35 Fantastic Gift Ideas For Baby Boys Age 0-2

By Alyssa Bosco | Updated: December 16, 2022

    Being under two is a great time in a baby’s life. They start to explore and enjoy entertaining themselves. We have included everything from sensory and educational gifts to fun gift ideas that any little boy would love. Our gift guide has you covered with some fantastic baby boy gifts for you to choose from.

  1. Wooden Activity Cube
  2. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-boys-ages-0-2-wooden-activity-cube

    This is a great sensory toy where babies can gain hand-eye coordination and improve their fine motor skills. It will keep even the most active toddler entertained and keep them thinking critically. It’s designed to promote counting and math skills while also developing color, patterns, and shape recognition in an engaging and fun way that will put a big smile on a baby’s face.

  3. Kids Bubble Machine Lawn Mower
  4. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-boys-ages-0-2-kids-bubble-machine-lawn-mower

    A cute gift for a child or grandchild or any child under two who can walk or is learning how to walk. The super lightweight and powerful electric lawnmower can produce features of realistic sounds and make more than 2000+ bubbles per minute automatically. It’s fun to encourage kids to do outdoor activities and help mom or dad “mow” the lawn. 

  5. Aqua Doodle Mat
  6. baby-boy-gifts-mat


    Just add water! This is the safest and cleanest painting toy you will ever buy for a kid. It stimulates creativity and has an educational feel. Parents and teachers can write on the mat and have the child copy it to learn their letters and numbers. It will also help with color recognition, engagement, and interaction with a guardian or a toddler friend.

  7. Baby Balance Tricycle
  8. Best-Baby-Boy-Gifts-For-Boys-Ages-0-2-Baby-Balance-Tricycle

    With no peddles, this first bike will help a baby with their balance because they need to step by step with their feet to keep moving. It will strengthen the baby’s leg muscles. It’s a safe toy and gets any toddler to love cycling.

  9. Kids Drum Set
  10. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-babies-ages-0-2-kids-drum-set

    Music encourages children’s inclination to move, developing their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. This drum set will also teach kids letters and numbers. It also has three drum pads and a cymbal with unique sound for sensory development.

  11. Leapfrog Word Book
  12. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-babies-ages-0-2-leapfrog-word-book

    This is a learning-friendly toy that will introduce more than 100 age-appropriate words that educators chose. As the kids touch the words on the page, the device reads the word to them, which can help with a child’s word recognition. This specific word book will say the words, songs, and instructions in English and Spanish.

  13. Shape and Color Recognition Eggs
  14. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-

    A quiet toy is a parents’ favorite toy, and this one will keep them busy for a while. Then, babies can find the matching piece to put them back together again. It’s a fun and encouraging way for toddlers to learn. This STEM toy could help your kids with color recognition, counting, sensory delays, educational delays, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.

  15. Pirate Ship Car and Toy
  16. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-pirate-ship-car-and-toy

    Pretend play is a great way to build a child’s imagination. For example, there is a seat for the baby to ride on and pieces for him to pretend he is on a real pirate ship. In addition, there is a storage space under the seat for when the child is done playing and needs to clean up. It is an interactive and fun toy that helps build a child’s balance and coordination skills.

  17. Play-Doh
  18. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-play-doh

    Play-doh is also an excellent way for your child to use their imagination. They could mold it into anything they want to create, such as a car, a dinosaur, or truck. It is a hands-on activity that can stimulate your child’s mind and teach toddlers color recognition and shape recognition by molding shapes for a model.

  19. Dino Kids Race Car Track
  20. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-dino-kids-race-car-track

    What toddler doesn’t like cars and dinosaurs? Awaken their primal instincts with this deluxe dinosaur track set. The fun is non-stop as kids arrange the racetrack in various configurations with ramps, trees, a bridge, and a gate to maneuver cars safely through and over. Children need to use their imagination and learn how to problem-solve to get the car to the finish line. 

  21. Wooden Alphabet Blocks
  22. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-wooden-alphabet-blocks

    Kids will be able to identify different types of animals as well that are on the faces of the blocks and also teach them letter recognition and number recognition. These blocks will also help with toddlers’ concentration as well as their hand-eye coordination when building.

