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36 Great Gifts For Grandpa That Will Make Him Smile

Updated on June 6, 2021 Updated on Jun 6, 2021
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    Many of our fondest childhood memories are connected to our grandparents. So, when seeking gifts for grandpa, you want to find the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or Father’s Day gift, we’ve compiled a Gramps gift guide that’s fun, thoughtful, and pretty darn useful.

  1. Ugg Slippers
  2. gifts for grandpa slippers

    What Grandpa doesn’t need a comfy slipper? These Uggs are a smartly designed moccasin made with a rich suede outer and rubber traction sole. But the most essential part – the soft and cozy 100% wool lining. The perfect holiday gift for keeping his feet toasty while entertaining the family.

  3. Cell Phone Screen Magnifier 


    For every grandpa who’s ever said, “How do you see anything on that damn screen?” here’s the gadget he’s been waiting for – a phone screen magnifier, for a clear, high-def, Grandpa–friendly picture. In fact, it’s friendly for anyone who finds that watching videos on a smartphone takes a real toll on their eyes.

  5. Life Story Picture Frame
  6. gifts-for-grandpa-slippers

    This “life story” frame makes a beautiful family keepsake that can be cherished for generations. The frame comes as an 8 x 12 in classic black and features three spaces for family photos, each with captions that capture his most important milestones. An optional engravable plaque is included if you’d like to engrave your own message.

  7. Snack Box
  8. gifts-for-grandpa-snacks


    This box has it all, the snack collection of their dreams! It includes 50 different snacks, sweet, savory, salty, crackers, cookies, gummies, candy. Perfect for work, game day, and traveling, this snack pack is great for every occasion. 

  9. Spectacle Holder
  10. gifts-for-grandpa-glasses-holder

    If you’re looking for a unique gift for Grandpa, here’s the ticket. This wooden nose-shaped spectacle and sunglass holder not only looks cool, but it’s rather useful—the perfect gift for someone who’s always forgetting where they left their glasses. 

  11. Personalized Hammer 
  12. gifts for grandpa hammer

    Grandfathers have a special way of making a difference in our lives, so let him know with a personal message, whether he’s Grandfather, Grandpa, Granddaddy, Pop-Pop, or Pa.  A perfect gift for the granddad who loves to build and fix things. He’ll feel your love every time he bangs his hammer.

  13. Bedside Pocket
  14. gifts for grandpa bedside caddy

    Help him to keep his bedside or couch essentials handy with this convenient felt pouch. Just slide the sturdy flap between your mattress and foundation, or under the couch cushion, and the open pocket holds everything from books to remotes. The heather gray shade will complement any decor. 

  15. The Grandfather T-Shirt
  16. gifts-for-grandpa-t-shirt

    Give grandpa some street cred with this “mafioso” tee while telling the world he’s a proud Grandfather. Made of 100% cotton and pre-shrunk, it has a tapered neck and shoulders and is a classic cut for a looser fit.

  17. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks
  18. gifts-for-grandpa-scotch-toothpicks

    Now, grandpa can suck on a subtle version of a fine single malt scotch when he picks his teeth. These infused toothpicks feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky peat flavor. And, they’re made from sustainably forested wood. 

  19. Personalized Leather Bookmark
  20. gifts for grandma bookmark

    If Grandpa’s a bookworm, this unique bookmark makes the perfect gift. It can be personalized just for him with a name, date, or short sentence, while leather brings an elegant finish—a useful, clever, and beautiful gift for book lovers.

  21. 3-Piece BBQ Set
  22. gifts-for-grandpa-bbq-set

    Help him get his grill game on with this set of #1 Grandpa BBQ tools. The set includes a spatula, pair of tongs, and a grill fork, and each tool is made from heavy-duty stainless steel with brass-riveted handles. Plus, both the spatula and fork come with an integrated bottle opener. A tailgating must-have!

  23. Grandpa Magic
  24. gifts-for-grandpa-magic

    Guaranteed to make grandparenting even more fun, Grandpa Magic will also “crack-up” the grandkids. From the old “pull-a-quarter-from-behind-a-kid’s-ear” trick to various card tricks, stunts for the dinner table, and verbal puzzles, there’s something for everyone. Step-by-step illustrations make them easy to learn. 

