How To Get More Poshmark Followers And Keep Them

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: June 5, 2022

    Getting more Poshmark followers is all about being an active part of the community.

    If you want to grow your followers, you have to get more exposure, and to get more exposure; you have to share other closets. So sharing is the best and easiest way to grow your audience.

    Sharing is Caring

    I share a lot. At least four to five times all day. I usually do it during breakfast, right before lunch- anytime I have a few minutes. Then, when others check their Instagram or Facebook, I Posh instead. Why? Because the more I share, the more shares I get, which leads to more sales.

    I have 4k followers, and @coolposher has 50k followers (#poshgoals.) So if I share her listings, she will most likely share a bunch of mine with her 50k followers, who are GREAT exposure for me. Now their followers will see my items exposure to more people who aren’t following me yet.

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    Here is a little strategy that I find works for me. Every day I take a few minutes to go through feeds or past parties and see if anything catches my eye. Then, if there is something I like, I check out that Poshers closet to see what else they are selling. If they have one thing that is my style and size, they likely have other things I like.

    Next, I go through their closet and share five to ten items I like. Sometimes I will even leave a comment complimenting them. This helps me stand out among the other 100+ shares that get that day. The favor is returned more often than not, and they share a bunch of my listings.

    Be a Party Animal

    Unlike sharing your closet to the general feed during specific times, sharing to parties leaves your shares for long-term exposure to shoppers. For example, if you share your sweaters during a Sweater Weather Party, people looking to buy sweaters will click on this party to browse. Therefore, what you’ve shared will be on there. Tip: try sharing close to when the party is about to end so that your shares are one of the first ones people will see (not everyone scrolls down for hours).

    Poshmark Followers Parties

    You’d be surprised. Sometimes showing your support and love for women who have host picks can lead to another Posher clicking on your profile photo to see what you’ve got. Plus, you can make new friends that may share your closet as you share theirs.

    I just became aware that an item could only be shared with a party once, so don’t waste your time sharing it many times. Instead, share a few things from your closet every 15 minutes to spread your listings through the feed during the party. Also, sharing someone else’s listing should only communicate to your followers. If they already shared it with the party earlier, your share won’t appear anywhere.


    Make Friends

    You can play the next game if you want, but I was never into following people so that they could follow me. You want followers who like your style and would buy you items. The same goes for the following. I only follow Poshers that have closets I like. It could be awkward at first to start chatting with random on the app, so I found an excellent place to congratulate Poshers on being a co-host for an upcoming party.

    This boosts the probability of that Co-Host looking at your closet for potential host picks. This is the only strategy I have ever used to get a host pick, and it works most of the time. Bringing a host pick is enormous to your following. Your item is posted in a featured feed at the party, which gives you so much more exposure than sharing in the main meal.

    Poshmark meetup

    If you are looking to make friends with Poshers in your area, there are now a ton of Posh Meet-ups in many cities around the country.

    Update Everyday

    Over time you update a listing, and your followers can see it in their feed. Not everyone is checking their feed all the time, so updating and listing again will give more visibility for your listings and more shares. You don’t need to update any info on the listing; just choose Edit on the top right-hand corner of the listing.

    I usually update all my items 3-4 times a day, twice during parties and peak hours. Right before lunchtime works well for me when people need a “stare at my phone” break. Also, after work into the night, I see the most action, so I share then too.

    Happy Poshing!