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33 Hockey Gifts That are a Slapshot of Happiness to the Face

Updated on September 24, 2021 Updated on Sep 24, 2021
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    If you need to procure a gift idea for the hockey fan in your life, then you’ve come to the right place! Get out of the penalty box and hoist the Stanley Cup of gift-giving championship trophy with one of these awesome hockey gifts!

  1. NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Bottle Opener
  2. hockey-gifts-bottle-opener

    This opener is made from an authentic piece of your NHL team’s game-used sticks retired from its days winning face-offs and making countless shots on goal. The storied fragments are given new life for hockey fans to crack open icy brews while tuning in to watch their team on the ice. Each opener is engraved with the team name and includes a holographic label to unlock further details online of the stick’s history. 

  3. NHL Hockey Puck Waffle Maker
  4. hockey-gifts-waffle-maker

    The greatest gift in all the world is a waffle maker. Correction: The greatest gift in all the world is a waffle maker that makes NHL logo-shaped waffles! This waffle maker creates 4″ NHL logo-shaped waffles if the batter is poured only on the inside portion or 7″ round waffles if the batter is poured throughout. If your friend loves the NHL and Sunday morning brunches at home, then this is the perfect gift! 

  5. Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Puck
  6. hockey-gifts-blackhawks-nhl-hockey-puck

    If your hockey-loving superfan is a fan of a particular team, then a collectors addition official hockey puck is the kind of gift that will put a slapshot of happiness to their face! Pick from any number of NHL teams from the Detroit Redwings to the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. This Chicago Souvenir puck is an official 6-ounce Slovakian puck that comes detailed with a team logo on one side and an NHL shield logo on the opposite side. The perfect centerpiece to any man cave! 

  7. 7×7 Wayne Gretzky Tile Artwork
  8. hockey-gifts-wayne-gretzky-tile-artwork

    No hockey gift list would be complete without some sort of gift featuring the GOAT Wayne Gretzky. This 7×7-inch beautiful piece of tile artwork portrays Gretzky out on the ice with one of his most popular motivational quotes at the bottom. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Great advice for life and hockey! 

  9. Penny Hockey Game
  10. hockey-gifts-penny-hockey-game

    Even if your skating skills aren’t worth a red cent, you don’t have to put your major-league dreams on ice when you can cash in on the Stanley Cup in the comfort of your own home. With your trusty penny puck in hand, you can flick your way across the rink, deftly navigating past the plug-shaped “players” and your competitor’s digits to shoot your coin straight into the goal. This game also comes in a soccer version!

  11. GloveStix Odor Eliminator
  12. hockey-gifts-odar-eliminator

    Hockey players sweat…a lot. These stink-out sticks are an amazing way to neutralize odor, so their skates, gloves, helmets, and every other piece of hockey gear stays smelling fresh! If the hockey player in your life works hard and sweats like crazy, then these odor-eliminating sticks are a must-have in their gear bag!

  13. Hockey Puck iPhone Holder
  14. hockey-gifts-puck-iphone-holder

    If you have the need to keep your cellphone or iPhone positioned up, then what better way to accomplish this task than with a hockey puck-shaped phone holder? This unique cell phone stand is custom-made from an official 6 oz. solid rubber hockey puck. They’re virtually indestructible and will last for years! 

  15. NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Beer Flight
  16. hockey-gifts-stick-beer-flight

    From the ice to a spot on the table, this game-used blade toasts your team. While you’re sampling beer (or whiskey) with fellow fans, take a good look: The carbon fiber stick has real “battle scars” from games, and your team’s name is engraved on the base, which is made of rink glass from the Winter Classic games. Officially licensed by the NHL, each includes a holographic label and ID number for authenticity, as well as info about your stick’s history online.

  17. Klask Magnetic Air Hockey Game
  18. hockey-gifts-klask-magnetic-game

    This award-winning game designed in Denmark combines air hockey with foosball for a unique gaming experience the whole family will enjoy! It only takes about 10 minutes to play a single game, so a Klask tournament is a fun and memorable way to spend the family game night and create memories that will last a lifetime! 

  19. Straight Outta The Penalty Box T-Shirt
  20. hockey-gifts-penalty-box-t-shirt

    Looking for a practical gift they can use all the time while sending a message that they’re a hockey player? These clever Straight Outta the Penalty Box t-shirts are a big hit for hockey players and hockey fans alike. Show off your love of the game while showing the world you’re not one to be messed with!

  21. Hockey Player 3D Lamp
  22. hockey-gifts-hockey-player-3d-lamp

    If you need just a little bit of light for that brave hockey player who might be just a little scared of the dark, then this hockey player night light makes a great gift! Switch between 7 unique colors so they can match the night light to the color scheme of their room! 

