29 Gifts for Piano Players That Strike the Perfect Note

By David Lautaret | Updated: March 27, 2024

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the piano player in your life, then look no further! We’ve compiled the ultimate list for those who like to tickle the keys! Of course, the hardest part will be choosing which awesome gift ideas to give the piano-loving person in your life!

  1. Grand Piano Ornament
  2. piano-gifts-ornament

    This beautiful Christmas ornament will take pride of place on their tree each holiday season and it’s pretty enough to display all year! The wooden ornament comes in a gift box, ready for giving. 

  3. Adjustable Exercise Finger Strengthener 
  4. piano-gifts-finger-exercise

    This all-in-one hand exerciser is one of the best gifts for piano players to build grip strength and strength in their fingers. It works great for those who play piano, bass, guitar, or any instrument where you need to have a firm grip for a long time. It also works great for sports enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy rock climbing and other grip-related activities! Individual finger tension is adjustable from 4LB to 7LB. 


    They’re just keys on an instrument to the untrained eye, but those 88 notes are a pianist’s foundations of expression, joy, and history. So give the major and minor chord creator this handmade cuff links set in your world. Painstakingly carved from holly and ebony, these conversation-starting accessories are a sharp addition to their jazz brunch dapper duds or even their concerto-watching formal wear. 

  5. Mechanical Black Metronome 
  6. piano-gifts-metronome

    Proper timing is one of the most challenging skills for musicians to master. Playing with a metronome is a great way to make sure you’re keeping time, whether you are a guitar player, piano lover, drum smasher, or any other instrument requiring constant pace. This beautiful metronome comes in four colors and will make a difference for the piano lover lucky enough to practice with it! 

  7. Silver Plated Vintage Desk Grand Piano Clock
  8. piano-gifts-desk-clock

    This gorgeous silver-plated grand piano clock makes a tremendous Mother’s Day gift idea for that mom in your life who has a soft spot for piano and watches. The beautiful piano desk clock is chrome plated and is embedded with premium Matashi Crystals. It is crafted to perfection, adding elegance and luxury to every room. This piano measures 2.25x2x3-inches, making it the perfect gift idea for anyone in your life who loves the piano! 

  9. Piano Bamboo Cheese Board
  10. piano-gifts-bamboo-cheese-board

    The Piano cheese board is the perfect gift for the pianists, singers, or general music lovers in your life, as long as they also love cute little cheese boards. The cheese board is a baby grand piano-shaped, split-level cutting board made of rich bamboo that reveals three brushed stainless steel wine and cheese tools inside the ‘piano,’ including a fork-tipped cheese knife, cheese fork, and corkscrew. Details like the engraved keyboard and stick that props up the piano lid will make this a conversation piece at your next dinner party!

  11. Piano Music Box
  12. piano-gifts-music-box

    This gorgeous grand piano music box is perfect for any home or office desk! Made of acrylic, you can see the inner workings. The music box plays Canon in D. 

  13. Metal Music Book Clip
  14. piano-gifts-music-book-clip

    Few things in life are worse than when a keyboardist plays classical music, and their page closes right before the grand finale. This stunningly stylish book clip page holder is perfect for keeping your sheet music open and your audiences in awe. This music book clip is a great gift for that piano player who loves to play in front of a live audience! 

  15. I Don’t Make Mistakes T-Shirt.
  16. piano-gifts-mistakes-t-shirt

    If you have a favorite musical instrument, this cool piano design is just for you. This funny shirt is available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes and five different colors. It makes a fun stocking stuffer gift idea for Christmas, Father’s Day, a birthday, or any other present-giving occasion. So get this present for your extraordinary musician, pianist, or music lover!

  17. Cedar Thumb Piano
  18. piano-gifts-cedar-thumb-piano

    This petite instrument carries with it thousands of years of Zimbabwean musical tradition. The first version of this handheld thumb piano originated in Zimbabwe over 3,000 years ago. Lightweight and portable, the thumb piano was the chosen instrument of traveling troubadours, who would retell the history of their tribe in song. So whether you use it to write your story or teach little ones about music, this handcrafted thumb piano is the ideal instrument to carry a tune.

