29 Galentine’s Day Gifts To Celebrate Your BFFs

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: October 20, 2022

    When Leslie Knope declared February 13th Galentine’s Day, the world took notice, and we now have a day where ladies celebrate their gal pals – what took so long?! Here are our best Galentine’s Day gifts to show your besties you freaking adore them.

  1. Kate Spade Rose Gold Bangle 
  2. galentines-day-gifts-bangle

    This rose gold friendship bracelet is not only stylish and pretty but also bears a hidden message on the inside: “Stop and smell the roses.” A gentle reminder to your BFF that life should be truly lived every single day. 

  3. Vanilla Cupcake Candle
  4. galentines-day-gifts-candle

    Vanilla cupcake with just a sprinkle of snark, this candle smells delicious but has a little bite.  Your best bitch will appreciate where your heart’s at when she receives this all-natural soy candle, hand-poured in Snohomish, WA. Plus, a percentage of proceeds go toward suicide prevention and programs helping those affected by suicide.

  5. Best Friend’s Wine Glass 
  6. galentines-day-gifts-wine-glass

    Here’s a super personalized Galentine’s Day gift idea! Surprise the oenophile in your life with matchy-matchy bestie wine glasses! Personalize with your names and a 2-line message, then choose a hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone. Made in the USA from high-quality glass.

  7. Rosé All Day Bears
  8. galentines-day-gifts-sugarfina

    Sugarfina is known for its gourmet gummies and these bears are infused with real Rosé. Rosé all Galentine’s Day? Hell yeah! Made without GMOs, Gluten, Artificial Colors, or Artificial Flavors so she can feel way better about eating the whole box.

  9. Wearable Sherpa Blanket
  10. galentines-day-gifts-sherpa-blanket

    The Original Wearable Blanket ( as seen on Shark Tank) is a blanket that keeps you warm and comfy without falling off like a regular blanket. It’s even perfect for outdoor concerts or sporting events. But, mostly, it’s ideal for snuggling up with your BFF on Galentine’s Day with a season of your favorite show, a bottle of wine, and a large box of chocolates. 

  11. Flaming Heart Earrings
  12. galentines-day-gifts-earrings

    Move over, St. Valentine! You can’t hog the whole month of February! These attention-seeking heart earrings are flaming hot and slay the love theme. They’re made from lightweight acrylic so as not to weigh you down.

  13. Hanging Photo Holder 
  14. galentines-day-gifts-photo-clip

    Design your best friend a hanging photo album with your favorite pics with this sweet “love you to the moon and back” clipboard frame. It comes with six wooden heart clips and hemp rope for hanging. Love is love is love.

  15. Hand Cream Collection 


    You may already be a fan of her cocktail dresses and now you can hydrate your hands with Nicole Miller’s hand creams. The retro-vibing set comes with four hand creams – Rosewater, Sweet Berry, Pink Peony, and Vanilla Mint, beautifully packaged up in a floral printed gift box. A lovely gift to celebrate a lovely friend.

  17. Guess Sunglasses
  18. galentines-day-gifts-sunglasses

    For the hip mate who could care less about lip balms and friendship boxes but loves to look fab and original, these heart-shaped sunglasses are just the thing. Grab yourself a pair too and hit the town together in celebration of your friendship.

  19. Heart Shape Keychain
  20. galentines-day-gifts-keychain

    Love hearts are not only the territory of romantic love. They make a beautiful gift to anyone you care about to remind them they’re in your heart. This sweet, heart shape leather keychain is simple but a standout and she can carry it everywhere.

  21. Zodiac Sign Book
  22. galentines-day-gifts-zodiac-books

    Who are you going to fall in love with? What job you should be doing? Which item on this gift guide should you buy? With advice that covers everything from self-care to sex, these zodiac books are the key to a starry future. Grab one for yourself too and share a bottle of vino, mulling over your futures together. You can even wine match by star sign!

  23. Redeemable Coupons 
  24. galentines-day-gifts-coupons

  25. Leslie Knope Quote Book 
  26. galentines-day-gifts-leslie-knope

    Well, we need to give credit where credit is due, and a Leslie Knope Quote Book is just the gift. Think wisdom and wit from an overachieving mid-level bureaucrat who values hard work, friends, government, positivity, well-organized binders, and waffles. In other words, a glorious female warrior! Thanks, Amy Poehler!

  27. Friendship Keepsake Box
  28. galentines-day-gifts-keepsake-box

  29. Inspiring Tumbler
  30. galentines-day-gifts-wine-tumbler

  31. Love Is Love Mug
  32. Fill-In-The-Love Book 
  33. galentines-day-gifts-fill-book

    Sure, you could get her a cute coloring book, but this little DIY book will endear you far more. Fill in the blanks to describe why your best pal is the absolute bomb, making it as silly or heartfelt as you like. Either way, she’ll treasure this lil’ book of love whenever she’s having one of “those” days.

  34. Mini Waffle Maker 
  35. galentines-day-gifts-waffle-maker

    Heart waffles! Who needs a man to cook you breakfast when you can make heart-shaped waffles with your bestie? This super cute little waffle maker is the perfect accessory for a small living space, and it heats up in mere minutes. It’s a sweet gift to show her you care (and care about her breakfast menu) this Galentine’s Day.

  36. Girl Boss Pencils
  37. galentines-day-gifts-pencils

    Boost your BFF’s inner girl boss with this 2HB pencil gift set. It includes six foil embossed messages including, “Slay The Day!” and “She Is Fierce!” You could even pair it with this Boss Lady notebook.

  38. LED Neon Light
  39. galentines-day-gifts-neon-sign

    This love-shaped neon sign makes a fabulous gift. Firstly it’s super inexpensive. Secondly, you can choose to run it off a power source or battery (3 AA), and thirdly it makes for an utterly eye-catching and heartwarming little night light/hip decor. It also comes with two hanging holes. You may want to snap one of these up for yourself as well!

  40. Golden Girls Shot Glasses 
  41. galentines-day-gifts-glasses


    You could spend Galentine’s Day getting sloshed on a Golden Girls marathon-with-drinking game, or you can gift these for a later get-together. Either way, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia will make an impact. 

  42. Engraved Compact Mirror  
  43. galentines-day-gifts-compact

    It’s so important that we lift up our gal pals and help them to fly. This sweet rose gold compact mirror is engraved with the lettering “she believed she could, so she did ” and features a standard mirror and a 2 X magnifying mirror. 

  44. Galentine’s Day Gift Box 
  45. galentines-day-gifts-gift-box

    Surprise her with a gift box delivery that includes a hand-selected succulent in a tin bucket, a large pink scented candle, and a 5×7 Card, with your printed message added. You can also choose to “add on” a ceramic pot and bath bomb.

  46. Slice of Love Pizza Cutter 
  47. galentines-day-gifts-pizza-slicer

    If your favorite friend loves to cook, this pizza cutter is just the addition she needs for her kitchen (and it’s a great time to convince her to make you pizza!) The slicer comes in a decorative pizza box with a white organza ribbon.