  25. Engraved Leather Wallet
  26. gifts-for-grandpa-engraved-wallet

    Say, “I love you” every time he opens his wallet. Personalize the outside with his name or initials and the inside with a special message in your actual handwriting. A unique and thoughtful gift idea and, he probably hasn’t bought a new wallet since before you were born.

  27. Wallet Light Magnifier
  28. gifts-for-grandpa-magnifier

    The MiniBrite is a 3x the power, compact magnifier with a protective sleeve that slides out to cover the lens when not in use. Each magnifying glass contains a built-in LED light and is extremely versatile for reading books, newspapers, magazines, coupons, labels, stamps, hobby crafts, and more.

  29. My Life Story Book
  30. gifts for grandpa my life story

    Sweet gifts for grandpas to inspire a lasting family legacy, this uniquely designed journal is organized into nine sections; each containing thought-provoking prompts. From first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories to pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There’s even a section for listing things he hopes to accomplish next.

  31. Customized Face Socks
  32. gifts-for-grandpa-face-socks

    Help him keep afoot of the hippest fad in town with a pair of “face” socks. They’re super comfortable, and the photo printing looks great even when stretched over big feet. Upload a photo of your face, and he can gaze adoringly at his fave grandkid all day long.

  33. Portable Turntable 


    Bring back some nostalgia with this modern take on a vintage favorite – so he can dance with Grandma the way he used to. This portable turntable comes in a wooden suitcase design for maximum portability and will play 7″, 10″, and 12″ vinyl records. 

  35. Couch Bowl
  36. gifts-for-grandpa-glasses-holder

    Strategic grandpa snacking! This ergonomic, ceramic bowl is all about maximizing couch-eating comfort. It has an indented base for grip and balance and a notch on the side to secure the thumb, leaving the other hand free for crucial remote control maneuvers.  

  37. Book of the Month Club
  38. gifts-for-grandpa-book-of-the-month

    One of the best gifts you can give a bibliophile is a book subscription. Each month he’ll be shown five wow-worthy reads, he’ll pick one he’s interested in, and it’ll be shipped out. Books are selected with an emphasis on early releases, fresh perspectives, and debut authors. If he gets behind, he can skip a month or roll the credits into next month!

  39. Folding Sports Chair
  40. gifts-for-grandpa-chair

    This smart chair is made of durable polyester canvas on a folding and lightweight aluminum frame. Perfect whether he loves to camp or just sit in the backyard and read. But the features don’t stop there. There’s a padded seat, padded armrests, a fold-out side table, a hanging armrest caddy for holding books, two insulated beverage pockets, and many additional pockets. 

  41. Cozy Robe
  42. gifts-for-grandpa-robe

    Gifts for Grandpa are easily sorted with this cozy Scottish tartan robe that instantly warms up cool mornings with ultrasoft cotton flannel and a toasty-warm sherpa fleece lining. All Pop-Pop needs now is a cigar, some whiskey, and a cool armchair.

  43. Expedition Watch


    The Expedition Solar’s technology draws power from any light source, including indoor lighting, to keep on ticking – with a power reserve that lasts for months between charges. It’s well-built for any adventure, but it really just looks great no matter where Grandpa does or doesn’t roam. 

  45. Chess Set


    This etched chess board is made from beech and birch wood, giving it a classic, handmade feel that chess enthusiasts will appreciate. The weighted, felt-bottom chessmen are handmade from hornbeam and sycamore wood, and there’s room inside the board to store each chess piece securely. Game on, Gramps!

  47. Mystery Tackle Box
  48. gifts-for-grandpa-tackle-subscription

    For the angling Pa, why not get him a fishing tackle mystery box? Inside, he’ll find about $25 worth of the best quality fishing lures around, including hard baits, skirted jigs and spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and terminal tackle. Designed for freshwater bass fishing, he’ll also get tips and instructions to help him catch more fish.