  23. Singing Alphabet Chart


    This interactive ABC wall poster will be a great addition to your child’s or game room. Colorful, attractive design will engage and provide hours of fun exploration and learning for your little one. This wall poster helps your little one to develop new skills needed for preschool and beyond. It’s a sing-along toy that plays all of your nursery fun songs.

  25. Dino Monster Trucks
  26. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-dino-monster-trucks

    No batteries are needed, just simply pull the dinosaur cars, then let go and watch the car accelerate across the floor. These cars are made to be indestructible, so if it falls, bump into the wall, they will still be intact and able to work. The Dino pull-back cars are Approximately 6″ in Length, which is a perfect size for toddlers.

  27. Kids Tool Bench
  28. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-kids-tool-bench

    This pretends toolset including a kid’s size saw, hammer, pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, and a battery-operated electric drill. A big storage compartment under the working bench fits all tools and accessories. Enhance kids’ multiple developments, including social interaction when learning the tools from parents, hand skills to use tools, and concentration to finish all tasks. Kids gain a lot of benefits while playing this!

  29. Lego Tables for Toddlers
  30. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-lego-table-for-toddlers

    Build ‘n Learn Table Learn, play, and explore with the Build’ n Learn Table by Mega Bloks! Portable, this convenient table makes for a snappy platform where your child can start to learn through independent play and interactive discovery. Build and stack onto the included wheelbases, and use the tabletop track to zoom around and around for lots of speedy fun!

  31. Tumble Foam Blocks


    This playmat is a great birthday gift to help a toddler’s fine motor skills and balance. You could build all kinds of configurations with the blocks and have your toddler crawling and climbing up the blocks, helping them develop gross motor skills. It’s excellent for tumbling skills as well as imaginative skills. The blocks are light enough for a toddler to move. 

  33. Musical Bus Toy
  34. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-Musical-bus-toy

    This best-seller is a tremendous calming mechanism for a child who loves music. It plays up to 8 nursery songs that your child is familiar with. With this toy, toddlers have to make the shapes of the animals to the animal shapes on the bus to place the animals in the slots so they can ride on the bus and make their animal sounds when you match the correct animal to their space. 

  35. Push and Pop a Ball Bulldozer
  36. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-push-and-pop-a-ball-bulldozer

    This is an excellent toy for your 1-year-old who is still a little shaky when walking; it could help them balance as they walk because they have a handle to hold on to. In addition, this toy is entertaining for a toddler because as you walk and push, the bulldozer balls pop out of the top and land in the bucket. This toy also plays music, and it helps toddlers learn colors, numbers, phrases, and nursery songs. 

  37. Splash Pad for Toddlers
  38. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-splash-pad-for-toddlers

    A small pool is great in the summer months, or you could use it as an indoor mat in a playroom and make it into a ball pit in the winter. It could also be used as a very shallow pool, or you could also turn on the sprinklers and play with your family—a best gift for the first year and beyond.

  39. Child’s Personal iPhone
  40. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-child's-personal-iphone

    This toy is a perfect gift for toddlers who love to play on their parent’s phones. It plays many familiar tunes for toddlers as well as talks to toddlers. The Phone Toy feeds your child’s curiosity to learn through touch, sound, and sight eight different modes, and plenty of sound effects. When you flip the switch, it will ring, and when you press the picture on the phone, it will speak.

  41. Toddlers Musical Instruments
  42. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-toddlers-musical-instruments

    This is a great musical toy that will get your toddler’s attention. It is made of non-toxic material, so if a toddler puts it in their mouth, it will be okay. Many toddlers love the sounds each instrument makes, which makes this toy very engaging. Parents could engage with the tools as well as an older sibling. It’s fun for everyone.

  43. Activity Table


    This is an excellent baby gift for an infant who is learning to stand. After that, they could use it to pull themselves up and start dancing along with the tunes. It is an excellent toy for fun educational learning experiences as it improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. 

  45. Kids Toy Tractor
  46. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-kids-toy-tractor

    John Deere Sit N Scoot Tractor is a perfect fit for those kid-size chores. The Sit N Scoot Tractor is decorated in a traditional John Deere trade dress, so it’s just like the real thing, only more minor. The classic foot-to-floor play pattern provides the child with plenty of fun and exercise and simulates the work they see done around the farm or in the yard.

