35 Christmas Gifts for Your Boss That’ll Impressed Them

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: December 18, 2022

    Bosses can really set the tone for the workplace. Hopefully, you have a great boss and landed here in hopes of finding the best gift. We found funny, practical, unique, and inexpensive gifts so you have options to fit your gift-giving style!

  1. Electric Cold Brewer
  2. gifts-for-boss-electric-cold-brewer

    Are you shopping for your coffee-loving boss? An electric cold brewer that gets the job done in 15 minutes means no more planning 12+ hours for a caffeine fix. After brewing, press the plunger to filter coffee and your boss can enjoy 22 ounces of their favorite cold brew!

  3. Creative Magnetic Calendar
  4. gifts-for-boss-calendar

    A perfect gift idea for a boss that loves a unique calendar. The creative design makes this a practical calendar and a modern decoration. The magnetic balls for the date, week and month are cool and different.

  5. 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station
  6. gifts-for-boss-3-in-1-Wireless-Charging-Station

    This sleek charging device allows an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch to be charged at the same time. If your boss is gadget-obsessed this will be the ultimate gift to purchase. Since it has a beautifully simple design it will even add to the office decor.

  7. Photo Display with Pen Holder
  8. gifts-for-boss-photo-display-with-pen-holder

    The family-centered boss will love this thoughtful gift. There is space for up to 7 photos to be displayed and it is the perfect size for a desktop. Besides, a cup is included to hold pencils or a small plant. Choose from 3 options to fit your boss’s style.

  9. Zen Fountain
  10. gifts-for-boss-fountain

    This is a great gift for any stressed-out boss. Zen fountains have become a popular tool for relieving stress. Above all, it brings a calming ambiance to the office as water cascades making soft relaxing sounds.

  11. Boss Lady Candle
  12. gifts-for-boss-boss-lady-candle

    A scented candle that smells like lattes, hustlin’, and a hint of kick ass. This is a great birthday gift for your girl boss best friend. Also, this is a great addition to a gift basket for your fav boss lady.

  13. Whiskey Gift Set
  14. gifts-for-boss-whiskey-gift-set

    This unique whiskey half-barrel includes 2 whiskey glasses, 8 granite whiskey rocks, stainless steel ice tongs, velvet carrying bag, and whiskey cocktail cards. Add this item to your great gift idea list for boss’s day, which is October 16th every year. You will quickly become your boss’s favorite as they enjoy a chilled glass of their favorite whiskey after a long week.

  15. Charging Station Dock
  16. gifts-for-boss-charging-station-dock

    This is the perfect gift for the boss who loves a tidy desk. The charging station has a sleek look and can store up to 6 devices. Also, 3 different styles of charging cable are included which allows different devices to be easily charged.

  17. Paperweight
  18. gifts-for-boss-paperweight

    Not all paperweights have to be boring. We know your boss is a genius and will love this pewter paperweight etched with a quote from Albert Einstein. The imaginative boss will love this whether for Christmas, a birthday, or just because!

  19. Only Good Vibes


    This little glass jar contains folded notes that will inspire, motivate, and boost motivation. Reading one of these little notes can give someone a nice break in a stressful or hectic workday. This can be a nice Christmas gift for your boss or the office white elephant.

  21. Fitness Dice
  22. gifts-for-boss-fitness-dice

    The new WFH situation has left so many of us feeling sluggish due to more time cramped up and at the computer. Fitness Dice is good for the boss who loves working out or always talking about needing to get back into shape. Seven dice are included – 6 have the type of workout and the 7th decides how many reps are to be done. The best part, no accessories are needed as all are bodyweight exercises.

  23. Portable Power Bank
  24. gifts-for-boss-portable-power-bank

    If your boss is anything like mine they have multiple electronic devices between personal and business. This power bank will keep their battery going the entire day so they don’t miss a beat. It has 2 USB ports which allow for simultaneous charging and is small to allow for easy travel.

  25. Tears of Staff Mug


    A coffee mug with a sarcastic quote is a nice idea for a gag gift. Any boss is sure to laugh at this funny gift when they read “These are the Tears of my Staff”. This is a great gift for a boss with a healthy sense of humor! 

  27. Cheese Board
  28. gifts-for-boss-cheese-board

    This is a nice gift-giving idea for someone who prefers practical gifts. A cheese board is fitting for the boss who hosts during the holiday season, enjoys having company, or the wine lover who enjoys pairing with cheeses. The wooden board set comes with 2 ceramic bowls, 2 plates & 3 slat labels, 2 markers, a wine opener & 2 server forks. Also, the slide-out tray has 4 knives.

