34 Zodiac Gifts Any Arm Chair Astrologist Would Love

By David Lautaret | Updated: October 23, 2023

    The stars have aligned, and we’ve journeyed through the cosmic realm to curate the ultimate list for all astrology aficionados out there! Whether you’re a passionate Scorpio, a thoughtful Virgo, or enjoy the celestial wonders of horoscopes these gifts delve deep into the mysteries of the universe, offering a personalized touch that resonates with each zodiac sign.

    Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or celebrating each star sign’s unique traits, this list promises a constellation of choices for every astrology lover. So, get ready to navigate the celestial sphere and discover the stellar gifts that await!

  1. Stemless Zodiac Wine Glass
  2. zodiac-gifts-wine

    If you’re looking for a gift idea for an astrology lover who also happens to love wine, then this stemless constellation wine glass makes the perfect gift idea! This stemless wine glass holds 20oz of their favorite beverage and showcases their Zodiac sign in the stars! Each wine glass features the Zodiac sign of your choice as well as the dates the sign takes place. 

  3. Astrology Candle
  4. Are You A Zodiac Bad Bi*ch? Do you know or love one that needs just a sprinkle of snark in their lives? These funny zodiac candles are made from the finest custom blended fragrances, no additives, braided cotton with paper core wick, zinc and lead-free. A portion of proceeds are donated to empowering women in need. 

  5. Custom Family Birthstone Zodiac Necklace
  6. astrology-gifts-zodiac-birthstone-necklace

    Will I be successful? Is love on the horizon? What does the future hold? Looking to the stars to seek the answers is one way to move through life. Maker Britta Ambauen suggests wearing your zodiac sign as a symbolic guide during every step of the journey. Handmade with a sterling silver chain, these constellation-inspired necklaces feature bronze pendants and the birthstones of your choice. Carry this cosmic character for strength or choose one to empower a friend or family member. The future is what you make it. 

  7. Capricorn Healing Crystals
  8. astrology-gifts-capricorn-healing-crystals

    Is Mercury just in retrograde, or is this bag of healing crystals awesome?! This bag of healing crystals comes with 5 gorgeous crystals and a card describing each. You will get a kick out of them! It comes with a description card that lists each crystal in the set, including how to activate and cleanse the crystals and how to use them. If you’re not healing with crystals at this point, what are you even doing? 

  9. Oracle with an Attitude Rebel Cards
  10. astrology-gifts-rebel-deck-cards

    The ancient practice of divination just got a modern make-over, Rebel Deck style! These quick and dirty messages are meant for the present moment. Ask the cards, “What does life want me to know right now?” Get yourself a daily dose of realness! These cards add a little insult to inspiration because this oracle deck has an attitude. It makes a great gift for those who have a little rebel attitude in them! 


    These spectacular star constellation cufflinks feature zodiac constellations with an extra special feature: crafted with luminous pigments, they glow in the dark. (They shine even brighter after a short time spent under a household light.) Add a mystical element to a buttoned-down gathering, harness the power of the universe at important business meetings, or show them off because they’re so cool. Choose any of the 12 astrology signs. Handmade in New Jersey.

  11. Gemini Zodiac Sign Fleece Blanket
  12. astrology-gifts-gemini-fleece-blanket

    This 50×65″ fleece blanket will keep even the coldest Geminis warm with this soft and cozy 100% flannel fleece blanket. It’s made from durable & premium quality with perfect artistry. The screen printing will not fade easily after washing, and the blanket is machine washable. Give the gift of a Gemini hug to a loved one in your life! 

  13. Personalized Star Map
  14. astronomy-gifts-star-map

    These star maps are a truly unique way to celebrate a special moment in someone’s life– be it a proposal, a wedding, or a birth. They show exactly how the stars aligned under the milky way that night (or day) using telescopic image software.

  15. Hand-Embroidered Astrology Pillows
  16. astrology-gifts-embroidered-astrology-pillows

    In your future, we see some new stars in your living room: linen-covered pillows hand-embroidered with zodiac signs. Comfiness is certain, but you never know—you could also get a note from an old flame and a sizeable inheritance from a relative you didn’t know you had. Whether you’re an imaginative Pisces, a passionate Scorpio, or a practical Taurus, you’ll feel not just comforted but understood by a pillow that captures the essence of your sign with hand-drawn artwork and vibrantly colored (and metallic) thread.

