29 Strong Iron Anniversary Gifts For Him To Celebrate 6 Years

By David Lautaret | Updated: December 30, 2022

    If you’ve made it to your sixth anniversary, then congratulations, the iron anniversary is upon you! We’ve compiled a list of the best iron-themed anniversary gifts he’ll be sure to love! So if you’re looking for the perfect iron anniversary gift for him, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Iron Bottle Opener
  2. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-bottle-opener

    Time to celebrate six years of marriage by opening up a cold one in the coolest way possible!! This badass hand-forged iron bottle opener is a must-have for any beer enthusiast! If your iron man likes to open up an ice-cold bottle of beer or soda, then this practical gift will fill him with delight. So celebrate your iron anniversary with a one-of-a-kind iron bottle opener! 

  3. Iron Stones Whiskey Set
  4. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-whiskey-stones

    Nothing beats a nice glass of whiskey at the end of a long day! If you love your whiskey cold but don’t want to water it down with ice, these stainless steel whiskey stones are a great addition to your whiskey collection! This beautiful gift box has two glasses, ice tongs, six whiskey stones, two coasters, and a gift bag wrapped in a gorgeous wood box! 

  5. Iron Railroad Spike Knife
  6. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-railroad-spike-knife

    This hand-forged knife made of steel with high iron content makes a perfect six-year anniversary gift of iron or traditional steel gift for your 11th anniversary. It’s a beautiful birthday present, a best man gift, or a father of a bride gift. Need a special present for the man in your life? For the railroad enthusiast, hunter, or knife collector in your life, this unique railroad spike knife is an excellent addition to their toolbox. 

  7. Pewter Custom Map Paperweight
  8. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-paperweight

    Forget work for a moment—let your mindset sail to the memory of your favorite vacation or dream destination with the help of…a paperweight? Yep, this one features a map of anywhere you choose. Metalworker Janice Sears handcrafts each piece from satin-finish pewter, ensuring it will develop a natural patina with time, adding a compass rose for a bit of help navigating a sea of papers. Finally, add an engraving for an extra-personal touch, and display it on the black powder-coated iron easel if you decide to go paperless.

  9. Galvanized Iron Beer Stein
  10. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-beer-stein

    This rose gold galvanized iron beer stein gift set makes an excellent gift idea for that guy in your life who loves cool eclectic ways to drink his favorite brews! This gift set comes with a Moscow mule mug, two shot glasses, and a 16oz beer stein. If your man loves different drinks, then this bestseller gift set is a must-have!

  11. Iron Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder
  12. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-dinosaur-toilet-paper-holder

    Out of all the gifts on this gift list, this is the one I’d like to receive the most. If your husband is a fan of dinosaurs, this long-neck dinosaur toilet paper holder is the best gift idea. Use it for toilet paper or paper towels. Your husband and your kids will love it, and you will love it. 

  13. Handmade Iron Anniversary Card
  14. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-card

    The traditional 6th-anniversary gift is iron because the metal represents the strength of a loving bond. In this card, the iron wire is bent by hand into the shape of the word “Love,” symbolizing your love for your partner after years of being together.

  15. Vintage Iron Touch Lamp
  16. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-lamp

    If you have been looking for something unique and attractive for a long time, we bet this vintage Edison lamp could do that. It’s a conversation piece, all right! It looks fantastic and has an urban feel to it. This vintage touch lamp instantly adds a great taste of the rustic look and goes well with your room in steampunk, industrial theme, and old-fashioned style.


    This set of cufflinks is right on the mark for an industrial statement piece that hammers the sentiment home. Each set of exquisite cufflinks has been made from authentic date nails since 1897. These steel markers were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures to record the date of construction. Today they survive as relics of an old-fashioned method of date-keeping during the height of America’s Industrial Revolution.

  17. Cast Iron Grill Press
  18. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-grill-press

    The Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press is a handy tool that makes grilling more accessible, faster, and healthier. Press away unwanted excess fat from your meat and serve more nutritious grilled foods. Heat the press on your grill and use it to grill the top side of your food – reducing cooking times and creating incredible grill marks like the pros. 

  19. Handmade Iron Belt Buckle
  20. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-belt-buckle

    Celebrate your 6th wedding anniversary with this handmade, stamped iron belt buckle. Choose from several custom stamping options to create a beautiful personalized gift your husband will adore! Say I love you with one of these iron anniversary gifts for him!

  21. Custom Iron Sign 
  22. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-custom-iron-sign

    This bestseller is a must-have for the family looking to add some custom ironwork to their home decor! Whether you want this on your front porch, the living room, the man cave, or the family bar, this personalized iron sign makes a fabulous gift idea! 

  23. Iron Flask Thermo Water Bottle
  24. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-iron-flask

    Goodbye sweat! The double-wall insulation makes the Iron Flask sweat-free! It keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Iron Flask comes with three different 100% leak-proof lids, including a carabiner straw lid with two straws, a flip cover, and a stainless steel lid! This fantastic water bottle comes in six sizes to stay hydrated your way! 

  25. Iron Heart Blacksmith’s Brainteaser
  26. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-brainteaser

    Blacksmith: The old-world title conjures images of anvils, horseshoes, and maybe even medieval armor. Based on a training exercise for blacksmiths to hone their craft, this beginner-level mind-bender is solvable in just four (deceptively) simple steps. Yes, even “simple” takes time here, and you’ll need to investigate each piece of the sculpture as you attempt to remove the heart shape from its seemingly impenetrable steel confinement. You can do it. Good luck!