  23. Hockey Stick Snow Brush
  24. hockey-gifts-snow-brush

    If you’ve got snow in your life, then you need a way to brush it off. Why have a boring snow brush when you can have a game-used NHL hockey brush? The handles are made from sticks retired from their professional days, winning face-offs and making countless shots on goal. The durable stick’s surface provides a great grip for hockey fans to clear away the white stuff before heading to the rink. Each one is unique, and colors will vary.

  25. Hockey Puck Whiskey Stones
  26. hockey-gifts-puck-whiskey-stones

    If you’re a fan of ice-cold whiskey drinks but not a fan of melted ice, then this set of 3 hockey puck whiskey stones make an MVP-level gift! This set of hockey-themed whiskey stones offers an alternative to ice “rocks.” Laser-etched with a unique design on the rocks. Simply freeze the stone pucks in the freezer for two hours and then place them in your spirits or favorite beverage to chill the drink without an unwanted slap shot of water.

  27. Hockey Arena Map Pint Glasses
  28. hockey-gifts-arena-pint-glasses

    If you’re a hockey-loving beer fan or vice versa, these pint glasses make a fantastic gift! Each one is printed with an aerial map of an NHL™ arena rendered in two of its team’s signature colors. After the final sip of a frosty beverage, you’ll see the team’s logo printed at the bottom. This pair of pint glasses make a fantastic gift for the hockey fan who never misses a puck drop. 

  29. Hockey Puck 100-Pack
  30. hockey-gifts-puck-100-pack

    This 100-pack of official-size NHL hockey pucks makes a great coach gift for that player or hockey coach who goes through hockey pucks than Tiger Williams goes through penalty boxes. Each hockey puck is 6oz with “Howies” and “Official” printed on the side. At just over a dollar per puck, this 100-pack makes a great gift whether you give it to a single hockey player or split it up and give it out to the whole team! 

  31. 100pc Hockey Sticker Pack
  32. hockey-gifts-sticker-pack


    If you eat, sleep and breathe ice hockey, then you’re going to want to put your love of hockey on as many surfaces as possible! This 100-piece sticker pack makes a great gift for the creative fan who loves all things hockey! These stickers range in size from 1.6″ to 3.2″ and are made from high-quality vinyl and are waterproof as well as sunproof, so they’ll last for a long time! 

  33. Kids Folding Two Goal Hockey Set
  34. hockey-gifts-kids-net-set

    If you’re looking for a children’s gift that will provide hours of indoor or outdoor exercise, but that won’t break the bank, then this kid’s street hockey set makes a tremendous gift! The set comes with two hockey goals, two adjustable hockey sticks, two knee hockey sticks, one street hockey ball, and two knee hockey balls! The perfect gift to help your child learn the sport! 

  35. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer
  36. hockey-gifts-balance-board-trainer

    Drastically improve your balance skill, coordination, and stability, all while getting a workout. Step up your hockey equipment game. Both the 101 board and roller feature a lightweight yet heavy-duty composite construction and are built to last—weight rating of 400lbs+. The top of the 101 is cushioned and comfortable to use with or without shoes. It doesn’t scratch you or your floors like the regular grip tape you see on other boards.

  37. Engraved Stainless Steel Hockey Tumbler
  38. hockey-gifts-stainless-steel-tumbler


    This stainless steel hockey tumbler set makes a great gift for that coffee-loving hockey fan! The double vacuum sealed coffee mug tumbler keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours so you can sip your favorite beverage for all three periods! The metal straw is better for the environment than disposable plastic straws, and the wire brush cleaner ensures every nook and cranny gets cleaned between uses! 

  39. Hockey Puck Pint Glass
  40. hockey-gifts-puck-pint-glass

    If you’re a fan of drinking beer and a fan of pond hockey, then this 16oz hockey puck pint glass is a score! This pint glass features a hockey puck lodged into the pint glass, making it a fun conversation starter. This will quickly become your favorite pint glass, whether you’re drinking craft beer or just enjoying some ice-cold water between skate sessions! Also available in a 15oz wine glass and 11oz whiskey glass!

  41. Hockey Stick Blade Wrap
  42. hockey-gifts-hockey-stick-wrap

    Protect your hockey stick and build your hockey performance without damaging your expensive hockey stick blade with this durable and light hockey stick blade wrap-around protector hockey accessory. It’s formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility, yet extremely light weighing only 30g—a must-have for off-ice outdoor hockey stick practice, street hockey, and hockey training. The wrap even replicates the feel of on-ice hockey stickhandling on any surface.

  43. Automatic Timer Hockey Passer
  44. hockey-gifts-automatic-timer-passer

    Just load the feeder, set, and shoot! The passer will set you up with perfect one-timer passes for you to practice ripping your slap shots. This feeder is designed to be compatible with any official 2 5/8″ field hockey street balls and can hold up to 9 balls at once! This passer comes with 4 regulation-sized roller hockey street balls to load into the feeder. It makes a great gift for that ice hockey player learning to hone their stickhandling skills! 