  19. Musical Stationery Cards
  20. piano-gifts-music-note-stationary

    This cute gift idea includes 50 sheet music postcards with 50 matching envelopes and a display box. Every handwritten note should be a personal experience. You want to impart some of your own individual styles and give the reader as much of your presence as possible. These fun music note cards are perfect for the piano player who loves music!

  21. Men’s Piano-Themed Novelty Socks
  22. piano-gifts-piano-novelty-socks

    These men’s piano novelty socks are perfect for the pianist or any classical music lover. The keyboard patterns run the entire length of the foot and ankle, making it an incredibly sexy gift to give that music-loving man in your life! This sock is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday presents, and much more!  

  23. LED Music Light Stand
  24. piano-gifts-led-light

    This gorgeous LED music light stand is perfect for seeing your sheet music on a darkened stage. This light has three color temperatures, including 3000K warm, 6500K white, & 4200 mixed. Additionally, each color has three brightness levels- Low/Medium/High. Express yourself by customizing your light pattern by choosing different colors and brightness levels. This functional light is a thoughtful gift that protects your vision and reduces eye fatigue for piano and keyboard players.

  25. Metal Musician Figurine
  26. gifts-for-piano-players-figurine

    This beautiful metal pianist makes a fabulous gift idea for that piano-loving interior decorator in your life! This twisted-metal figurine works well as a tabletop centerpiece, a fun music room decoration, or a unique way to fancy a dining room! This piece measures about 6×6 inches, making it an ideal size for any room in your home! 

  27. Key and Note Piano Stickers
  28. piano-gifts-note-stickers

    This multi-color piano note sticker pack makes learning the note and note placement of every key on the piano! Chords will come alive as you look across your piano or keyboard and see the infinite possibilities at your fingertips. This helpful sticker pack makes a unique gift for that student just learning to play the piano or a Christmas gift for that music teacher who is always helping to teach the next generation! 

  29. Inspirational Piano Cuff
  30. piano-gifts-piano-cuff

    This gorgeous piano cuff bracelet makes a unique and fun gift to give that stylish piano player in your life. If they don’t play the piano but have always loved the look of a piano, then this bracelet will also work as a gift. This bracelet is squeezable, so you can customize the size to fit your wrist as long as your wrist fits within reasonable parameters. 

  31. Bach Bow Tie
  32. gifts-for-piano-players-tie

    The Maestro has arrived in style.  A beautifully designed silk bow tie that cleverly showcases the masterpieces of J.S. Bach. This silk bow tie is perfect for the musician, composer, or anyone who finds music inspirational. Understated, whimsical design. Hand finished in New York City. Comes in a cool tin can, ready to gift.

  33. Piano Ornament
  34. gifts-for-piano-players-ornament

    This beautiful ornament will take pride of place on its tree for many Christmas’s to come. The tiny details are fantastic, including sheet music and foot pedals. 

  35. Mini Crossbody Piano Keys Handbag
  36. piano-gifts-music-handbag

    This stylish crossbody handbag strikes the perfect chord for that fun piano player in your life who is always on the go! The bag is small enough not to be a nuisance but large enough to hold all your on-the-go essentials. The purse measures approximately 8×6-inches and will quickly become your go-to handbag! 

  37. 24-Key 71″ Keyboard Play Mat
  38. piano-gifts-keyboard-play-mat

    This kid’s piano keyboard is a fun way for your child to get active and learn about music. They can touch it with their hand or foot and play music on the blanket. This playmat will exercise your children’s ability to coordinate and improve their motor skills. It comes with an On/Off switch with a light and an automatic power off. It also folds for easy storage and travel. 

  39. Piano Keys Music Necklace


    This exquisite necklace is made from high-quality sterling silver and enamel. It makes an excellent gift for the piano player who loves to wear her love for the piano around her neck! A great gift for a piano teacher.