    Birthdate Candle

    These candles are crafted for the day you were born. They combined astrology, numerology, and tarot to create 365 beautiful candles — one for every birthdate. Your Birthdate Candle will unlock the secrets of your personality and has a fragrance carefully designed to enliven your spirit.

  17. Leo Zodiac Sign Coin Necklace 
  18. astrology-gifts-aquarius-gold-plated-necklace

    This adorable minimalist necklace makes a great birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Mother’s Day gift for the lovable Leo in your life. Each necklace comes in white gold or yellow gold, as well as a Zodiac sign card. This necklace makes a great gift idea for that stylish girl in your life who loves jewelry! Not a Leo, but I love the necklace? That’s okay! This necklace comes in every Zodiac sign under the sun! 

  19. Stitch Your Star Sign Notebook
  20. astrology-gifts-stitch-star-notebook

    Ancient astronomers linked clusters of stars to create each legendary constellation, and now you can do the same—on this notebook. It comes with everything you need, including a needle, thread, and instructions, to stitch your astrological sign (plus anything else you’d like) into the perforated faux-leather cover. You’ll also receive a pen for jotting down your goals, dreams, and gratitude lists. Once you’ve filled all the pages, slip in another A5 notebook to keep reusing the cover.

  21. 3D Rechargeable Moon Lamp
  22. astrology-gifts-moon-lamp

    This 3D rechargeable moon lamp makes a great gift for those obsessed with stars, the moon, and everything else relating to Zodiac signs. Whether you need to light up a dark part of your house with one of 16 changeable colors or just like the stunning detail of this moon sign lamp, it’s sure to be a well-loved gift idea no matter what their sign is! 

  23. Glow in the Dark Constellation Blanket
  24. astrology-gifts-constellation-blanket

    If you’re into horoscopes and staying warm in a huge 100% polyester constellation blanket, then this magical glow-in-the-dark blanket is a must-have! Choose from 50×60-inches or 80×60-inches if you want the big one! This blanket has intricate artwork that showcases all the zodiac constellations. Stick it in the sun to charge it up, and it will glow in the dark, making it a great Zodiac gift idea! 

  25. 18k Gold-Plated Bronze Zodiac Rings
  26. astrology-gifts-hand-made-zodiac-rings

    Listen, you don’t have to be a Leo to enjoy the finer, shinier things in life. Every sign is represented when it comes to these handcrafted, 18k gold-plated bronze rings. The signature zodiac symbols paired with a cool, textured look make each piece worth a second glance. Snag one for yourself and embrace your zodiac destiny, or make it a personalized birthday gift with extra special meaning.

  27. Moon Phase Hanging Wall Decoration
  28. astrology-gifts-moon-phase-art

    This gorgeous hanging wall decoration shows the various stages of the moon throughout the lunar calendar. This piece brings the ambiance of your entire room to a calm and Zen-like place no matter where you keep it! The piece measures 50″ long and is available in silver or gold, making it the perfect gift for someone in need of a little home decoration! 

  29. 3D Crystals Virgo Laser Engraved Light
  30. astrology-gifts-crystal-lamp

    This beautiful 3D crystal light piece is made with precision laser engraving and showcases both the constellations of your favorite Zodiac sign as well as the character that the sign represents. This amazing light measures 2x2x3-inches and emits a comfortable glow to light up the night! Whether you’re getting this for a child who is worried about the dark or to help you see a little better down a dark hallway, this crystal light is the bee’s knees

  31. Zodiac Star Sign Socks
  32. astrology-gifts-star-sign-socks

    Sustainable materials. Cool designs. An astrology theme. What’s not to love about these comfy-cozies? They’re made of a breathable, soft bamboo blend, which also happens to be naturally antibacterial and antifungal ahem. Make it a fun but useful birthday gift (hello, zodiac!), a cozy Christmas gift, or treat yourself to a pair—socks are the new shoes, after all.

  33. The Complete Guide to Astrology
  34. astrology-gifts-guide-book

    This best seller is a must-have for anyone who loves to dabble in the world of Astrology. If you enjoy reading books and learning about something new, then you’ll love The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs, and Your Birth Chart. Whether you’re brand new to Astrology or have been reading your horoscope for decades, this guide to Astrology makes the perfect gift! 

