The Best Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Ideas For Parents-To-Be

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: September 2, 2023

    Dads-to-be are increasingly getting in on the baby celebration action, and it’s about time! How about spicing things up with a playful and inclusive “A Baby is Brewing” baby shower—perfect for a co-ed gathering or an all-dads affair. Think of it as a pregger kegger! Let the following ideas inspire you as you plan this joyful event!

    How to throw the best Baby is Brewing party

    If you aim to tap into a unique and fun-filled baby shower theme for soon-to-be parents, you’re in the right place. Our “Baby is Brewing” beer-themed baby shower ideas perfectly blend charming and playful, capturing the joy of new beginnings and the spirit of celebration. We’ve curated the best ideas, from creative decorations to delightful games, ensuring your baby shower will be remembered for years. So, let’s raise a beer to the parents-to-be and dive into these frothy and fun ideas!

    A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Ideas

  1. Burlap Banner
  2. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-banner

    A rustic burlap banner goes excellent with a baby-and-beer-themed baby shower and works as a centerpiece for a food table, entryway, or photo booth. Each flag is moveable so you can adjust as necessary. You could also pair it with a matching “Gifts” banner.

  3. Fun ‘n Party Games
  4. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-games

    A good dude shower still needs some baby shower games. This printable set is hilarious and entirely on theme. Have guests play a guessing game of  “baby bumps or beer bellies” and “baby butts or boobs.” Then award the winner(s) with some man-appropriate prizes, such as Poo-Pourri spray, a beard grooming kit, or this multifunction keychain (which also makes a great baby shower favor)

  5. Chocolate Guinness Donuts
  6. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-donuts

    Do you know what would look amazing on A Baby Is Brewing food table? These Guinness chocolate donuts with Bailey’s Irish cream glaze, that’s what! (OMG!!) Here’s the absolutely drool-worthy recipe from If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen.

  7. Cool Invitations
  8. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-invites

    These invites haven’t a llama or unicorn in sight and are customizable, including font and colors. Then you can easily print them at home or your local printing hub. Better yet, save trees and simply email or text your invite.

  9. Cupcake Toppers 
  10. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-cupcake-toppers

    Strategic and straightforward, these cupcake toppers can be used on cupcakes (duh), Rice Krispies, donuts, or even burgers! You’ll get 12 beer mugs and 12 baby bottles per packet. Feeling extra hops-inspired? The Homemade Food Junkie has a fantastic (and simple!) recipe for fluffy Blue Moon Cupcakes made with real Blue Moon beer.

  11. Inflatable Beer Mug Coolers
  12. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-beer-coolers

    These coolers are kinda hilarious and highlight your party theme quickly while doing what they do best – keeping beer chilled! You’ll get two “mugs” per pack; they inflate to 18-inches and will hold up to 20 beer bottles each. What other baby shower decorations will you continue to use for years to come?

  13. Cheeseburger Sliders
  14. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-sliders

    Let’s get this party started right! A beer baby shower needs burgers, and this cheeseburger slider recipe from Confetti and Bliss is just the thing. In fact, making it a BBQ event is an easy way to tackle catering. You can also step it up a notch with some pretzel slider buns and mini beer mugs (as per below.)

  15. Mini Beer Mugs
  16. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-mini-mugs

    These mini beer mugs hold just 1.35 oz (a regular bar shot is 1.5 oz) and make for cute and functional decorations. Fill them with beer and line them up next to your sliders for a perfect pairing that also looks striking on a food table.

  17. Bottle Opener Shower Gifts
  18. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-bottle-openers

    These bottle openers shaped like baby bottles are a fab baby shower idea and work in two useful ways. Place some around your beer and food tables for guests to easily pop open a beer. Or use them as party favors for guests to take home. If you know the sex of your baby you can also buy these in pink or blue boxes.

  19. Beer And Milk Banner


    This banner of golden baby bottles and beer mugs is relatively subtle and can be dressed up or down depending on how “decorated” you want the event. Buy one or buy a few and string them up around your party zone. 

  21. Bacon-Wrapped Pretzels
  22. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-bacon-pretzels

    Here’s another asset for your food table – bacon-wrapped pretzels! And they’re so simple to make, courtesy of this recipe by Milk Punch Media. You’ll definitely be needing some napkins for these, so scroll on below.

  23. Plastic Tablecloth
  24. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-tablecloth

    You’re going to need some basic party supplies and a simple plastic tablecloth can be tossed out at the end. Consider keeping your surrounding party decor in this brown/yellow/natural color scheme. You can also get matching plates over here.

  25. Honeycomb Tissue Fans 
  26. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-decor-fans

    If you’re not into balloons for your brewing decorations, or you want to tone the balloons down, consider stringing up some honeycomb tissue fans. Stick to beer tones of brown (as pictured) and/or yellows (like these). Want a bit more pizzazz? Try these coffee, gold, and nude balloons.

  27. Classy Napkins
  28. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-napkins

    If you’re thinking of throwing a beer-themed baby shower for your favorite bro, these napkins are classy, subtle, and “manly.” They come in many colors and are hand stamped with the image of a beer mug and the saying “a Baby is Brewing.” The seller also makes matching plates if you hit them up about it.

  29. Custom Cookies
  30. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-cookies

    Sometimes it’s worth the cost to get a pro to make some awesome food to fit your baby shower theme – like these custom cookies. They ship from California and you’ll get four dozen assorted shapes and sizes! Cookie decorating pro in the family? You could also DIY with these cookie cutters.

  31. Diaper Raffle Cards
  32. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-raffle

    Make it simple for gift giving and get guests to bring something you will really need in abundance–diapers. If you get an array of sizes (as the card suggests) those diapers will keep you going for some time to come. Then set up a raffle prize. One easy prize idea that’ll keep things on theme (and bring great joy to the winner) is a case of beer.

  33. Brewing Balloons  
  34. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-balloons

    These gold letter balloons can be strung up as a banner, used outside as a party-finder, or they can float wherever you deem fit. You’ll get two beer mugs alongside your lettering and you’ll need to inflate them yourself at your local helium provider.

  35. Food Table Templates
  36. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-signs

    Themed signs are a perfect party idea for labeling areas of the shindig– such as a gift table or items on a food or drink table. Like these ones which are editable printables (you print yourself.) You could also create an “In celebration of baby blah-blah” sign for your child.

  37. Baby Shower Cake + Topper
  38. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-cake

    Most people like to have cake at a party – even Dads! You can keep it simple with a store-bought cake or you can get your beer n’ cheer on and bake this magical gender-neutral Stout Cake with Whiskey Coffee Glaze by Style Sweet. (or beg a friend who bakes.) Then pop in one of these “Baby is Brewing” cake toppers. 

  39. A Party Outfit
  40. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-tees

    Whether it’s a couple’s baby shower party, or just for Dad, these tees will have you dressed the part. What to do with the baby onesie at this early stage? Use it as party decor! Pop in on the gift table, or hang it with your balloons over the food/drink table. Multiple colors are available.

  41. Beer Label Stickers
  42. baby-is-brewing-baby-shower-labels

    No doubt you’ll be serving beer so these beer labels are a cool way to stamp your theme on the party. Edit it to suit (including if baby needs to read babies!) and then print at home or your local print store on standard Avery-sized stickers (they’ll tell you which ones.)