27 Lucky Gift Ideas For Your 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: April 24, 2023

    7 is considered a lucky number, and lucky you for making it to your seventh wedding anniversary! Traditional gifts for 7 years of marriage include copper and wool! While one is soft and the other is strong, both materials represent warmth and comfort. This gift guide has 27 of the best seventh wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate 7 lucky years together!

  1. Copper Bartender Set
  2. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-cocktail-set

    Honestly, handcrafted cocktails at home go well with any occasion but will make for a great date night to celebrate the 7th year together. This copper-colored cocktail kit has everything you need (except the booze!). Never made a cocktail? No worries, the set comes with unique recipes for an ideal experience!

  3. Copper Ring Dish
  4. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-ring-bowl

    This copper ring dish comes personalized with the initials and date of your choice. Use it as a desk accessory to keep track of rings, jewelry, or other treasures. A perfect way to commemorate 7 years together!

  5. Copper Star Map
  6. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-starmap

    This beautiful copper star map is a great option for a personalized gift. What better gift than to have your names, anniversary date, or favorite quote engraved around the alignment of stars on your wedding day?

  7. Moscow Mule Cups
  8. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-moscow-mule

    The iconic Moscow Mule cocktail is always served in a copper cup so that they will make great 7th wedding anniversary gifts! These cups are handmade from 100% pure copper, ideal for an authentic Moscow Mule!

  9. Copper Cookware
  10. If your loved one enjoys cooking, this 9-piece set of cookware from Copper Chef is a perfect gift. Because these pans feature a special non-stick coating, they clean up easily, cook beautifully, and are dishwasher safe!

  11. 7 Years Lucky Keychain
  12. 7th-anniversary-gifts-keychain


    This lucky penny keychain is a great way to give a little luck to your partner wherever they go. Stamped with your initials and a heart around the year, this gift might be small, but it packs a lot of meaning!

  13. Hand Sculpture Kit
  14. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-hand-cast

    Creating a DIY sculpture of your hands clasped together would make a great experience and keepsake. This would make a great desk accessory or decor for around the house.

  15. Soundwave Art Print
  16. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-soundwave

    Married to a music lover? You can personalize this soundwave art print to your favorite song or a special message you record. Choose from the 5 different starry night background colors, and you have yourself one romantic gift!

  17. Merino Wool Scarf
  18. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-scarf-mens

    If you live somewhere chilly, this 100% merino wool scarf will have him feeling warm for sure. This scarf features a stylish pattern that makes it quite versatile for any fall or winter outfit!

  19. Personalized Copper Wine Glass
  20. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-wine-glass-copper

    Personalized gifts are always a great option for an anniversary. This set of wine glasses is handmade out of copper, making them a great alternative to traditional glassware.

  21. Modern Jewelry Stand
  22. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-jewelry-stand

    Desk sets and accessories are considered a modern gift for the 7th-anniversary. This beautifully modern jewelry stand will allow her to display all her favorite jewelry and keep clutter-free!

  23. Copper Measuring Cups
  24. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-measuring-cup

    Does your loved one love to bake? Then they should appreciate you gifting them this copper set of measuring cups & spoons. The copper finish makes for an elegant set far above normal measuring cups.

  25. Copper & Onyx Earrings
  26. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-earring

    Onyx is the gemstone associated with the 7th anniversary. This handmade set of earrings features both copper and onyx gemstone beads, symbolic of the 7th anniversary.

  27. Merino Wool Chunky Blanket
  28. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-blanket

    Seriously, who doesn’t want a blanket that is described as “chunky”? Your loved one will definitely stay warm and toasty while wrapped in this chunky wool blanket! There are colors for everyone, ranging from off-white to red or even pink.

  29. Onyx Gemstone Necklace
  30. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-onyx-necklace

    This beautiful onyx gemstone necklace is an elegant and romantic anniversary gift for her. This stunning option found on Etsy is handmade using an 18k gold-filled chain and a beautiful synthetic black onyx gemstone.

  31. Cable Knitted Scarf
  32. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-cableknit

    This scarf is knit from wool using the traditional Trellis stitch, believed to bring good luck and fortune in Irish tradition. Made from the highest quality merino wool, it is a great mix of multiple traditions. It is unisex, which means it makes a great wool gift for anyone!

  33. Penny Keychain
  34. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-keychain-penny

    This personalized 7th-anniversary keychain is a simple yet thoughtful gift. Give them a little luck everywhere they go with a stamped penny that celebrates your time together! A super cute valentines day gift idea for her.

  35. Romantic Compact Mirror
  36. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-mirror

    Need an anniversary gift for your wife that says, “I love you”? Then this sentimental compact mirror will make a great gift. It features an engraving of a meaningful message on the front that would be sure to put a smile on her face.

  37. Wool Slippers
  38. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-slippers

    Everyone should own a great pair of slippers. These wool slippers fit the wool anniversary as they are made with natural wool and leather. They are also super breathable, which means no stinky feet!

  39. Copper Drink Dispenser
  40. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-drink-dispenser

    Does your partner love to entertain? If so, this industrial-themed brass & copper drink dispenser found on Uncommon Goods would make an awesome gift. It will fit any bottle of your choice and even aerates while dispensing!

  41. Apple Watch
  42. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-apple-watch

    Your loved one will be super excited to get a Series 6 Apple Watch as an anniversary gift! The Apple Watch does just about everything your phone can, plus its amazing fitness features. And not to mention, Apple is also known for its durability, which is another important quality of a great 7th-anniversary gift.

  43. Penny Necklace
  44. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-penny-necklace

    Constructed from a year of your choice, this penny necklace is a beautiful gift idea. Attached to a gold plated or sterling silver chain, you’ll be sure to bring some luck to your partner’s life with this one.


    He deserves a piece of jewelry for the 7th anniversary too! These cufflinks will do the trick. These cufflinks feature a penny from your year of choice mounted in a sterling silver bezel and plated with gold.

  45. Lucky Horseshoe Necklace
  46. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-horseshoe-necklace

    Since 7 is a lucky number, what can be luckier than a Horseshoe Necklace given for the 7th anniversary? The answer is nothing, actually. In case that isn’t enough, this necklace comes with a beautiful message attached as well. A cute gift for a horse lover.

  47. Anniversary Whiskey Set


    If your husband is a whiskey fan, you need to buy him this anniversary whiskey set. The set includes 2 whiskey glasses, steel cooling stones, and a few other great accessories. And all of these goodies come inside a beautifully engraved wood box.

  49. Copper Horshoe Sign
  50. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-horseshoe

    This horseshoe is another great gift idea to celebrate your 7 years of marriage. The horseshoe has a copper finish and can be personalized to fit your needs.  Place it somewhere in your home where it will always remind you of each other!

  51. The Whisker Dam
  52. gifts-for-7th-anniversary-whisker-dam

    If your man has a majestic mustache, he will probably love this Whisker Dam as an anniversary present. Because this bad boy is made from copper, it fits the theme of the 7th anniversary and will keep his whiskers looking pristine.