31 Bunny Gift Ideas to Make Rabbit Lovers Very Hoppy

By David Lautaret | Updated: February 13, 2023

    If you’re looking for the perfect bunny gift idea for the adorable bunny rabbit lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!  Hop along with us as we’ve got the best gift ideas that will make them very hoppy!

  1. Bunny Night Light
  2. bunny-gifts-night-light

    This cute baby bunny night light makes a great gift idea for someone who needs to light up a dark place in their house! Whether you’re trying to give comfort to a child or make it easier for guests to find the bathroom in the night, this bunny night light makes an adorable addition to any home! 

  3. Bunny Mom Coffee Mug
  4. bunny-gifts-bunny-mom-mug

    This ceramic bunny mug is microwave safe and holds 11oz of your favorite beverage while repping your love for your furry friend! If you or a loved one loves bunnies and coffee or tea, then this is the perfect bunny-themed gift idea! 

  5. Vintage Rabbit Wall Decor
  6. bunny-gifts-vintage-decor

    The perfect gift for that rabbit lover with an antique look to their home. This item is well made of premium material for durable and practical use. The vintage color and artistic design will ensure guests will adore it for years. It gives people a sense of tranquility and elegance. It is a reminder of the old days and a perfect wall decor for your home, bar, coffee shop, hotel, and even office.

  7. Tea Infuser
  8. bunny-gifts-tea-infuser

    Invite Genuine Fred’s BREW BUNNY to your next tea party. Save waste and add a little fun to your tea time with the best-selling BREW BUNNY Infuser from Genuine Fred. The infuser is constructed from BPA-free silicone, which is soft, food-safe, and tasteless so that it won’t affect the taste of your tea. Fill with your favorite loose leaf tea and perch the tea infuser on your cup to enjoy perfectly brewed tea! 

  9. Cartoon Bunny Lightweight Sweatshirt
  10. bunny-gifts-cartoon-sweatshirt

    This fashionable cartoon bunny sweatshirt is just the thing you need to kick your wardrobe into high gear! It’s the perfect thickness to keep you warm on a chilly day but light enough to not be too hot. This adorable cartoon bunny sweatshirt comes in five colors, so you can always match!

  11. Wooden Rabbit Phone Stand
  12. bunny-gifts-phone-stand

    One of the best gifts for rabbit owners and animal lovers alike is a phone stand in the shape of their favorite cottontail, cuddly, cute animal friend! This wooden iPhone stand is too much! Made from high-quality and environmentally friendly beech wood, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for that rabbit lover who could use an extra hand to hold their phone! 

  13. Dessert Plate Stand
  14. bunny-gifts-dessert-stand

    If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth and you prefer cakes and candy to snacks, then we have the perfect holiday gift to help serve your baked creations in style! Topsy the bunny is a gorgeous glazed ceramic dish that’ll wow your friends and family. Add a touch of cuteness to your culinary repertoire and enjoy being showered with compliments this Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, housewarming, or any special occasion.

  15. Bunny Socks


    This four-pack of cozy bunny socks makes a great Easter gift idea for that friend who loves cute socks! These socks are a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex, and they fit women’s foot sizes 5-9. 

  17. Unisex Onesie Bunny Suits
  18. bunny-gifts-onesie

    This 8-pack of adorable baby onesies is the perfect baby shower gift for those new parents who need a few more cute articles of clothing! Baby Onesies bodysuits are indeed a must-have! These adorable, assorted Onesies bodysuits are made with a soft cotton fabric that’s perfectly comfortable against the baby’s delicate skin. Baby will love how breathable this material is! 

  19. Bubble Bunny Fuzzy Slippers
  20. bunny-gifts-fuzzy-slippers

    The insole in this slipper is constructed from 3 layers of memory foam and sponge material. The top layer is high-density memory foam which offers a steady, elastic, and comfortable foot feeling. The bottom two layers are sponge material. This design will help provide cushioned and supported steps so that you can walk comfortably from room to room. It can be worn indoors while lounging around and outdoors when collecting the mail or picking up the newspaper with the non-slip side-seamed waterproof outsole.

  21. To The Moon and Back Necklace
  22. bunny-gifts-necklace

    The beautiful crescent moon is an integral part of our lives, which symbolizes immortality and eternity. Two cute and lovely bunnies sit on the moon, signifying your love for a loved one. Whether these bunnies represent a mom and her kids, a lover, or just a very important friend, this “I love you to the moon and back” necklace is sure to be a treasured gift for years to come. 

  23. Solar Powered Outdoor Light


    Solar lights are great for gardens, walkways, steps, and cottages! Install anywhere that gets direct sunlight. During the day, the solar panel collects the sun’s energy and converts it into electrical power stored in a rechargeable battery. At night, the light-sensing technology automatically illuminates the solar fixture. No wiring, easy to install. Safe even near water. 

  25. Bunny Earrings


    These cute stainless steel rabbit earrings make a great stocking stuffer for kids who want to look all grown up. This inexpensive gift is a great gift idea for that kid who is eleven going on 30.

  27. Rabbit Chew Toys
  28. bunny-gifts-chew-toys

    Bunny owners rejoice! Maybe you think all these gifts are great, but you’re looking to get a gift FOR your pet rabbit. If that’s the case, then these chew toys should do the trick! This set covers most kinds of rabbit toys, like one carrot toy and two corn toys, one hang toy (6 apple sticks and five grass balls), four loofah toys, and one rattan ball. Also included is a little storage bag so that you can take your rabbit and its toys anywhere! Your bunny rabbit will fall in love with this chew toy set!

