47 Amazingly Awesome Gifts For Your Best Friends

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 24, 2023

    Thank goodness for your best friend, right? They know how to make you laugh, are always there to listen, and have your back. You and your bestie know everything about each other, but sometimes, it can be tricky to pick that perfect gift for your favorite gal.

    If you’re looking for a best friend holiday gift or a just-because token of appreciation, this gift guide will speak volumes of how much she means to you. If you are looking for some gift-giving inspiration, we have your back.

    If you are looking for a cute birthday gift or thoughtful Christmas gift, We gathered some of our favorite finds, from cute jewelry to home decor that makes excellent gifts for best friends. 

    Want more ideas? Check out these gift guides to find your best friend the perfect gift.

  1. Long Distance Touch Bracelets
  2. long-distance-gifts-bracelets

    A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and your dear. When you touch it, they feel it—no matter where they are. When you send a touch, your best friend’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice. This best seller is an excellent gift for a long-distance friendship.

  3. Friendship Gift Box


    A party in a box!!! This gift set contains eight beauty-related gifts, including a sleep mask, bath bomb, sugar scrub, and more. All are packaged in a beautiful gift box suitable for any occasion for your favorite gal pal. 

  5. Laser Engraved Photo
  6. gifts-for-best-friends-laser-photo

    Are you looking for the perfect personalized gift for your best friend? Turn a favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind keepsake she’ll treasure forever! This breathtaking crystal is custom-made to showcase your mom’s best memories in realistic 3D. They use innovative laser engraving technology to recreate your favorite photos with real depth and detail inside our high-quality crystals. A truly unique gift!

  7. Long Distance Touch Lamp
  8. gifts for best friends touch lamp

    Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in the same town as your best friend. If not, it’s essential to find things that keep you connected, such as long phone calls and Skype sessions and random texts to say hello. These lamps are another cute way to make you feel close when you’re far apart. Each person connects their lamp to WiFi, and when one person touches their lamp, the other will light up. A little way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

  9. Instax Camera
  10. quinceanera-gifts-camera

    Selfies on-demand. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is a compact camera that produces instant credit card-sized prints. The Instax Mini 8 features a Fujinon 60mm lens, capable of focusing as close as 2 feet away, and a built-in flash provides additional illumination for exposures in low-light conditions. In addition, an optical viewfinder with an integrated target spot is available for image composition, and an exposure counter is incorporated into the design to visually display the number of exposures remaining in the film pack.

  11. You’re My Person
  12. best-friend-gifts-bracelet

    Remind your BFF she’s the one every day. This mantra bracelet is simple, cute, and elegant. These cuff bracelets are fully adjustable and flexible enough to bend to fit most wrist sizes and are made of stainless steel, so they are substantial but lightweight comfortable for daily wear.

  13. Ice Cream Maker
  14. gifts-for-best-friends-ice-cream

    What’s better than one quart of luscious homemade ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt? Two quarts! The fully automatic Cuisinart Pure Indulgence makes 2 quarts of your favorite frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes—a great gift for the holiday season.

  15. Makeup Organizer


    She won’t know she needs a makeup suitcase until you give her this. The makeup bag has enough space to store your lipstick, eye shadow, eye mask, blush, comb, foundation, nail polish, makeup tools, brushes, skincare products, etc. It can be easily put into the suitcase, which is ideal for travel. Pair it with a Sephora gift card for a great holiday gift for a friend who loves cosmetics. 

  17. Macrame Photo Display
  18. gifts-for-best-friends-wall-art

    Make your friendship into wall art! Forget the old picture frame. This simple but gorgeous, eco-friendly macrame wall decor makes such a thoughtful gift. This wall decor photo display is casual artistic to show your favorite photos, pictures, postcards, memos, or artwork with your friends and family.

  19. Long Distance State Coffee Mug
  20. going way gift state mug

    If you and your best friend don’t live near each other, one of the things you miss most is those intimate talks over your morning coffees. Each customizable mug features a live map of the states you both live in, and the cities are marked with a heart—a great graduation gift for your BFF who is leaving for school.

  21. Mermaid Blanket
  22. gifts-for-best-friends-mermaid-blanket

    This blanket is a perfect gift for any girl who has dreams of being a mermaid! Snuggle into it while watching TV, reading a book, having a nap, and so on. The blanket is lightweight and can be used all year round.