  35. Cancer Constellation 12oz Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler
  36. zodiac-gifts-cup


    If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who loves wine and constellations, then this Cancer constellation travel tumbler makes for a great gift idea! This vacuum double-wall insulated wine tumbler will keep hot drinks hot for over three hours and cold drinks cold for over nine hours! 

  37. Two Sides of the Zodiac Coffee Mug
  38. astrology-gifts-two-sides-zodiac-mug

    Very, very, very passionate about the perfect cream-to-coffee ratio? You might be a Taurus. Firmly refuse to give decaf a try? That’s also a Taurus trait. Show off both sides of your zodiac sign with these charmingly illustrated mugs. Each features characters representing an astrological sign, from the traditional (Pisces is a fish) to the imaginative (Aquarius is an adorable otter) and includes lists of traits that come with the signs. It is a clever gift for anyone who enjoys astrology and doesn’t mind poking a little fun at the characteristics associated with their sign. 

  39. What’s Your Sign? The Horoscope Game
  40. astrology-gifts-whats-your-sign-game

    Whether you have 5 astrology apps on your phone or you just figured out your Sun sign, playing is easy! Compete with your friends and family to create the funniest horoscopes and divine what’s in the stars for each other. Do this by using one of your dealt Ending cards to complete the Horoscope card in each round. Channel Pisces cosmic energy and get creative!

  41. Just a Girl Who Loves Ramen and Astrology
  42. astrology-gifts-just-a-girl-t-shirt

    If you’re looking for a gift idea for that teenage girl who loves eating Ramen, talking about Astrology, and adores anime-style t-shirts, then this Just a Girl shirt makes an ideal gift idea. This gift is perfect for that teenage girl’s birthday gift, Christmas gift, or as a special treat to show her how much she means to you!

  43. Zodiac Sign Tea
  44. astrology-gifts-zodiac-sign-tea

    To discover a great gift for your favorite sun sign, just read the tea leaves—these custom zodiac blends, to be precise. Each two-ounce tin is blended using fine tea varietals and botanicals to reflect the signature qualities of a sign of the zodiac. From lemongrass and sunflower-infused Yerba Mate for Aries to Scorpio-soothing mango, ginger, and lime, each blend brews cup after cup of astrological enjoyment and self-care.

  45. The Psychic Tarot Oracle 65-Card Deck
  46. astrology-gifts-psychic-tarot-cards

    The 65 beautifully illustrated cards in this deck will create a powerful bridge between your psychic abilities and the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot. Or, at the very least, they’ll be a lot of fun. These cards will help you develop intuitive insights about all areas of your life, including love and relationships, business matters, and even career changes. This fascinating deck will work for you whether you’re a novice or are already in tune with your psychic abilities.

  47. Zodiac Upcycled Dictionary Wall Art Print
  48. astrology-gifts-zodiac-dictionary-wall-print

    This vintage 8×10-inch unframed wall art print makes the perfect gift for that steampunk-loving astrology person who loves Zodiac signs and old-looking artwork. Accent any wall in your home, office, or anywhere else you’re wanting to provide a cool vibe. This beautiful home decor makes a great conversation piece and will provide a much-needed spark to your ambiance.  

  49. Baby Astrology Board Books
  50. astrology-gifts-astrology-baby-books

    Loyal. Gracious. Sociable. Brave. Every child in the universe is unique, and, as any horoscope fan knows, so is their star sign. These beautifully illustrated books introduce babies and toddlers to the traditional traits of their sign, celebrating the characteristics that make each so special and loved. Astrologically-minded parents, as well as horoscope novices, who want to learn along with their wee ones, will enjoy flipping the sturdy pages filled with gentle wisdom. 

  51. Soar Notebook Diary Journal 
  52. astrology-gifts-soar-journal

    “In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.” Let this uplifting journal inspire your creativity to new heights! This journal is durable, practical, and individual. This journal features ultra-stiff hardcovers that serve as writing boards and a sun-and-sky birds cover design enhanced with gleaming gold foil stamping for extra visual appeal. 160 lightly-lined pages provide plenty of space for personal reflection, sketching, or jotting down quotations or poems.