  47. Sit N Spin
  48. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-sit-n-spin

    Remember when you discovered how to sit, spin, and giggle yourself silly? Well, now it’s time for your little one to enjoy the winning spinning fun of this classic sit-on spinning activity toy. The fun goes round and round with this twirling activity toy for toddlers. A favorite preschool play activity for generations, a wild ride on the Playskool Sit and Spin toy is a great way to get their giggles and wiggles out.

  49. Toddler indoor Trampoline
  50. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-toddler-indoor-trampoline

    This Trampoline is fun, and safe and will help develop balance, coordination, and confidence. It also helps children build their muscles while having fun jumping. It has padded covers, and an easy-grip handle, and rubber feet, so it’s safe for your child to hop on. A unique gift any little boy or gilt will love.

  51. Baby Bath Set With Keepsake Box
  52. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-baby-boy-keepsake-box

    This is a great keepsake set to give to a newborn baby boy. The gift set includes a 6″ soft toy, a large swaddle blanket, a blue cotton bodysuit with an envelope neck, blue socks, and a blue cotton baby bib. The baby powder has now been replaced with a bubble bath, baby shampoo or baby lotion, baby soap, baby brush and comb set, two emergency nappies, and a soft cotton washcloth. It’s a great gift set that any new parent would appreciate. 

  53. Teether And Rattle Gift Set
  54. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-teether-and-rattle-gift-set

    A best-seller toy set for baby boys or baby girls who are starting to hit their teething milestones. This gift set is made with non-toxic material that will soothe your baby if their gums hurt while the baby rattle makes noises to distract them. In addition, the different textures will assist in the tactile development of touch, taste, and smell. A diaper bag must-have.

  55. Hooded Towel Set
  56. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-hooded-towel-set

    This baby gift set comes with a book for your little one, a hooded towel for after bath time, and three times for your baby boy or baby girl to play with while in the bath. This gift is excellent for a baby shower gift as well.

  57. Personalized Baby Blanket
  58. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-personalized-baby-blanket

    This is a great gift to give a new mom at a baby shower or even as a coming-home gift for the baby. Many new parents like to take milestone pictures on these blankets each month until the newborn is a year old. 

  59. Stroller Fan
  60. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-stroller-fan

    Once the nice weather rolls around, it’s time for long walks and playing at the park. First, cool off your toddler with a flexible fan. The mini fan equips a brushless motor to achieve smooth rotate speed and reduce noise. Cute octopus design that you and your toddler will love to be an ideal gift for your friends and family.

  61. Fisher-Price Sing-Along Book
  62. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-fisher-price-sing-along-book

    This vintage Fisher price baby toy is a great educational toy for kids. Learn different animal sounds while singing along to farm animal nursery tunes. This is a perfect gift for new parents to use while you are walking their child in a stroller so they can entertain themselves or even while they are inside on their playmat.

  63. Toddler Slide
  64. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-toddler-sizeToddlers love to be active, but there isn’t always time to go to the playground so bring the garden to your backyard! It’s easy to assemble, and no tools are required. It’s easy to fold away and can get packed in the car to go anywhere. 

  65. Sand and Water Table
  66. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-Sand-and-water-table

    This is a great indoor and outdoor toy. It’s perfect for your toddler who loves sand and water play, arts and crafts, building blocks/legos, and picnics. It’s great for sensory play and showing toddlers to clean up with the two storage bins to store their toys for next time. You could arrange the table in many different ways that meet your child’s needs, depending on if they want to play or have a snack. 

  67. Sleep Sac
  68. baby-boy-gifts-sac

    Babies love to be swaddled but mastering the swaddle can take some practice. No fear! This sleep sack imitates the pressure your baby feels when you are holding them so they can self-soothe and sleep through the night without being in your arms. 

  69. Nursery Wall Art
  70. best-baby-boy-gifts-for-baby-boys-ages-0-2-nursery-wall-art

    This is an excellent gift for new parents looking for nursery decor for a newborn baby boy. You could put these in a baby gift basket for a baby shower and help the mommy decorate their newborn’s nursery. Add some booties, bibs, onesies, and pacifiers to make a great gift.