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20 Brilliant Gifts For Nurses They Will Truly Love

Updated on March 24, 2021 Updated on Mar 24, 2021
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    Becoming a registered nurse or nurse practitioner is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Whether it is for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, nurse appreciation day, or just a little something special to show them you care we created a list of the best gifts for nurses we could find. You will surely find something on this list of gift ideas that will make the special nurse in your life smile.

  1. Thank You Cookies
  2. gifts-for-nurses-cookies

    Send them two pounds of delicious soft-baked chocolate chip cookies fill this customized paint can. Also available in the assorted cookie option which includes our famous chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, double chocolate fudge cookies, butter cookies, coconut cookies, peanut butter cookies, and more! Great gifts for the medical industry! Perfect for doctors, nurses, insurance groups, and more!

  3. Rose Gold Stethoscope 
  4. rose-gold-computer-stethoscope

    The Rose Gold MD One is not only fashionable but performs at the top of its class. Drenched in luxury, this stethoscope delivers crisp, clear acoustics for heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Its stainless steel construction, anatomically angled headset, ultra-sensitive diaphragm, extra-thick latex-free white PVC tubing, and super-soft silicone ComfortSeal Eartips all contribute to make it the dependable and high-performing stethoscope it is known to be.

  5. Wine Glasses
  6. gifts-for-nurses-wine-glass

    These wine glasses make a perfect gift for a nurse, nursing student or anyone on the medical field. After a long and stressful day at the office, tall glasses of wine is just what the doctor ordered. This clear wine glass holds up to 15 ounces of your favorite wine. 

  7. Monogrammed Stethoscope ID Tags
  8. gifts for nurses stethoscope tag

    Perfect for anyone that uses a stethoscope! These stethoscope ID tags attach to the tubing of regular stethoscopes and have a writable area in the back. These come in four different designs! Three of the patterns are Lilly Pulitzer inspired patterns. Great personalized gift for any nurse or a graduation gift for someone leaving nursing school.

  9. Compression Socks
  10. gifts-for-nurses-socks

    Nurses want good circulation in their patients but they need good circulation too! These comfortable non-binding and ultra-soft compression nurse socks provide advanced support and a touch of style to your work ensemble. 

  11. Anatomy Coasters


    After a long hard day at work, they are going to need s stiff drink. Each set of Brain Specimen Coasters comes with ten glass coasters. If you stack your coasters in the proper order and look from the proper angle, you’ll see a full brain. This is a great gift for a nurse who enjoys their libations.

  13. Heartbeat Necklace
  14. gifts for chefs heartbeat necklace

    This super cute high polish heartbeat necklace should be more than enough to pump up your look with its high polish wavelength-shaped pendant suspended from both ends of delicately dainty rolo chain.

  15. I Will Stab You Tote
  16. gifts-for--nurses-tote-funny

    This hilarious nursing tote is a great eco-friendly reusable. Generously sized to carry all of your goods. Zipper top closure will keep your belongings safe and secure. Made of 600 denier polyester construction is heavy and durable. Best of all, these totes are made from 50% recycled materials, so this is a purchase you can feel good about!

  17. Travel Coffee Mug
  18. gifts-for-nurses-travel-mug

    Nurses are running around all day. They don’t have time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. This travel coffee mug is just the answer. The 13 oz porcelain mug with plastic open-close lid that is food grade silicone will keep her coffee warm in between patients.

  19. First 100 Days Nurse Book
  20. gifts for nurses book

    Your first 100 days at a new job could be daunting—unless you go in prepared. First Year Nurse places the wisdom and warnings of hundreds of experienced nurses right at your fingertips.  Learn how to start off on the right foot, plan and prioritize, communicate, cope with challenging patients and keep your energy up (and stress down). This is the perfect nurse gift a nursing student or new nurse.

  21. Vintage Medical Photos
  22. gifts for nurses wall art

    These vintage prints are a super unique gift for the nurse in your life? This set of 6 beautiful historical patent prints will make a memorable gift they can hang in their home or office.

    Each 8×10 print is reproduction prints of the original patents which turn them into amazing conversational pieces! Prints do not come framed but you can get some frames for them here.

  23. Wine Glasses
  24. gifts-for-nurses-wine-glass

    These wine glasses make a perfect gift for a nurse, nursing student or anyone on the medical field. After a long and stressful day at the office, a tall glasses of wine is just what the doctor ordered. This clear wine glass holds up to 15 ounces of your favorite wine. 

