38 Super Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: March 31, 2024

    Celebrating an anniversary is always special, but when it comes to honoring the love and legacy of our parents, finding the perfect gift that encapsulates years of cherished memories and shared laughter can be tough. Whether it’s their silver, golden, or perhaps the very first anniversary they’re celebrating since you’ve become a part of their story, each milestone deserves a gift that’s as unique and heartwarming as their bond.

    We’ve curated a list to inspire and help you find that perfect token of appreciation and love. From personalized keepsakes with sentimental value to experiences that will create new unforgettable memories, our guide ensures your gift is as unique and enduring as your parents’ love.

  1. Engraved Photo Crystal
  2. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-engraved-photo-crystal

    Parents love pictures of their little ones, and this will be no exception! You can send a picture of the family, a wedding day photo, or their favorite photo to be engraved. Since multiple sizes are offered, you can choose what will look best on their desk or table.

  3. The Couples Bucket List
  4. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-couples-bucket-list

    Date night in a box is the best gift for couples unsure of what to do for date night at home. This little card deck kit is filled with great ideas to fill your weeks and is split into three categories: Life, Laughter, and Love. Also, use these cards to bring creativity to special nights like Valentine’s Day

  5. Hand Casting Kit
  6. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-hand-holding-kit

    An at-home DIY kit that will create a special keepsake for your parents. It includes an instruction booklet with illustrations and photos. The particular casting recipe recreates every detail of the couple’s hands cast in exquisite detail. The materials are non-toxic and skin-safe. First, the hand mold is created, which only takes three minutes. Then, the finished cast is created in about an hour.

  7. Family Tree
  8. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-family-tree

    If family holds a special place in your heart, a family tree is a beautiful keepsake to showcase in your home. First, pick between the vibrant hues of spring or the warm tones of autumn for the print. Then, all you need to do is provide the names for each generation and branch of the family to be featured on the tree’s ribbons.

  9. Night Sky Print
  10. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-night-sky-print

    If you want a personalized anniversary gift, this fits the bill! A night sky print will showcase how the sky looked according to the date and location provided. You can choose wedding information, first date, or first child; the possibilities are endless. This piece will be quickly added to the home decor by the happy couple.

  11. Mom and Dad Tumblers
  12. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-mom-and-dad-tumblers

    Mom and Dad are sure to love this tumbler set. This can be a great gift or added to a gift basket with their favorite coffee or tea items. These travel tumblers are made of stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated, and come with reusable straws.

  13. Custom Watercolor House Painting
  14. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-watercolor-house-painting

    One of my favorite items at my parent’s house is their drawing of our childhood home. It is a special memory to have and can be done of the couple’s first house together or their current house. Pick their favorite season to photograph the house for the custom painting. 

  15. Pebble Art
  16. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-pebble-art

    Look no further for a custom gift to wow Mom and Dad. Customization is possible in multiple ways for this item to fit your vision. Add a special quote or the wedding date for an extra special touch.

  17. Indoor Date Ideas


    Even the happiest couples can fall into a date night rut. This game will give them plenty of new date ideas. Add a bottle of wine and a gift card to order good food for the date night celebration.

  19. Anniversary Wall Art
  20. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-wall-art

    I still remember how special it was to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Your parents or grandparents, willlove this beautiful wall art which thatrates years of their love. This personalized keepsake burlap print comes already in a frame and is beautifully wrapped for your parent’s anniversary present. It’s a perfect way to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

  21. Toilet Paper
  22. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-toilet-paper

    Anniversary gifts for parents are supposed to be profound and heartfelt. However, we all have that one sibling who needs a little fun. Anniversary toilet paper will help get the whole house ready to celebrate and i,t’ll be a fun way to remind the ones who always forget. Nothing says “I Love You” like the gift of toilet paper. It’s also great for the paper anniversary, the 1st year of marriage.

  23. Personalized Clock
  24. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-personalized-clock

    A personalized clock is a unique anniversary gift idea. Since it is elegantly engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date, it is a keepsake they will cherish. The clock is crafted in the USA offers a built-in easel for tabletop display and tooth hanger for wall display. 

  25. 25th Anniversary Figurine
  26. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-25th-anniversary-figurine

    This Precious Moments figurine commemorates the unique Silver Anniversary. Meticulously hand-painted and crafted of fine bisque porcelain, it is approximately 5.5 inches high. Your parents will be sure to place this on display for everyone to admire. 

