27 Beary Cute Gifts For Your Favorite Panda Lover

By Candice Elliott | Updated: February 20, 2023

    Why are pandas so cute? Is it their big eyes, their round tummies, the fluff? Maybe it’s all those videos we’ve seen on the internet of baby pandas rolling down hills and playing in the snow. I don’t know, but everyone loves pandas.

    Even though all they do is eat and sleep all day long, we still can’t have enough of these creatures. Our gift guide has irresistible panda gift ideas, iSo if you want to find the perfect gift for a panda-loving human.

  1. Panda T-Shirt
  2. panda-gifts-shirt

    I wrote this intro before I found this panda t-shirt, but it perfectly depicts what I wrote! There is nothing cuter than baby pandas rolling and tumbling! This t-shirt lets them show their panda love wherever they go! The shirt is available in several colors in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes. 

  3. Chopsticks
  4. panda-gifts-chopsticks

    These chopsticks will make a bonus gift if they have sushi in that lunch tote! The reusable wooden chopsticks have a cute panda design on the top and adorable little ceramic panda figurines to rest the chopsticks on. 

  5. Panda Beanie
  6. panda-gifts-hat

    Why be cold when you can wear a panda beanie? The chunky knit hat is acrylic and one size fits most from three years old and up. 

  7. Wine Glass
  8. panda-gifts-glass

    This is the perfect glass to break out when it’s panda wine time! The stemless wine glass has an etched, not printed design so that it won’t wear away over time and holds a generous 17-ounce pour. Cheers to that! 

  9. Panda Slippers 
  10. panda-gifts-slippers

    Their feet will be cozy and snug in these fluffy panda slippers! Lined for warmth, the lining also breathes, so their feet stay dry. The bottoms are thick to protect from cold floors and have silicone grip dots to prevent slipping. The slippers are available in Women’s sizes. 

  11. Sequin Journal
  12. panda-gifts-journal

    The only thing that could make pandas more fabulous than they already are is sequins! Anyone who agrees will love this journal. The journal has 78 pages, a lock, and a key to keep their thoughts and feelings private. 

  13. Paint a Panda


    Paint your panda with this paint-by-numbers kit! The set includes a pre-printed canvas, three paintbrushes, and acrylic paints—the canvas measures 8×8 inches. 

  15. Panda Necklace
  16. panda-gifts-necklace

    Look at this little guy clutching onto his favorite snack, bamboo! The pendant necklace is sterling silver, and the bamboo leaves are green cubic zirconia. The chain is 18 inches long with a two-inch extender. 

  17. Kawaii Baby Pandas T-Shirt
  18. panda-gifts-shirt

    I don’t usually put two of the same items on my lists, but I couldn’t choose between this cute panda shirt and the one above! So now you have to choose! Or you can order both. The shirt is available in several colors in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes. 

  19. Panda Plush Toy
  20. panda-gifts-toy

    Gund makes the best plush toys! They were my favorite growing up, and I still have a Gund teddy bear that I got when I was four, so they’re high-quality and durable. But, of course, the best gifts are those they’ll have for years to come, and they’ll have this little guy for many years. 

  21. Panda Nesting Dolls
  22. panda-gifts-dolls

    These figurines are panda nesting dolls! There are ten pandas, and the smaller ones nest inside, the larger ones until they’re all inside the biggest panda. These are unique gifts for any panda lover. The pandas are handmade of wood, so each set is fantastic. 

  23. Throw Pillow Covers 
  24. panda-gifts-cushions

    Oooh, sassy panda home decor! It’s as if Cartman from South Park was a panda. These pillow throw covers are made of cotton and measure 18×18 inches. They’re suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Unfortunately, the inserts are not included. 

  25. Night Light
  26. panda-gifts-light

    This night light is the perfect gift to keep a bedroom cozy, and he’s cozy in his little scarf! The light is made of BPA-free silicone and has seven colors that can be changed with a tap. In addition, the panda provides up to ten hours of life after a full USB charge. 

  27. Storage Tote
  28. panda-gifts-tote

    This tote is great for storing toys, sewing or crafting supplies, holiday decorations, and out-of-season clothing. Made of a blend of polyester canvas and linen, it’s sturdy, durable, and adorable. The tote is available in several other designs. 

  29. Tote Bag
  30. panda-gifts-tote

    A cute panda bear tote is one of our favorite gift ideas because it’s versatile. The tote can be used as a beach, work, gym, or overnight bag. The bag has a zipper closure and a zippered pocket for your keys, phone, and wallet. 

  31. Panda Backpack
  32. panda-gifts-bag

    The little feet! That’s what panda fans will love about this backpack. Made of PU leather, the bag has a large zippered compartment and a smaller one on the front for small items that need to be accessed quickly. 

  33. Lunch Tote
  34. panda-gifts-tote

    What’s in a panda lunch tote? Bamboo! This one can carry lunch items humans prefer! The bag is insulated to keep things at the proper temperature, has a clear pocket outside for a phone, and is made of water-resistant material. 

  35. Panda Piggy Bank


    Who wouldn’t trust this cute animal with their hard-earned cash? Animal lovers and money savers will love this piggy bank. The panda is made of ceramic and will be a lovely addition to their bedroom. 

  37. Panda Coffee Mug
  38. panda-gifts-mug

    This adorable panda mug has a unique feature. When it’s cold, it’s black. The giant panda face appears when coffee or any hot liquid is added, complete with little pink cheeks! The ceramic mug holds 11 ounces.

  39. Tumbler
  40. panda-gifts-tumbler

    This tumbler is fantastic! The stainless steel tumbler holds 12 ounces of liquid and includes a lid to prevent spills and a slide opening for a straw. It keeps cold drinks cold for up to nine hours and hot drinks for up to three hours. 

  41. Sherpa Fleece Blanket
  42. panda-gifts-blanket

    Cuddle up and fall asleep with all the pandas! This sherpa fleece blanket measures 50×60 inches and is soft and fluffy, perfect for a child’s bed. There are several other panda designs available. 

  43. Panda Prints 


    Let these four panda prints cheer you on! Each of the four prints features a panda and some inspirational words. Each image measures 8×10 inches and is printed on art-quality paper. The prints are unframed and will make a sweet addition to a child’s bedroom or a baby’s nursery. 

  45. Panda Keychain
  46. panda-gifts-keychain

    You’ll never leave home without this little panda! This keychain will let you take a panda anywhere you go. Even when otherwise, it might look weird! The keychain is available in several colors. 

  47. Panda Charm
  48. panda-gifts-charm

    This tiny panda is a zipper pull charm. Attach him to a hoodie, a jacket, a purse, or a bag. Made of stainless steel, he’s a cute addition to their day. 

  49. Party Supplies
  50. panda-gifts-party-supplies

    It’s a panda party! This set has everything you need for an awesome panda-themed party. The kit includes 108 pieces, including plates, napkins, headbands, rings, bracelets, and keychains. 

  51. Panda Bandages
  52. panda-gifts-bandages

    These cute panda-shaped bandages will make their boo-boos hurt a little less! While a fun novelty gift, they are bandages suitable for minor cuts and scrapes. The applications are available in several other fun designs.

  53. Panda Stickers 


    Pandas everywhere! On laptops, phones, water bottles, notebooks, and more. This set of 50 vinyl stickers is water-proof and fade-proof, each measuring 1-2 inches.