You Name It! 25 Sweet Personalized Baby Gifts

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: February 27, 2023

    It can be challenging to think of a unique gift for a new human. But with the dawn of personalized baby gifts, it’s now easy to find something original that’s got their name written all over it – literally! Check out these adorable gift ideas.

  1. Unicorn Piggy Bank
  2. personalized-baby-gifts-piggy-bank

    The earlier you’re taught to save your pennies, the better you’ll hopefully become at saving as an adult! Time will tell, but this gorgeous unicorn bank with gold horn and a glittery golden name is not only a coin bank but also a sweet piece of room decor. Here’s a cool shark version if you’re shopping for the little man in your life. 

  3. Plush Bunny 
  4. personalized-baby-gifts-bunny

    Stuffed animals are a childhood staple and naturally, make the best baby gifts. But this bunny is extra hoppy to meet you – because you share a name! With big floppy ears and super-soft bodies, they’re perfect for little snuggles and will be a companion for many years to come. They, of course, also make superb first Easter gifts.

  5. Pacifier Clip


    Baby will never drop their pacifier on the dirty ground again with this clip! The clip is made of silicone and can be customized with his or her name. 

  7. Bar Bracelet
  8. personalized-baby-gifts-bracelet

    This baby bracelet is made with either 16k gold, silver, or rose gold plating and is adjustable for tiny wrists or ankles – both on baby girls and baby boys. Inscribed with baby’s name, it’s the ultimate baby keepsake, and, fun fact, I still have my own from some decades ago. 

  9. Wooden Train
  10. personalized-baby-train

    Toot toot! Here comes the most beautiful little railway they’ll ever set eyes upon. Due to the different building blocks, a new train can be created repeatedly, or it can serve as a piece of room decor to remember all of the little one’s birthing day details.

  11. Treasury of Nursery Rhymes 
  12. personalized-baby-nursery-rhymes

    Every kid needs a collection of nursery rhymes, but a personalized collection makes this extra special. Once customized, their name and character will appear almost 100 times throughout the book as they travel through the enchanting land of nursery rhymes, meeting classic characters from the Muffin Man to Little Bo Peep.

  13. Keepsake Box
  14. personalized-baby-gifts-box

    This wooden memory box is the perfect way to store a baby’s unique keepsakes from their first years. It’s handcrafted from quality solid pine wood and engraved with their birth details to make it extra personal. You can also add a customized message on the base of the box to create an extra special family heirloom.

  15. Ballerina Snuggle Doll  
  16. personalized-baby-gifts-doll

    The Ballerina Leyadoll is known for her signature smile and ultra-soft features and is the perfect first doll for a baby to cuddle, play, and grow with. She comes complete with the child’s name embroidered atop her head and is available in two skin tones.

  17. Baby Swaddle + Hat or Bow
  18. personalized-baby-gifts-swaddle

    These newborn swaddles are soft and buttery, made from jersey knit polyester, and can help make the perfect birth announcement photo. You can choose to pair it with a little personalized baby hat with a knot or a bow or a bow headband wrap. Available in an incredible 49 colors!

  19. Monogrammed Baby Quilt
  20. personalized-baby-gifts-quilt

    These beautiful quilted blankets are monogrammed with a little one’s first and middle name, plus the initial of their last name. Choose a quilt color, the color of the embroidery, font style, and you have the bonus option to add a special message in one of the corners, e.g., Love, Nana, and Papa.

  21. My First Sports Bag 
  22. personalized-baby-gifts-sports-bag

    A budding baby sports star will adore their own first sports bag (made by Baby Gund). The five-piece set includes a baseball sound toy, a basketball squeak toy, a soccer ball crinkle toy, and a football rattle. Then put them all on the ground and see which ball they gravitate to!

  23. Birth Stats Elephant 
  24. personalized-baby-gifts-elephant-stats

    This soft plush grey elephant is a sweet keepsake gift for any new baby boy or girl – part loveable toy, part birth stats keeper. Choose your lettering color (blue, pink, purple, or green), and each elephant will also come with a matching decorative ribbon.

