25 New Mom Gift Baskets That Are All About Her

Updated on January 31, 2022 Updated on Jan 31, 2022
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    From baby shower gifts to birth gifts, a new mom receives a lot of cool stuff – for their baby. But now the little poppet is here; mom’s going to need more pampering than ever. That’s why a new mom gift basket makes a wonderful treat, just for her!

  1. Mom Glow Essentials
  2. new-mom-gift-basket-glow-set

    A new mom needs self-care but the last thing she wants is a deluge of products she doesn’t have the time or energy to use. This set gives her the basics for a good glow: a calming sleep mist, Vitamin C serum, aromatherapy candle, sleep blend roll-on, and luxurious hand cream.

  3. Wine Lovin’ Moms
  4. new-mom-gift-basket-wine-gift

    Everything a new mommy needs for a long overdue girl’s night in! This gift basket celebrates mama with two floral wine glasses, two cute bottle stoppers, and two pairs of snuggly, witty socks. Plus, six commemorative wine bottle labels to celebrate everything from Mommy & Daddy Date Night to First Public Tantrum. A great gift for a wine lover.

  5. Mini Spa Kit


    When mama gets time for a quick soak, this mini spa gift basket has the essentials: two bars of soap, a bath bomb, body butter, and an insulated wine tumbler, so she can sip on her favorite wine as she soaks.

  7. New Mom Recovery Set  
  8. new-mom-gift-basket-palmers

    Palmer’s cocoa butter is iconic and they also support the sustainable production of shea and cocoa butter worldwide. This four-piece post-pregnancy skincare set includes a tightening body lotion, soothing breastfeeding butter, firming bust cream, and rosehip therapy oil.

  9. Wake Up Call
  10. new-mom-gift-basket-coffee-set

    Every new mom needs one particular wake-up call – to be reminded that they’re exactly what their child needs (and sometimes a literal wake-up via caffeine infusion.) This cute and unique gift includes a ceramic mug, a hand-poured beeswax candle, a ceramic teaspoon, a “ground coffee breath” lip balm, a mini test tube of local ground coffee, and a muslin bag of matches.

  11. You Got This Mama!
  12. new-mom-gift-basket-got-this

    Having a new baby is no easy feat. So let them know they’ve “got this!” and help to relieve some stress with a sleep mask, relaxing bath bomb, sugar scrub, postpartum healing tea, organic baby sheet, and motivational water bottle. This pick me up gift set is the perfect gift to keep them going.

  13. FridaMom Postpartum Recovery 
  14. new-mom-gift-basket-fridamom

    It may not look like the usual spa basket goodies but this post-birth pampering kit is the very definition of luxury for a new mom – trust us! It includes everything she needs to keep her comfy and help her to heal. An excellent gift for a first-time mom.

  15. Natural Lavender Gift Basket
  16. new-mom-gift-basket-lavender

    If the new mama loves lavender this spa gift box will tick all the boxes. The all-natural bath set includes two soap bars, bath salts, body scrub, bath bomb, eye mask, cosmetic bag, shower steamer, clay facial mask, shea butter, body oil, lip balm, scented candle, sponge, face towel, and a greeting card.

  17. A Nurturing Subscription
  18. new-mom-gift-basket-subscription

    The best gift to help mama get through her “fourth” trimester is a postpartum subscription box every month for three months. Each box is thoughtfully curated with indulgent and functional products – from cookbooks to PJs to mugs and masks – and makes for a thoughtful gift.  

  19. Self-Care Basket
  20. new-mom-gift-basket-self-care

    A night it in with herself can sound like a dream to a new mom but this self-care gift will help get it on the schedule. The pamper-filled box includes a ceramic mug, a set of six moisturizing bath bombs infused with essential oils, a brightening face mask, rose petal bath salts, and a pair of cozy socks. 

  21. Skin Care Box
  22. new-mom-gift-basket-skin-care

    A new mom will feel extra spoiled with the vintage-inspired products in this box. The gift includes masks, cleansers, creams, a headband, sponges, and a face mask brush. A lovely Mother’s Day gift for any mom in your life.

  23. The Calm Your Tits Basket
  24. new-mom-gift-basket-funny-set

    This gift set doesn’t hold back and many a mama will appreciate it! What do you get? Glad you asked – a Zen As F*ck Whipped Body Butter, a Chill the F*ck Out Bath Bomb, Simmah Down Bitch Bath Salts, a Zen Motherpucker Lip Balm, a Beeswax Lotion Bar, and a loofah pad, all packaged up in a hot pink gable box.

