24 Gifts For Boaters That Will Make a Big Splash

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 15, 2023

    Are you looking for a gift for a boat enthusiast or owner? Anchors up! If you don’t know where to start, we found fun gifts for boaters that will, well, really float their boat. From fishermen to pray boaters, our gift guide has many nautical-themed gifts. We cover all ideas, including gadgets, apparel, tools, and equipment. 

  1. Top-Snapper Tool For Boat Canvas Snaps
  2. gifts-for-boaters-snap-toolActive boaters know attaching and removing a boat cover or tip is seldom easy. Fabric shrinks, snaps corrode, and aligning snaps can quickly become a two-person job. The Top-Snapper blade slides over the snap, allowing you to align the snap halves for easy snapping. The longer blade is for fastening snaps from the inside; the shorter blade is for the outside. 

  3. Cheese Board
  4. gifts-for-boaters-cheese-plate

    The Mariner Cheese Board makes a perfect gift for boating enthusiasts with its helm-shaped rubberwood construction and four stainless steel cheese tools with rubberwood handles that fit snugly into slots on the board’s side handles. Tools include one each: crumbly cheese chisel knife, cheese fork, blunt-tipped cheese knife, and pointed-tip cheese knife—the best holiday gift for those who love entertaining.

  5. Ship In A Bottle Decanter
  6. gifts-for-boaters-decanter

    This brilliantly handcrafted decanter with an intricate ship in striking detail will thrill even casual boaters. The decanter is hand-blow,n, and the base is made of mahogany. The decanter aerates as it holds your favorite sp—the perfect Father’sDayy for any nauticalist. 

  7. Ice Chest
  8. gifts-for-boaters-ice-chest

    The cooler provides first-class sealing using the same seal technology as the refrigerator. This ensures your food and drinks keep fresh for over 72-120 hours. With this on-top bottle holder, you will never need to worry about where to place your bottle. With a measurement ruler on top, you can measure the size of the fish, and it also has a beer corkscrew, which offers big convenience—a great gift idea for those who enjoy a beer or four while boating.

  9. Knots Coffee Mug
  10. gifts-for-boaters-mug

    Are you a sailor, a whaler, or just a good scout? UPG will help get you ship-shape with our How to Tie Knots mug. The mug has a cleat for a handle and comes with a length of rope. When you open the box, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to learn eight classic knots. So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a hot cup of joe or chai, cocoa, or hot buttered rum, and practice tying the knots you’ll need for sailing, fishing, or earning a merit badge.

  11. Quick Drying Shoes
  12. gifts-for-boaters-shoes

    Designed with 90% fabric, the Zhuanglin is ultra-lightweight and breathable. It is because of the solid midsole that provides outstandingly lightweight and durability. Plus, the breathable ability from the open mesh in the upper provides the best convenience and airy to your feet. It also makes these shoes quick-drying, creating a more relaxed, healthier shoe environment.

  13. Boat Erasers
  14. gifts-for-boaters-erasers

    These boat erasers effortlessly and magically wipe away marks from all over the interior and exterior of your boat. Add water and squeeze to activate, then wipe away dirt and stains. These sponges do not contain bleach or other harsh chemicals, making them safe on various surfaces and a perfect addition to more intensive boat maintenance supplies. A must for any boater!

  15. Inflatable Kayak
  16. gifts-for-boaters-cheese-kayak

    The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is sporty and fun, with a streamlined design for easy paddling. The bright yellow color and sporty graphics make the kayak highly visible in the water. This Sports Series kayak is perfect for two adults and an excellent treat for experiencing lakes and mild rivers with a friend. Lightweight and compact, this kayak is a snap to assemble and allows you to take the fun of kayaking wherever you go.

  17. Wine Tote
  18. gifts-for-boaters-tote

    A beautiful – and beautifully practical – way to keep a pair of your favorite bottles cool while carrying them safely to the boat, beach, or “BYO” restaurant. Super-thick insulation keeps the interior cooler longer and protects bottles while carrying them. The jaunty, nautical stripes make an excellent great boating gift for the wine lover.

  19. Floating Cooler
  20. gifts-for-boaters-cooler

    The Hydro-Force™ Glacial Sport™ Inflatable Floating Cooler will take your day on the water up a notch, ensuring that your drinks and snacks stay cold throughout your day under the sun. This floating cooler also features four built-in cup holders for each person to keep their open drinks conveniently close and within reach. The Glacial Sport Cooler is made with Inflata-Shield™ material to prevent damage. This thicker material resists puncture, limits stretching,g and enhances grip. 

  21. Anti-Spill Cup
  22. gifts-for-boaters-cup

    Wouldn’t it be awesome never to spill a drink again? Yep, we thought so, too. That’s why we developed the non-tip, magnetic SquidCup system. It creates a cup holder where you need it, with the power and simplicity of micro-suction cups and magnets. Whether on the water or road, too few or too shallow cup holders will never be a problem again.

