40 Gifts For Bee Lovers That Are A Real Buzz

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: December 4, 2023

    Did you know there are about 200,000 species of bees? Or that despite all the hard work a honey bee does in its little life, it only produces about a tablespoon of honey? Or that if humanity kills off the bees, our supermarkets will only have half the amount of fruits and veggies they have now?

    The point is bees and what they do for us are absolutely amazing. No wonder there are so many bee lovers out there. We couldn’t cover each of those 200,000 species on this gift list, but we did pick the best gifts for bee lovers. You will have difficulty choosing which item to get from decor items to honey and everything in between.

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    What products support bees?

    There are plenty of wonderful products that can support our buzzing bee friends. Here are just a few examples:

    Bee-friendly plants: By planting flowers and plants that are rich in nectar and pollen, you can create a welcoming environment for bees and other pollinators.

    Organic and pesticide-free produce: Choosing organic fruits and vegetables ensures that harmful pesticides and chemicals are not being used, which can be detrimental to bee populations.

    Beekeeping supplies: If you’re interested in becoming a beekeeper, there are plenty of products available such as hives, protective clothing, and tools that can help you get started.

    Natural skincare products: Many skincare and beauty brands are now using natural ingredients such as beeswax and honey in their products, which can help support beekeeping and promote sustainable beekeeping practices.

    Overall, there are many ways that we can support bees through the products we buy and the choices we make. By being mindful and intentional about the products we choose, we can all play a part in helping to protect and preserve these important pollinators.

    What are some great gift ideas for bee lovers?

    If you’re looking for gift ideas for bee lovers, plenty of options are available to suit a range of tastes and interests. Home decor items such as bee-shaped planters or embroidered bee pillows can be a charming addition to any bee enthusiast’s living space.

    For those interested in beekeeping, a beekeeping starter kit can be a practical and exciting gift that provides all the tools and equipment needed to get started with beekeeping. Delicious artisanal honey, beeswax candles, balms, and soaps can also make wonderful gifts.

    Bee-themed jewelry, such as honeycomb necklaces or bee-shaped earrings, can be a stylish and unique option. And for the eco-conscious bee lover, gifting a collection of bee-friendly plants can be a thoughtful and practical choice that supports local bee populations. Whatever your budget or the preferences of the bee lover in your life, there are many great gift ideas that celebrate and support these important pollinators.

  1. Glass Teapot
  2. bee-lover-gifts-glass-teapot

    This teapot should be on your list if you are looking for elegant bee-themed gifts. The intricate detailing on the honeycomb and bees are sure to wow anyone that sees it.

  3. Bee Gift Box
  4. bee-lover-gifts-box

    This bee gift box is great for many occasions, such as birthdays or World Honey Bee Day [the 3rd Saturday in August]. It has multiple items all related to bees and is sure to be enjoyed by your loved one!

  5. Ceramic Tableware
  6. bee-lover-gifts-jug

    This ceramic tableware made by Osoka Art is sure to be the perfect gift for a bumblebee lover. They are handmade pieces that are beautifully decorated and ideal housewarming gift ideas. You can use these as home decor accent pieces if you’d like to!  

  7. Bee Keeper Starter Kit
  8.  This kit includes everything needed to get started with beekeeping, including a wax-coated solid bottom board, telescoping top cover, inner cover, queen excluder, and entrance reducer. The convenience and ease of use of these tools make them suitable for both beginners and experienced beekeepers, making beekeeping a safe and enjoyable activity for all. Plus, the veil hat provides excellent protection from bee bites while also offering excellent ventilation. Give the gift of beekeeping with this high-quality and comprehensive Beehive Kit.

  9. Decorative Wooden Spoons
  10. bee-lover-gifts-spoons

    A set of decorative wooden spoons are just the thing if you’d like a subtle accent added to the kitchen space. The collection features bees, honey jars, honeycombs, flowers, sweet words, and more cute patterns. A bonus is that these are an environmentally friendly choice since they are natural bamboo.

  11. Bee Happy Kitchen Towels


    Bee lovers will adore these beautiful farmhouse-inspired bee kitchen tea towels. They are made of microfiber, and the four different designs are bee-themed. These are sure to wow anyone that sees them displayed in the kitchen.

  13. Bumble Bee Earrings
  14. bee-lover-gifts-bumble-bee-earrings

    Bumblebee earrings with amber stones and sterling silver accents will make a unique gift for any occasion. You can make this a set by purchasing the bracelet and necklace also.