  41. Piano Coffee Mug
  42. gifts-for-piano-players-mug


    The novelty coffee cup is perfect for your piano player. The ceramic coffee mug is perfect for hot or cold beverages and can also be the storage for pens or as decoration on your desk.

  43. Pink Toddler Toy Keyboard Piano
  44. piano-gifts-toy-piano

    This cute toddler piano comes in pink or white and has 24 or 31 keys. Give the gift of music to a toddler in your life. Don’t give it to my toddler. I don’t want it in my house. But I’m sure your brother or sister would love for you to share with their toddler this wonderful gift. This makes a terrific gift idea for that older brother who used to pick on you and now has a toddler. 

  45. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument
  46. piano-gifts-handheld-instrument

    Have you ever dreamed about having a rhythm section ready to play at your whim? If so, this little powerhouse of an instrument is your new best friend/bandmate. It’s an instrument designed for your hands that connects a musician’s playing to the creative possibilities of digital sound. So tap, slide, and drum your way to creating countless songs on the fly without needing to tune a single string or set up a single drum. In addition, it makes an excellent gift for that piano player who wants to try something new! 

  47. Toddler Musical Toy Piano 
  48. piano-gifts-toddler-piano

    This fun and exciting musical toy piano is perfect for that baby in your life who is just starting to explore their surroundings by combining touch with sight and sound. This toy will teach your baby the first few notes and get them used to hearing and playing music. It’s the perfect gift to give that musical family in your life who wants to get their child started learning music early! 

  49. A Great Music Teacher Keychain 
  50. piano-gifts-music-teacher-keychain

    A Great Music Teacher is hard to find and impossible to forget. Show gratitude to your music teacher. This cute keychain is made from stainless steel. It is lead-free and, nickel-free, hypoallergenic. It doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish. If you want to say Thank You to that great music teacher in your life, then this keychain is an inexpensive but thoughtful way to do it. 

  51. Mini Crystal Grand Piano Music Box
  52. piano-gifts-music-box

    This piano music box is so exquisite that it will quickly become your favorite miniature crystal music box featuring a grand piano in your entire house! Equipped with Castle in The Sky’s classic and gentle melody, this pleasant-sounding music box has been described as pleasant to the ears. With good artistry and eco-friendly materials, this piano box is the perfect gift for relaxing your loved one’s life. 

  53. Adjustable X-Style Cushioned Piano Bench
  54. piano-gifts-piano-bench

    If space is an issue and you need to be able to put the piano bench away at the end of your session, or if you need a comfortable piano bench to sit on, this x-style cushioned piano bench is a must-have! Even if you already have a standard piano bench, this adjustable black alloy steel cushioned piano bench is a pleasant addition to playing duets and teaching! It holds up to 370 pounds and has three height options. 

  55. Teach Yourself Piano Book For Adult Beginners
  56. piano-gifts-beginners-piano-book

    Do you want to be a master like Chopin? Then you need to start at the beginning! Recommended by Rolling Stone Magazine as the best beginner piano lesson book, this book and the streaming video course are all that you will ever need to get started playing the most famous and cherished piano classics! Piano Professor Damon Ferrante guides you through playing the piano with step-by-step lessons for beginners and 20 streaming video lessons. This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of piano students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun.

    What are some fun gift ideas for piano players? 

    Are you searching for the perfect encore for the piano virtuoso in your life? You’re in luck! We’ve orchestrated a list of gift ideas that will strike a chord with any piano enthusiast.

    For the fashion-forward, consider sleek piano key cufflinks or a trendy tote bag adorned with a keyboard pattern. The player who likes a chuckle would appreciate a quirky mug with a fun saying, such as “I tickle the ivories. What’s your superpower?”

    Budding Beethovens will appreciate a personalized sheet music notebook, perfect for jotting down those spur-of-the-moment melodies. If they enjoy a tech twist, a digital roll-up keyboard offers flexibility and fun, ideal for on-the-go practice.

    Lastly, piano-themed decor, like a grand piano model or a keyboard wall clock, will let them showcase their passion at home. So whether your pianist is a seasoned concert performer or an enthusiastic beginner, these gift ideas will surely make their day a major success!