30 Thoughtful Gifts For Chemo Patients

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: February 27, 2023

    Cancer’s no cause for celebration, but the grit it takes to fight it deserves bolstering. Whether they’re facing chemo, radiation, surgery (or all three), they’ll appreciate being pampered with useful, inspiring, funny, or luxurious gifts. Our suggestion: pick a few items and design a care package unique to them.

  1. Skincare Essentials


    This skincare range was created by a cancer survivor with a team of oncologists and dermatologists to ease the harsh side effects of cancer treatments. The cleansers, lotions, and lip balms have since become a favorite with patients of both sexes.

  3. A Blanket Of Positivity
  4. gifts-for-cancer-patients-blanket

    A super-soft blanket is a perfect partner for chemo transfusions to give comfort, warmth and to make things feel more like home. This inspiring microfiber throw (in multiple colors) is so loved it has a 5-star review among 10,000 people on Amazon.

  5. A Fun T-Shirt
  6. gifts-for-cancer-patients-tshirt

    Fun gifts in a “pamper hamper” are a must, and most loved ones will appreciate a little humor – like this tee, made from super-soft, ringspun cotton, in a multitude of unisex colors and sizes.

  7. Glass Water Bottle
  8. gifts-for-chemo-patients-bottle

    Hydration is extremely important during chemotherapy, so a glass water bottle is one of the best gifts for cancer patients. This one not only looks cool, but it has an easy-open function – twist the cap just 120 degrees and voila – helpful for any chemo fingertip numbness. 

  9. A Box of Smiles
  10. gifts-for-cancer-patients-box-of-smilesInspire love and good vibes with this thoughtful gift of happy quotes. Each “You’re Awesome” box includes 30 pop-open cards, each with an inspiring quote inside. Or choose from 21 other themes.

  11. Support Bracelet
  12. gifts-for-cancer-patients-braceletThis heartfelt brass and leather bracelet reads “nobody fights alone” and says everything you want them to know– simply but powerfully. The writing has been burned into the leather, so it’ll never fade.

  13. Port Pillow
  14. gifts-for-cancer-patients-port-pillow

    Chemo patients have a small port placed beneath the skin for easy vein access until treatment is over. But it can be really uncomfortable when wearing a seatbelt. Enter the port pillow, a hugely useful cancer gift. If they’re also undergoing a mastectomy, try this one.

  15. Organic Ginger Tea
  16. gifts-for-cancer-patients-ginger-tea

    Pukka organic ginger tea is a great tea for relieving nausea during cancer treatments. The combination of organic ginger, galangal, golden turmeric, and licorice root is caffeine-free and ethically sourced.

  17. Pre-Tied Head Scarf
  18. gifts-for-cancer-patients-head-scarf

    These bamboo pre-tied headscarves are stylish, ultra-soft, simple to slip on and give confidence to hair loss. If you’re not sure of their style, grab them a gift card to browse turbans, beanies, sun hats, and men’s hats.

  19. Funny Adult Coloring Book


    Gotta bring some laughs to chemo. This hilarious coloring book is a perfect gift for cat lovers and may just become one of their favorite gifts. You should probably grab some colored pencils while you’re at it.

  21. Wine Tumbler


    The wine lover in your life may be taking a vino break while she kicks that cancer, but in the meantime, she can drink tea from this tumbler loud and proud. It’s unbreakable with a BPA-free lid and comes with a straw and straw brush.

  23. You Got This Ornament
  24. gifts-for-cancer-patients-clay-heart

    A simple, handmade heart to motivate a loved one to keep going. No need for a Christmas tree; this ornament can be hung anywhere. If a keyring is more their thing, these also make beautiful gifts.

  25. Lucky Socks
  26. gifts-for-cancer-patients-socks

    Comfy socks make a top gift, but my friend swears by her lucky superhero socks that helped her feel invincible through chemo. Gift them all the superhero powers you can muster, complete with capes! Wonder woman is over HERE.

  27. Queasy Drops
  28. gifts-for-cancer-nausea-candy

    These nausea candies are very popular for care packages and loved by many in chemo. They contain essential oils and plant botanicals proven to relieve nausea and use only natural colors. 

  29. Positivity Tote Bag
  30. gifts-for-cancer-patients-tote

    A bright, inspiring tote is the perfect vessel for creating a chemo “gift basket” and can include all the things a family member might need during treatment. You could also make homemade gift certificates for a pedicure, housecleaning sessions, or to walk their pooch.