  27. Japanese Cast Iron Teapot 
  28. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-teapot

    This cast-iron Japanese teapot and tea set is the perfect gift for that man in your life who loves a strong cup of tea! The teacups are intricately designed and detailed with gorgeous Japanese artwork and the teapot. This gift is a must-have if your man loves tea or Japanese art! 

  29. Piece of Space Iron Meteorite 
  30. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-iron-meteorite

    This space iron meteorite gift set is perfect for that wild guy about Space! Of course, if your man isn’t into Space, you’ve got to start asking yourself what you’re doing with a guy so lame. Just kidding, I’m sure he has other qualities. But, assuming your man loves Space like an average person, this gift set makes an exceptional gift idea! 

  31. BBQ Branding Iron
  32. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-bbq-branding-iron

    This unique gift of a wrought iron Letter W Steak Branding Iron is a fun twist on old west brands. A distinct script and rustic black powder-coated finish give this style an excellent authentic western branding iron look. Your grillmaster will enjoy branding their steak, burgers, or buns; this branding iron works great on wood and leather. The head of the brand is 1 1/4″ tall by 1 1/8″ wide and is efficiently heated on an open flame.

  33. All-In-One Cast Iron Grill 
  34. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-cast-iron-grill

    Nobody told this grill it could only cook on a grate. Wok, iron bowl, smoker, skillet, braiser, roaster, deep fryer, slow cooker, stockpot—the cast iron wonder wears many chef hats. Plus, it packs together for easier transport, so you can have pancakes on the patio, chili at the tailgate, and stir fry with friends under the stars. 

  35. 6th Anniversary Coffee Mug
  36. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-coffee-mug

    This hilarious coffee mug is a must-have for that guy in your life who has a strong sense of humor! If he’s the guy who loves coffee and touching your butt, then this coffee mug hits the bullseye! It holds 11oz of your favorite beverage and will get laughs 100% of the time! 

  37. Metal Date Night Dice
  38. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-dice

    Your 6th wedding anniversary is here, and you are searching for the perfect 6th-anniversary gift and something special to do on this very special six-year wedding anniversary. Add some fun to your night with these stunning metal date night dice. Roll to get great ideas, and with two dice, you can get a mix of 36 different variations for your date night. So roll the date night dice and let fate decide what you will be doing tonight.

  39. Six-Function Pocket Knife
  40. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-pocketknife

    This six-function pocketknife makes a practical gift for men of any age. Your husband will appreciate its convenience, sharp blade, and easy but reliable folding mechanism. The six functions represent the six years you’ve been married! Not only will this knife help you in times of need, but it serves as a gentle reminder of your love for one another! 

  41. Grilled Personal Pizza Maker
  42. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-pizza-maker

    Cast iron cookware is all the rage! The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Just about everything tastes better when it’s grilled and enjoyed outdoors—so why not pizza, too? This smart little oven is all you need to make amazing crispy pizza. Add your toppings to the crust, place your pizza in the mini-oven with the lid on, and pop it on the grill. 

  43. I Fucking Love Your Cock Notebook
  44. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-nsfw-notebook

    This is an empty-lined notebook/journal to write in. It makes a great gift for an anniversary! Perfect for taking notes, jotting lists, doodling, brainstorming, prayer, and meditation journaling, writing in as a diary, or giving as a gift. Not too thick & not too thin, so it’s a great size to throw in your car or bag!

  45. You & Me We Got This Tumbler
  46. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-tumbler

    6th wedding anniversary gift ideas can be sweet, too. This 20oz stylish vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler is a great gift idea for couples in love, newlywed or elderly couples. Surprise them with the best sixth wedding anniversary travel mug tumbler to make your beloved one feel special. This travel tumbler keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. 

  47. Happy Anniversary Couples Game
  48. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-couples-game

    Are you looking for a traditional gift for your anniversary date? You will always gain by giving love. Order this inspiring couples card game as a perfect anniversary gift for your husband and experience real quality time & togetherness. This gift comes in a high-quality package and will survive for generations. So start your sixth anniversary off with a romantic communication game he’ll love! 

  49. Iron Fire Escape Shelf
  50. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-fire-escape-shelf

    While big-city landlords may frown upon placing potted plants or other objects on the real deal due to fire codes (it’s illegal in New York City), there’s certainly no restriction on what you populate this clever shelving unit with houseplants, books, candles, framed photographs, and art, or tchotchkes of all shapes and sizes. Just don’t expect to fit a chair or BBQ grill on the three horizontal platforms of this miniature, wall-mountable emergency exit. Bound to thrill apartment-dwelling urbanites and lovers of all things big city.

  51. Custom Engraved Periodic Table Rocks Glasses
  52. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-rocks-glasses

    Nothing makes a better 6 year wedding anniversary gift than something personalized! Prominently featuring any text you desire with the Iron element graphic on the front, the 6 year anniversary symbol. The design is permanently carved into the surface of the glass resulting in an elegant frosted white appearance. We use a premier method of sandblasting, which produces a deep and even mark on the finished product. 

  53. Iron Candle Holder Centerpiece 
  54. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-candle-holder

    6th-year anniversary day gift ideas can be practical and still be romantic gifts. This circular iron centerpiece with 6 cups will add that perfect touch to your living room, dining room, or even your man cave! The round middle can be combined with a flower arrangement, vase, or additional candle holders.

  55. Iron Couple Sculpture
  56. iron-anniversary-gifts-for-him-sculpture

    This handcrafted cast iron sculpture screams manliness in the most romantic way possible. If you like kissing on a swing, then you know your man does too, and what he wants more than any golf gift or man cave item is for his wife to get him a sculpture of two cast-iron statues kissing on a swing that’s also made of cast iron. It’s almost too beautiful.