38 Fun Gifts For Music Lovers and Audiophiles In Your Life

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 2, 2023

    Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” For many people, great music is more than just an interest. Music lovers find great enjoyment and inspiration from listening, playing, or creating their music. 

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    What are some great gift ideas for music lovers?

    There are all kinds of music lovers in the world with different tastes in music, so if you’re searching for the best gifts for music lovers that’ll strike a chord (pun intended), we have got you covered. 

    Whether they’ll have the party playlists with the best vibes or they’re a musician or songwriter, our gift guide has something for all the music lovers and audiophiles in your life. From listening gear to collectibles to home decor, we have choices for any music-loving friend, so get ready to wrap and roll this holiday season. 

  1. Shower Speaker
  2. gifts-for-music-lovers-shower-speaker

    Nothing says ‘start the day the right way’ like a pre-breakfast gig for one! Whether you’re psyching up for an important meeting, seeking a state of zen ahead of a big exam, or fancy yourself as the next Adele…. the right music can boost your mood and get you firing on all cylinders long before your morning coffee! Stick it almost anywhere- each waterproof outdoor speaker also features a stable suction cup bottom that lets you stick it to shower walls, car windows, desktops, bathroom tile, kitchen counters, and anywhere you want great sound.

  3. Ice Cube Tray


    The guitar-inspired ice cube maker offers loads of fun and laughs. It’s time to kick back and chill, and here’s an excellent way to do it! Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink and stir it. It’s just the thing for jazzing up your favorite beverage. We love this gift idea for someone who loves their cocktails. Combine these with a bottle of their favorite whiskey.

  5. Record Covers Coffee Table Book
  6. gifts-for-music-lovers-book

    Record covers are a sign of our life and times. Like the discs’ music, they address love, life, death, fashion, and rebellion. For music fans, the covers express a period of a particular time in their lives. Many are works of art and have become as famous as the music they stand for—Andy Warhol’s covers, for example, including the banana he designed for The Velvet Underground.

  7. Music Bracelet
  8. This stylish thin bangle bracelet is great to wear alone or layered with other bracelets. Each item is delivered in a gift box ready for gifting. It’s an excellent idea for a stocking stuffer!

  9. Turn Table
  10. man cave gifts turn table

    This beautiful Victrola wooden nostalgic record player features six ways to play your music. They have features including a 3-speed turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM). CD player, cassette player, built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly play music from your Bluetooth-enabled device, FM Radio, 3.5mm Aux-in jack for playing music from any non-Bluetooth device (cable included), headphone jack, and RCA Aux-in jack.

  11. Amp Key Hanger
  12. gifts-for-music-lovers-amp-key-holder

    Hang your keys like a rockstar with the officially licensed Marshall Amplification Jack Rack! The JCM800 Standard Jack Rack Version 2.0 has a sleek upgraded finish comprising accurate amp materials, 4 Marshall guitar plug keychains, and one wall mounting kit with hardware. It makes a great addition to your home, office, recording studio, rehearsal space, or man cave!

  13. Smart Light Bulb 
  14. gifts-for-music-lovers-bulb

    Twist Solo into any lamp or fixture, and this standalone Bluetooth speaker bulb will deliver high-quality JBL audio and energy-efficient LED light anywhere you want. Easily adjust the sound and light from any smart mobile device with the Pulse app for iOS/Android. That means excellent sound and convenient light for podcasts, playlists, and streaming without the clutter of wires, cords, and remotes. It makes a unique music gift.

  15. Album Frames
  16. gifts-for-music-lovers-album-art

    Your record albums are part of who you are; some were the soundtrack of your first kiss, and others helped you overcome sorrow. Some helped you define yourself, and others made you dream of who you want to be. Your vinyl records deserve to be shared and admired. Our album mount can handle if you wish to display your favorite album on a shelf or your entire collection on a wall. This is a set of five frames. 

  17. Apple AirPods (1st Generation)
  18. gifts-for-teenage-boys-airpods

    You know what’s happening here. The Apple AirPod is THE earbuds headphone to get. If he’s ready to cut the cord and wear what the pros are wearing, he needs the Apple AirPod headphones! With their noise canceling and Bluetooth technology, these headphones connect to Apple and non-Apple products, making it a great gift idea no matter which phone he has. Hint: If he prefers a more in-ear feel, try the AirPods Pro

  19. Cutting Board
  20. gifts-for-music-lovers-cutting-board


    This guitar-shaped bamboo cutting board will be a hit in any music lover’s kitchen! The cutting board measures 8 x 19 x 6 inches and has a bottom lip to catch any liquid before it runs all over the counter. 