  23. Boat Name Cutting Board
  24. gifts-for-boaters-board

    A great birthday gift for a new boat owner or a sailing or boating enthusiast with a personal touch. Display the engraved side and cut it on your solid side. You get a beautiful piece of home décor and a usable cooking tool. 

  25. Mooring Ropes
  26. gifts-for-boaters-rope

    These dock lines are solid and durable. The 3.5-foot boat rope eliminates the jerking, tugging, and banging on your boat and anchor. 

  27. Garmin Fish Finder
  28. gifts-for-boaters-fish-finder

    This fishfinder series includes a high-sensitivity GPS. You can see your position concerning the waypoints you have marked. Use the waypoint map to view quickly, and navigate locations such as brush piles, stumps, and docks. It’s an excellent treat tool for returning to the boat ramp. A portable kit can protect and carry your STRIKER fishfinder with GPS, so it’s perfect for kayaking, canoeing, or ice fishing.

  29. Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shakers
  30. gifts-for-boaters-salt-and-pepper-set

    This two-piece set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers feature hand-painted watercolor stripes, and the shakers serve as boat “sails” that fit perfectly in the wooden boat base.

  31.  Key Chain Buoys
  33. gifts-for-boaters-key-chain

    Forget all those boring vinyl-coated floating keychains that don’t float anything and say hello to DriftFish, a high-quality neoprene option that floats a ton more and does it with attitude! This heavy-duty marine key float travels with you everywhere, including watersports, boating, fishing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, jetskiing, or hanging in the waves at the beach.

  34. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  35. This speaker is made to be one of the most challenging Bluetooth speakers. Its resiliency enables even a car to go over it without any damage. Certified with an IPX7 waterproof rating, it’s ready to go with you on extreme water-related adventures. IPX7 enables this device to function fully even if submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. Perfect for taking to the next big boat adventure.

  36. Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils
  37. gifts-for-boaters-salad-bowl

    This extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The polished aluminum bowl takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with “wooden” planks cast along its hull. The boat oars are a pair of serving tools carved from Sheesham, a variety of rosewood renowned for its intricate, marbled grain. Whether serving salad, holding fruit, or simply putting it on display, this bowl will make waves.

  38. Dry Bag
  39. gifts-for-boaters-dry-bag

    Constructed from heavy-duty 500D PVC for high performance, durability, and protection. All seams are Thermo welded shut to provide a watertight seal to protect your gear from all elements! The outer splash-proof zippered pocket makes it easy to grab your smaller belongings without having to unroll the top main compartment. Perfect for storing keys, knives, lighters, sunglasses, wallets, or other personal items you need to grab quickly on the go!

  40. Sea Salt Hand Soap
  41. gifts-for-boaters-soap-and-cream

    It was inspired by simple Swedish style, made in America. This fresh-smelling Swedish Seasalt hand soap contains aloe and sea salt for a gentle yet effective result. This is a product of a small family business that has been around for 25 years. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

  42. Nautical Bottle Opener
  43. gifts-for-boaters-bottle-opener

    Remind that special someone to throw off the bowlines! This bottle opener comes in an adorable gift box, ready to be given away—a great gift for the boat lover who dreams about being at sea.

  44. 438 Days
  45. gifts-for-boaters-book

    438 Days is the fisherman’s true story of who survived fourteen months in a small boat drifting seven thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean. Based on dozens of hours of exclusive interviews with Alvarenga, his colleagues, search-and-rescue officials, the remote islanders who found him, and the medical team that saved his life, 438 Days is an unforgettable study of the resilience, will, ingenuity, and determination required for one man to survive more than a year lost and adrift at sea. It’s a great gift for the book lover and resonates with enthusiastic boat owners.

  46. Yeti Fishing Bucket
  47. gifts-for-boaters-bucket

    It’s all-purpose on purpose, so don’t overthink it — if you need help hauling, bailing, cleaning, or whatever else-ing, turn to the LoadOut Bucket. Wherever we’re getting our hands dirty, we need tools that don’t fail when the job gets tough. And the YETI LoadOut Bucket is ready to get to work. Versatile, easily stowed, and over-engineered to last, the LoadOut Bucket can be hauled anywhere to do nearly anything. 

  48. Fishing Measuring T-Shirt
  49. gifts-for-fisherman-t-shirt

    Whether you fish or not, this is the perfect shirt for any outdoor enthusiast. The long-sleeve options come complete with a fish-themed ruler for measuring your fish! Just hold your arm up, hold the fish up, snap the pho, to and release the beast back into the water! It’s a super unique gift.

    What are the best gift ideas for boat owners?

    Because their boat is their home away from home, they are always looking for new things to make life on board more accessible, safer, and more comfortable, so finding something they will love shouldn’t be difficult.

    Check out our hand-picked list of boat accessories and nautical-inspired gift ideas that are great for any boater. From party gear to boating accessories, our gift guide has some awesome gifts for boaters.