  23. A Digital Photo Frame
  24. gifts-for-the-woman-who-wants-nothing-photos

    Do you love sharing photos? The Nixplay WiFi Cloud Photo Frame gives you control over your images and the power to share them where you want. Gift this frame to your loved one and quickly email photos for instant display from anywhere in the world, anytime. Create & update different photo playlists easily, choose which frame displays each playlist, or send multiple playlists to each frame.

  25. Tiny Heart Necklace
  26. gifts-for-best-friends-necklace-heart

    This cute and dainty necklace is accented by lovely heart charms with a monogram of her initials. You can customize one for yourself and another for someone special to create a unique friendship necklace set as a gift that your sorority sisters, relatives, girlfriends, co-workers, and best friends will adore. 

  27. Good Friends Coffee Mug
  28. best-friend-gifts-mug

    Good friends are like stars; you don’t see them, but you know they’re always there! This is generously sized 15 oz. Mug from Quotable Cards features an inspirational old saying to start your day on the right foot—a genuinely sentimental gift for your long-time best friend.

  29. Crescent Moon Earrings
  30. gifts-for-best-friends-earrings

    Whether it’s for her birthday, holiday, a special occasion, or just because, jewelry is always the perfect gift, these edgy but delicate crescent moonstone earrings are a stylish gift for your best friend.

  31. Photo Book
  32. gifts for best friends photo book

    You and your best friend have had some adventures, and you probably have photos of most of them. You can turn those photos into a beautiful memory book. It’s fun to choose pictures and write captions for the special times you shared, and it’s a very personal gift any best friend will love.

  33. Bamboo Bath Tray
  34. gifts-for-best-friends-bath-tray

    Does your best friend love to relax at home spa baths? This bamboo bathtub holder is unique, durable, and adjustable, giving her the most relaxing experience. Adjustable reading stands with rear cover to protect tablets and books. In addition, the detachable recessed tray holds everything like wine, cell phone, or other things you want to bring while you relax in the tub. Makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

  35. Kate Spade Lunch Tote
  36. Is your best friend looking to save some money or eat healthier? One of the best ways to do both is to bring lunch to work rather than buy out daily. But your best friend is too fab for a dark brown paper bag. So let her fabulousness shine through with this Kate Spade lunch tote. The tote is insulated to keep hot and cold foods cold until lunchtime.

  37. Kombucha Brewing Kit
  38. gifts-for-best-friends-kombucha

    Kombucha, loving friend? We all have one of those. This kit has helped hundreds of thousands of people like you become rockstar kombucha homebrewers! Including only 100% organic ingredients, you’ll have everything you need to start brewing as soon as it arrives and the kombucha culture and equipment to keep you going for years. It also makes for an excellent housewarming gift.

  39. Luxe Jewelry Stand
  40. gifts for best friends jewelry stand

    Tesora’s concrete resin dish with three rose gold posts at varying heights displays your favorite necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, and more. Its stand features unique double-wire detailing on each post for an easy and secure display of studded earrings. Its concrete base is a dish for holding rings, broaches, and other accessories.

  41. Life Planner
  42. If your best friend is the planning kind, she will love this gift idea. I have one of these, and let me tell you, it’s life-changing. This is the mega life planner, but Erin Condren also makes many different types for all budgets and needs. The LifePlanner is the ultimate planning system to organize, achieve your goals, and preserve memories in one stylish space. This is my favorite best friend gift!

  43. Air Fryer
  44. gifts-for-best-friends-air-fryer

    I’m dying for one of these! The Dash Compact Air Fryer makes crispy and delicious meals with 70% less fat than traditional frying methods. AirCrisp technology and a rapid air circulation system quickly crisp your ingredients while eliminating extra calories from added oil. Use 80% less oil when you cook in the Dash Compact Air Fryer while enjoying equally delicious and healthy results. Get dinner on the table quickly with easy-to-follow recipes beyond fries.

  45. Travel Wallet
  46. gifts-for-best-friends-wallet

    Does your best friend travel a lot for work or play? This wallet comes in a ton of colors to suit her style. She can organize all her carry-on travel essentials, boarding passes, credit cards, ID cards, and smartphones. She can keep them all in her bag and protect them well during travel anywhere. Great gift idea for the wanderlust sister!

  47. Face Masks Collection
  48. self-care-gifts-face-masks

    This gift set contains a variety of 7 FaceTory sheet masks to hydrate all skin types! They are perfect for boosting hydration, calming the skin, and adding radiance. K-beauty sheet masks contain the best ingredients out there! Known as gentle yet effective, sheet masks add extra nutrients to replenish and protect the skin from damage. It is packed with beneficial ingredients that help protect the skin barrier, boost hydration, and provide a beautiful glow! 