  29. Fidget Toy Crossbody Purse 
  30. bunny-gifts-fidget-toy-purse

    The surface of the tote bag is covered with finger pressable bubbles, which can activate the brain, improve children’s hands-on ability, and exercise logical thinking. Plus, it’s just fun to press. It can be used as a change purse, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or stress reliever toy when you need it.

  31. Faux Fur Fluffy Hooded Scarf
  32. bunny-gifts-hooded-scarf

    Need a fun way to keep your child warm through those cold winter sledding adventures? This faux fur hooded scarf will do the trick! The hat is thick and warm with double skin-friendly imitation rabbit fur, which keeps your child’s head, face, ears, and neck warm. It’s cute and fashionable and makes your child feel amazing!

  33. Crazy Bunny Lady T-Shirt
  34. bunny-gifts-t-shirt

    Do you love your pet bunny rabbits? Are you a crazy bunny lady or man? This cute T-shirt is perfect for a bunny lover who has pet bunnies. If you’re in the bunny thatch or at the bunny hop, wear this rabbit lover gift t-shirt to make all your friends jealous. This t-shirt is available in five colors as well as men’s sizes! 

  35. Watership Down Audio Book
  36. bunny-gifts-watership-down

    Watership Down by Richard Adams is one of the most thrilling rabbit adventures ever told. The narration in this audiobook is spot on and will keep listeners engaged whether they’re seven years old or seventy. Prefer to read the book the old-fashioned way? Would your children prefer a kid-friendly cartoon version of the tale?

  37. Bunnies Make It Better Sign
  38. bunny-gifts-bunnies-sign

    This Life is Good, but Bunnies Make it Better sign makes a great home decor gift to help decorate the new digs! This cute sign can be displayed in the living room, man cave, kitchen, or anywhere you want people to know that life is better with bunnies! 

  39. Melissa & Doug Stuffed Animal
  40. bunny-gifts-stuffed-animal

    Lop-eared Burrow Bunny has long ears and long, extra-soft plush fur. Sit him up with his big feet flopped open, or lay him by a pillow to make kids want to hop right into bed. Children will love the kind features and irresistibly soft plush of this charming rabbit stuffed animal. This furry bunny rabbit stuffed animal has been designed with high-quality materials that will hold up against constant cuddling. 

  41. Cute Little Rabbit Mug
  42. bunny-gifts-rabbit-coffee-mug

    This adorable tea and coffee mug is made of high-quality ceramic and comes with a stainless steel stirring spoon. It makes the perfect gift for that friend or coworker who is always up for a nice cup of coffee or a relaxing cup of tea! 

  43. Bunny Pajamas
  44. bunny-gifts-bunny-pajamas

    Gerber Sleep’ n Plays are the ultimate footie pajamas baby is sure to love! These soft footies are made with 100% cotton, a comfortable fabric that’s perfectly breathable to prevent irritation against a baby’s delicate skin. These baby gifts are appropriate to use as newborn footie pajamas as they’re made to comply with all safe sleep standards. They’re also available in sizes up to 6-9M to fit older or larger babies.

  45. Listen Up Rabbit Ear Print
  46. bunny-gifts-rabbit-ear-print

    The work of painter Spring Hofeldt celebrates two things: play and the everyday. Here, Hofeldt’s near-photorealist touch shines in her depiction of a plump green teapot, while her jocular spirit comes forward in the perky pair of rabbit ears that springs from it. Paired with a punny, instructive title (because, of course, such big ears are primed for listening), this charming print makes for an eye-catching, chuckle-inducing addition to any wall. Available framed or unframed.

  47. Bunny Face Mask
  48. bunny-gifts-face-mask

    Stay safe and protected while dressing up as a cute bunny with this mask rabbit gift. This mask is 100% cotton and 1000% adorable. It’s the perfect gift to help that reluctant kid finally be convinced to keep their mask on! 

  49. Rose Gold Plated Kids Bunny Necklace


    A fun Easter gift idea for the girl who wants to feel grown-up and wear necklaces like mom! This happy bunny necklace is plated in 14k rose gold and comes in a lovely gift box. 

  51. Bunny Bath Bomb
  52. bunny-gifts-bath-bomb


    This bath bomb contains an adorable bunny toy inside, and he’s holding a heart! Perfect for any occasion and holiday like birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Easter, and more. 

  53. Bunny Family Garden Sculptures
  54. bunny-gifts-garden-sculptures

    This is one bunny family you’ll be happy to welcome into your vegetable garden. Handmade from steel, this five-some can be arranged to tell a charming story of mischievous baby bunnies following their parents–a sweet addition among your herbs and flowers. Handmade in Arizona.

  55. Living Nature Plush Toy


    Bring the wild inside with this gorgeous grey lop-eared rabbit plush toy from Living Nature. Their soft animal toys come with educational fact tags, with information about their behavior, habitat, and diet inside! Learn, play and keep forever. Collect all 120 animals!

  57. Bunny Zone Home Decor
  58. bunny-gifts-bunny-zone

    At 12×6-inches, this cute placard is the perfect size for any room in your house. This home décor sign can stand against the wall freely on your countertop or hang from your wall. These plaques come delivered to your door in an elegantly designed gift-box package and are ready for any occasion.

  59. Happy Easter Amazon Gift Card
  60. bunny-gifts-gift-card

    Stumped on what they’ll really want? Let them pick for themselves with a Happy Easter gift card from Amazon. These Amazon gift cards never expire and carry no fees, making them an ideal stocking stuffer, Easter gift, birthday gift, or for any other occasion you can think of! 

  61. Ceramic Jewelry Display


    A whimsical yet modern bunny rabbit ring holder with enough space to keep multiple rings safe yet accessible. This fun ring holder is constructed of ceramic. These petite animal ring holders complement any décor and are small enough to fit into any small space; next to your bed, at the kitchen sink, or on your bathroom countertop.