any cuter for bathtime than these swimming turtle bath toys. Wind them up and let them rip. They’re also baby-friendly – made of non-toxic plastic, and all edges are smooth enough for little ones to touch, play and hug. Bonus: no-battery required.

  25. Suction Toy Set
  26. gifts-for-1-year-old-suction-toy

    They may not look like much, but the award-winning pipSquigz by Fat Brain Toys are popular baby toys for good reason. The three silicone shapes suction to smooth surfaces and include rattle sounds, textures, and brilliant colors. Fantastic for high chairs when you can’t pick up that toy another 50,000 times. 

  27. Pikler Climbing Triangle
  28. gifts-for-1-year-old-pikler-trianglePikler triangles are popular the world over and, though not cheap, have been shown to help develop a baby’s muscles, balance, and courage. Originally designed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler, they’re recommended for playtime from 6 months of age (supervised of course.) Made from aspen wood and painted with eco, baby-safe, natural protective wax.

  29. Attipas First Shoes 
  30. gifts-for-1-year-old-attipas-shoes

    These baby shoes were included in celebrity gift bags at the Academy Awards in 2017 and designed from physio-dynamic tests of first walkers at the University of Seoul. The half sock/half shoe design is not only functional (enabling stable walking patterns) but cute, affordable, and comes in a multitude of designs.

  31. Beach Play Set
  32. gifts-for-1-year-old-beach-set

    Beach playsets are the best toys to keep kids interested at the beach, in the sandbox (or apparently even in the snow!) These seven pieces are made from non-toxic, extra durable plastic, and are easy for little ones to grasp. Create animal-shaped sand figures or watch the water flow through the holes.

  33. Personalized Baby Bracelet  
  34. gifts-for-1-year-old-bracelet

    One of the best gifts for one-year-old girls close to your heart, this delicate name bracelet is handmade to order in either sterling silver, gold-filled, or rose gold-filled. Personalize their little hand with a name, date, nickname, number, or symbol. 

  35. Toddler Backpack
  36. gifts-for-1-year-old-backpack

    A toddler-sized bag that doubles as a plush new friend, this birthday gift comes with a hanging loop, adjustable shoulder straps, and zippers designed for little hands. Perfect for carrying their favorite toys wherever their wanderlust (or Mom and dad’s) takes them. With ten animal faces to choose from.

  37. A Book For Girls
  38. gifts-for-1-year-old-book-girls

    Help little girls of all colors, shapes, and sizes to dream big from a young age (and learn their ABCs) by viewing the possibilities open to them. From astronaut to zoologist and everything in between (writer, neurosurgeon, software engineer…) Each page introduces a letter of the alphabet with bright artwork. 

  39. Dump Truck
  40. gifts-for-1-year-old-truck

    Never underestimate the joy of a toy truck to a 12-month-old, boys and girls. This clever lil’ VTech truck allows them to drop a colorful rock into the top and watch it tumble into the bucket. Then, the pull or push toy can be moved along to see the rocks rumble. Three colorful buttons play melodies, phrases, and colors.

  41. Hanging Swing Chair 
  42. gifts-for-1-year-old-swing

    This cotton canvas swing chair doesn’t just bring hours of fun, but it also makes a great decor piece for the stylish parent. Whether you hang it inside or out, the swing has been stringently tested and is made with marine-grade rope and lockable carabiners, so little ones swing safely. 

  43. Bluey Plush Toy
  44. gifts-for-1-year-old-bluey

    What’s hot in the world of kid’s characters? Bluey! Who’s gone straight to the top on Disney Jr. A tale of an Australian Blue Heeler pup and her family, it’s a show that even has parents hooked. This plush Bluey is sure to be a hit.

  45. Jungle Activity Table 
  46. gifts-for-1-year-old-activity-table

    When it comes to gift ideas for 1-year-olds, Melissa & Doug are famed for their aesthetically pleasing wooden toys. This jungle activity table develops multiple skills and features bright colors, bold patterns, and pieces that can be turned, rolled, flipped, spun, and slid.

  47. Reversible Play Mat
  48. gifts-for-1-year-old-play-mat

    A playmat that’s kid-friendly and parent-friendly, this thick, soft foam mat is perfect for playing and can roll up easily to travel. But better yet, when mommy and daddy want their living room back, they can just flip it for a neutral “grown-up” mat. Made from PVC-free, Phthalate-free foam.

  49. Balance Bike
  50. gifts-for-1-year-old-balance-bike

    We know, you’re like, “how can this bike be ridden by a one-year-old!?” Balance bikes are super light, super small, and enable toddlers to learn to balance on two wheels – fast (yes, as young as 18 months!) They’re a terrific first step toward learning to ride on a real bike. Once toddlers can balance, they can switch to a pedal bike – never resorting to training wheels.

  51. Soft Building Blocks


    When it comes to toys, the best for 1-year-olds are these squishy blocks! There are so many beautiful, hand-painted wooden blocks out there but they’re likely to destroy them while teething. This set of toddler toys is great for object recognition, sorting, and stacking. 

  53. Bath Towel
  54. gifts-for-1-year-old-bath-towel

    This cool, vibrant dinosaur towel made of soft, absorbent terry cotton, will get the little one out of the tub fast (“dino dress-ups!”) and dry them quickly. Can be used as a bath or beach towel and will fits sizes 0 – 4. Choose from a blue elephant or pink or green dinosaur.

  55. Girls’ Dress, Cardigan & Shoe Set 
  56. gifts-for-1-year-old-girls-clothing

    This cute set from Hudson Baby comes with a matching 100% cotton dress, cardigan, and matching little shoes. Completely machine washable, it’s a super affordable, high-quality outfit. And if flamingoes aren’t your thing, there are plenty more designs to choose from.

  57. Constructive Eating Set 
  58. gifts-for-1-year-old-dining-set

    Mealtimes can be loud and messy – just like a construction site. This cute construction plate and utensils are designed to work together to combine eating and play while helping with fine motor skills. Microwave and dishwasher safe and BPA, Phthalate, PVC, and lead-free. Also available as a fairy garden theme.

  59. Electronic Word Book 
  60. gifts-for-1-year-old-word-game

    A finalist in the 2019 Toy Of the Year Awards, this word “book” will introduce them to more than 100 age-appropriate words chosen by learning experts. When you touch the words, the book will play words, sound effects, and fun facts. Plus, you can hear everything in both English and Spanish. Multiple colors available.

  61. Monogrammed Lovey
  62. gifts-for-1-year-old-lovey

    Most babies start to adore snuggling a lovey around the 12-month mark. These handmade blankies are the perfect size for a little one (17″ x 17″) and come in double-sided, super soft Minky fabric. Choose from a variety of different prints and monogram the birthday babe’s name.

  63. Touch-and-Feel Book
  64. gifts-for-1-year-old-book

    You must never touch a porcupine . . . except in this book! These animal-themed touch-and-feel books are perfect for young kiddies. They will love you reading the funny rhymes while they touch the innovative silicone features throughout the book.

  65. Baby Trucker Cap
  66. gifts-for-1-year-old-trucker-cap

    Protect your little one from the sun in style! These baby trucker hats come in multiple tiny sizes and colors, complete with a California bear and his surfboard-laden VW bus.

  67. Singing Elephant
  68. gifts-for-1-year-old-singing-elephant

    Animated plush Flappy the Elephant is a bestseller. Press the left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, and the right to hear the song Do Your Ears Hang Low. Flappy’s ears flap in time to delight little ones, and he’s always up for snuggles even when he’s switched off.