19 Useful Twin Mom Gifts From A Twin Mom Herself

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: April 17, 2024

    Having a baby takes a lot of work. It’s exhausting and challenging. But for a mom with twins, it doubles (or even triples) as hard. It also requires a lot of gear. They probably have their double stroller and car seat already, but there are plenty of other things they will need to make their day-to-day a little easier and relaxing. Here are our favorite gift ideas for twin moms. 

  1. Portable Diaper Caddy
  2. twin-mom-gifts-caddy

    She will change diapers every week, so this portable diaper caddy will be her new best friend. It has an excellent, contemporary design that complements any decor. It holds all the baby gear she will need hourly—from diapers to wipes to cream. The multi-functional basket organizer features long and durable handles. When moving, the portable diaper caddy can also be folded for compact storage in your suitcase or backpack.

  3. Baby Daily Log
  4. twin-mom-gifts-log

    This is a must-have for a mother of newborn twins. With double the feedings and diaper changes (and no sleep), the new parents will need something to keep track of what’s happening. Mom can also log her breastfeeding sessions and the bottle feedings to keep track of their breast milk supply—a great gift for a new mom of twins.

  5. Large Expandable Backpack
  6. twin-mom-gifts-backpack

    A twin mama must carry a lot of stuff, but this diaper bag backpack is ready for double duty. It can expand, giving them an extra 33L bigger capacity than goes back to a slim pack to meet their needs. This additional large backpack has 22+ independent pockets to fully organize daily necessities, onesies, and mom’s stuff.

  7. Hand and Foot Print Frame
  8. twin-mom-gifts-frame

    Capture the timeless beauty of your baby’s tiny little hands and feet with our complete keepsake and photo frame kit – with clay, roller, double-sided tape, stencil kit, table stand, and wall brackets for easy display on a nursery wall, table, or mantel. New parents love our bonus stencil kit featuring letters, numbers, shapes, and symbols so you can customize your souvenir! Add your newborn baby’s name and birthdate to your keepsake!

  9. New Mom Self-Care Box
  10. twin-mom-gifts-basket

    The Just For Mom Gift Set comes with everything we believe moms deserve for a healthy dose of pampering! All-natural spa products are the kind of “little luxuries” that the women in your life will love. This self-care kit was designed to make them feel appreciated, valued, and pampered. What could be better than giving the gift of “me time” to the woman who’s always putting herself last? The best gift for mom.

  11. Twim Mom Mug
  12. twin-mom-gifts-mug

    If there were ever someone worth celebrating day after day, we’d put Mom on the top of that list. Mom Love by Pavilion Gift features a variety of mom-themed gifts ranging from coffee mugs and keepsake dishes to home decor. The simple design, fresh, modern colors, and sweet sentiment make this piece a fun twin-mom gift.

  13. Baby Journal
  14. twin-mom-gifts-journal

    Make your life pre-ins a little easier since you’ll be on double duty. This journal for women is the perfect gift for parents of twins! Protect all of your keepsake items from each trimester in this pregnancy journal. Expecting moms can easily document their pregnancy and fill this organizer with pictures and happy memories. Add stickers, ribbons, and photographs to make a unique custom journal for your twin babies. This baby journal makes an excellent pregnancy gift for a mom-to-be.

  15. Twin Z Pillow
  16. twin-mom-gifts-twin-pillow

    The #1 recommended twin pillow. The 6 in 1 Twin Support and Nursing Pillow! Voted the best back support for mom! It is the only pillow on the market that allows both babies to bond with each other. Infants can use this pillow for toddlers. A mom of multiples must have!! It is friendly and contains no foam! A must-have for new twin parents!

  17. Baby Bjorn Bouncer
  18. twin-mom-gifts-bouncer

    This was hands down the most used baby gear, and I recommend it to every new mom. It’s sort of on the pricy side but worth every penny. These lightweight bouncers are easy to move around and take with you—they’re a cozy place for your baby to play close by you while you have your hands free. The natural rocking of a bouncer usually has a calming effect on a very young baby.

  19. Monthly Milestone Blanket
  20. twin-mom-gifts-blanket

    Milestone Blanket makes a perfect shower gift for a mom of twins. This personalized milestone blanket is made of soft, plush velour material with satin edging and comes in many colors. You were designed with a hand-painted watercolor leaf wreath for an utterly ready dress-up for social media shares! It is such a cute baby boy and baby girl gift for nursery decor and baby registry search. This personalized memory blanket can easily be the most beautiful month and age blanket and exclusive baby shower gift to celebrate your baby’s birthday and watch your baby’s growth.