  21. Guitar Tongs
  22. gifts-for-music-lovers-tongs

    Is your music lover also a barbecue lover? Then these fun guitar-shaped barbecue tongs will be a #1 hit! It’s an excellent gift for music lovers and guitar players alike. 

  23. Guitar String Bracelet
  24. gifts-for-music-lovers-guitar-string-bracelet

    Wear your music. One-Size-Fits-All!  Bend it and shape it to fit any wrist. 9 inches in length. It is made from real guitar strings. It comes in a few colors and is perfect for stacking. 


    Music transports the soul and calms the spirit! So celebrate its effect on your life or your loved one with cufflinks from this music collection. We have a style to suit every need, featuring various musical symbols in colored enamel.

  25. Guitar Kitchen Utensils
  26. gifts-for-music-lovers-utensils

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for a musician? These 100% Bamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensils will rock their world. The ready box is cleverly designed to look like a guitar case—an excellent gift for a music teacher.

  27. Sound Activated T-Shirt
  28. gifts-for-music-lovers-led-tee

    So, how does this excellent t-shirt work? A built-in sensor controls the sound-activated light-up animation; when music comes, LED panel lighting beats up and down. This funny shirt will attract eyeballs everywhere. Suitable for parties, concerts, Halloween, or everyday wear.

  29. Record Wall Clock


    Music-themed wall clock made from an actual vinyl record. The size equals that of a vinyl record (12 inches). The clock face is a sticker. The clock movement type – quartz. Please note that there could be little scratches on the clock as it is made of used vinyl records. 

  31. Audiophile T-Shirt
  32. gifts-for-music-lovers-t-shirt

    Do you love music? Is vinyl your religion? Then it would be best if you had this Audiophile headphone tee. Earphones, headset, music, rock, metal, classical, punk rock, hobby, graphic tee Audiophile headphone tee makes a beautiful holiday present for anyone who loves music.

  33. Guitar Hooks
  34. gifts-for-music-lovers-hooks

    These wall-mounted coat racks will make a wonderful home decor gift for a music lover. These hooks are decorative, bringing charm and character to a particular home. They are ideally suited for foyers, hallways, and living rooms. It holds a maximum weight of 11 kg when mounted to solid wood or studs.

  35. Magnetic Poetry
  36. gifts-for-music-lovers-magnets


    Dave Kapell, the founder of Magnetic Poetry, suffered from writer’s block while composing song lyrics. To overcome this problem, he wrote down interesting words on paper and rearranged them, looking for inspiration. Finally, Dave decided to glue the words to pieces of magnets, and they made their way to the refrigerator door.

  37. Sony Headphones
  38. gifts-for-music-lovers-headphones

    The Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone is a large diaphragm foldable headphone designed for professional studio audio quality. This large-diaphragm, foldable headphones feature rugged construction, a secure, highly effective closed-ear design, and a 40-millimeter driver unit for clean, clear sound quality.

  39. Sonos Speaker
  40. gifts-for-music-lovers-bluetooth-speaker

    Wonder where all that sound is coming from? The technical answer – from a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom drivers, all meticulously tuned to the speaker’s unique acoustic architecture. In addition, we built Play:1 humidity resistant so you can enjoy your favorite songs in music-starved places like the bathroom and outdoor patios. All you need is WiFi access and a place to plug it in.

  41. Record Coasters
  42. gifts-for-music-lovers-coasters

    Creative and adorable decoration, a fun gift for all music lovers, will put a smile on your guests’ faces and, at the same time, will protect your table from any hot and cold drinks. The coasters are made from silicon; therefore, they won’t scratch your table surface and will protect it from any glass and cup in a stylish, funny way. With the Vinyl Record coasters, your bar will have a twist. All music lovers will appreciate the fun similarity of the good old Vinyl Records that became popular in the late 1920s!

  43. Mixtape Doormat
  44. gifts-for-music-lovers-mat

    The mixtape was a musical love letter in its heyday, specially planned to covertly express hidden crushes, power ballad-worthy connections, and good old-fashioned friendship. This personalized doormat welcomes guests to your home using the same nostalgic expression. While they can’t be furtively slipped through the slots in your cute lab partner’s locker, these time-honored tapes are best used indoors or wherever your musical taste may land. This is a super fun music gift!

  45. Record Dividers
  46. gifts-for-music-lovers-record-dividers


    Whether modern or rustic, these record dividers are an excellent choice for accompanying any existing interior design. They are a logical, practical selection for sorting, organizing, and cataloging their new or current vinyl collection.

