24 Bridesmaid Proposal Gift box Ideas To Pop The Big Question

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    On your big day, you will need a support system behind you that will make your day less stressful. These people will be there to fill your champagne glass, adjust your veil, tell the bride how beautiful she looks, and helps make sure your special day is perfect. What better way to thank them than by giving them a gift box with personalized items to show them how much you appreciate them being in your bridal party. Here are our favorite bridesmaid proposal gift box ideas to pop the question to your crew.

  1. Bridal Party Champagne Gift Box Flute
  2. This box is all done for you already! Cheers, enjoy a lovely glass of champagne with your besties on your big day. This simple yet perfect keepsake for your bridesmaid is full of goodies. Ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” package includes a bridesmaid stemless champagne flute, a rose gold bangle, a rose gold diamond pen, a bridesmaid card, a bridesmaid scrunchie, a rose essential oil bar soap, bath ball, and candles. Here’s to a toast to the bride a groom. May your life be filled with much happiness, love, and health. 

  3. I Can’t Say I Do Without You Necklace
  4. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid-proposal-box-i-can't-say-i-do-without-you-necklace

    Show your bridal party some love when asking if they want to be in your bridal party. Let’s show appreciation for your bridesmaids, maid of honor, or flower girl without breaking the bank. The “I can’t say I do without you” necklace set is the perfect gift for your bride tribe girls. It is cute and affordable and is perfect for a bridesmaid box.

  5. Bridesmaid Flip Flops
  6. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid-flip-flops

    On your wedding day, you would want your bridal party to be comfy, so put these flip flops in their proposal box so they could dance the night away on your big day without sore feet. These flip flops would be a great part of a bridesmaid proposal gift box for your wedding party and more meaningful to your bridal party because they are personalized and can be a great wedding gift to your besties.

  7. Bridesmaid Socks
  8. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid-socks

    These comfy cozy socks are perfect for your girls to wear for your bachelorette party if you do a pajama theme night. They are also perfect to wear when you and your bridal party are getting ready for your big day. It is great to put in your bridesmaid gift box set as well as your maid of honor proposal box.

  9. Bridal Party Hair Ties
  10. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-party-hair-ties

    Hair ties are the perfect accessory for your bachelorette party when your hair is blowing in the wind, and you need to control it. This gift set of hair ties is great to hold your bestie’s hair back when you are having a little too much fun for your bachelorette weekend. Of course, it could match your bestie’s dress color as well; it could be rose gold, have gold foil, any color you have chosen for your bridal party.

  11. Bridesmaid/Maid Of Honor Bracelet
  12. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid/maid of honor-bracelet

    Thank you for standing by my side today, and it always is a great saying that shows how much you appreciate your bridal party every step of the way to planning your big day. You could place this in your bestie’s proposal box or gift it as a bridal shower gift to your bridal party. 

  13. Bridal Party Proposal Card
  14. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-party-proposal-cards

    Being a bridesmaid, maid of honor, or matron of honor is such an honor for your besties. What better way to ask your bridal party than to use these bridesmaid proposal cards to share how much your bridesmaids and maid of honor mean to you and how much you would appreciate them being by your side on your special day. 

  15. Bridesmaid Proposal Box
  16. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid-proposal-box

    Bridesmaid boxes are the cutest way to ask your bridal party to be at your wedding. You could ask your flower girl with a box, bridesmaids, maid of honor, your groomsman, your best man, your ring bearers, really anyone in your bridal party. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the people closest to you. The perfect question for your bride tribe will be right here in your, Will you be my bridesmaid box.

  17. Bridesmaid Tumbler
  18. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid-tumblers

    Sip, sip, hooray! She said YAASS, and now it’s time to plan the bride to be’s bachelorette party. No matter where the girls go to celebrate, these tumblers will be the perfect way to keep all of your drinks ice cold while you party and get ready to tie the knot. This wine tumbler is perfect for your bride tribe.

  19. Bridal Party Make Up Bag
  20. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-party-make-up-kit

    Bride tribe gifts are great to give your besties at your bridal shower. Makeup bags for your bridal party is the perfect gift to keep your bride tribe happy on your wedding day. Me personally, I filled this bag with things for my besties to use on my big day; for example, you could create a DIY survival kit bag and fill it with lip balm, makeup wipes, a sewing kit, small tissues, tweezers, tide to go sticks, blotching paper, and toiletries just in case your bridal party stays overnight after your big day.

