25 Tweet-Worthy Bird Watching Gifts Any Twitcher Will Love

    Bluebirds, songbirds, woodpeckers, they want to see them all! Birdwatching is such a healthy, wholesome hobby. In the fresh air and nature, they learn all about bird calls and the different bird species. We have gift ideas to support this wonderful hobby and drive bird enthusiasts wild!

  1. Spy Birdhouse
  2. bird-watching-gifts-house

    This birdhouse is the perfect gift for the bird nerd! The house has a see-through two-way mirror so birders can see what’s happening inside! It is made of thick plastic and attaches to any glass surface with suction cups. The house is suitable for common backyard birds and is perfect on a kitchen window so they can watch the activity while they cook! 

  3. Nesting Material
  4. bird-watching-gifts-nesting

    Oh, this is one of the sweetest gifts we’ve ever listed. These rattan balls contain hemp and cotton, materials that hummingbirds, wrens, finches, and other birds use to create their nests. You can hang these balls up and help them make a cozy home! They’re like Home Goods for little birds! 

  5. Window Bird Feeder
  6. bird-watching-gifts-feeder

    This transparent window bird feeder will give them a bird’s eye view of dinner time! The feeder can be attached to any glass surface via suction cups, and the tray pulls out for easy filling with birdseed and cleaning. 

  7. Hummingbird Feeder
  8. bird-watching-gifts-feeder

    This hummingbird feeder is almost as beautiful as the birds themselves! The glass feeder is handmade using recycled materials, and the bright colors help attract hummingbirds. The feeder is available in two styles. 

  9. Bird Bath
  10. bird-watching-gifts-bath

    Splish, splash, they are taking a bath! This birdbath requires no installation; it can be hung on a metal stand or from a tree branch. Rust-proof, it can withstand all weather conditions and has room for all their favorite neighborhood birds. 

  11. T-Shirt


    Bird lovers will get it! This T-shirt is an excellent gift because it might attract fellow birders when they wear it! The t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s, and children’s cuts, in several sizes and five colors. 

  13. Audubon Bird Toys
  14. bird-watching-gifts-toys

    These little guys are a great gift for bird lovers, big and small. The Northern Cardinal, American Goldfinch, and Chickadee make authentic birdcalls from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology Archives of bird recordings. 

  15. Audubon Bird Call
  16. bird-watching-gifts-call

    This cool-looking little device is a bird call. It is handmade from birch wood and cast zinc. Twisting the top produces sounds similar to songbird tweets, which helps attract birds! This call is a helpful piece of birdwatching equipment, but it’s also an exciting conversation piece. 

  17. Binoculars 
  18. bird-watching-gifts-binoculars

    Their wild bird sightings will skyrocket with a good pair of versatile binoculars! The binoculars offer 12x magnification and sharp, clear images. But they won’t weigh a bird watcher down, just 1.25 pounds. 

  19. Spotting Scope


    Binoculars are great for gazing at relatively close birds, but a spotting scope is much more helpful for long-distance birdwatching. This scope offers 20x-60x magnification. The scope is also water-proof and fog-proof so that the elements won’t get in the way of their hobby. 

  21. Day Pack
  22. bird-watching-gifts-pack

    This lightweight day pack is perfect for a birdwatching day trip. It’s big enough for their gear and supplies, with a 20L capacity, one large main compartment, and three pockets for smaller items. The pack is water-resistant and comes in several colors. 

  23. Chair


    Once that perfect bird is staked out, they’ll need a place to take a load off! This lightweight chair is excellent. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds but weighs just under 3.5 pounds. The chair also includes a carrying case with a shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry. This chair is excellent for the beach, too. 

  25. Love Birds Print
  26. bird-watching-gifts-print

    This beautiful love bird print is a romantic gift for your bird-loving loved one! The print is on acid-free paper using archival inks. The image measures 11×14 inches and comes unframed. 

  27. Trivia Game
  28. bird-watching-gifts-game

    Let them test their knowledge of bird identification, anatomy, behavior, and all things bird with this fun trivia game. There are 300 questions, a die, timer, score pad, game rules, and instructions—a fun addition to family game night. 