  53. LED Laser Star Projector


    Part of the awe and wonder of Astrology is the plain and simple love of stars. This LED laser star map projector makes an outstanding gift for that budding astrologer or anyone who loves to stare up at the night sky and look at the stars. Whether you’re looking for the different Zodiac signs or want to zone out blissfully, this LED laser star projector makes such a fun and exciting gift your BFF best friend would be lucky to have! 

  55. Astrology Wine Glass
  56. astrology-gifts-wine-glass

    Whether you want to live it up like a Leo, appreciate fine design like a Libra, or keep the drinks flowing like an Aquarius, these stellar, astrology-themed wine glasses have you covered. Each one features a modern illustration of a zodiac symbol and icon, plus its associated constellation and ruling celestial body. It’s written in the stars: This is the ideal birthday gift.

  57. Stargazer Aquarius Constellation Coffee Cup
  58. astrology-gifts-stargazer-coffee-cup

    This beautiful coffee or tea mug holds 13.5oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage and is decorated with one of the twelve Zodiac signs, including the sign’s character. This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it a great gift idea for someone who would love to be reminded of their Zodiac sign every morning when they have their daily cup of joe! 

  59. Glow in the Dark Astrology Art
  60. astrology-gifts-glow-in-the-dark-zodiac-sign

    The art of quilling started with Renaissance nuns and monks, who rolled up bits of excess paper at the scriptorium and used them to make decorations for religious objects. This intricate, petite paper art is the product of the same painstaking handwork process, made contemporary through luminous colors and cleverly quilled flourishes. Keep the piece near a light source to charge it for a few hours, then watch it glow in the dark. From Aquarius to Capricorn, each one-of-a-kind framed piece makes a delightful birthday gift.

  61. Taurus The Bull Astrology Plaque
  62. astrology-gifts-taurus-the-bull-plaque

    This 10×5-inch Taurus, The Bull Astrology plaque, makes a terrific gift idea for that special person in your life who likes to be reminded of their sign and what it stands for. Hang this in your bedroom, office, den, or man cave. This handsome sign will add layers of depth and complexity to any room in your house. Available in all 12 of the Zodiac signs! 

  63. Astrology Soap
  64. astrology-gifts-astrology-soap

    Astrology can be so…serious. Have fun (and get squeaky clean) with handmade soaps that explore the playful side of the zodiac. Each soap evokes a notable trait of the sign it represents with clever descriptions and delicious scents, from Leo’s vanilla vanity to Taurus’s champagne chic. Whatever your birthdate, you can find a bar that suits your needs! Each bar is uniquely swirled with vibrant hues. 

  65. Baby Astrology Swaddle Gift Set
  66. astrology-gifts-swaddle-blanket

    Some are sweet. Some are brave. Some are creative. No matter what sign they’re born under, every child is unique, and horoscope aficionados know why. These illustrated and ultra-soft swaddles introduce babies to the traditional traits of their sign while celebrating what makes each of them so special. Every set comes with a swaddle, a hat for the trip home from the hospital, and an “Shhh…The Baby is Sleeping” wooden door hanger, all packaged in a drawstring bag for easy gifting. 

    What should you get someone who loves astrology?

    First, a high-quality astrology book is always a great gift. Whether a beginner is looking to learn more about the basics or an advanced astrologer, plenty of books will provide them with hours of knowledge and entertainment.

    If the person you’re shopping for is a fashionista, consider getting them a beautiful piece of astrology-themed jewelry. There are various pieces to choose from, including earrings and necklaces with astrological signs, charms, and birthstones. This is a great way to show off their astrological knowledge subtly.

    Astrology-themed décor is another fun way to show appreciation for science. Get them a cushion with their star sign, an astrological wall art, or even decorative figurines! There are plenty of decorative pieces available to fit any style or budget.

    Finally, there are more “practical” gifts. For example, they could use an astrology-themed journal to write their thoughts, reflections, and predictions. There are also astrology-themed mugs, tumblers, and even sunglasses to ensure they look stylish no matter their zodiac sign!

    What are the best zodiac gift ideas?

    So if you have people in your life who are always talking about birth charts or horoscopes, we found the perfect gifts. You can give them a gift that shows off their pride in their sign or something that will help them dive deeper into their astrology obsession.

    No matter what gift you choose, gift-giving is about showing the other person that you care. Whether it’s a book, a piece of jewelry, or even something more practical, finding the perfect gift for someone who loves astrology is easy when you consider what makes them special. Happy shopping!