10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Decade of Love

By Candice Elliott | Updated: April 4, 2024

    Celebrating ten years of marriage marks an incredible journey of love and cherished memories, promising many more to come! A decade together is no small feat—it’s a testament to enduring love and partnership. Traditionally, tin represents the 10th anniversary, symbolizing the strength and resilience of a relationship that has weathered the test of time.

    Discover our top picks for 10th-anniversary gifts that perfectly commemorate a decade of marital happiness.

  1. Diamond Necklace
  2. 10-year-anniversary-gift-necklace

    The modern gift for a 10th-anniversary gift is diamond jewelry, so wow her with this diamond necklace. The necklace is half a carat on a 14-inch chain. The setting and chain are available in rose-gold, white-gold, yellow-gold, and platinum-and-white-gold. 

  3. Aluminum Star Map
  4. 10-year-anniversary-gift-star

    Are you looking for a 10th aluminum anniversary gift for your wife, girlfriend, woman, or particular person? What about a map to help you remember the beautiful times in your relationship? This star map recreates what the stars looked over you during your special night — the night you got married. It’s a unique gift.

  5. Personalized Wallet
  6. 10-year-anniversary-gift-wallet

    Put your message on this beautiful minimalist wallet with laser engraving on both the inside and outside. Made of leather, there are several styles and colors to choose from. 

  7. Matching Coffee Mugs
  8. 10-year-anniversary-gift-mugs

    Do the two of you have your coffee together every morning at every night after dinner? Maybe that’s why you’re still married! These cute kissing coffee mugs will make those coffee moments even more romantic! 

  9. Aluminum Sun Dial 
  10. 10-year-anniversary-gift-sun-dial


    According to tradition, the 10th anniversary is the aluminum or tin anniversary. This sundial is handmade by English craftsmen and forged from 99% recycled aluminum. The sundial is lacquered for durability against outdoor conditions and can be personalized for the lovebirds. 

  11. Aluminum Apple Watch


    With an aluminum case, the Apple makes a great modern (and traditional) gift. So whether they’re into working out or like to stay on top of their notifications without constantly being on their phone, an Apple Watch would be the perfect gift. 

  13. Hammered Tin Earrings and Pendant 
  14. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they don’t come cheap! She’ll love this set just as much as diamond jewelry. The earrings and pendant are 100% pure tin and have been hammered to give them that rustic look. 

  15. Aluminum Dancing Mosaic Letters
  16. 10-year-anniversary-gift-initials

    An aluminum gift for the aluminum anniversary. This customizable piece is made from recycled aluminum cans and transformed into a dancing sculpture that moves when the air stirs. The report can be the lovebird’s initials, monogram, or a word like Love or Home, whatever your loved one would like. 

  17. Tin Lucky Love Wind Chime
  18. 10-year-anniversary-gift-chime

    The 10th year calls for a tin anniversary gift, and this wind chime is perfect. Made from tin, recycled steel, and faux suede, the chime is handmade using a lucky horseshoe and tiny bells that tinkle gently in the breeze for a soothing, peaceful sound.

  19. Wedding Date Art
  20. 10-year-anniversary-gift-plate

    Commemorate the date of your special date with this recycled license plate art. Made from tin, aluminum, wood, and paint, it represents a traditional gift for the tenth anniversary, and the gift can be customized to any date special to the happy couple. 

  21. Date Night Dice
  22. 10-year-anniversary-gift-dice

    Roll the date night dice and let fate decide what you will do tonight. Then, add fun to your night with these stunning metal date night dice. Roll to get great ideas, and with 2 dice, you can get a mix of 36 different variations for your date night—a great novelty gift idea for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend to add some spice.

  23. You Are My Rock
  24. 10-year-anniversary-gift-rock

    When you reach your 10th year of marriage and look back, you wonder how you would have gotten through certain events without your rock. This thoughtful gift conveys that sentiment while including the theme of a tin anniversary gift. This rock is made of 100% pure polished tin. Natural stone is selected, and a cast is made from it and engraved with the words, “You are my rock. Ten years.” The tin rock comes in a gift box and includes a card detailing where the model rock was found. 



    A good pair of cufflinks make the perfect 10th-anniversary keepsake gift for your groom. These cufflinks are made from stainless steel and are accented with tiny, .03cctw white diamonds. 

  25. Framed Sound Wave Art
  26. 10th-anniversary-gifts-print

    This sound wave art piece is a unique gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The design is the soundwave of the words “I love you.” The print is on 4.6 x 6.3-inch bronze-colored pearlescent paper, and making it extra special as a tenth-anniversary gift, the black frame is aluminum—a thoughtful valentines day gift.