  49. Grandparent/Grandchild Pen Pal Kit
  50. gifts-for-grandpa-penpal-kit

    Here’s everything he needs to set up a wonderful pen-pal correspondence with his grandchildren – especially those that may be long distance. This sweet stationery kit includes eight envelopes, four letter prompts, four card prompts, and a card storage/keepsake box.

  51. Pistachio Pedestal
  52. gifts-for-grandpa-pistachio-bowl

    One of those perfect gifts for Grandpas who are hard to please, this two-tiered server is perfectly designed to solve the pistachio nut’s perennial problem: leftover debris that piles up in your hand, pocket, or all over the floor.

  53. Edison Desk Lamp
  54. gifts-for-grandpa-edison-lamp

    Bring a little nostalgic, steam-punk to Gramp’s space with a vintage Edison light. Simple but sophisticated, it’s the perfect desk or side-table lamp and requires no assembly. With a convenient dimmer, it’ll fit any standard screw-base Edison bulb (E26 E27) – which is not included. So make sure you grab him some of those bulbs over here.

  55. Magnetic Tool Wristband
  56. gifts-for-grandpa-magnetic-tool-wristband

    Save Grandpa’s back and mood while he’s doing his DIY repairs. This little wristband is embedded with 15 super strong magnets for holding screws, nails, bolts, scissors, and small metal tools that are easily dropped and lost. He’ll doesn’t know how much he’s been missing one of these “newfangled doohickeys” in his life.

  57. Personalized Weeder
  58. gifts-for-grandpa-weederIf Gramp’s is always going on about how “They don’t make things like they used to,” then this one’s for him. “Grampa’s Weeder” has been pulling out weeds for over a hundred years. With an ingenious “stand-up” design and extra-long handle (his back will thank you), this bestseller remains one of the most effective weed removers around – with no need for toxic chemicals.

  59. Puffer Jacket Beer Coozie
  60. gifts-for-grandpa-beer-koozie

    Keep Pa’s hands warm with this little puffer jacket beer koozie. Guaranteed to charm both him and anyone he’s drinking with. Soft nylon on the outside, metallic lining on the inside, his beer will stay as cool as he’ll look holding it. 

  61. National Parks Trivia Game 
  62. gifts-for-grandpa-trivia-game

    Let’s face it, most grandparents love a good vacay to a National Park, and by their age, they’ve probably hit up a few. This trivia game has over 600 questions to challenge their knowledge, but it also allows for “guesstimation” – closest guess wins – to ensure a fun game with those around them of all ages. 

  63. Engraved Compass
  64. gifts-for-grandpa-compass

    This beautiful compass is perfect for the retired and traveling Grandpa – or just one who loves to go out in the backyard and find due North. This personalized compass can be engraved on the front, back, and/or either side of the lid. 

  65. Grandpa’s Ice Cream Shovel


    The best Grandpas deserve ice cream, and Papa’s dessert never looked so stylish with this tablespoon-sized, shovel-style spoon. Maybe if you’re good, Papa will share his icecream! 

  67. Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag
  68. gifts-for-grandpa-toilety-bag

    It’s highly possible that Grandad’s toiletry bag is as old as the hills. Or a cheap and easy version he snagged from the pharmacy. So, impress him with this gorgeous, full-grain, hand-crafted, buffalo leather toiletry bag. It’s both durable and classy.

  69. Whiskey Glass Personalized Gift Set 
  70. gifts-for-grandpa-whiskey-gift-setTreat the coolest patriarch and his favorite vices with a classy “ammo box” whiskey gift set. It includes a personalized ammo box packed with two personalized rocks tumblers, a cigar cutter, and a lighter. A classy, thoughtful, and memorable gift that’ll make all other family members envious.

  71. Neck Massager with Heat
  72. gifts-for-grandpa-massager

    Finally, if all else fails, not many grandparents would say no to a really good shiatsu neck massager. With eight deep massage nodes that provide comfortable heat (119℉), this lil’ baby has three adjustable speeds and a car adapter cord so he can take it on trips with him. Plus, if Pa falls asleep, there’s overheat protection and a 15-minute auto shut-off.