  27. Family Celebration Calendar 
  28. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-family-celebration-calendar

    A family birthday and anniversary calendar is a great addition, especially for a family that keeps on growing. You can fill in the dates of each particular occasion so they are displayed year-round.

  29. New Parents Figurine
  30. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-new-parents-figurine

    This beautiful, hand-painted figurine comes with the sentiment” Our bright, joyful gift!” on an enclosed card. New parents will likely tell you their baby is all they need to celebrate their love. However, they’ll be excited to add this piece to their home. 

  31. Personalized Cutting Board
  32. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-personalized-cutting-board

    If your parents love cooking, they’ll adore this personalized gift. This keepsake is made with maple or walnut wood and oiled with a food-safe oil that preserves and toughens the board. An easel is included, so this can also be displayed on the counter when not in use.

  33. Personalized Cork Hot Plate
  34. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-personalized-cork-hot-plates

    The happy couple will love using and displaying these custom hot plates in their kitchen. Since four design options are available, you can customize and make it the perfect gift to fit the couple. Be sure to choose the design, date, and name when purchasing this set of 2. 

  35. Italian Dinner Gift Basket
  36. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-basket

    Do your parents struggle deciding what to cook or where to eat? This gift basket is excellent for a nice dinner at home without the stress of deciding what to make. This Italian dinner gift basket features some of the finest in hand-made pasta, sauce mix, appetizers, and dessert. Add their favorite bottle of wine to make the romantic meal complete.

  37. Funny Coffee Mug
  38. anniversary-gfits-for-parents-funny-coffee-mug

    Do your parents always joke about annoying each other? This is the perfect mug for their collection! It has a funny saying: made of ceramic and offered in multiple colors. Also, you’re able to pick from two different size mugs.

  39. Personalized Artwork
  40. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-personalized-artwork

    Many options offer a print that can be personalized using names and dates. You can choose from a canvas, frame, or metal display.

  41. Personalized Name Throw Blanket
  42. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-personzliaed-name-blanket

    My parents loved this gift so much! Since it holds up to 23 names, all their loved ones can be included. Also, this super-soft fleece material makes it extra soft and cozy to keep warm on a fantastic night.

  43. Collage Picture Frame


    Personalize your space with this frame displaying cherished photographs. It has openings for eight 6×4.5 photos. The word in the center helps to create an attractive piece. Before giving it to the parents, print and add pictures of the family! A beautiful gift for your parent’s Anniversary.

  45. Anniversary Card
  46. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-anniversary-card

    An anniversary gift is not complete without a heartfelt card. This card has a lovely quote, “Happy Anniversary from your favorite financial burden,” displayed on the front and leaves a blank inside for a sweet message to be added.

  47. Cheese Board
  48. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-cheese-board

    Although this may not be the most unique gift option,, it will be useful, especially for parents who love hosting holidays or events. The wooden board is beautifully crafted with two pull-out drawers that offer extra space and one drawer to hold the included cheese cutlery. Also. 4 stainless steel knives, two ceramic sauce bowls, two markers, two slate labels, four small forks, one wine opener, a cheeseboard guide, and a round tray are included.

  49. 25th Anniversary Frame
  50. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-frame

    Two 4″ x 6″ photos are beautifully displayed to showcase a “then” and “now” image of the couple celebrating their 25th Anniversary. You can print them in black and white for a classic look they will love. The photo frame can be hung on a wall, or the easel back, allowing it to be displayed on a table.

  51. Christmas Ornament


    This beautiful ornament will fool you into thinking it’s made of glass. The shatterproof plastic is best for couples with young kids or grandkids running around the house. An anniversary shouldn’t be celebrated only on the day but for all the special moments like the 60th Christmas together.

  53. Love Language Card Game
  54. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-love-language-card-game

    Love Language is an excellent way for couples to connect and come closer together. The happy couple can cozy up for a different kind of date with 150 engaging questions across multiple topics. Five categories are provided, and each partner gets to choose from a variety for their turn and answer the question on the card. 

  55. Picture Frame
  56. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-picture-frame

    The mat in this frame offers space for a 4″ x 6″ photo to be displayed. Space is available to place small trinkets from the couple’s history together, such as coins or shells from special trips. You can write the couple’s names on the small square cards to add a personalized touch. 

