39 Gifts That Your Stepmom Will Absolutely Love

By Candice Elliott | Updated: November 15, 2023

    Whether you and your stepmother have known each other for years or only recently came into each other lives, giving your stepmom a thoughtful gift will undoubtedly be appreciated. We found the best bonus mom gifts for your second mom. Mother’s Day, Christmas, and birthday gifts, we have gift ideas just for her!

  1. Mother’s Day Gift Box
  2. gifts-for-stepmom-box

    A stepmom Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to have the word “step” anywhere on it! The gift can be a “regular” Mother’s Day gift. This gift basket is made for a night of self-care, featuring soaps, a bath bomb, a card, and a tumbler. Any mom, bio, step, or in-law will enjoy this gift set. 

  3. Stepmother Necklace
  4. gifts-for-stepmom-necklace

    A bonus mom necklace is a perfect present for a stepmom who loved you like her own. The interlocking circles and 18-inch chain are silver-plated brass, featuring a lobster clasp closure. The necklace comes in a box ready for gifting. 

  5. Mason Jar Herb Growing Kit
  6. gifts-for-stepmom-jars

    These jars are a thoughtful gift for your bonus mom who likes to cook or garden but doesn’t have outdoor space. The gift includes everything she needs to start a window-will herb garden. This set includes basil, parsley, and oregano, but there are other herbs to choose from. 

  7. Tote Bag


    I love this bag because it doesn’t look like a traditional tote bag but has plenty of room. It’s a bit more stylish, which means it can also be used as a purse. The sturdy bag is made of 16-ounce canvas and is great for the beach, the pool, the gym, the office, the farmer’s market, and more. Your second mom will love it! 

  9. Keepsake Dish
  10. gifts-for-stepmom-dish

    Being a stepmother isn’t easy. Show her how much you appreciate her with this keepsake dish. The dish can hold jewelry, keys, change, and other small items. It’s great on a nightstand, the kitchen counter, or the entryway, anywhere she wants to wrangle small items. 

  11. Purse Organizer 


    Does your stepmom love purses and have a different one for every day of the year? If she does, she will love this organizer. Rather than continuously transferring all of the contents from purse to purse, she can move the organizer from purse to purse. It’s a great time saver and ensures something important isn’t left behind in a different bag at home. 

  13. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
  14. gifts-for-stepmom-dutch-oven

    If your stepmom loves to cook, a Le Creuset Dutch oven is undoubtedly on her wish list. This enamel over cast iron Dutch oven can last for generations if properly cared for, and the way it evenly conducts heat makes it perfect for things that are best cooked low and slow. This Dutch oven is 5.5 quarts and available in several colors. 

  15. Pashmina
  16. gifts-for-step-mom-wrap


    Every woman needs a good wrap, and this cashmere pashmina is perfect. A pashmina can be used as a wrap, a scarf, or a blanket. They’re endlessly helpful. This oversized pashmina is available in 3 colors. 

  17. Dipping Set 


    This set of tapas dishes is perfect for the stepmom who loves to host. The set is excellent for holding snacks or condiments and toppings for taco, burger, or baked potato bars. The dishes are hand-painted, fair-trade, and made of ceramic. 

  19. Lip Treatment Set
  20. Skincare can be a tricky gift; people have different skin types that require other products, and you might not know what to buy. But everyone can use lip balms. This set includes three of Sugar’s best in a variety of flavors.  

  21. Water Bottle
  22. gifts-for-stepmom-bottle

    This is not just a water bottle; it’s also a water filter! The stainless steel Brita bottle features a filter in the straw for clean, safe drinking water when she’s out and about. The bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and is available in two sizes and several colors. This bottle is a great last-minute stepmom gift!

  23. Wallet
  24. gifts-for-stepmom-wallet

    Most of us replace our couches more often than our wallets, so your stepmom could probably use a new one! This leather wallet has 24 card slots, a double bill pocket, four receipt slots, a zipper pocket, and two ID holders, and it is big enough to hold items like a phone, passport, pen, and a few small makeup items! The wallet is available in several colors. 

