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40 Kick Ass Gifts for Chefs Who Have Everything

Updated on June 28, 2021 Updated on Jun 28, 2021
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    Is there a chef in your life? Lucky you! Want to keep those delicious meals coming? Whether you are looking for gift ideas for a professional chef or your favorite chef friend, we have a ton of great gift ideas for you. Here are our favorite and unique gifts for chefs.

  1. Chef’s Knife Roll Up Storage Bag
  2. Chefs are fussy about knives. They don’t want to use your crummy Walmart knives when they cook at your house, so they bring their knives along. This bag makes porting knives easy and safe. It holds eight knives and has a zipper pocket for additional “can’t do without it” cooking utensils.

  3. Cookbook Ends
  4. gifts-for-chefs-bookend

    Tired of having so many cookbooks that pile up all over the house? Why not add some elegance to your bookshelf or kitchen with these unique cooking bookends that will organize all your cookbooks! The book stoppers are the perfect gift to buy for your cooking friends and family members! 

  5. Funny Oven Mitt


    Honestly is the best policy. If you and your chef friend have a good sense of humor, this oven mitt will be a perfect gift for them. The best gift ever. It also helps hold hot pots. Super-insulated, and 100% cotton.

  7. My Family Cookbook
  8. going away gifts cookbook

    Taking the family recipes with you. From grandma’s lasagna to mom’s bundt cake, every family has recipes that transport them back to the kitchen in an instant. Help them bring back those food memories to the table from miles away. The book includes space for over 80 recipes in addition to tips, tables, and an introduction with useful cooking guides for kitchen novices.

  9. Garlic Roaster
  10. gifts-for-chefs-garlic-roaster

    Roasted garlic is nature’s original sweet and savory combination. This terra cotta roaster holds multiple bulbs of garlic and can be used to roast onions as well. The inside is glazed which makes for easy cleanup and the roaster is oven and microwave safe.

  11. Personalized Cutting Board
  12. gifts-for-chefs-cutting-board

    A chef probably already has a cutting board, but he or she probably doesn’t have a personalized cutting board! These custom boards are made from maple and are personalized with the last name or the first names of a couple.

  13. Spaghetti Monster Strainer
  14. gifts-for-chefs-strainer

    Don’t let his pretty eyes fool you. This spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re planning a spaghetti dish, this noodly master will grant your wish! Whether you require a more interesting colander to wear as a hat or want to enjoy some spaghetti-and-meatballs for dinner, this thing should serve as a viable tool for each of those tasks, all while looking so attractive!

  15. Gourmet Finishing Salt
  16. gifts-for-chefs-salt

    If you’re not much of a cook, you might think salt is salt. Au contraire! These are finishing salts and come in six flavors “Truffle & Salt”, “Fennel & Salt”, “Saffron & Salt”, “Fiori & Salt”, “Porcini & Salt”, and new “Herb & Salt”.

  17. Mixology Gastronomy Kit
  18. gifts-for-chefs-cosmo-kit


    A good chef can turn out a good cocktail and this molecular mixology kit will help them to do just that. It includes everything a beginner gastro-mixologist needs to start taking their Cosmo to the next level. 

  19.  Handheld Food Smoker


    A food smoker suffuses food and drinks with natural smoke flavor. The smoker comes with wood chips, but you can also use things like herbs, tea leaves, herbs and spices, and dried flowers to flavor food and drinks. 

  21. Citrus Mint Hand Soap
  22. gifts-for-chefs-citrus-soap

    Looking for the one thing to tie your kitchen together? Need an accent that is classy and well made? Tri-Coastal Design Citrus Mint Kitchen Caddy is sleek, cute, and functional! The three-piece set of citrus-scented liquid soaps and hydrating lotion fit perfectly into the included silver wire organizer. All the pieces sit on the edge of your kitchen sink, filling the atmosphere with a lovely scent.

  23. Loch Ness Monster Ladle
  24. gifts-for-chefs-ladle

    Look how cute! Little Nessie is poking out of your soup pot!  They are made of nylon, and the little feet keep them standing upright on the counter and in a pot. With the nice smooth grip, you can now with ease, serve all your favorite Soups, Stews, Chilies, and Sauces. 

  25. Portable Pizza Oven


    Turn most grills into a pizza oven! This stainless steel 11-inch pizza oven comes with a ceramic pizza stone that reduces outer moisture from the dough to get the perfect crust, crispy on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside. 

