27 Unique Gifts Ideas That Tween Girls Actually Want

Updated on November 26, 2021 Updated on Nov 26, 2021
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    It’s both easy and hard to choose tween girl gifts. Easy because marketers love tween girls, so there are tons of products aimed at them. Hard because there are tons of products aimed at them! When you’re looking for gift ideas, it’s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. So we did it for you! These are the best gifts for tween girls.

  1. Bath Bombs Gift Box
  2. tween-girl-gifts-bath-bombs

    Lots of bath bombs look the same, round. That’s boring! These bath bombs come in fun shapes like cupcakes, donuts, and cubes. The set includes seven bath bombs that are made from all-natural ingredients.  A great gift for teenage girls.

  3. Caboodle Retro Case


    All the 90’s girls holla! The Caboodle cases we all loved have become trendy again! Caboodles are makeup cases, but they can be used for other things like school supplies, art supplies, whatever tween girls need to store! 

  5. DIY Bracelet Craft Kit


    This DIY jewelry-making kit includes two bracelets, one necklace, 20 beads with dangles, 37 beads, four glass beans, and two diamond beads. It includes everything needed to make beautiful custom pieces. This gift is a fun activity for sleepovers! 

  7. Harry Potter Encouragement Cuff
  8. tween-girl-gifts-harry-potter-cuff

    It’s not easy being a preteen so give them a little encouragement with this cuff. Engraved with the Dumbledore quote, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” it will lift the spirits of any Harry Potter fan. 

  9. Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Set
  10. gifts-for-tween-girls-water-bottle


    This is a cool gift! Remember when we used to bedazzle our jeans? This is sort of the modern version of that for a water bottle. The set includes a 17 ounce, stainless steel, a pink water bottle, seven sheets of rhinestone stickers, and hundreds of glitter gems for customizing the bottle.

  11. Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Trio
  12. tween-girl-gifts-lip-balm

    These retro lip balms are the perfect gift for tween girls, teen girls, 12-year-old girls, any girls! They have just a hint of color and are moisturizing and soothing, making them great as lip balm, highlighter, brow tamer, cuticle cream, minor scrapes, and more! There are three tins in this set, and each tin holds .8 ounces. 

  13. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera
  14. tween-girl-gifts-camera

    The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera produces credit-card-sized photos instantly. It’s the Polaroid of the 21st Century! This camera comes with 40 film sheets, an accessories kit, a custom case, assorted frames, a photo album, 60 colorful sticker frames, and more. This will be on many a tween Christmas wish list. 

  15. Selfie Ring Light
  16. tween-girl-gifts-ring-light

    Looking your best in a selfie or a Zoom call has a lot to do with lighting. That’s what makes this selfie ring light a great gift for tweens doing distance learning. The light can be clipped on to an iPhone or Android smartphone and is rechargeable.

  17. Lego Architecture Skyline Collection
  18. tween-girl-gifts-lego

    This Lego set is a great gift for a budding architect. The set includes iconic French buildings and structures from the Parisian skyline. Containing 600 pieces, it’s a great collectible toy. 

  19. PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones
  20. tween-girl-gifts-headphones

    These headphones deliver great sound quality and noise reduction. They’re compatible with an Apple iPhone X, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, iPad, iPod, Huawei, Nexus, and Amazon Fire Tablet. The headphones are wireless and wired. They’ll last for 15 hours on a charge and then can be switched to wired mode.

  21. Vinyl Stickers
  22. tween-girl-gifts-stickers

    These waterproof vinyl stickers have those VSCO girl vibes. You don’t know what that is but tween girls do! There are 50 stickers that can be reused. They’re a fun way to decorate things like laptops, phones, headphones, hydro flasks, and make a fun stocking stuffer. 

  23. Bean Bag Chair
  24. tween-girl-gifts-chair

    This bean bag chair is perfect for cuddling up to read, do homework, or watch a movie with your BFF! The chair comes filled but can be refilled when the filling compresses over time through use. The chair measures 33 x 30 x 20 inches and comes in several colors. 