  57. Whiskey Decanter
  58. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-decanter

    A custom engraved whiskey decanter with a monogram on the front and additional text on the back, their wedding date, for example, is a beautiful, personal gift. The engraving is laser etched, so it’s long-lasting. 

  59. USA Photo Map
  60. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-USA-travel-map

    Travel-obsessed parents will love to display their adventures through pictures. Each new state traveled to can include a photo-op for the calendar. Also, a bonus online photo maker is available to prepare photos for the map and fit them perfectly.

  61. Photo Coasters
  62. anniversary-gifts-coasters


    List this one under anniversary gift ideas for couples who love hosting or hate seeing watermarks. This set of 4 coasters comes with a storage tray for safekeeping when not being used. To make this gift more special, you can print and place photos in the coasters before gifting it to the couple. They can swap out images to display their most recent life adventures or events. 

  63. Fisherman Mug Set


    A wedding anniversary gift for a couple that loves to fish, or a fisherman and his partner who accepts fishing as his second love. These ceramic mugs are beautifully designed, dishwasher and microwave-safe, and come nicely packaged in a gift box. You can add a coffee sampler set to make this a gift basket.

  65. Spa Gift Basket
  66. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-spa-gift-basket

    A spa experience is good for such a special occasion. The couple can pamper themselves and each other in the comfort of their own home. This basket includes bathrobes, bath bombs, dead sea salt, and mud soap, eucalyptus tea tree foot peels, a jar of charcoal mud mask product with applicator, and a pedicure tool. Anyone who needs some time to relax will appreciate this gift set.

  67. Sushi Date Night


    We all were shown in 2020 that we need to learn how to make our favorite foods. This sushi-making date night kit offers a fun night while learning a useful tool for sushi lovers. Included is everything beginners or pros need to make sushi. If you’re purchasing this for a couple that has young kids, I bet they’d even be happy to let you babysit so they can relax and enjoy their date night.

  69. Silver Anniversary Card


    A 25th anniversary is a special day which deserves a beautiful card in celebration. Inside reads: Your Silver Anniversary is a time to remember, a time to look forward, and to treasure always. May you know what others share in your joy and wish you continued happiness in the years ahead. Happy 25th Anniversary. 

  71. Hotel Gift Card
  72. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-hotel-giftcard

    A gift card often seems impersonal but hear me out. Getting a gift card like this for Hotels.com allows parents, which they likely wouldn’t take themselves, to get away even if just for a night in the next town. They’ll get to enjoy some time to relax and spend time together. 

  73. Movie Date Night
  74. parents-anniversary-gifts-movie-box


    The movie date night basket includes a bunch of different snacks to enjoy while watching a movie rental from Redbox. This will be enjoyed by the entire family celebrating together and is a great last-minute gift.

  75. Off-Duty Parents Glassware
  76. anniversary-gifts-for-parents-off-duty-parents-glassware

    A gift list isn’t complete without some glassware. Mom and Dad should be off duty when celebrating their Anniversary, even if just for a few hours. This set offers a pint glass and stemless wine glass, they are dishwasher safe and offer a quick clean up before the kids get back.

    Do you buy your parents an anniversary gift?

    While there is no hard and fast rule that you have to buy your parents an anniversary gift, many people choose to do so to celebrate their love and commitment. Whether a small token of appreciation or a more elaborate gesture, a thoughtful gift can help show your parents how much you care about their relationship.

    Some people give their parents an anniversary gift only if they’re celebrating a special milestone anniversary, like their 25th or 50th Anniversary

    What is the best gift for parents on their Anniversary?

    Are you looking for classic gift ideas for your parent’s Anniversary? Consider something like a beautiful piece of matching jewelry, a fancy dinner out, or a unique photo album or scrapbook that celebrates their life and relationship.

    If you want to make the anniversary celebration special, consider an experience gift like a weekend getaway or a cooking class. You could also create a personalized video or a unique piece of artwork that captures your parents’ love story creatively.

    It’s essential to find a gift tailored to your parents’ interests and personalities and think about what they enjoy doing together. Whether it’s cooking, gardening, traveling, or something else, look for gifts that align with their shared passions.