  47. Ukelele T-Shirt
  48. gifts-for-music-lovers-ukelele

    Brighten up one’s day with this Hawaiian ukulele shirt. It is even perfect for any musician or music lover. These ukulele tee shirts are great gift ideas for men who love telling dad jokes.

  49. Drumstick Spoons 
  50. gifts-for-music-lovers-spoons

    Add musical fun to your cooking with the Fred and Friends Drumstick Spoons. This set includes one slotted spoon and one solid spoon. The spoons are made of solid beechwood. These classic wood spoons are shaped like drumsticks at the handle. Drum on your pots and pans when you’re not stirring. Each spoon measures 13 inches long.

  51. Headphone Stand 
  52. gifts-for-music-lovers-stand

    The Satechi Aluminum Stand and USB 3.0 Hub provide a simple storage solution for your Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphones or any brand of headset or headphones. Featuring a sleek design and three USB ports, it is more than a home for your headset—colors offered in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

  53. Guitar String Art
  54. gifts-for-music-lovers-guitar-string-art

    Handcrafted, made-to-order Dual Guitar, String Art. This unique guitar string art is the perfect addition to your home or office, adding a rustic touch and reminding you of your love for music. It also makes a perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or housewarming gift for a music lover or guitar player in your life. 

  55. Retro Style Bluetooth Speaker
  56. gifts-for-music-lovers-speaker

    This is one of the most unique and stylish portable speakers on the market. With a leather wristband, this retro speaker is sturdy and portable to take anywhere and listen to music anywhere. The vintage speaker has a built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery, allowing you to play up to 6 hours on this retro Bluetooth speaker. No matter what you must do while cooking, partying, yard work, garage, campfire, hiking, biking, or at the beach, listen to vintage speakers and music outdoors.

  57. Treble Clef Necklace
  58. This beautiful musical necklace would be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. The necklace is handmade of pewter and features an adjustable 16-18-inch chain. It is packaged in a pretty gift box. 

  59. Pop Up Card
  60. gifts-for-music-lovers-card

    You can never go wrong with a sweet card, especially one 3D! When opened, the three-dimensional jazz band pops up to delight any music teacher. Intricate and fun, this pop-up card also features a beautiful cherry tree in full bloom. They are fully collapsible, fold flat, and fit in their custom envelope. All cards are blank inside to allow space for your handwritten message. 

  61. Wall Art
  62. gifts-for-music-lovers-art-headphones

    This Banksy Inspired Wall Art is an oil painting done by a professional artist with more than ten years of painting experience. The gallery is wrapped and stretched with a wooden frame on the back, the edges are painted, and each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging out of the box.

  63. Old Sheet Music World Map Artwork
  64. gifts-for-music-lovers-map-art

    Pronounced “jee-clay,” this method is an advanced printmaking process for creating high-quality fine art reproductions. The attainable quality that giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork. The result is wide acceptance of giclee prints by galleries, museums, and private collectors. The term “gallery-wrapped” means that the canvas is stretched over the sides of the frame and secured to the back. This allows you to hang the canvas as is upon delivery. It’s often used and is perfect for more contemporary-styled artworks.

  65. Spotify Gift Card
  66. gifts-for-music-lovers-spotify

    Spotify – Music for every moment. Spotify is a streaming service and a new way to listen to music. Choose from millions of tracks and albums on your computer, iPhone, and many other devices. So whether you’re working out, partying, or relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you. 

  67. Stub Hub Gift Card
  68. gifts-for-music-lovers-stubhub

    Are they always talking about the last concert or music festival they went to? Well, then, this gift will not disappoint. They can use this on any of their favorite artists and splurge on those front-row seats. Hey, they may even invite you along.

  69. Pick Whiskey Glass
  70. Stuck In Glass products are handmade; no two are alike! The rock glass is embedded with a novelty guitar pick and accommodates a generous ten-ounce pour. It’s a one-of-a-kind addition to his collection of electric and bass guitar picks. It is guaranteed to impress! Please drink responsibly. 

  71. Mixtape Glasses
  72. gifts-for-music-lovers-glasses

    Take all-occasion glassware on a retro rewind with these colorful mixtape glasses. The blank tape allows partygoers to write their names or favorite power ballads on the cassette using the included wax pencil, giving you a personalized playlist and a great way to keep track of drinks. These are a unique gift for a music lover!

  73. Fun Guitar Strap
  74. gifts-for-music-lovers-guitar-strap

    Soft black cotton webbing at the bottom provides a comfortable wearing experience. Genuine black leather ends for durable and long-lasting usage. There are various applications for an acoustic guitar strap, classical guitar strap, bass guitar, ukulele strap, resonator strap, and banjo strap. They come in more than 20 patterns to express any personal style.