  15. Bee Wind Chime
  16. bee-gifts-chimes

    A bronze-colored wind chime will add an artsy touch to your friend’s garden. The tiny bees and the little bells will make a beautiful chime sound in the wind. Also, this lovely piece was created using natural materials.

  17. Cute Bee Mug
  18. bee-lover-gifts-cute-bee-mug

    Mugs are always best sellers because they are so versatile. They can be decorative, for daily use, or part of a honey bee gift set. Your loved one will cherish this black and yellow mug since it is bright, cheery, and has cute little bees all over it.

  19. Honey Bee Makeup Bag
  20. bee-lover-gifts-honey-bee-makeup-bag

    I truly believe a girl can never have too many makeup bags. These small bags are great for makeup, toiletries, and even keeping jewelry organized when traveling. The adorable bees with heart-shaped wings, along with the cute saying “Bee Happy,” are sure to score you points with your bee-loving friend or loved one.

  21. Honeycomb Necklace
  22. I absolutely love the simple, elegant design of this necklace. The honeycomb is very delicate yet strong enough to hold a mini bumblebee and wildflower. This is the perfect gift for the queen bee in your life.

  23. Bumblebee Keychain
  24. bee-lover-gifts-keychain

    Keychains are an excellent option for a small gift or an add-on to a gift set. This keychain features a bee pendant and the adorable saying “Bee happy.” 

  25. Honey Bee Bracelet
  26. bee-lover-gifts-honey-bee-bracelet

    This honey bee wrap bracelet comes in three different color choices; this gold and beige one is my personal favorite! This artisan bracelet has a magnetic clasp, so you won’t need help putting it on. The strands of leather, rope, and crystals offer a unique present option that your loved one will be so happy to wear.  

  27. Let it Bee T-Shirt
  28. bee-lover-gifts-shirt

    Everyone is sure to love this shirt; it is a cotton blend, soft, and so comfortable. Also, the saying on it is cute and subtle. Since it comes in multiple colors, you can choose the one that will look best on your bee-loving bestie.

  29. Honeycomb Socks
  30. bee-lover-gifts-honeycomb-socks

    Any bee lover is sure to adore these pretty socks. They show off a honeycomb pattern and some adorable bees. Reviews from customers say that these socks are comfortable, breathable, and super soft. 

  31. Sterling Silver Bracelet
  32. bee-lover-gifts-sterling-silver-bracelet

    The bee is said to symbolize community, brightness, and personal power. A bracelet as beautiful as this one is great for Mother’s Day to show any Mom just how much they mean to their community. Also, the sterling silver design showcases a mini honeycomb, a beautiful bee, and a gorgeous flower.

  33. Bamboo Beehive
  34. bee-lover-gifts-bamboo-beehive

    A bamboo beehive attracts bees and increases pollination. This is a great addition for anyone looking for DIY ideas to bring to a home garden. Also, this bee decor lasts about two years, is subtle, and fits right into your garden.

  35. Oatmeal and Honey Soaps
  36. bee-lover-gifts-oatmeal-and-honey-soaps

    The bee lover that has all things honey and bee related will love these custom-made soaps. They can be lightly scented or unscented; it’s up to you! Also, these make great favors for a baby shower, or you can add lip balm and a bath bomb for a self-care set.

  37. Eco-friendly Beeswax Candles


    Candles are not something I typically like to give unless it’s to a real candle lover, but I could not pass up these beautiful and unique ones! Not only are these candles, but they are a statement piece with all the detail included! 

  39. Coin Purse
  40. bee-lover-gifts-wallet

    If your loved one is a bee lover who likes more subtle designs, this coin purse is the perfect gift. An understated foil bee design is placed centrally on the coin purse, and a mini tassel adorns the zipper. Also, it comes in almost any color you can imagine.

  41. Honeycomb Clock
  42. bee-lover-gifts-clock

    This beautiful piece makes a great kitchen clock, although it will be welcome in any room in a bee lover’s home! The clock is available in several colors, and you can choose the material, wood or acrylic. The clock is handmade, and each piece from this artist comes with a packet of wildflower seeds so the recipient can help save the bees! 

  43. Bee Coasters
  44. bee-gifts-coasters

    Coasters are a favorite of mine for gift lists. There are so many styles and designs for anything you could think of, and these are incredibly unique. They offer a delicate honeybee design and are a great housewarming gift.

  45. Recipe Book
  46. bee-lover-gifts-recipe-book

    This custom recipe book is so stunning that your loved one will not want to take it off display. There are two size options, two color options, and multiple styles for the pages inside. Since the paper can be customized, this can be used for anything from recipes to a journal.