  45. Miniature Tabletop Ice Hockey Game
  46. hockey-games-tabletop-game

    Grab a friend, head to the ice rink, and get ready for some great entertainment. A mini ice hockey rink that lets boys and girls of all ages play on an actual ice surface for some real fun. Add water and use your home freezer to set your authentic ice hockey battle. The rink will have a perfectly flat ice surface on which kids, teens, and adults can play.

  47. Hockey Stick BBQ Set
  48. hockey-gifts-bbq-set

    We all know somebody (perhaps ourselves) whose burgers always come off the grill looking like hockey pucks. They just don’t have the right tools. This hockey stick BBQ set makes one of the best gifts. It’s made from repurposed hockey sticks, retired from their days of slashing and slap shooting. Complete with a spatula, fork, bottle opener, and tongs, it’s just the right gift for any wannabe winger or grilling goalie. Just make sure to take off your hockey skates before you fire up the grill!

  49. Hockey Arena Whiskey Glasses
  50. hockey-gifts-whiskey-glasses

    Love the hockey arena but prefer whiskey to beer? These whiskey glasses are the ticket for that hockey fan who likes to unwind with a little bit of bourbon! Each pair of whiskey glasses feature an aerial map of the team’s arena in one of the club’s signature colors. And after you take the last sip of your beverage, you’ll even see the team’s logo printed at the bottom. This pair makes an ideal gift for the fan who’s on the edge of their seat for every penalty shot.

  51. Ice Hockey Whiskey Decanter Set
  52. hockey-gifts-decanter-set

    Show off your love of the game with this unique decanter whiskey set! The set comes with four 8oz hockey helmet-shaped whiskey glasses and a decanter shaped like a hockey stick. The set is displayed on a gorgeous mahogany wood holder and makes the perfect gift for that whiskey connaisseur who happens to love the game of ice hockey! 

  53. Go Puck Yourself Key Chain
  54. hockey-gifts-puck-yourself-key-chain

    If you’re looking for a simple yet hilarious gift to give the hockey mom or hockey lover in your life, then this Go Puck Yourself keychain hockey gift idea is a great choice! Give them a gift they’ll use every day that will bring a smile to their face and remind them of the special hockey bond the two of you share. 

  55. NHL Uniform Money Clip Wallet
  56. hockey-gifts-uniform-wallet

    If the hockey fan in your life is in need of a new money clip wallet, then this uniform wallet makes a tremendous gift! Featuring fabric from a game-used NHL uniform, it’s also debossed with your team’s name. Each piece of hockey history is hand-cut and selected to feature at least two colors of the iconic uniform when possible, then sewn into the eco-leather wallet. These make a great Christmas gift idea stocking stuffer! 

  57. ChalkTalk Hockey Sock
  58. hockey-gifts-hockey-sock

    Prepare to be the king of the rink with these popular hockey socks! These cozy high-quality performance socks are made from 80% acrylic, 15% nylon, and 5% Spandex. Show off your passion for hockey with these awesome COOLMAX hockey socks in classic black and white! The arch compression pads the contours of your feet to provide a super comfortable and breathable fit, allowing you to focus all of your energy on gliding across the ice. 

  59. The Great Book Of Ice Hockey
  60. hockey-gifts-book-of-ice-hockey

    The Great Book of Ice Hockey is a must for anyone who loves sports trivia. The book is a compendium of interesting facts and sports stories about the great game of ice hockey, with information about the early days before the National Hockey League (NHL) all the way to the stars of today. There are random facts about leagues, rules, coaches, players, and inside stories about the early days of the game.

  61. Anatomy of Sports Coasters
  62. hockey-gifts-sports-coasters

    You’ll get a big hit out of these coasters. Crafted out of sandstone with cork bottoms, the set of four features whimsical illustrations paired with fun facts about hockey. Make your man cave look a little more refined with these awesome coasters! Give them to the friend who enjoys cheering on their favorite ice hockey team as much as they like saying “cheers!”

  63. Hockey Player Hollow Wooden Lamp
  64. hockey-gifts-wooden-lamp

    This elegant wooden lamp is a tasteful way to add light to your home while celebrating your love of the game of hockey! Use it to light up a dark hall or as a reading light in your nook. No matter where you put this lamp, it will look good and add just the right amount of character to your home decor! 

  65. Hockey Player Water Bottle
  66. hockey-gifts-water-bottle

    The best training aid is drinking lots of water! Whether you’re a player, coach, or fan, staying hydrated is critical! Stay on top of your game by drinking plenty of liquids through this unique water bottle featuring a hockey player skating his way to a goal! This BPA-free 14oz water bottle will quickly be a household favorite and one that your child will always remember to bring home!