  25. Gourmet Gift Basket 
  26. new-mom-gift-basket-gourmet-food

    New parents struggle to even butter their toast so a gourmet food basket makes for a delicious and functional treat. This gift basket contains a collection of sweet and savory treats that includes crackers, dip mix, olive oils, fudge, tapenade, dried figs, nougat, cookies, olives, nuts, and more.

  27. Mom + Babe Snuggle Set
  28. new-mom-gift-basket-snuggle-set

    This gift box contains seven unique gifts –  a “one line a day” journal, muslin swaddle blanket, pacifier clip made from food-grade silicone, 2 luxurious bath bombs, a set of very comfy socks, and an inspirational greeting card. So Mama can enjoy a relaxing hot bath and then snuggle up in her socks with her bundled babe and write in her journal.

  29. Mama Hair Care
  30. new-mom-gift-basket-hair

    This mini Moroccanoil haircare set will get a new mom’s tresses looking fab in no time. She’ll get an Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to amplify fine hair, a Volumizing Mist for fuller hair, and a Moroccanoil Treatment to smooth and boost shine. Plus, the products come in a gorgeous “Tiffany blue” cosmetic tote.

  31. DIY Honest Gift Basket
  32. new-mom-gift-basket-honest

    It’s so easy to make your own gift basket these days, especially with Amazon. The Honest Company has such a great range of clean new mom products. So here’s a quick DIY idea: Grab this stylish Honest Co. diaper bag, and stash it with a few of these: Mama Care Nip Balm, Glow On Body Oil, Chill Mama Soothing Jelly, Sweet Curves Body Lotion, and Me Moment Soaking Salts.

  33. Postpartum Nourishing Bars
  34. new-mom-gift-basket-lactation

    A brand new mom needs healthy snacks that can power her through the chaos of her day, especially if she’s skipping meals. This New Mom Kit contains 12 Pre & Postnatal Bars and 12 Milkful Nursing Bars packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – some boost breastmilk, while others energize the body and mind with 100% real ingredients.

  35. Mommy Must-Haves
  36. new-mom-gift-basket-lactation

    This box of goodies combines relaxation with some “mommy and me” essentials. There’s a sleep mask, candle, bath salts, and sugar scrub for pampering; a nursing cover, matching socks, lactation tea, a breastfeeding recipe card for the practicalities; and a delicate mama bear keepsake necklace.

  37. The Caffeine Rescue Box
  38. new-mom-gift-basket-caffeine

    Support Seattle’s small-batch community with this supreme bean box while treating a tired new mom. She’ll get eight handpicked coffees (ground or whole) alongside eight mini gourmet chocolate bars.

  39. The Wine + Soak
  40. new-mom-gift-basket-wine-spa

    Give her the fancy spa treatment. Y’know the kind where they present you with a glass of wine while you relax. Each gift box contains a stainless steel “Mom” tumbler, two all-natural soaps, a bath bomb, a jar of silky skin lotion, and a motivational note card. Then, throw in a bottle of her fave vino!

  41. A Sunshine Tea Package  
  42. new-mom-gift-basket-tea

    Send a little sunshine to a tired-ass mama with this hug in a box. Then, once babe goes off to sleep, she can brew a healing organic herbal tea, add some wildflower honey, light a soothing sea salt + sage soy candle, then pop on some luxe “cloud” socks and, hopefully, have a little relaxation.

  43. Gift Box


    Pamper your fave new mom with this prettily packaged box. Each item is selected to promote mommy self-care  – and includes a tumbler; soaps, bath bombs, a scented candle, and a beautiful note card.

  45. Gift Card in a Bag 
  46. new-mom-gift-basket-gift-card

    There’s much that needs ordering on Amazon when you’ve just brought a new baby home – anything that saves a trip to the store! So every new mum will appreciate this gift card in a gorgeous little gift bag. However, make sure to pop a note in the bag stipulating she should spend this money on pampering herself.

  47. Badass Mom Set
  48. new-mom-gift-basket-badass-mom

    Celebrate the hard work and badassery that moms bring every day with this spa indulgence gift idea. The box includes an orange blossom candle, plumeria bath salts, fizzy coconut bath bomb, almond coconut bar soap, coconut body butter, and a coconut lip balm.

  49. Breastfeeding Box
  50. new-mom-gift-basket-breastfeeding

    The nursing process isn’t always as easy as it looks. This fantastic box provides mama with relief, comfort, and lactation support – nursing pads, lactation tea, nipple cream, hot/cool packs, nipple cooling pads, alcohol test strips, lip balm, a candle, a mama affirmation card, and tips for each product. *Do ensure mama plans to nurse or pump.