24 Baby Gift Set Ideas That Are Practical And Adorable

By Alyssa Bosco | Updated: March 16, 2023

    Babies are so precious and every parent’s bundle of joy. Before the baby gets here, many moms-to-be love to have baby showers and get so many new gifts and gift sets from friends and family. New moms and dads need practical and useful gifts to make their day-to-day a little easier, and this helpful gift guide will provide you with the perfect baby gift for that beautiful baby.

  1. Baby Bum Gift Set
  2. baby-gift-set-ideas-bath-products

    Most babies love bath time, and with Baby Bum, everything is all-natural. These travel-sized essentials are must-haves that are all-natural are allergen-free as well; gluten-free, vegan, it’s all hypoallergenic. The shampoo and body wash are also tear-free, so your baby’s eyes will not burn, and they will smell phenomenal.

  3. Keepsake Gift Set
  4. best-baby-gift-sets-keepsake-gift-set

    So many new parents love to read to their newborn babies before bedtime. It comes in a beautiful gift box to keep everything organized. The gift set comes with a cuddle friend as well for your baby girl or baby girl. It’s perfect to put in a baby gift basket for a shower or a baby’s first birthday. 

  5. Mommy and Me Aveeno Cream


    The Aveeno baby skin care bathtime solutions mommy & me gift set includes products you need for your baby’s bath, helping you care for your little one’s delicate skin with a special bonus for you. The wicker carrier has products you need for your baby’s bath, including the baby daily moisture wash & shampoo, tear-free baby calming comfort bath and wash, baby daily moisture Lotion, and stress relief body wash for mom. Aveeno baby products are made with natural oatmeal and are formulated to nourish and moisturize baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.This baby gift set is ideal for new and expecting moms and new baby.

  7. Baby Feeding Gift Set
  8. best-baby-gift-sets-baby-feeding-gift-set

    This is one of my favorites and it’s easy for you to pack and go when you are taking your baby out to visit someone or just going to the park for a picnic. This baby feeding set contains everything you need to feed your baby, including a BPA-free spoon and fork and divided plate dish, along with a catchable bib, and a sippy cup. It is dishwasher free and makes feeding your baby so much easier and keeps your baby clean. 

  9. Clothes and Accessory Set for Newborns
  10. best-baby-gift-sets-clothes-and-accessory-set-for-newborns

    The newborn stage can be very stressful and exhausting so new moms like to keep their babies in onesies all day and to always have a burp clothe in hand when you have a newborn. This gift set is perfect to give to new parents as a baby shower gift. It includes bodysuits, burp cloths, receiving blankets, hats to keep your baby warm and mittens so your baby doesn’t scratch themselves. 

  11. Infant Feeding Bundle Set
  12. best-baby-gift-set-infant-feeding-bundle-set

    This Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle set was created to reduce the most common feeding issues you may have with your newborn such as colic, gas, or reflux. This bottle features an airfree vent which keeps no air in the nipple even if you are feeding your baby upright. The warmer warms 5 ounces of milk in just 3 minutes; warming time depends on milk volume, initial temperature and bottle material. 

  13. My First Sports Bag 
  14. personalized-baby-gifts-sports-bag

    A budding baby sports star will adore their own first sports bag (made by Baby Gund). The personalized five-piece set includes a baseball sound toy, a basketball squeak toy, a soccer ball crinkle toy, and a football rattle. Then put them all on the ground and see which ball they gravitate to!

  15. Rattle Set


    Every baby needs a teething toy, especially in the infant stage when they want to put everything right into their mouths. The shaking rattles are great when babies start to develop more control in their fingers and can complete a range of complex fine motor skills. The baby teethers help relieve teething pain caused by the growth of lateral incisors and molar teeth. 

  17. Baby Skincare Gift Set


    This gift is gender-neutral and great for your new arrival, whether it be a baby boy or a baby girl. We love these products for newborns. This gift basket includes five essentials for bathing and caring for a baby’s delicate skin. 

  19. Bundle of Joy Gift Set


    This deluxe gift set is the perfect gift idea for the new mommy-to-be.  It comes in a large woven cotton basket that is filled with a plush bear, matching clothing sets, two onesies, socks, caps, mittens, bibs, deluxe portable changing pad, xl receiving blankets, two regular receiving blankets, baby washcloths, a rubber duck, a baby bottle, a teething ring, and a picture frame. 

  21. Little Princess Gift Set
  22. best-baby-gift-set-Baby-girl-gift-set
  23. This gift set includes, a 5 piece clothing set that is 3M, receiving blankets, a plush bear, a soft book with teething ring, four soft baby washcloths and BPA-free baby bottle. It comes with a little luggage that your baby girl could cherish forever. 

  24.  Baby Touch and Feel book set
  25. best-baby-gift-sets- Baby-Touch-and-Feel-book-set

    These soft covered books are made to be tear-resistant, durable, and washable so your baby will not destroy their book. The cloth book set has many different themes such as jungle adventures, sea world, farm animals, land animals, flying animals, and marine animals. You could familiarize your little ones with all the different animals from all of the detailed illustrations that they could touch and feel. 

