29 Bronze Anniversary Gifts That Stand the Test of Time

By Candice Elliott | Updated: September 12, 2023

    Eight magical years of love, laughter, and happily-ever-after deserve a celebration that’s as enduring as your relationship. As you approach this significant milestone, it’s time to think beyond the ordinary and aim for the extraordinary when it comes to choosing that perfect anniversary gift.

    The traditional gift for an eighth anniversary is bronze, symbolizing strength and durability—traits you’ve undoubtedly discovered in your love story. With this in mind, we’ve curated an exceptional list of bronze anniversary gifts designed not just to impress but to stand the test of time. Dive in and discover the perfect keepsake to commemorate your incredible eight-year journey together.

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    What are traditional 8th-anniversary gifts?

    The classic gift for this 8th anniversary is bronze. Bronze has this timeless charm and symbolizes strength, durability, and the solid foundation of your relationship. If you’re looking for a modern twist, go for something lace-inspired. Lace is all about intricate beauty and adds a touch of elegance to your celebration. 

    What are the best Bronze anniversary gifts?

    So, whether you opt for a bronze keepsake or a delicate lace accessory, these traditional gifts will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face and make your 8th anniversary super special!

  1. Bronze Cocktail Glass
  2. bronze-anniversary-gift

    The Hybrid Cocktail Glass is an impressive addition to your home bar and perfect for any occasion where elegance meets function. It is beautifully designed and meticulously crafted to elevate your cocktail experience. Whether your favorite drink is shaken, stirred, blended or even hot, the Hybrid Cocktail Glass will keep your drink perfect til the last sip.

  3. Bronze Family Plaque
  4. bronze-anniversary-gift-plaque

    Add a unique, distinctive finish to your home with this elegant Chatham Personalized Anniversary Aluminum Plaque! Each plaque features a beautifully molded, decorative border. It is personalized with two custom lines, including a family name and established date.

    Add a unique, distinctive finish to your home with this elegant Chatham Personalized Anniversary Aluminum Plaque! Each plaque features a beautifully molded, decorative borde

  5. Bronze Foil Sound Wave Print
  6. 8th-anniversary-gifts-print

    Bronze is the traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift. This unique gift is a sound wave representing the words “I love you,” printed on bronze foil and framed in a pine frame. The print is the perfect gift for someone with a romantic heart but minimalist decor! 

  7. Bronze Sculpture


    A piece of art is always a wonderful wedding anniversary gift. This sculpture is a great couple’s gift and something they can display in their home and admire for years. This sculpture is created using a traditional sand casting method and requires no polishing. 

  9. Brass Colored Table Lamp
  10. bronze-anniversary-gifts-lamp

    This table lamp will fit right into the industrial-chic living room decor and the 8-year anniversary gift theme of brass. The antique bronze-finish lamp has a touch base with three brightness levels, which can be adjusted between low, medium, and bright. 


    Cufflinks are a traditional gift for men, and this solid brass set makes a great wedding anniversary gift to celebrate eight years of marriage. The cufflinks have a hammered finish and arrive in a gift box. 

  11. Bronze Tie Bar
  12. bronze-anniversary-gifts-bar

    This bronze tie bar can be customized in several ways; you can choose the font for the engraving, the engraving on the front and back, and the finished, brushed, or polished. A tie bar gives a bit of style to any suit. 

  13. Bronze  Tumbler


    Couples gifting can be challenging, but the happy soulmates will love this tumbler. The bronze glass makes them a perfect traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift with a modern twist. Each glass holds eight ounces, and hand-washing is recommended. 

  15. Personalized Bronze Collar Stays
  16. bronze-anniversary-gifts-stays

    These bronze collar stays are like a secret love note meant just for him! The stays are handcrafted and can be personalized in several ways: the message on the front and back, the font, the finish, and the packaging. 

  17. Bronze Earrings 
  18. bronze-anniversary-gifts-earring

    Jewelry is always a good anniversary gift idea! She’ll love these high-quality, hammered bronze earrings. The set has a hammered finish and is coated to prevent tarnishing. 

  19. Bronze Keychain
  20. bronze-anniversary-gifts-key-chain

    This sweet key chain can be customized to show the day, month, and year you were married on a tiny bronze calendar. The keychain is a unique gift for your very unique love! 

  21. Engraved Bronze Guitar Pick
  22. bronze-anniversary-gifts-pick

    This is a beautiful keepsake gift for the musician in your life! The bronze guitar pick is engraved and comes in a leather gift pouch that has a loop to be used as a keychain, carried as a constant reminder of the love you share. 

  23. Tibetian Singing Bowl
  24. bronze-anniversary-gifts-singing-bowl

    Hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans these singing bowls are as unique as you are and wonderful for creating an ambiance for emotional calming & healing. The sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. The perfect gift for a meditation or yoga lover in your life.

  25. Cookware Set
  26. bronze-anniversary-gifts-cookware

    There’s nothing like some new cookware! This pot set features cool-touch ergonomic & heat-resistant handles ensuring comfortable & safe cooking. Offers sleek metallic design w/ anti-scratch polished stainless steel edges adding an elegant touch to the pots and pans.

