27 Cigar Gifts For The Stogie Smoker In Your Life

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 20, 2023

    Ah, the classic cigar. If you know, you know. And, if you’ve got a person in your life who is into cigars, it opens up a vast world of fun and unique gift-giving possibilities. Be it a Father’s Day gift, a birthday gift, a “welcome to the world” baby gift, an anniversary, a wedding, or a “just because” gift. These cigar gifts cover it all.

    This gift guide contains the best ideas money can legally buy– for the man who loves cigars and will not end that relationship anytime soon. Read on to find the best cigar gifts for men to enhance their next stogie.

  1. Smoking Monkey Ashtray
  2. cigar-gifts-monkey-ashtray

    This cast-iron smoking monkey ashtray makes a great addition to the outdoor patio of a cigar smoker! Not only is this hilarious gift idea practical, but it’s also beautiful. The monkey head looks cool and adds an exotic flair to your backyard when not in use. The monkey will keep your cigar off the ground and your cigar ash neatly in place. 

  3. Humidor Gift Box
  4. cigar-gifts-humidor

    Keep your prized cigars in the proper humidity with this humidor cigar gift box from Scotte. Designed with high borosilicate glass, a solid wood-sealed lid, a hygrometer mounted on top of the lid, and a humidifier, this humidor cigar gift set can keep up to five cigars at the perfect humidity. Hence, you never have to smoke a dry cigar again! 

  5. Custom Cigar Gift Set
  6. cigar-gifts-flask

    This customizable stainless steel cigar box set is the perfect personalized gift idea for a bachelor party, retirement gift, stocking stuffer, groomsmen, or as a thank-you gift. It comes with a stainless steel cigar holder, cigar cutter, and personalized lighter in a black silk-lined gift box. 

  7. Cedar Travel Humidor 
  8. cigar-gifts-travel-humidor

    Each one of these cigar humidors is crafted stitch by stitch, offering nothing but quality, sophistication, and elegance. The exterior is soft leather, elegant, shiny, stylish, and durable. The lining is made from cedar wood and surrounded by soft leather. This exquisite cigar travel case humidor set contains all your cigar needs in one convenient gift set!

  9. Fun T-Shirt
  10. cigar-gifts-cigar-t-shirt

    Let’s face it; sometimes, finding a gift for the man in your life is hard. Thankfully, everyone loves a comfy t-shirt! This is a great humorous gift for men who live the “cigar life.” This witty t-shirt will be a conversation starter and let everyone know that he loves smoking a good cigar and is filled with knowledge!

  11. Cuba Variety Pack
  12. cigar-gifts-variety-pack

    This cigar sampler spray pack is a great gift idea for the cigar lover who likes to try new things! With this Cuba cigar variety spray pack, you get to smell and smell like four delicious cigar flavors, including Cuba Gold, Blue, Red, and Orange. Smell like your favorite Cuban cigar with this fun and unique gift idea! 

  13. Cigar Whiskey Glass
  14. cigar-gifts-whiskey-cigar-glass

    This isn’t your standard whiskey glass! This unique gift idea not only holds 12oz of their favorite whiskey drink but also has the perfect spot to hold their cigar built right in! If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift idea for the cigar smoker who loves whiskey, this bestseller is one bomb whiskey gift!

  15. Brown Leather Cigar Case 
  16. cigar-gifts-leather-case

    This beautiful leather cigar case with cedarwood inside has a stainless steel cutter and holds up to three cigars. The high-quality leather makes this a thoughtful gift they’ll use for years to come, while the cutter ensures they’ll always be able to smoke their favorite cigar in style! 

  17. Desktop Cedar Hygrometer/Humidor
  18. cigar-gifts-hygrometer

    Keep your premium cigars premium. This desktop hygrometer cigar box is handmade from the finest genuine Spanish cedar and rich walnut finish. Hold up to 25 cigars with this cigar humidifier, and always keep your favorite stogies at the perfect humidity! Whether you’re an occasional smoker or a cigar aficionado, this desktop humidor is a must-have! 

  19. Personalized Tabletop Cigar Cutter 
  20. cigar-gifts-table-top-cutter

    The perfect addition to his man cave, bar, and cigar corner! This gorgeous cigar cutter is the real deal. High lacquered wood with a Japanese steel cutter – what more can you ask for? A safety clasp is also included. Allow them to laser engrave the base and make it the perfect gift!

  21. 4-in-1 Multi-Tool
  22. cigar-gifts-pardo-multi-tool

    As far as cigar accessories go, this is a must-have! This 4-in-1 multi-tool has everything you need to take your cigar smoking to the next level. This multi-tool has an extra sharp cigar punch for small, medium, and large ring gauge cigars, providing a clean cut every time. It also has a cigar draw tool and a built-in twin Nubber to enjoy to the very last moment.

  23. Double Jet Cigar Torch
  24. cigar-gifts-torch

    This high-quality double jet cigar lighter is a great gift for the cigar smoker who prefers a long-lasting, high-qualityality lighter over a standard cheap lighter. The double-button function makes it safe to operate, and the windproof flame means you can smoke no matter the weather! 

  25. Cigar Patent Wall Art
  26. cigar-gifts-art-patent

    This cigar patent wall art is an excellent gift for cigar fans looking to decorate their home or offices with some premium artwork. When framed on a wall, this print looks gorgeous and suits modern and classical interiors. Relieve the magic of when the cigar was first patented on August 16, 1887. 