  25. Mad Mickey Disney T-Shirt
  26. tween-girl-gifts-mickey-shirt

    Haha! Not all Disney fans are the sweet, princess-y kind! Some of them are the annoyed Mickey kind! This t-shirt is for them! It comes in charcoal (pictured) and heather gray, and sizes run from Small to 2X in women’s sizing. 

  27. Tie-Dye Velvet Scrunchies
  28. tween-girl-gifts-scrunchies

    Seriously, everything old is new again, and that includes tie-dye and hair scrunchies! This gift combines two retro trends in one. There are six scrunchies in a set, and they’re made of soft, velvet material. 

  29. Cactus Neon Light
  30. tween-girl-gifts-cactus-light

    This fun cactus neon lamp makes a fun nightlight or just a fun accent lamp for a desk or nightstand. The light runs on three AA batteries (not included) and measures 11.4″ x 3.93″.

  31. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
  32. This wireless microphone is a portable karaoke party! It can be synced with any Bluetooth-enabled device to sing along with Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and other music streaming sites. Beats the hairbrush I used to use as a kid! 

  33. Color Changing Cinema Light Box With Letters
  34. tween-girl-gifts-light-box

    How fun! It’s like a modern-day Light Bright! This lightbox changes colors and comes with 244 letters, numbers, and emojis, and the remote control can be used to change the colors; there are 16 different colors to choose from.

  35. Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe
  36. tween-girl-gifts-robe

    This cozy robe is a great gift for tweens who still love all things unicorn. Made of polyester fleece, it’s machine washable. The robes run a bit small, so order one size larger to ensure a comfy fit. 

  37. How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding
  38. tween-girl-gifts-book

    Do you have a budding STEM star on your hand? Help her along with this book with step-by-step instructions to teach basic coding concepts like Loops, Variables, and Selection. The book goes beyond the basics and teaches kids enough to be able to create their own website! 

  39. Sequin Back Pack
  40. gifts-for-tween-girls-bag

    This fun bag is full of sparkle! The sequins can be “ruffled” to give the bag a different look. Leather drawstrings will keep the bag securely closed. 

  41. Hair Chalk


    This is my favorite gift on the list! This kit includes ten rainbow hair chalk pens, glitter hair gel, and light-up hair extensions. The components are non-toxic and washable. A great gift for Halloween or a birthday slumber party! 

  43. Cooking Class Global Feast
  44. tween-girl-gifts-cookbook

    One of the best gifts you can give a kid is to instill a love of cooking, and this fun cookbook will help you do it. The book features recipes and kids from around the world, sharing a bit of their food culture and history. The recipes feature step-by-step photographs that make it easy for kids to learn new dishes. And gets mom and dad a night out of the kitchen! 

  45. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad
  46. tween-girl-gifts-tracing-pad

    This is a great tool for budding artists. The tablet is backlit, making it much easier to see and follow the lines of the images they’re tracing. The kit includes everything needed, including blank sheets, tracing sheets, and pencils. 

  47. Book Making Kit
  48. tween-girl-gifts-book-kit

    Maybe you have a budding author! This is the perfect gift for them. The kit allows kids to write, illustrate, and publish their own 20-page book! There is a postage-paid envelope that the completed manuscript can be sent in and it will come back professionally printed in a few weeks!  

  49. Jewelry Box
  50. gifts-for-tween-girls-box


    This jewelry box makes it easy to keep things organized. It has two drawers, ring slots, and a necklace carousel that helps keep necklaces visible without getting tangled. This is a gift that she’ll use for many years to come. 

  51. Ticket To Ride Boardgame
  52. tween-girl-gifts-board-game

    If you know a tween girl that longs to move to the big city, this is a fun board game for her. Players race around 1960s New York City to visit the most iconic tourist attractions in the city and punch their destination tickets at each one. 

  53. Mini Animals Sewing Kit
  54. tween-girl-gifts-sewing-kit

    This fun sewing kit has everything kids need to make 14 adorable stuffed animals, including all of the necessary materials and detailed instructions. The animal patterns include a fox, alpaca, bunny, sloth, and more! A great rainy day project for kids.