  27. Gold Bronze Bracelet
  28. bronze-anniversary-gifts-bracelets

    This bracelet is a show-stopper wedding anniversary gift! The bracelet features an authentic 500 lira coin hanging from an 18k gold over bronze rolo link. The lira was minted in Rome and no longer in circulation now that Italy uses the Euro as currency. This would be a great gift for a history lover and an especially romantic gift if the couple honeymooned in Italy. 

  29. Bronze Hammer Bottle Opener


    The unique design of Thor’s hammer shape provides you with a novel way to open the bottle. It is both a good tool and a perfect decoration. It is the perfect gift for any Marvel series fan, this bottle opener comes with a hanging chain and can work as a key chain.

  31. Honeycomb and Bee Pendant
  32. bronze-anniversary-gifts-necklace

    Brass anniversary gifts don’t have to be old-fashioned! This necklace is the perfect gift for a woman who prefers more modern jewelry, likes delicate pieces, or is a nature lover! The sterling silver honeycomb features a bronze bee and comes on an 18-inch chain. 

  33. Bronze Wine Goblet
  34. bronze-anniversary-gifts-goblet

    This beautiful bronze goblet is a work of art. The intricate details will make it a conversation piece at your next cocktail party. The inside of the goblet is coated, so filling it won’t cause tarnishing. The goblet holds about ten ounces. 

  35. Smoker
  36. bronze-anniversary-gifts-bronze-smoker

    This one isn’t exactly made of bronze but I don’t think they’ll mind! Z Grills wood pellet technology gets you wood fire flavor at the convenience of propane or gas. Super versatile and wide temperature range from 180 to 450 degrees to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise or BBQ. Perfect for any grilling master.

  37. Bronze Colored Corkscrew


    The happy couple will need a way to open their celebratory bottle of wine on their eighth anniversary. This corkscrew will get the job done. It’s a beautiful addition to anyone’s home bar too. 

  39. Bronze-Coated Celtic Love Cross
  40. bronze-anniversary-gifts-cross

    This beautiful piece is a Celtic Love Cross wall hanging. The cross is cast from resin and coated in bronze. Made in Ireland, it will have special meaning for a couple with Irish heritage. The cross is five inches in diameter and comes ready to hang. 

  41. Bronze Goddess Perfume
  42. bronze-anniversary-gifts-perfume

    This perfume from Estee Lauder is a “warm” enough scent for the colder months with notes of bergamot, amber, and vanilla, but fresh enough for the warmer months, thanks to the hint of coconut. Bronze Goddess is a thoughtful anniversary gift and a great year-round fragrance. 

  43. Brass Compass
  44. bronze-anniversary-gifts-compass

    Brass anniversary gift ideas don’t come more romantic than this brass compass engraved with a great romantic poet’s Robert Browning quote. On the inside is a working compass covered by glass. The compass comes with a chain and leather pouch. The compass makes a nice Father’s Day gift for your husband too. 

  45. You Are My Rock
  46. bronze-anniversary-gifts-rock

    This brass wedding anniversary gift is one-of-a-kind! The solid metal rock is cast from a real stone, and the gift comes with an insert explaining where the original rock was found. The little heart is made of solid bronze, and the rock comes in a cute gift box. 

  47. Bronze Finish Table Clock


    Your wedding date doesn’t seem like it was eight years ago because time flies when you’re happily married! Celebrate those eight years with this bronze-finished Art Deco table clock with a white face. The clock is battery-operated. 

  49. Bronze Family Tree
  50. bronze-anniversary-gifts-tree


    Display photos of the family you’ve created together with this family tree. The tree with bronze leaves will hold six 2 x 3-inch photos of the favorite people in your lives. The tree stands 12 inches tall. 

  51. Bronze-Colored Golf Balls


    These balls are a fun gift for an avid golfer. The Nike brand golf balls have been coated with bright, shiny metallic material, not flat paint. The set is also available in gold and silver. 

  53. Bronze Stained Forged Rose
  54. bronze-anniversary-gifts-rose


    Bronze anniversary gift ideas don’t get more romantic than this rose. The rose is handcrafted individually from steel and covered with a bronze patina to represent their special anniversary. This rose will never wilt or fade, just like their love. The rose makes a romantic Valentine’s Day gift too! 

  55. Embellished Card
  56. bronze-anniversary-gifts-card

    What’s a traditional eight wedding anniversary gift without a traditional wedding anniversary card? This card fits the bill as the perfect anniversary card to celebrate eight years of wedded bliss. The word “love” is written with bronze-red copper wire. The card is blank inside so you can write your own message. This card is so pretty that it can be framed as a keepsake! If you are looking to add a little humor, we have a list of funny cards here.

  57. Ballet Flats
  58. bronze-anniversary-gifts-shoes

    Ballet flats are a comfortable but still stylish alternative to high heels, and Naturalizer makes an especially comfy pair. These bronze-colored ballet flats are perfect for the office, date night, running errands, and more. The shoes are available in other colors and several sizes. 

  59. Bronze Colored Solar Lotus
  60. bronze-anniversary-gifts-flower

    This lotus flower will make a beautiful addition to a yard or garden. The glass orb lights up thanks to a solar panel that charges the included battery. The light turns on automatically at dusk and stays lit for up to eight hours.