  25. Craft Tote
  26. gifts-for-stepmom-craft-tote

    This tote will be a welcome gift for the stepmom who loves knitting, painting, scrapbooking, or crafting. It can keep all her supplies neatly organized and allow her to bring them along on road trips. 

  27. Purse Hooks
  28. gifts-for-stepmom-hooks

    This gift is adorable and functional! These tiny metal purses are hooks. They can be attached to a table or other surface so a bag can be hung from them rather than sitting on a dirty floor. It’s also thought that sitting a purse on the floor brings about money problems, so don’t take any chances! 

  29. Sun Hat
  30. gifts-for-stepmom-hat

    This sun hat is so helpful! It’s stylish, offers 50 UV protection, and can be folded down into a bag or suitcase for travel but will retain its shape. The hat is made of straw paper, so it’s very durable. Get one for your stepmom, your mom, and yourself! 

  31. Stoneware Vase Set
  32. gifts-for-stepmom-vases

    These vases will make a lovely addition to your stepmom’s home decor! The vases can be used for flowers herbs to hold small trinkets or office supplies. The best gifts are those that can be used every day, and these vases fit the bill. 

  33. Digital Frame
  34. gifts-for-stepmom-frame

    This digital frame is a great gift for a stepmom who lives far away. You can send photos directly to the frame via the app, making it easier to share special moments she can’t be there for and memories from your past together. 

  35. Aromatherapy Candles
  36. gifts-for-stepmom-candles

    This gift box includes four elegant candles. Each is made with all-natural sou wax and lead-free cotton wicks. The candles are infused with lemongrass essential oils for a clean, fresh scent that is great for spring and summer. 

  37. Smartphone Printer
  38. gifts-for-stepmom-printer

    If your stepmom prefers physical photos, she’ll like this gift. The photo printer allows pictures from her smartphone to be printed like Polaroids back in the day. It even publishes photos from videos! 

  39. Hummingbird Swings


    If your stepmom loves hummingbirds, she probably has a feeder already. But I bet she doesn’t have a hummingbird swing! The swings are meant to be placed near the feeders to attract the hummingbirds and give them a place to perch for aesthetics. 

  41. Best Stepmom Coffee Mug
  42. gifts-for-stepmom-mug

    Maybe you and your siblings weren’t always the best stepchildren, but she was always the best stepmom! Let her know with this stepmom mug. The ceramic cup holds nearly 11 ounces, and the words are printed on both sides. 

  43. Wine Chiller


    This elegant wine chiller is made of pure marble. Adequately chilled, it will keep her favorite wine or champagne at a temperature for hours. It can hold flowers, kitchen utensils, pens, and pencils when not used as a chiller. 

  45. Tabletop Fireplace
  46. gifts-for-stepmom-fire

    This little fireplace adds tons of ambiance to a chilly night and can be used inside or outside! The fireplace is clean-burning; it runs on rubbing alcohol, the regular old kind you have in the medicine cabinet. The fire will burn for 40-50 minutes once filled. 

  47. Copper Rain Chain
  48. gifts-for-stepmom-chain

    I love gifts that are beautiful as well as functional, especially when they replace something ugly! This is a rain chain. The chain hangs from the gutter, replacing those ugly white drain spouts. The rain will cascade down the chain and overflow the cups in a stunning waterfall effect while diverting the rain away from your home. 

  49. Throw Blanket
  50. gifts-for-stepmom-throw

    This throw blanket will make an elegant addition to her home decor. The blanket is perfect for an afternoon nap! Made of acrylic, the blanket is soft and lightweight. It measures 50 x 60 inches and is available in several colors. 

  51. Tea Towels
  52. gifts-for-stepmom-towels

    These pretty tea towels are so fresh and cheery! Made of 100% cotton, the three towels measure 20 x 27.5 inches and feature patterns influenced by nature, butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. The print is so delicate it almost looks like the towels have been painted with watercolors. 

  53. Hooded Lounger
  54. gifts-for-stepmom-hoodie

    This hooded lounger is great for many situations. She can wear it after a shower, after getting up in the morning, to change into at the end of the day, and as a beach or pool cover. The best part is that it has a hood and a pocket! The lounger is available in several sizes. 