  49. Wellness Log Book
  50. self-care-gifts-wellness-planner

    Journaling is a great way to set and reach your health and wellness goals, and they can do it with this adorable and affordable Wellness Log. It features 80 pages dedicated to health goal setting. Ideal for staying on top of health, fitness, and nutrition goals on the go. Keep this Wellness Log as a souvenir after reaching your goals so you can see all the hard work you have put into improving your health! In addition, it comes with a wellness sticker sheet for making your health goals fun and more attainable. Use the stickers to stylize and personalize your planner!

  51. Best Friend Succulent Pots
  52. gifts-for-best-friends-pots

    Your best friend will love these cute succulent planters. It’s the perfect gift to show your appreciation! These simplistic white ceramic planters hold natural succulent plants on bamboo trays, and they are a wonderful gift for anyone with a green thumb.

  53. Ice Coffee Maker
  54. gifts-for-best-friends-coffee

    Does your BBF always have an iced coffee in hand? The traditional hot brewing process releases undesirable acids and oils, making bitter flavor and acidity intolerable to many. Only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted with cold brewing, leaving behind the bitter oils and fatty acids, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth extraction of concentrated coffee.

  55. Trinket Dish
  56. gifts-for-best-friends-dish

    We can’t choose our family, but we can choose friends who become family, soul sisters! That’s the sweet sentiment of this trinket dish. The dish can be used on the bedside table, by a sink, or near the front door to hold jewelry, keys, spare change, or other small items. Gifting something beautiful and valuable is always a win! It also makes a great maid of honor gift.

  57. Flowchart Book 
  58. gifts-for-best-friends-book

    A hilarious and utterly relatable collection of flowcharts, rants, and lists about adulting: this guide to adulthood in a collection of 54 charmingly illustrated flowcharts and pros-and-cons lists that each address an all-too-real question, from the mundane to the life-changing. Will I survive this hangover? (Probably not.) Should I cancel my plans? (YES! Cancel immediately.) Am I having a quarter-life crisis? (Probably.) This inspired book of humor disguised as invaluable advice is a gift to make anyone feel better.

  59. Ex Kitchen Knife Set
  60. A little voodoo therapy is just the thing your best friend needs after a breakup. This chrome set comes with five knives and the victim/holder. The holder is magnetic to help hold the knives in place, and each knife comes with a cover to protect the stainless steel blades. The holder is 8.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches. 

    This makes a great conversation, even if your best friend is happily partnered. 

  61. Automatic Handbag Illuminator
  62. gifts for best friends handbag illuminator

    There are some female problems men know nothing of. Rooting around in your handbag, looking for something is one. That’s why you can never find anything in there, things you need or should throw away, which is why the inside of a woman’s handbag is filled with yucky stuff like mints that have come out of the wrapper and are now covered in lint. Erg! This is a personal bugaboo of mine. And I know I’m not alone. That’s why this is such a great stocking stuffer. 

  63. Retro Bucket Bag
  64. gifts for best friends purse

    A perfect combination of vintage style and classic bucket ladies’ bag, the bucket bags can work with any style and become a must-have in her wardrobe. Features an adjustable shoulder bag strap; this women’s bag can be carried on your shoulder or across your body.

  65. Funny Oven Mitt
  66. gifts-for-best-friends-oven-mitt


    Have a good friend who is always in the kitchen and has a great sense of humor? Just get right to the point – her food is good enough to add swear to your sentences. F yeah! She’ll love this and smile every time she uses it.

  67. Ring Lamp
  68. gifts-for-best-friends-ring-light

    Whether shooting from your cell phone or a pro camera, say goodbye to blurry silhouettes and hello to well-lit views with this ring light. This multifunctional tripod makes it easy to take selfies, record videos, participate in Zoom meetings, and more while taking care of pesky unwanted shadows to make your features pop to glowing perfection. The 10-inch diameter ring light features an adjustable color temperature and LED brightness setting to suit your space and preferred lighting, with a holder at the center that’s compatible with most cameras and phones. 

  69. Women’s Libations Cocktail Book
  70. The perfect mix of punny humor, feminist verve, and practical instruction, Women’s Libation! is a cocktail guide for the lady who likes to shake things up (not just her martinis). In it, Brooklyn-based illustrator and long-time bartender Merrily Grashin toasts the feminist heroes who’ve come before us and the social movements that have helped shape us, honoring each with a delicious, imaginative cocktail. Beautifully appointed in a paper-over-board package with two-color interiors, each spread features an original illustration for every boozy beverage and a brief reflection on the historical figure, event, or movement in women’s history on which the drink is based. 