  27. Whiskey and Cigar Pairing Tray 
  28. cigar-gifts-pairing-tray

    A pairing tray combines a drink, cigar holder, cigar ashtray, and coaster combo. It’s great for that occasion when you pair a nice bourbon drink and a cigar but don’t have a spot for the cigar ash. This pairing tray can be customized to fit your needs and makes an efficient gift idea! 

  29. Magnetic Cigar Holder
  30. cigar-gifts-stogie-stow

    Are you looking for a truly unique cigar gift idea? The Stogie Stow makes taking your cigar with you on your next golf outing as easy as pie! Stick the Stogie Stow on any magnetic surface, connect your cigar to the unique holder– and away you go! This fun and special gift is as practical as it is compelling! 

  31. Cigar and Booze Novelty Socks 
  32. cigar-gifts-novelty-socks

    These funny novelty socks make a cute gag gift idea or stocking stuffer for that family member in your life who likes to smoke cigars! These socks are comfortable and durable, making them funny and practical for everyday wear! They’ll be the life of the party when they show up in these hilarious cigar socks! 

  33. Personalized Cigar Stickers
  34. cigar-gifts-personalized-stickers

    These handmade personalized cigar stickers add a personal touch and help you celebrate a big day. You could give these as a wedding, anniversary, retirement, or even as best man/groomsmen gifts. If you’d like to hand out custom cigars to a group of people to help them remember your special day, these cigar stickers are a must-have! 

  35. Wood Carved Lighter Case 
  36. cigar-gifts-lighter-casing

    Take your Zippo lighter up a few notches with this gorgeous carved lighter casing! Made from natural black ebony wood, this more lightweight casing is a great conversation starter and a protector for your Zippo lighter. It’s available in many options and makes a great gift idea for that cigar smoker who likes to be a little more stylish than your average guy. 

  37. Travel Cigar Starter Kit
  38. cigar-gifts-starter-kit

    This cigar starter kit is the perfect way to start your cigar-smoking journey. And it will be a journey because this starter kit is geared toward those who love traveling! The kit comes with a “bomber” lighter, cigar cutter, humidifier, and an airtight, watertight, and crushproof travel cigar case– making it an ideal gift idea for the traveling cigar smoker! 

  39. Oral Hydrating Spray
  40. cigar-gifts-oral-spray

    Cigar lovers know one negative about cigar smoking is the smell. Not only is it harsh on your breath, but it also makes you incredibly thirsty. These refreshing oral spray bottles clean your mouth (making your breath smell minty fresh) and hydrate your mouth, so you don’t get cotton mouth ruining your good time! 

  41. Chocolate Cigars 12-Pack
  42. cigar-gifts-chocolate-cigars

    Make a special announcement with these all-natural chocolate cigars. Each cigar is wrapped in fine Italian foils, replicating a genuine tobacco leaf. A cigar band provides the finishing touch with three band options – “It’s A Boy,” “It’s A Girl,” or the Thompson Candy Logo. All are available in an authentic 12-count cigar box.

  43. Cigar Leaf Ashtray
  44. cigar-gifts-ashtray

    This classy cigar leaf ashtray is the perfect complement to your favorite cigars. The material is high-quality and looks great indoors or outdoors. The stylish leaf is functional, and each end can hold a cigar, making it the perfect ashtray to share with a friend. 

  45. Survive Permanent Match 5-Pack
  46. cigar-gifts-permanent-match

    Want to light your cigars with something other than a classic butane lighter? This permanent match 5-pack is the perfect gadget for cigars, campfires, stoves, gas grills, and barbecues. No match sticks. It’s matchless! Replace your matchbox or case with this. Take it to camp, the BBQ, or for survival kits and emergency preparedness. It is sold in a bulk bundle package.

  47. Stainless Steel Guillotine 
  48. cigar-gifts-guillotine

    This brushed stainless steel cigar cutter by Alaskan Bear is an excellent cigar accessory due to its self-sharpening double blades that cut cigars clean and with precision every time. This guillotine is made with superior craftsmanship and solid construction, which will be used for years! 

  49. Cigar Life Vinyl Sticker 
  50. cigar-gifts-sticker

    This 5″ Cigar Life decal sticker shows off your love of cigars. This water-resistant and sun-resistant sticker makes it great for car windows, laptops, water bottles, or anywhere else you need a fun and stylish sticker! This sticker is designed and made in the USA, so you can support being made in America while showing off your love of cigars! 

  51. Guess Effect Deodorizing Spray 
  52. cigar-gifts-deodorizing-spray

    Do you love the taste of cigars but hate the smell? This Guess Effect deodorizing spray makes a great gift idea for that cigar enthusiast who doesn’t necessarily want to smell like a cigar smoker. The fragrance contrasts natural freshness with a creamy grooming signature. Notes of Grapefruit, sage, and vanilla embody the aroma of the powerful, confident man who embraces his active lifestyle.

  53. Mini Pre-Wrapped Palm Leaves
  54. cigar-gifts-palm-wraps

    Don’t know how to roll? No problem, King Palm has your back. These cones come prerolled for your convenience. No need to split, lick, or rmoveever again. Seriously, pack and enjoy your all-natural smoke sesh. Each King Palm is also individually hand-rolled & tobacco-free. Skip the bad and go straight to King Palm Wraps for a healthier and cleaner experience.

    What are the best gifts for cigar lovers?

    Cigar lovers usually enjoy smoking a cigar to celebrate an occasion or to unwind and relax, and these presents support both persuasions, like a finishing touch to their already enjoyable smoking experience. From unique ashtrays to stylish humidors, fun t-shirts to cigar-holdin’ whiskey glasses, innovative cigar cutters to cool lighters, wall art to socks, personalized stickers to a highly original magnetic golf stogie holder!