  21. What To Do When Your Having Two
  22. twin-mom-gifts-book

    I was pleased to meet Natalie Diaz when I took her Twiniversity Class in NYC. As a mom of fraternal twins and a world-renowned expert on parenting multiples, author Natalie Diaz launched Twiniversity, the world’s leading global resource for online twin parenting information and support. In this book, she delivers an essential update to her must-have manual to having twins, now with expanded info on twin pregnancy and tandem breastfeeding and advice on the best gear to help save your sanity.

  23. Decision Coin
  24. twin-mom-gifts-coin

    Our double-sided decision coin is engraved with Daddy’s Turn on one side and Mummy’s Turn on the other. It is the perfect gift for new parents to help them decide who changes the diaper in the middle of the night.

  25. Mama Necklace
  26. twin-mom-gifts-necklace

    This dainty necklace will make a great Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for a twin mom. Sweet and meaningful, this is the perfect gift for her. Help her celebrate being a mom and show how much you appreciate her love.

  27. Meal Delivery Service
  28. gifts for new moms blue apron

    Being a new mother, you have no time to figure out what to make more for dinner or go to the grocery store. Blue Apron is an excellent gift for the new mom. She can choose from various chef-designed, step-by-step recipes every week and enjoy delicious, unforgettable meals cooked from scratch. Give fresh, seasonal ingredients delivered right to your door so she can spend less time cooking and more time for herself and her new bundle of joy. Get her a gift card to get her started. It is a thoughtful gift that any mother of twins will appreciate.

  29. Extra Large Playpen
  30. twin-mom-gifts-playpen

    This portable extra-large playpen is the best. This Portable Play Yard is made to handle the everyday use of a little one. To keep it simple, the fully assembled play yard is designed to be set up instantly and folded down compactly with a single motion. To secure, push down on the foot locks. It’s that simple. The go-anywhere play yard accommodates children between 6 and 24 months with ample room for your little one to move around.

  31. Baby Clothes
  32. twin-mom-gifts-onesie

    To say they will need a lot of baby bodysuits is an understatement. Double the drool, double the spit-up, and double the diaper blowouts. They will go through so many onesies in one day. You can get her a cute pack of neutral or twin onesies

  33. Bandana Bibs
  34. twin-mom-gifts-bandana

    Just like those onesies, they will blow through bibs, too. I found these bandana bibs were better than regular ones because they fit well, preventing food and milk from running down the neck. These stylish drool bibs are made of 100% soft organic cotton on the front and 100% super-absorbent soft polyester fleece fabric on the back. Our bibs keep your baby dry, even the drooliest of babies. Great for teething babies!

  35. Peas in Pod Necklace
  36. twin-mom-gifts-necklace

    Custom birthstone necklaces are a quick, easy, and heartfelt gift. Personalize with family birthday stones, create the best keepsake, and commemorate the birth of the two peas (literally). It’s a super cute twin-baby gift for a first-time mom. Makes a great birthday gift or Mother’s Day gift.

  37. Twin Nursery Center
  38. twin-mom-gifts-nursery-center

    Any containers to put down the bundles of joy are worth their weight in gold. And this is built just for twins. The Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center playard is the perfect solution for parents with twins. The Playard includes a removable complete bassinet, a changing table, and a deluxe parent organizer. An easy one-hand locking mechanism makes the playard stable, and it can be moved from place to place with large wheels and secured with brakes.

    What do twin moms need the most?

    The short answer is sleep, but you can’t wrap that up with a bow. All moms have a lot going on during the day, from kid stuff to work stuff and everything in between, so that’s why she deserves to get a special treat from you. You’ll want to give her a gift to make daily life easier.

    First and foremost, practical gifts are always appreciated. Diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials are always in demand when you have two little ones to care for. Another great option is a gift card for a meal or grocery delivery service, which can be a lifesaver for busy moms.

    You could also consider a gift certificate for a cleaning service or babysitting service to give the gift of a little extra help. And finally, personalized gifts like photo books or jewelry that feature the names or birthstones of their twins can be a lovely way to celebrate their special bond.

    What are the best gift ideas for twin moms?

    Our gift guide will give you many ideas for parents of multiples, whether she is pregnant or already chasing a little one around the house. As a mom of twins myself, here is a quick note: twin moms do not need duplicates of everything. They need a lot of necessities like diapers but don’t need two of everything. Instead, surprise her with a helpful gadget, a self-care gift, or a special keepsake.