  47. Asymmetric Stud Earrings
  48. bee-lover-gifts-asymmetric-stud-earrings

    Anyone that loves jewelry that is a bit eccentric will love these asymmetric stud earrings. One ear will show off a cute bumble bee, while the other will have dripping gold honey. Your bee-loving friend will surely get tons of compliments on these unique earrings. 

  49. Honey Pot with Dipper
  50. bee-lover-gifts-honey-pot-with-dipper

    A ceramic honey pot with a wooden dipper can make a great addition to a gift basket for a bee or tea lover. Also, these are packed in clear gift boxes, which makes them a perfect favor for a shower or party.

  51. Spicy Honey
  52. bee-lover-gifts-spicy-honey

    Bees Knees spicy honey is made in Brooklyn, NY, and has habanero peppers added to create a spicy flavor. They suggest you add it to your charcuterie board, spice up your hot toddy, or even add it to your BBQ sauce for wings. The possibilities are endless when adding flavor with this honey.

  53. Honey Gift Set


    Honey has so many varieties depending on what flowers the bees are visiting. This honey gift set is a fun way to sample and compare multiple varieties, and it comes in cute packaging too! 

  55. Cutting Board and Teal Towel
  56. bee-lover-gifts-cutting-board

    This cutting board and tea towel make a lovely housewarming gift for a bee lover. The cutting board is made of teak wood, and the tea towel is 100% cotton. The board can be used in the kitchen or as a serving board at their next gathering. 


    Bee-loving bakers will be all abuzz when they open this gift! This rolling pin can be used to make beautiful pastries and biscuits, and the cookie presses will make adorable cookies perfect for any special occasion. The set is made from beech wood. 

  57. Honey Face Mask
  58. bee-lover-gifts-mask

    Honey has long been appreciated for its moisturizing, healing, and calming properties, which makes this face mask so great. This nourishing mask is perfect when they’re ready for a relaxing night of self-care and great for those in cold, dry climates. 

  59. Tumbler
  60. gifts-for-bee-lovers-glass


    The Queen needs a glass befitting her station, and this is it! The rhinestone bee has a lot of beautiful detail and will make her the Queen Bee of any gathering! 

  61. Bee Sign


    Everyone needs a reminder now and then to Bee nice! This sign is made of aluminum and measures 8×12 inches, and can be displayed indoors or outside. 

  63. Bee Magnets
  64. bee-lover-gifts-magnets

    Make their fridge a canvas for their bee-love with this sweet set of bee-themed magnets. They will bee in love with this set of 12 magnets. 

  65. Bee Rescue Keychain
  66. bee-lover-gifts-keychain

    Bees work so hard, and sometimes they get tuckered out before they can make it home. This keychain contains a syrup that revives tired or thirsty bees. Just dribble a few drops near the tired bee, they’ll lap it up, and they’ll come back to life! The packaging is also plantable and will grow wildflowers to further help our bee friends. 

  67. Christmas Ornament
  68. bee-lover-gifts-ornament

    If they love bees, no Christmas tree would be complete without an adorable bee ornament. So bee kind and gift them and their tree with this fantastic beehive ornament. The mouth-blown glass ornament has incredible detail thanks to the finely carved molds used to create them using Old-World techniques. 

  69. Wax Seal
  70. bee-lover-gifts-seal

    Okay, maybe you didn’t expect to see a wax seal on a list of bee lover gifts, and it’s not for everyone. But how cool! If you need a gift for someone who loves all things old-school, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more unique. This kit includes everything they need to make wax seals for envelopes (or crafting), including instructions. 

  71. Patent Prints
  72. bee-lover-gifts-prints

    These patent prints are perfect for those who prefer rustic decor and are interesting enough to gift to even non-bee lovers! There are four prints in the set, and each measure 8×10 inches. The prints are on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. 

  73. Plush Bee
  74. bee-lover-gifts-toy

    Everyone needs a little bee friend, and this is a cute one! The plush bee is about eight inches tall and filled with cotton fluff, so he’s extra cuddly. 

  75. Tote Bag 
  76. bee-lover-gifts-tote

    We love a tote bag that is chic enough to act as a day bag, too, less to carry! This bee tote bag fits the bill. The bag is made of natural fibers, jute, and leather and has a waterproof lining, so it’s also safe to use as a market bag. 

  77. Keepsake Box
  78. bee-lover-gifts-box

    This lovely keepsake box has all kinds of uses. It can be a jewelry box or used to hold small items like keys or a place to store tiny treasures like pebbles or shells they’ve picked up on their travels or during walks. The box is made of ceramic.