  27. Whiskey Glass Set


    Toast your tenth anniversary in style with this whiskey glass set. The set includes an engraved wooden gift box, two crystal-cut whiskey glasses holding 13.5 ounces, six stainless steel whiskey stones with a velvet bag, and slate coasters. 

  29. Wine Tumbler
  30. 10-year-anniversary-gift-cup

    Did you marry a unicorn in a stable of boring old mares? Or just a chick who likes attention and wine? Either way, this stainless steel wine tumbler is a fun 10th-anniversary gift! The tumbler holds 12 ounces and can keep hot or cold drinks at temperature for hours. 

  31. Fancy Cookware Set
  32. gifts-for-anniversay-pots

    Nothing says I love you (and your cooking) more than a shiny new cookware set. Stronger than stainless steel cookware, the hard-anodized aluminum exterior is dense, nonporous, and highly wear-resistant for the ultimate professional performance. Premium nonstick cooking surface reinforced with Gotham Steel Titanium and Ceramic delivers the ultimate food release. No oil or butter is needed for healthier eating, and it provides hassle-free, easy cleanup.

  33. Personalized Slate Plaque
  34. 10-year-anniversary-gift-plaque

    This slate plaque can be customized with any text you choose, your wedding vows, your wedding song, or anything else. The plaque is available in two sizes, 12 x 8 inches or 16 x 10 inches. Each plaque is printed with UV printing for a high-definition and scratch-resistant finish. The plaque also makes a romantic Valentine’s Day gift! 

  35. Keychain
  36. 10-year-anniversary-gift-keyachain

    This keychain is ideal if you want a sentimental gift to celebrate your 10th anniversary. A dime is stamped with “10 down” on the front, a heart around the date, and “Forever to go” on the back. In addition, the keychain can be personalized with a particular date or set of initials, and you can order a matching keychain if you’re looking for couples’ 10th-anniversary gift ideas. 

  37. T-Shirt
  38. 10-year-anniversary-gift-shirt

    Did you fall in love with and marry a gamer? Then, he will appreciate this t-shirt. The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s cuts, various sizes, and colors. 

  39. 2011 Art Print
  40. 10-year-anniversary-gift-print

    What happened ten years ago when the two of you entered wedded bliss? This print will tell you! What slang was around, and what were the popular styles on TV and in movie theaters? The answers to those questions are on this unframed print that measures 8 x 10 inches. 

  41. Leather Travel Journal


    Do the two of you share a love for travel? Have you shared many fun adventures over the last decade? If so, this leather travel journal is a beautiful 10th-anniversary gift. The journal measures 8 x 5 inches and has 120 pages of refillable paper, a slot for your mobile phone, and credit cards. The journal is also available for wives. 

  43. Guest Book Poster
  44. 10-year-anniversary-gift-poster

    Are you planning a party to celebrate your 10th anniversary? This poster is a fun and stylish alternative to a guest book. Guests can write a personalized message to the happy couple, and the sign can be framed as a keepsake. The poster does not include a frame and measures 11 x 17 inches.

  45. Personalized Cutting Board
  46. 10-year-anniversary-gift-board

    This personalized cutting or serving board is the perfect 10th-anniversary gift for a couple who loves entertaining. The board measures 11 x 14 inches and is made of bamboo.

  47. Happy Anniversary Conversation Starter Cards
  48. 10-year-anniversary-gift-cards

    Sometimes in a relationship, it can feel like you’ve run out of things to talk about! But, of course, you haven’t; you need new prompts to get the conversation flowing. The game provides more than 100 probing questions on subjects the two of you have never talked about or not talked about in years. The game is a fun date night activity. 

  49. Romantic Candle
  50. 10-year-anniversary-gifts-candle

    Anyone would melt at the sweet words on this romantic candle. The candle is ten ounces, and the scent is a fresh, clean blend of lemon, basil, and citrus.  

  51. Anniversary Card


    This sweet tenth-anniversary card counts down the months, weeks, days, and hours the two of you have been together, and anyway you look at it, they equal ten years! The card includes an envelope. In addition, we have a list of funny cards here if you want to add a little humor.

  53. Christmas Ornament
  54. 10-year-anniversary-gift-ornament

    It’s nice to collect a Christmas ornament for each year of your marriage so you can look back at your memories each holiday season. This engraved pewter ornament will make a beautiful addition to your tree.