  25. Jazzy Badge Reel
  26. gifts-for-nurses-badge-reel


    Let’s face it, nurses uniforms are not the most stylish so Tinker Reel badge reels can show off their style no matter what scrubs they are wearing. These swappable decorative tops will make carrying your ID badge or keys more joyful. The things you use every day should make you smile. Buttonsmith makes all types of designs so you can find the right fit for the nurse you are buying for.

  27. Syringe Highlighters
  28. gifts-for-nurses-highlighters


    The set includes six highlighter fluorescent pens in six different colors. They have a realistic syringe shape and will get the recipient some attention at work. Beware of pen stealers! Pair with a monogrammed notepad.

  29. Human Organ Lunch Tote
  30. gifts for nurses lunch bag

    This insulated tote will keep your precious ham sandwich and beer chilled, prepped, and ready to transplant right into your waiting stomach! Note- this bag is actually for keeping liverwurst, not livers!

    Each bag has a foam-insulated water-proof lining, a mesh interior pouch, and an ‘organ donor’ ID tag. Great for keeping your snacks alive and fun on the go.

  31. Morning Medicine Coffee Mug
  32. gifts-for-nurses-mug

    Nurses work super long hours and crazy shifts so they need their caffeine fix in the morning (or night).  The Morning Medicine perscription coffee mug is a great gift idea for coffee and tea lovers.

  33. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
  34. gifts for nurses hand lotion

    Nurses have to wash their hands constantly to get rid of any germ or koodies leaving their skin dry. This creamy balm with 20 percent shea butter, honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended to create this extremely effective formula.

    The rich texture leaves hands soft and can be applied as often as needed. From personal experience, this is hands down the best lotion out there. Pun intended.

  35. Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs


    Ahhhhh, Dansko. There you go again. Doing your all-day comfort thing. These professional,  classic stapled clogs, feature firm foot, and arch support, optimal shock absorption, and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom. These bad boys are available in a TON of colors and materials. Don’t worry guys, we got you covered too.

  37. Medical Pocket Organizer
  38. gifts for nurses pocket organizer

    No more digging through pockets with this handy pocket organizer. A white insert outfitted for style with color coordinated 5 1/2″ utility scissor, disposable penlight and 3-color chart pen. Great nurse gift for the organized type.

  39. Chill Pill Handmade Soaps
  40. gifts for nurses chill pill soap

    I am sure everyone knows someone who needs a stress pill this large. I know there are days when I need TWO! And that is exactly what you are getting when you purchase these. Made in a relaxing scent of orange, warm woods and soft floral tones. Great after long day at work.

  41. Pandemic Board Game
  42. gifts for nurses board game

    When they aren’t fighting disease in the real world, they can race to find the cure for diseases threatening to wipe out humanity.  Players must work together playing to their characters’ strengths and planning their strategy of eradication before the diseases overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks.

  43. Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray
  44. gifts for nurses brain ice tray

    This is your brain on ice. We humans are well known for our highly-evolved sense of humor – as evidenced by the ice tray that makes four frosty brains. So let’s celebrate our higher powers by raising a glass. Because a brain (not to mention a cocktail) is a terrible thing to waste. 

  45. Human Anatomy Shower Curtain
  46. gifts for nurses shower curtain

    The Dr Human Body anatomy chart shower curtain is a fun gift for your favorite nurse. They can brush up on their anatomy every morning before going to work to stay sharp.

  47. Bacteria Phagocytosis Travel Mug
  48. gifts-for-nurses-bactera-mug

    Make your favorite nurse a very cultured individual with this bacteria travel mug. This insulated travel mug is constructed with durable double-wall stainless steel travel mug technology to keep 16 oz. of beverage hot or cold for hours. Spill-resistant lid features convenient carrying handle.

  49. Nurseing Bag
  50. gifts for nurses tote

    A wonderful bag for the amazing everyday heroes we call nurses. Available in various background colors with white lettering. Great for carrying around their files, lunch or gym clothes for after work.

  51. ScrubCheats Nursing Quick Reference Cards
  52. gifts for nurses scrubcheats

    The ultimate nursing gift just got better. The latest in Clinical, Practical, and study help guide, has more information right at their fingertips! Includes 50 laminated cards covering the essential information you need. Each cheatsheet is color-coded by a system to keep them organized. The entire packet is about 1 inch thick and will fit comfortably in their scrub pockets. The perfect gift for nursing students or new nurses.

  53. Heart Diagram Tee Shirt
  54. gifts-for-nurses-t-shirt

    Where your heart on your sleeve (or chest.) This tee is designed for people who lovethe human body. These graphic T-Shirts are available in lots of different colors to cater and are availale for women and men.