23 Hummingbird Gifts For Healing, Joy, And Positive Energy

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: March 23, 2023

    The tiny hummingbird is an aeronautical marvel– the only bird able to fly backward and upside down. Many cultures believe they bring joy, positive energy, and healing and that the spirits of loved ones reside within them, which is why hummingbird gifts make such heartfelt presents.

  1. Hummingbird Earrings 
  2. hummingbird-gifts-earrings

    Hummingbird jewelry makes the perfect “lucky charm.” These gorgeous Kate Spade New York 12k gold-plated hummingbird earrings will bring a little song to any outfit– especially as they’re no longer available on their website.

  3. Stemless Wine Glasses
  4. hummingbird-gifts-wine-glasses

    This set of four stemless wine glasses are elegant and charming, and the design is etched, so it won’t wear away. Even if they’re not a wine drinker these still make lovely glasses for any beverage.

  5. Coffee Mug 
  6. hummingbird-gifts-wine-glasses

    This one is for the bird lovers who have their designated “coffee chair” perched right next to their hummingbird feeder. It’s a simple but personal gift for the right person, and the vibrant colors are sure to brighten up their morning.

  7. Hummingbird Weathervane
  8. hummingbird-gifts-weathervane

    Adorn your garden, deck, or yard with this garden weathervane of a hovering hummingbird, feeding in flight, Perfect for the house-proud, bird-loving homeowner.

  9. Trellis Lacquered Tray 
  10. hummingbird-gifts-tray

    This handmade, lacquered wood tray – wow! Look how beautiful she is! The antique-esque gold and blue hummingbird design is sure to melt any hummingbird lover– perhaps the perfect Mother’s day gift this year? 

  11. Hummingbird House
  12. hummingbird-gifts-bird-house

    These charming, decorative lil’ houses are perfect for attracting a hummer or two while also being an attractive addition to any garden. Each bungalow comes with an instruction card to maximize your success. A great gift for the avid birdwatcher.

  13. Lucky Socks
  14. hummingbird-gifts-socks

    Unique socks always make a great gift idea and this pair comes complete with bright pink flowers and sweet hummingbirds. They’re the perfect pair of socks to bring joy and positive energy.

  15. Genuine Leather Keychain
  16. hummingbird-gifts-keychain

    Hummingbirds are often gifted after the loss of a loved one as a sign that they’re still here with you and this leather keychain makes a perfect but subtle gift for a guy who may be going through such a change.

  17. Crossbody Bag


    Crossbody bags are perfect for the woman on the go. This bag also happens to be perfect for hummingbird lovers!  So go on, treat yourself to a handbag that’s sure to bring joy!

  19. Farmhouse Vintage Cushion Cover
  20. hummingbird-gifts-pillow-case

    Add a charming old-world touch to your living room with these vintage botanical throw pillow covers. They’re made from 100% cotton canvas in white or cream, as well as multiple sizes.

  21. Hummingbird Necklace


    This simple hummingbird pendant necklace will go with anything. The necklace is made of sterling silver and the chain measures 18 inches. But if they’re a bling person, you can up your game over here.

  23. A Wonderous Book
  24. hummingbird-gifts-book

    This hummingbird book is devoted entirely to the extraordinary pursuits of these wee birds and follows a woman who rescues abandoned hummingbirds and nurses them back to health. Why not make it a truly perfect gift and grab them a ruby-throated hummingbird bookmark while you’re at it?

  25. Glitter Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 
  26. hummingbird-gifts-tumbler

    These hand-designed tumblers come in TWELVE (!) different shapes and sizes so you can gift them according to beverage– a 30 oz coffee keeper, a 12 oz wine wagon, an 18 oz hydro flask… Drinks will keep cold for 24 hours or warm for 8 hours because they’re double-walled, and vacuum insulated.

  27. Embroidered Face Masks
  28. hummingbird-gifts-suncatcher

    You don’t need to be a brilliant bird to know that face coverings are an intelligent way to protect yourself and others. Be it 2020, or next time you have a cold or flu. These masks are keepsakes and make a cheerful statement while supporting local artisans in India. 

  29. Brass Garden Faucet 
  30. hummingbird-gifts-faucet

    Pretty up their backyard with this vintage-look hummingbird faucet with flower backplate. It’ll fit a 1/2-inch water pipe and would bring great joy as a housewarming gift – even without a birdbath.

  31. Coasters
  32. hummingbird-gifts-coasters

    Make afternoon tea look gorgeous with some pretty ceramic coasters on the table. These are decorated with an oil painting print of a hummingbird and flowers with a cork base to protect furniture. 

  33. Hummingbird Windchime
  34. hummingbird-gifts-windchime

    If they love wind chimes this is a must! Precisely tuned, each metal tube has its own unique tone when it collides to soothe the body and mind. A perfect backing track for bird watching.

  35. Ferris Wheel Feeder 
  36. hummingbird-gifts-feeder

    Bird feeders are a hugely popular item but there are so many out there. This one is both unique and super pretty. All-you-can-drink sweet beverages atop a recycled glass Ferris wheel? Why yes thank you, says the hummingbird. Note: the “wheel” doesn’t spin– hummingbird safety first!

  37. Phone Case


    If they’re in need of a new phone case for their brand new iPhone 7 or 8 Plus, look no further. This one’s sweet as pie for any hummingbird lover and keeps their spirit animal close at all times. Galaxy user? Look no further.

  39. Retro T-Shirt
  40. hummingbird-gifts-tshirt

    Many guys are hummingbird fans, but not a lot of merch targets them. This retro sunset tee is the best gift for the male of the hummingbird-watching species. But also available as a women’s slim fit in multiple colors.

  41. Stained Glass Suncatcher


    Suncatchers are used to bring good Feng Shui into a space because they capture the sun’s positive energy and energize a room with light and color. So that’s double the joy if you gift a glass hummingbird suncatcher!

  43. Weighted Blanket
  44. hummingbird-gifts-blanket

    If you suffer from insomnia or anxiety, a weighted blanket can promote the release of endorphins and serotonin, both of which help with relaxation. This blanket is filled with glass weights and hummingbirds aplenty, but you can also get matchy-matchy with a sleep mask and pillowcases.

  45. Tote Bag
  46. hummingbird-gifts-tote

    You can rarely go wrong with a tote bag gift– simple, extremely useful for shopping trips, and able to be customized with almost any slogan or image. The simple hummingbird on this tote is bright and heartwarming.

  47. 3D Greeting Card
  48. hummingbird-gifts-card

    Hummingbirds were meant to be experienced in 3D, so here’s the perfect greeting card (complete with ruby-throated hummer) for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or “Just Because” for bird lovers. Pop in a cute handwritten message and you’ve won this year’s card game.

  49. Handmade Carved Sculpture
  50. hummingbird-gifts-carving

    This one’s a unique gift that will surely turn heads when guests come to visit. Lifelike, delicate, and adorable, it’ll be your hummingbird fan’s favorite new piece of home decor.