  25. Nursery Name Sign 
  26. personalized-baby-gifts-sign

    Made from a half-inch piece of Baltic Birch plywood, these custom wall art pieces make gorgeous nursery decor and are available in sizes (length) ranging from 12″ to 46″. Then choose to leave the wood unfinished or have it painted in one of many vibrant colors.

  27. Baby Photo Frames
  28. personalized-baby-gifts-frames

    These personalized baby picture frames make a sentimental gift for any new parent. Choose a wall frame or a tabletop frame (freestanding or with a stand), choose your font colors, and then supply the baby’s first name, middle name, and last name. You can find baby boy options over here.

  29. Fleece Blanket
  30. personalized-baby-gifts-blanket

    A snuggly wuggly personalized baby blanket is an especially lovely new baby gift when adorned with the child’s name. This gift will last for years, and one day in the blink of an eyelid, they’ll suddenly be seven years old but still curled up in their favorite fleece blanket.

  31. Wooden Name Puzzle 
  32. personalized-baby-gifts-puzzle

    Puzzles are fun learning toys that encourage name recognition, spelling, and fine motor skills, and this floral wooden name puzzle is a stunning twist on a timeless learning toy. It’s handmade in the USA of high-quality Baltic Birch, using non-toxic paint and food-grade non-toxic wood sealer.

  33. Monogrammed Bathrobe  


    This adorable robe and slippers set will help baby settle down for the night. The set is made of 100% cotton and fits babies 0 to 9 months and can be customized with their name. 

  35. Pacifier 3-Pack
  36. personalized-baby-gifts-pacifiers

    This 3-pack of personalized pacis are best sellers and make a practical and cute gift for a newborn baby. They’re available in either a round or orthodontic silicone nipple and are BPA, phthalate, lead, and chemical-free. While you’re customizing, the company offers (for an extra cost) a matching pacifier clip, baby bib, sippy cup, onesie, or blanket.

  37. Wooden Birth Block 
  38. personalized-baby-gifts-birth-block

    A personalized solid wood baby block makes a great gift for the new arrival! This one’s available in pink, blue, or natural wood and is handcrafted from solid maple wood. It comes in three sizes, and all text is laser-engraved, so it’ll last a lifetime.

  39. Bedtime Story Book
  40. personalized-baby-gifts-bedtime-story

    This sweet personalized book includes the child’s first and last name, birth date, and the sender’s name for the dedication page. Each page is beautifully illustrated by the award-winning illustrator of the Harry Potter books and makes the perfect bedtime book for a new mom and her sweet one.

  41. Dinosaur Lovey 
  42. personalized-baby-gifts-lovey

    Here’s a little dino lovey that’s super soft and snuggly and sure to become baby’s new best friend in no time. He’s also a unique find as most loveys are bears and bunnies. If you’d still prefer a bear, have a peep at these cuties over here.

  43. Baby Brush + Comb Set 
  44. personalized-baby-gifts-brush-set

    This classic baby gift set features a baby brush and comb with an adorable floral design, their name, and initials. It’s suitable for ages 0-3 years as the soft nylon bristles are gentle on a child’s sensitive scalp and untangle their hair without pulling. 

  45. Rainbow Abacus 
  46. personalized-baby-gifts-abacus

    An abacus is an old-school kid’s toy, and it makes a unique baby gift, especially for retro-loving parents. This five-ring abacus has beads made of solid walnut and can be personalized with up to 12 letters with a choice of colors. Though it’s a toy, it will also make a gorgeous piece of bedroom decor.

  47. Throw Pillows
  48. personalized-baby-gifts-pillows

    Many don’t immediately think of throw pillows for personalized baby gifts, but they make a great asset to a nursery and they’ll grow with them over the years to come. If you can find out the nursery colors beforehand, even better!

  49. Wooden Rattle
  50. personalized-baby-gifts-rattle

    This beautiful wooden rattle makes a soft, mellow tone as the rings spin around, and it’s sure to be a hit with both a newborn and their new parents–– especially if they love Montessori-style minimalist toys. The inscription is simple but really elegant.