  26. Fisher Price Gift Set
  27. best-baby-gift-sets-fisher-price-gift-set

    Inspire a little chef from a young age! The bib is machine washable and it helps keep your baby clean at mealtime. The oven mitt is a great teether for your baby as well. The recipe card and tongs are great for hands-on play. 

  28. Grooming Baby Gift Set 

    best-baby-gift-sets-baby-grooming-gift-setThis grooming kit is essential for your baby and it provides items you will need from infancy to toddler age. It is very hard to cut your infants nails. This set also includes a toddler brush, comb, scissors, a nail clipper, fingertip toothbrush, a toddler toothbrush, and a mirror. As for the health items in this kit, there is a nasal aspirator, thermometer, medicine dropper, as well as a medicine spoon with a cap to make it easier for you to care for your child. 

  30. Bath Towel and Washcloth Set

    best-baby-gift-sets-bath-towel-and-wascloth-gift-setLet’s make bath time a breeze with this baby bath gift set. The lightly textured washcloths get your baby clean, while the adorable hooded terry cloth towels ensure baby is dry and cozy. Your baby will look so adorable all wrapped up in their themed hooded towel. 

  32. Tommee Tippee Bottle Set

    best-baby-gift-sets-Tommee-Tippee-Bottle-SetThis award-winning breast-like nipple for a natural latch is easy for a baby to adjust to when mom needs a night out and someone is babysitting your little bundle of joy. There is a new heat sensing technology piece in the bottle where the straw turns pink if it is too hot; so don’t give your baby something they could burn themselves with. This set contains a travel bottle warmer, an advanced anti-colic bottle, bottle brush, a medium flow anti-colic nipple, milk powder dispensers, removable bottle handles, and newborn pacifiers.

  34. Baby swaddle gift set
  35. best-baby-gift-sets-baby-swaddle-gift-set

    This best seller swaddle gift set is must have on your baby registry. It’s a 5 piece gift set that includes a muslin swaddle blanket, a baby hat, a baby bib, a bib cloth, and a baby blanket and all of that comes in a baby gift box and is the perfect present for a mommy to be. Most baby sleep better if they are swaddled at night because they feel comfort in the blanket. 

  36. Bathrobe gift set
  37. best-baby-gift-sets-bathrobe-gift-set

    All babies look cute in a bathrobe and booties after their nice relaxing bath before bed. After bath time or before bed, you could wrap your baby in a soft and comfy hooded bathrobe with little booties to match to get them nice and warm and ready for bed. This robe is great for the pool or beach too to keep your little one from shivering. 

  38. Pregnancy Gift Set
  39. best-baby-gift-sets-pregnancy-gift-set

    Not all baby shower gifts have to be for the baby. Mom gifts and dad gifts are a plus as well and very much appreciated. As it’s fun for moms to open up all their baby gear on their shower day, moms feel forgotten so what better way to say you’re going to be great parents than by buying them some mom and dad gifts such as coffee mugs because they will definitely need the caffeine when the baby is here. 

  40. Sensory Development Gift Set
  41. baby-gift-sets-animals


    Babies just fall in love with this animal gift set. There are 4 animals, and babies can strengthen their muscles by squeezing the animals to make sounds, as well as improving their fine motor skills by making different movements to create a new sound from the toys in front of them. 

  42. Diaper Bag Gift Set
  43. best-baby-gift-sets-diaper-bag-gift-set

    Diaper bag books bags are great when you travel with your baby because your hands are free and good to take care of your baby while everything you need for the day is on your back. This back pack comes with a pacifier case, a pacifier clip, and so many different compartments that most diaper bags don’t have. 

  44. Personalized Gifts for bath time
  45. best-baby-gifft-sets-Personalized-Gifts-for-bath-time

    So many new parents love when their babies name is on some items that their baby will use for a while. This is an everyday use as your baby grows up. They will have their own brush and comb to use that is personalized right after bath time or when they are getting ready to go out with their new parents. 

  46. Burt’s Bees baby Formula Set
  47. bert's-bees-baby-formula-set

    Some mom’s love to breastfeed and some give their baby’s formula; each way is perfect as long as your baby is getting the nutrition they need. This organic sensitive baby formula with Iron provides vitamins D, E and K, calcium for bones and DHA for brain and eye development; it also contains pre-biotics for immune support for your baby. There are no added hormones, no genetic engineering, no added preservatives, and no added antibiotics in this formula set of 4. 

  48. Baby Sock Gift Set
  49. best-baby-gift-sets-baby-sock-gift-set

    Socks look so adorable on newborn babies whether boy or girl. These socks have a no-pinch cuff as well as no extra threads that get tangled up and could hurt your little one. They are comfy, cozy, and breathable and it keeps your babies ankles snug as a bug and protected. 

  50. Cotton Burp Cloths
  51. best-baby-gift-sets-cotton-burp-cloths

    Burp cloths are great as a newborn baby gift. Babies spit up alot and these bandana bibs are wonderful in keeping your babies clothes from getting dirty. As a welcome home gift new parents would love baby baskets of burp cloths, and baby accessories that are a necessity for the first year of your babies life.