  21. Bridal Party Soy Candle
  22. bridesmaid-box-candle

    This candle is a unique way to pop the question to your bridal party. You could purchase these beautifully scented candles from amazon or create your own printable sticker on Etsy and place it on a soy-based candle to give as part of a wedding gift for your besties. This is the perfect custom bridesmaid gift every girl will love. 

  23. Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor Jewelry
  24. always-a-bridesmaid-bridesmaid/maid-of-honor-jewelry

    This best-seller bridal jewelry is the perfect wedding gift for your bride tribe, so pop the confetti and party with your best friends on your wedding day. Their arms will sparkle as they enjoy the night, and you all share memorable moments as you say I Do.

  25. Jewelry Dish
  26. always-a-bridesmaid-jewelry-dish

    You can’t say I do without your Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor by your side. Your girls could keep this jewelry dish as a keepsake to remember how special your big day was. It’s a great way to show some appreciation for your bride tribe to be standing by your side on your wedding day.

  27. Bridal Party Mug
  28. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-party-mug

    Everyone loves coffee, especially when you are planning a wedding. This mug is a perfect way to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids and maid of honor. You can customize how you and your bestie look on the mug and make the saying as personal and meaningful as you would like.

  29. Bridal Robes
  30. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-robes

    This bestseller will wow over your girls when you are all getting ready for your big day. You will be pampering yourself to look beautiful on your besties Wedding day in your matching bridal robes. You can order them customized with monograms, with your girl’s titles on them, as well as their names; It’s a picture-perfect moment in your bridal robes.

  31. Bride Tribe Sunglasses
  32. always-a-bridesmaid-bride-tribe-sunglasses

    Picture-perfect moments on your wedding day are so important. Your bride tribe looks in their shades will be a classic for pictures. These frames are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Your title will be facing the guests as you stand by your bride to remind them of how special you are to the bride.

  33. Customized Wedding Koozies
  34. always-a-bridesmaid-customized-wedding-koozies

    It is party time, time to celebrate the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. at their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, So what better way to keep your drinks cold than to use these personalized Koozies. These have been extremely popular to give as wedding favors as well as in a bridesmaid box so your girls could enjoy a nice cold drink while they celebrate their best friends’ last fling before the ring.

  35. Personalized Compact Mirror
  36. always-a-bridesmaid-personalized-compact-mirror

    On your big day, not only do you want to look beautiful, but your girls will too. They could throw this compact mirror into their clutch for your special day and could make sure they are as beautiful as ever. It could fit anywhere you need it to and bring it for any occasion if you want to see that you look your very best.

  37. Bride Tribe Shirts
  38. always-a-bridesmaid-bride-tribe-shirts

    This soft, stretchy, and breathable shirt is a great gift to give your besties for your bachelorette weekend. It’s great to wear matching shirts so you could always find one another if you go out. Every bride-to-be deserves an unforgettable night, spending time with their best friends doing things that they adore, so get dressed in these matching t-shirts to show everyone you are here to celebrate your bestie’s big day!

  39. Bride Tribe Fanny Packs
  40. always-a-bridesmaid-bride-tribe-fanny-pack

    Great quality bags that can be used on a bachelorette weekend for the girls. Just strap them onto your waist, and you are ready to go party. It’s the perfect size for a small wallet, your phone, lip balm, hand sanitizer, etc.

  41. Bridal Party Sashes
  42. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-party-sashes

    Every girl at your bridal party has their own personality, but many have a different personality when it’s time to drink and party so it’s fun to choose the personality you are and wear the sash you think represents you the best. What is a bachelorette party without awesome photos with the bride tribe? This sash is the crowd’s favorite, and they will make the best photos that will be unforgettable.

  43. Bridesmaid Sleep Mask


    You bestie said yaasss!!!! You will all need some relation the night before the big day, and these masks will make you feel better and refreshed! This is a great bachelorette party favor gift to give to your girls.

  45. Love Chapstick
  46. bridesmaid-box-chapstick

    The perfect party favor that you will never leave home. It’s a winning lip balm that will make your lips soft, moisturized, and vanilla fresh. Boost your confidence while using this lip balm; you will achieve beautifully hydrated lips all year round.

  47. Bridal Bath Bombs
  48. always-a-bridesmaid-bridal-bath-bombs

    These homemade bath bombs are made with unique, essential oils. The essential oils can be used if you’re suffering from dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. They are perfect to use the day before the big wedding day; they will naturally nourish your skin.