  55. Waist Pack


    This pack is excellent for the active stepmom. She can use it when she runs, bikes, hikes, gardens, goes for a walk, or any occasion when she doesn’t want to drag along a purse. The pack is made of moisture-wicking material and large enough to accommodate a lot, including a phone, keys, cash, credit cards, ID, and more. 


  57. Essential Oil Diffuser 
  58. gifts-for-stepmom-diffuser

    Being part of a blended family can be stressful, so things that help relieve stress make great stepmom gift ideas! This essential oil diffuser comes with ten essential oils, including lavender oil, which reduces anxiety and headaches caused by stepkids or anything else! 

  59. Funny Candle


    Want to give your stepmom a gift and throw a little shade at your siblings simultaneously? This candle will do it! The eight-ounce candle is soy wax and has a delicate lavender scent. 

  61. Travel Atomizer


    Having your “signature scent” when you travel is friendly but not practical. Most perfume bottles are too big to bring in a carry-on, and putting the bottle in your checked luggage could end in disaster. This atomizer can be filled with 5ml of perfume. The atomizer can be loaded from a spray perfume bottle and holds enough for 65 sprays. 

  63. Rose Gold Best Bonus Mom Wine Glass
  64. gifts-for-stepmom-glass

    Gifts for a mom or a stepmom that help improve their wine-drinking experience always make great gift ideas! This stainless steel tumbler lets your stepmom keep her favorite wine (or any other drink) at a temperature for hours. The tumbler holds 12 ounces, has a plastic lid with a drinking hole, and comes in several colors. 

  65. Keychain
  66. gifts-for-stepmom-keychain

    This keychain is for all those stepmoms who loved their stepkids as their own! The keychain is stainless steel and comes in a cute velvet gift bag. The keychain also makes a great mother-in-law gift or a gift for an adoptive mother. 

  67. Kate Spade Earrings
  68. gifts-for-stepmom-earrings

    Stud earrings are a must; they’re classic and appropriate for every occasion and every outfit. But admittedly, they can be a little dull. These Kate Spade studs are anything but boring! These earrings will add a bit of sparkle and pizazz to any occasion and outfit. 

  69. Birthstone Suncatcher


    A glass artisan handcrafts this suncatcher, and each one is unique. The heart measures 3 x 2 inches, has a loop at the top for hanging, and is packed in a gift box. The heart also makes a beautiful Christmas ornament. Each month’s birthstone is available. 

  71. UV Disinfecting Wireless Charger
  72. gifts-for-stepmom-charger

    If you knew the horrors lurking on a smartphone’s surface, you would wash your hands and order this immediately! This gadget does two jobs at once. It uses UV light to sanitize your phone and charge it simultaneously. The sanitizer can be used for other small items, like keys, glasses, credit cards, and jewelry. 

  73. Personal Alarm
  74. gifts-for-stepmom-alarm

    Keep her safe with this personal alarm. The alarm has a brass holder and loop so she can use it as a keychain. When activated, the alarm emits a 130dB siren and a flashing strobe light for up to 40 minutes. 

  75. Succulents and Cactus Kit
  76. gifts-for-stepmom-plants


    This set is another excellent gift for the plant lover who doesn’t have outdoor space or likes plants but needs low maintenance. The gift includes everything she needs to grow different kinds of succulents and cactuses. 

  77. Mini Meditation Garden
  78. gifts-for-stepmom-garden

    Everyone could use a bit of meditation, and this little zen garden is perfect for her desk! The garden includes the garden base, salt rocks, an actual air plant that requires a once-a-week misting, and natural river rocks. The garden measures 7 x 7 x 7 inches. 

    What are the most thoughtful gifts for Stepmoms?

    Sure thing, let’s dive into the beautiful world of stepmom gifts! To win the thoughtful gift game, consider what she loves – is she into gardening, cooking, or perhaps a good book? For the green-thumbed stepmom, a set of rare seeds or a beautiful potted plant could brighten her day.

    Consider a personalized cutting board or a gourmet spice set if she’s a culinary queen. And hey, if she loves to unwind with a page-turner, a bestseller in her favorite genre or a cozy reading blanket would make a perfect gift. The key is showing her you know and appreciate her unique interests!