  27. Cutting Board Care Kit


    What is the best way to clean and care for wood cutting boards? It’s probably the most frequently asked question as it relates to cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other wood kitchen tools. This complete cutting board maintenance kit is our answer to this important question. Other companies sell different forms of wax, and a few that sell oil, but no one gives you a complete solution like this.

  29. Cast Iron Cleaner


    Cleaning cast iron sucks! You can’t just toss it in the dishwasher. But chefs like it because it’s such a good cooking surface. This badass, chain mail-looking scrubber makes short work of dirty cast iron. Also, you will feel like you are in the Middle Ages, which is awesome. 

  31. Sous Vide Cooker
  32. gifts-for-chefs-sous-vide

    Precision cooking enables you to produce results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. No dry edges and no rare centers. Food comes out perfectly moist and tender. This enables you to produce results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. Download the Anova App to easily monitor, adjust, or control the device from your iPhone and Android or other smart devices. 

  33. Beeswax Reusable Wrap
  34. Don’t want plastic touching your food? Trying to be more environmentally friendly? Then you will love this food wrap. It’s all-natural, made from beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. It’s reusable, lasting up to a year when properly cared for. 

  35. Salt and Pepper Mills
  36. gifts-for-chefs-grinder

    These elegant, sleek grinders are ideal for cooking in the kitchen and grilling BBQ outside and stylish addition to your kitchen and dinner table.

  37. Japanese Knife
  38. Classic l Japanese-style knife for cutting fish and sushi. Because of its length and sharpness, you can now easily slice through a sushi roll without squashing it. You will find out that using this knife can be beneficial for many different meals that involve delicate and soft products. The handle is made out of light brown wood and looks simple and elegant.

  39. Indoor Herb Growing Kit


    Chefs often prefer fresh herbs to dried herbs; the flavor is fresher. Now you can grow fresh herbs year-round and in your own home. This kit sits right on the kitchen counter and can be used to grow salad greens, flowers, and vegetables. The kit is hydroponic; the plants grow in water, so no dirt is mucking up your kitchen!

  41. Culinary Torch


    Chefs love fire. Fire and knives. That’s why they became a chef. Now they can play with fire right in the kitchen! We mostly think of these torches as a way to caramelize sugar, but they can be used for all sorts of things; searing meat, making roasted red peppers, melting cheese, and toasting breadcrumbs. This is one handy kitchen tool.

  43. Stainless Steel Soap
  44. gifts-for-chefs-steel-soap

    Regular soap doesn’t get the smell of things like onions and garlic off your hands. Weirdly, rubbing your hands on stainless steel does! You rub this “soap” on your hands under running water, and the smell disappears. 

  45. Compost Bin
  46. gifts-for-plant-lovers-compost



    So, you love composting, but it could be quite an eyesore in your kitchen? Here is your solution: This beautiful cream-colored compost bin. This vintage-style bin WILL be noticed, and it will impress. You will enjoy just looking at it. An environmentally friendly way to create nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants or garden. A handy and convenient way to collect scraps for the compost pile or larger outdoor bin: fewer long trips to the larger compost bin. Just place your scraps, banana and orange peels and apple cores in the bin – once the bin is full, take it outside to your larger composter with the convenient carry handle.

  47. Sur La Table Gift Cardgifts-for-chefs-gift-card
  48. Can’t decide on a gift? We have a great solution: a Sur La Table gift card. They’re perfect for family and friends, and you can let the recipient delight in choosing from our fabulous culinary collection.

  49. Steel Herb Chopper
  50. gifts-for-chefs-herb-chopper


    This beautiful herb chopper cuts up herbs beautifully. The chopper is crafted from superior grade stainless steel, which conserves its ability to perform multiple tasks in the kitchen. The holes in the blade allow you to pass and strip your favorite herbs and leafy greens. This easy-to-use stainless steel chopping tool is top-ranked among cooking enthusiasts and chefs.

  51. Japanese Salt Cellar
  52. gifts-for-chefs-salt cellar

    The history of producing ceramic ware is ancient. It began hundreds of years ago. We tried to learn the traditional skills from history and combine the new technique to produce their products. They have been trying to keep our ideology since the beginning. It consists of three concepts: Good Looking, The Good Touch, and handy.

  53. Kitchen Scissors
  54. It might seem strange to a non-chef to use scissors in the kitchen, but there are some tasks that they are much more suited for than a knife-like butterflying a whole chicken, cutting bones, and snipping herbs. You can also use these scissors for cracking nuts and opening a beer. 