  71. Swedish Dish Towels
  72. gifts-for-best-friends-towel

    These cute towels are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to sponges and paper towels. These are beautiful and vibrantly colored dishcloths with patterns on water-based ink. These cloths absorb up to 15 times their weight and are durable, lasting longer than an average cotton dishcloth. Soft, non-abrasive, yet gets the work done! Use it as a kitchen cleaner for disheter, stovetops, and tabletops. Also great for cleaning bathroom counters, shower doors, mirrors, and windows!

  73. Selfie Phone Case


    Whether she’s a photographer or a selfie enthusiast, the LuMee Duo gives light to capture any moment from both sides of the lens. Front-facing or back-facing, dawn or dusk, dim or dark, if it’s there, you can catch it. Its warm and natural light gives you freedom of perspective. In addition, its sleek, drop-resistant construction was designed with creativity in mind. 

  75. Soul Sister Friendship Bracelet


    We are friends by heart, sisters by soul. Always there with a hand to hold and a heart to understand. Each MantraBand is a simple, elegant, and minimalistic jewelry piece with an uplifting message. These polished bracelets promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, & mindfulness.

  77. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
  78. gifts-for-best-friends-diffuser

    This stylish ceramic diffuser is a great way to accentuate any room–creating a soothing and refreshing environment. Two mist modes (continuous for three hours or intermittent for six hours) and auto shut-off when dry will bring relaxation to any house room. Pair it with essential oils and fill the air with good vibes.

  79. Wine Pearls
  80. Sometimes, the clock strikes wine o’clock, and you realize you haven’t chilled Pinot Grigio. So instead of drinking it warm like a savage or dropping ice cubes like an amateur, you can use these pearls in your wine glass to chill your drink. The pearls are made of stainless steel and come in a set of four. The pearls can chill any drink you don’t want to dilute with ice cubes. 

  81.  Yoga Kit
  82. We always want to encourage and support our friends in their decisions to get healthy. So, if your best friend has expressed an interest in yoga, set her up to succeed with this complete yoga kit for beginners. The kit includes a non-slip yoga mat, so they don’t have to borrow a germy, stinky one at the studio, two foam blocks to help with positioning and support, an eight-foot-long cotton strap to help achieve difficult positions, and a microfiber hand towel in case your best friend decides to give Bikram yoga a try. 

  83. Bath Salts


    Self-care gifts are the best gifts. Austria has it if you’re searching for a detox solution that leaves your skin silky smooth. The Dead Sea bath salts can help your body relax, detox, and return to balance. The skincare scrub contains all-natural eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential oils. Pair this with a scented candle for the perfect gift set.

  85. Boobies Phone Case
  86. gifts for best friends boob phone case

    Nothing says let loose, then a phone cover with boobies on it. Girl power is greater than ever. This print will be a big hit. The Slim Cases are constructed with a one-piece, impact-resistant, flexible plastic hard case with an extremely slim profile. Snap the case onto your phone for solid protection and direct access to all device features.

  87. Best Friend Keychain
  88. gifts-for-best-friends-key-chain

    This keychain lets your loved ones know you care, no matter the distance! You can personalize this keychain with your custom initials for a special touch! Remind her every day that she will always be your person.

  89. Urban Outfitters Gift Card
  90. gifts-for-best-friends-gift-card

    Don’t know exactly what she wants? It’s ok. Gift Cards are the perfect last-minute gift – choose a dollar amount, enter the recipient’s email address, and Urban Outfitters will do the rest. You may choose to have the UO E-Gift Card emailed immediately, select a later date, or pick a physical card order through the mail. 

  91. Neighborwoods Map Coasters
  92. gifts for best friends coaster map

    People can be fiercely proud of their towns. So, if your best friend is lucky enough to be in love with where they live, they will love these personalized coasters. The artist will make a set of four coasters representing the city; you can choose the location of the recipient’s favorite places, their neighborhood, or any other city landmark that will have personal meaning for them. 

    Each coaster will include the name of the city and the year it was founded. The coasters are made of cedar.

  93. Girl Power Tote Bag
  94. gifts for best friends tote bag

    Nevertheless, she persisted that the tote bag is an awesome girl power inspiration tote. Perfect for the gym or work. Tote Bags are hand-sewn in America using durable yet lightweight poly poplin fabric. And 25% of all sales from this shop go to the ACLU & Planned Parenthood.