  31. Jumbo Puzzle Book 
  32. gifts-for-cancer-patients-puzzles

    Sometimes chemo can mean hours hooked up to a machine. That’s why puzzles, books, audiobooks, and magazines make such great gift ideas. This collection includes 400 puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku, Word Roundup, and Hidato.

  33. House Slippers
  34. gifts-for-cancer-patients-house-slippers

    Warm socks and slip-on shoes are a must for chemo sessions, and these men’s slippers are the perfect answer. They’re hip enough for outside wear but secretly hide velvet lining and fuzzy orthotic insoles. The reviews say it all! For women, check out these Dearfoams.

  35. Silk Eye Mask 
  36. gifts-for-chemo-patients-mask


    Treatments rooms can be bright and busy, so a sleep mask can help them tune out and nap if and when they want to. These silk sleep masks are bestsellers and cool and soft on the skin, in 24 fabrics to suit their vibe.

  37. Gratitude Journal
  38. gifts-for-cancer-patients-gratitude-journal

    A simple diary that asks daily questions can make journaling a lot easier. In this journal, each day includes sections for a daily focus, gratitude, personal affirmations, things they’re excited about, how they’re feeling, and good things that happened.

  39. The Best Kind Of Card
  40. gifts-for-cancer-patients-card

    No one with a cancer diagnosis wants a sympathy card. Either bring some laughter or choose a heartfelt card from someone who knows what they need – like survivor, Emily, of Em&Friends cards. 

  41. Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer
  42. gifts-for-cancer-patients-hand-sanitizer

    We’re all into hand sanitizer these days, but cancer patients have always had to be due to a compromised immune system. Organic French lavender covers up that less-than-pleasing alcohol smell and is renowned for being calming to the nervous system.

  43. Small Succulent Planter 
  44. gifts-for-cancer-patients-succulent-planter

    These small ceramic succulent planters are just 3.15 x 2.17 inches but deliver a BIG message. You’ll need to grab a mini succulent yourself, but this makes a noteworthy addition to any gift package you’re preparing.

  45. Bag Balm  
  46. gifts-for-cancer-patients-bag-balm

    Bag balm is an old staple, but one that many going through cancer treatments rate highly. It’s thicker than Vaseline and helps soothe dry skin, callouses, chapped skin, cracked hands, and feet.

  47. A Courage Angel 
  48. gifts-for-cancer-patients-courage-angel

    Willow Tree figurines are loved and collected the world over because they always deliver such beautiful sentiments. This one’s a Courage Angel and comes with a card that reads, ”Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration, and courage.”

  49. Motivational Tissues


    A tissue is always handy for laughter, tears, or chemo-induced runny noses, but these deliver an encouraging sentiment along the way. A perfect companion piece for any care package.

  51. A Crazy Sexy Book
  52. gifts-for-cancer-patients-book

    A “scrapbook” of resources for the cancer patient from a cancer patient. Carr covers topics like dating, appearance, boosting your immune system, recipes, medical and holistic resources, and info on young survivor support groups. 

  53. Comfy Wrap/Poncho/Cardigan
  54. gifts-for-cancer-patients-poncho

    Those who’ve been through chemo recommend clothes that are loose-fitting, comfortable, warm, and with easy access to one’s port (usually on the chest). These wraps are the perfect “I’m wearing a blanket, but I’m not” combo, and reviewers love how soft they are. 

  55. Surgery Gift Set
  56. gifts-for-cancer-patients-surgery-gift-set

    A rustic, no b*llshit, surgery good luck set for the “call-it-what-it is” friend. Includes a ceramic campfire mug, ceramic spoon, beeswax candle, a “ground coffee breath” handmade lip balm, a mini test tube of local ground coffee, and a muslin bag of matches.

  57. 750-piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  58. gifts-for-cancer-patients-gift-set

    This uniquely shaped puzzle celebrates strength and beauty with a die-cut of boxing gloves in bloom– a nice challenge for the puzzle lover when they’re resting up at home.

  59. Amazon Prime Membership
  60. gifts-for-cancer-patients-prime-membership

    If they haven’t got a prime membership, now’s a perfect time. Gift them the opportunity to have things easily delivered as well as plenty of films and series to keep them occupied during all the downtime.