14 Fertility Gifts To Give a Someone Struggling With Pregnancy

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: June 4, 2024

    If you are searching for a thoughtful fertility gift for someone facing struggles on their pregnancy journey, you have come to the right place. We understand this can be a challenging time, and we believe that offering a meaningful gift can show your support, empathy, and encouragement. If you’re looking for a gift to bring comfort and love our gift guide has curated a collection of thoughtful ideas that can bring a ray of positivity and hope to their path.

  1. Mantra Bracelet
  2. fertility-gifts-mantra-bracelet

    The “Braver, Stronger, Smarter” message serves as a powerful reminder during moments of doubt, offering reassurance and resilience. This meaningful bracelet makes for a thoughtful gift, whether it’s for a friend, family member, loved one, or even yourself, providing a daily gentle reminder to embrace your inner strength. The perfect gift for someone going through fertility treatments.

  3. Fertility Care Box
  4. fertility-gifts-mantra-gift-box

    This care package was made specifically for someone seeking and going through fertility treatments. Hormone balancing and fruitfulness oil blends that contain specific oils to support fertility. Magnesium balm can help increase your chances of conception. Oil-infused Fertility Bath Salts. Relaxing pillow spray to calm your nerves and a positive affirmation mug will give daily reminders that you’re worthy of receiving!

  5. Pocket Hug
  6. fertility-gifts-mantra-pocket-hug

    The meaningful design of the token, featuring heartwarming sentences on both sides, expresses your love and care, while the convenient size allows you to easily carry it in your pocket or bag, or store it in the guitar pick case keychain. It’s a heartwarming gift that will remind your loved ones that you’re always with them, no matter the distance.

  7. Fertility Stone Bracelet
  8. fertility-gifts-stone-bracelet

    For millennia, people have used crystals and stones to promote fertility and encourage healthy reproduction. Moonstone is known as “The stone of new beginnings” and is considered the ultimate fertility gemstone. Aquamarine is a soothing stone used to help fight feelings of frustration. Rose Quartz is used to promote compassion, self-love, and love for others and Garnet is believed to offer protection and good luck.

  9. Little Light Candle
  10. fertility-gifts-candle

    The Sending You A Little Light candle is not just an ordinary candle; it is a symbol of resilience and comfort for women going through tough phases of life. Topped with real Rose buds, this scented candle elevates your mood and inspires positivity. Light it up to brighten your day and uplift your spirits.

  11. Pink Stork Fertility Gift Set
  12. fertility-gifts-pink-stork

    Our Fertility Bundle contains three products that support your body’s natural fertility, hormone levels, and overall reproductive wellness: Fertility Support, Fertility Sweets, and Fertility Tea. This product supports a woman’s natural reproductive cycle. Please be mindful that this product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle.

  13. Positive Affirmation Cards
  14. fertility-gifts-affirmation-cards

    Discover our carefully curated collection of fertility gifts designed to bring comfort, inspiration, and practical support to those facing challenges on their pregnancy journey. Show your support and empathy with these thoughtful gifts that offer a ray of positivity and hope. From comforting items to inspiring tokens, our selection provides meaningful gestures to let someone know they are not alone in their struggle.

  15. Partridge Bracelet
  16. fertility-gifts-partridge

    The Partridge Cord Fertility Bracelet is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of hope and strength. Whether you’re trying to conceive or just want to feel more connected to your body and the natural world, this bracelet is a perfect choice.

  17. Uterus Plush
  18. fertility-gifts-uterus-pillow

    Infertility is no laughing matter but if you ave a friend with a great sense of humor, this gift will give her a good laugh. Cuddly, huggable, and soft in the high-quality GIANT microbes style, this plush will serve as your emotional support buddy. Includes an educational printed card with fascinating facts about the wonderful Uterus.

  19. Shower Bombs
  20. fertility-gifts-shower-bombs

    These heavenly lavender essential oils will help you revitalize, recalibrate, and feel your personal best. Help ger relieve all day’s stress and fatigue with our shower steamers made with natural essential oils that will dissolve in your shower and help you immerse in deep relaxation.

  21. IVF Journal
  22. fertility-gifts-journal

    Exercises to help you manage your anxieties, take control of the things you can and support each other as a couple. The exercises are designed to help you look at the other areas of your life that you would like to make changes in, make time for self care and find the support you need. It is the perfect IVF gift for a loved one.

  23. Moonstone Fertility Necklace
  24. Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and brings balance to the menstrual cycle and synchronizes it to that on the moon. It is a hormone-balancing stone. Moonstone helps to enhance fertility conditions. It is also a wonderful stone to carry during pregnancy.

  25. IVF Supplies Bag
  26. fertility-gifts-bag

    Going through IVF or any infertility treatment can be stressful! Keep all of your medicine or important keepsakes safe and in one place. This gift will definitely give someone a lift when they really need it.

  27. Green Gemstone Bracelet
  28. fertility-gifts-green-bracelet

    The color often associated with fertility is green. Green symbolizes growth, renewal, and abundance, which aligns with the concept of fertility and new life. It represents the flourishing of nature and the vitality required for conception and childbirth. Additionally, green is a calming and soothing color that can evoke feelings of hope, balance, and harmony, making it a fitting choice to represent fertility.

    What are some symbols of fertility for someone struggling with getting pregnant?

    For individuals experiencing challenges in conceiving, symbols of fertility can serve as powerful sources of hope and encouragement. One symbol commonly associated with fertility is the lotus flower. Its ability to bloom beautifully from murky waters is a metaphor for fertility emerging from difficult circumstances.

    Another symbol is the Tree of Life, representing growth, vitality, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. Additionally, the ancient symbol of the egg represents the potential for new life and is often used to convey fertility blessings. The moon, with its cyclical phases, is also considered a symbol of fertility, mirroring the menstrual cycle and the natural rhythm of conception.

    Finally, the color green, symbolizing renewal and growth, is often associated with fertility and can provide solace and optimism for those on their fertility journey. These symbols can serve as reminders of the inherent resilience of life and offer comfort during moments of struggle.

    What are some thoughtful fertility gift ideas?

    If you are looking for heartfelt fertility gifts for s close friend or family member who is ttc? Well, you’re in luck! Whether you’re looking to show support, provide comfort, or inspire hope, plenty of thoughtful infertility gifts can make a meaningful impact on someone’s fertility journey.