  29. Coasters 
  30. bird-watching-gifts-coasters

    The best gifts are beautiful and practical, and these coasters fit the bill! The coasters are made of stone and have a cork backing so they won’t scratch wood surfaces. These coasters are a great housewarming or hostess gift for your favorite bird enthusiast. 

  31. Coffee Mug
  32. bird-watching-gifts-mug

    This is one of the cutest coffee mugs we’ve ever featured on a gift guide! The bird mug shows everything bird watchers love, including a pair of binoculars, a camera, and various birds. The handle is a telescope. The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and holds nearly ten ounces. 

  33. Clever Mug
  34. We usually don’t put two of the same items on our gift lists, but the first mug was so cute, and this one was so clever that I couldn’t resist! A birder will get the joke, but for the rest of us, a group of crows is called a murder; it is! So, just two crows is an attempted murder! Get it? The mug is made of ceramic and holds nearly 11 ounces. It’s a fun true-crime gift too! 

  35. Glass Peacock
  36. bird-watching-gifts-glass-bird

    This unique gift will delight anyone, even non-bird lovers! The hand-blown glass bird is a beautiful peacock paperweight. The sculpture makes a great holiday gift for anyone who could use a little color on their desk. 

  37. Sibley Backyard Birding Jigsaw Puzzle
  38. bird-watching-gifts-puzzle

    This jigsaw puzzle is not only fun and relaxing but educational, too! The 1,000-piece puzzle features various North American birds displayed in proportion to the flock of birds around it, so you get a sense of the size of each different bird. When assembled, the puzzle measures 20×27 inches. 

  39. National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America
  40. bird-watching-gifts-book

    This field guide is a must-have birding gift perfect for new birders and veterans alike. The guide features hand-painted illustrations, 37 new species with 1,023 species, 80 maps, and 350 map revisions, so the information is up-to-date. 

  41. Christmas Ornament
  42. bird-watching-gifts-ornament

    For one day a year, on December 25th, birdwatchers stop looking for birds and start looking for Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer! And thanks to his years of birdwatching, he’s spotted them! This fun ornament will hang on a bird watcher’s tree for many years.

  43. Hand, Foot, Body Warmers
  44. bird-watching-gifts-warmers

    Intrepid birdwatchers don’t let a little thing like cold weather get in the way of their hobby, but a little heat would be excellent! Give them the gift of comfort with these warmers. Just open and shake to activate; they provide heat for up to 18 hours! The pack includes hand, foot, and body warmers. These are great for walkers, too. 

  45. Polarized Sunglasses 
  46. bird-watching-gifts-glasses

    Polarized lenses are essential for birdwatchers as they help reduce glare, which helps make bird spotting easier! These glasses have polarized lenses and offer 100% UVA and UVA protection to protect their eyes from the sun. These glasses are unisex. 

  47. Tote Bag
  48. bird-watching-gifts-tote

    Bird watching is therapeutic! You’re out there with nature and without other people! This tote bag sums up that viewpoint perfectly. Made of a sturdy canvas-like fabric, the tote bag measures 16×16 inches and has two 14-inch long shoulder straps. 

  49. Toiletry Bag 
  50. bird-watching-gifts-bag

    This little bag can be used for cosmetics, toiletries, money and credit cards, chargers, keys, and cellphones! The bag is water-resistant polyester and easily fits into a purse, backpack, or gym bag.

    What are the best gifts for bird watchers?

    The best birdwatching gifts enhance the birding experience and encourage a deeper appreciation for these fascinating creatures. A high-quality pair of binoculars or a spotting scope is essential for observing birds up close and in detail, making it a perfect gift for any bird enthusiast.

    A comprehensive field guide featuring local or regional bird species can help birdwatchers identify and learn more about the birds they encounter. Gifts like a durable birdwatching journal or a comfortable folding chair for outdoor excursions can also create a more enjoyable birdwatching experience.

    Lastly, a local or national birdwatching organization membership can offer a supportive community, access to exclusive events, and informative resources to fuel their passion for birding. Our gift guide has the best birdwatching gifts.