  55. Jadeite Mixing Bowl Set
  56. This set of three Jadeite mixing bowls comes in 20, 40, and 65 ounces. They can be nested for easy storage and come in a variety of colors. 

  57. Mason Jar Ceramic Kitchenware Set
  58. Mason jars are an American classic. They’ve been around since 1858 and can be almost considered American folk art. This three-piece set includes a spoon rest, measuring spoons, and stackable measuring cups and all are made of ceramic.

  59. Fire Fighter Fire Suppressant

    Even seasoned (see what I did there?) aren’t immune from the occasional kitchen fire. This can put out electric, kitchen, grease, oil wood, and even gasoline fires, although you are unlikely to have gasoline fires in your kitchen. Once used, the residue can be cleaned up just by wiping it away. It’s non-toxic, non-irritant (won’t sting or burn your skin or eyes), and biodegradable. 

  61. Cedar Grilling Planks
  62. Cooking food on a cedar plank infuses it with a lovely cedar flavor. Salmon is the go-to, but you can also use these planks for cooking other types of fish, beef, chicken, and pork. 

  63. Sushi Socks
  64. Even if the chef in your life isn’t a sushi chef, they will still love these fun socks. Hell, everyone loves fun sushi socks! At just $10 a pair, you can use these as stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

  65. Chef’s Mat
  66. gifts-for-chefs-mat

    If you’ve ever had a job where you were on your feet all day, you can appreciate why this is such a wonderful gift for a chef. This mat helps cut down on the back and knee pain, and the fatigue those who stand a lot can develop. 

  67. Knife Sharpener


    As previously mentioned, chefs are fussy about knives, and part of that means they like to make sure their knives are always sharp. It’s a safety thing. Cutting things with a dull knife is dangerous, pressing down hard enough to cut can cause the knife to slip and cut your hand. This knife sharpener will keep knives in tip-top shape. This knife sharpener would make the perfect gift for the chef in your life.

  69. French Press
  70. Forget the old school drip, coffee maker. Coffee made in a French press tastes better, and chefs have discerning palates. And if you’re going to have a French press, why not one made by one of the most respected cookware makers in the world, Le Creuset? Ohh la la!

  71. Chef’s Mitts


    Chefs suffer a lot of burns no matter how careful they are, so why not try to cut down on that number? These mitts protect from heat, cold, and slippage. It’s water repellent, which helps prevent steam and liquid burns, the nastiest kind. 

  73. Where Chefs Eat
  74. The mailman doesn’t go for a walk on his day off. While a lot of chefs do enjoy cooking at home, you can see why sometimes they want someone else to cook for them. This book covers a lot of ground, more than 3,000 restaurants in more than 70 countries. So your chef will never go hungry. 

  75. Cuisinart Scale
  76. -gifts-for-chefs-scale

    Cuisinart’s Kitchen Scales offer versatile weighing options where you can weigh directly on the platform or use an additional bowl or cover for sanitary, safe food handling. The stainless steel covers are dishwasher safe, as well as the removable dishwasher safe weighing platforms. They offer accurate readings on the large, easy to read LCD screens in either Imperial and Metric mode. The touchpad buttons are easy to clean and features a Tare function that allows you to weigh multiple ingredients without starting from scratch. The sleek styling of our Kitchen Scales are ideal for displaying on the countertop or storing in cabinets or shelves.

  77. Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
  78. gifts-for-chefs-thermometer

    Search “chugod” in Appstore or Google Play, or scan the QR code in the instruction with your phone. Then plug the bbq thermometer. Probe into the food, choose the food type, and done degree in the App. The oven thermometer will do the rest. Super easy to read the current data, also has a super backlight so that the barbecue can be done at night as usual. The ideal partner for picnic,
    grill, party. A great grill tool for any chef.

  79. Gelato Maker
  80. gifts-for-chefs-gelato-maker

    This one is a little pricey, but we promise they would love this Italian gelato maker!  Make decadent ice cream, rich, creamy gelato, and light sorbet that your family will love, all in the comfort of your own home. The easy to use, fully automatic Cuisinart ICE-100 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker features a commercial-style compressor so you can make batch after batch without waiting. Two unique mixing paddles and a 60-minute countdown timer work to ensure your homemade gelato, ice cream, or sorbet has a perfect consistency.

    The Perfect Gift

    It can be hard to shop for gifts. This list has something for every chef on your gift list. Happy shopping! I hope this gift guide helped you out.