  29. Desktop Boxing
  30. gifts-for-boss-desktop-boxing

    Tabletop boxing sounds like a great office sport. This is a gift for bosses who could use a little stress relief and a good laugh. A mini punching bag with a suction cup base comes with 2 tiny boxing gloves that fit on the index finger. Also, a mini-book is included with finger boxing moves and boxing trivia!

  31. Buddha Board
  32. gifts-for-boss-buddha-board

    This may seem like it’s becoming a gift guide for stressed-out bosses but let’s be real, with all the craziness going on everyone can use a way to destress. A Buddha Board is simple, easy to use, and works on the art of letting go. After painting with water the image will evaporate leaving a blank slate for another masterpiece.

  33. “The Butt” Tape Holder
  34. gifts-for-boss-the-butt-tape-holder

    Gifts for bosses can be so boring at times, this one does not fall into that category. The figure’s magnetic butt will hold your boss’s paper clips, the tape can be held by the hands and the toilet tank can easily keep pens or business cards in place. This is sure to be the office gift that everyone is jealous of and won’t stop talking about.

  35. Desk Organizer


    A desktop organizer will help to tidy up the office and the design will add to the decor of the room. Since it has little drawers each item can have its own little space, no more moving things around to find the car keys when it’s time to go home. An extra touch can be added with a cute little plant, for instance.

  37. Succulent Garden Tools


    Succulents are so popular, and I can see why since they are resilient and relatively minimal upkeep is needed. Included in this set are 13 tools, all the things needed for a thriving succulent garden. The plant-lover boss is sure to adore this gift idea.

  39. Monogram Business Card Case
  40. gifts-for-boss-monogram-business-card-case

    There is nothing wrong with carrying business cards in this mostly digital world. This personalized business card case with magnetic closure will keep the cards safe when quickly thrown into a bag or pocket. The leatherette covering can be laser engraved on one or both sides, whatever you prefer.

  41. Desk Name Plate
  42. gifts-for-boss-desk-name-plate

    What is better than a desk nameplate? A nameplate that is not only beautiful but functional, it has a slot to hold business cards. This custom engraved piece has various fonts to choose from and can even have an image added!

  43. How Retirees Tell Time
  44. gifts-for-boss-how-retirees-tell-time

    A great boss deserves the best retirement gift! This custom-made wooden rack for wine glasses and coffee mugs is sure to be appreciated by the female boss looking forward to many girls’ wine nights. Including her favorite bottle of wine will be sure to make this gift extra special.

  45. Coffee and Wine Set
  46. gifts-for-boss-cups


    Wine glass and coffee mug set that will make it clear for your boss which should be used when. However, it doesn’t specify what to put in each glass. These glasses are dishwasher safe and carefully packed into a gift box for easy gift-giving.

  47. Starbucks Gift Card
  48. gifts-for-boss-starbucks-giftcard

    If you are looking for a holiday gift but don’t want to settle on a boss mug can I suggest a Starbucks gift card? It’s more useful than a t-shirt too! What makes this gift even better is that you can email it to your boss if you still only see them via Zoom!

  49. Facials Masks
  50. gifts-for-boss-facial-mask-set

    No matter how busy work gets time can always be made for a little self-care. This set of facial masks offers multiple types of benefits from hydration to clarity. After taking the mask out of the package just place it on your skin, let soak, then remove and toss. It leaves no big mess to clean!

  51. Stainless Steel Tumbler
  52. gifts-for-boss-stainless-steel-tumbler

    If you want your boss to know they won the title of World’s Best Boss this is the gift to get. It might seem like just another tumbler but in reality, it will let your boss show off their new title to everyone around. Stainless straws with a brush for cleaning are even included!

  53. Bluetooth Speaker
  54. gifts-for-boss-bluetooth-speaker

    Waterproof Bluetooth speaker which is great for tons of outdoor activities. This can be used poolside, biking, hiking, and so much more. It is under 1 lb which makes it ultra-portable and the high capacity battery allows for up to 24 hours of play-time!

  55. Desktop Pinball


    An old-school wooden pinball game and a beautiful conversation piece!  However, it might keep your boss from doing work which could be ok if you can get them to sign your time off request while they’re distracted. Offer up your boss a challenge – anyone who beats the boss gets a half-day!

  57. Standing Desk Converter


    Standing desks are great for the health and comfort of those stuck at a desk all day. This converter allows a current desk to easily be used as a standing desk and offers an adjustable height. Four different sizes are available to suit the needs of the office, from a laptop to two monitors.

  59. Infinity Bracelet
  60. gifts-for-boss-infinity-bracelet

    The infinity symbol is for never-ending friendship and love. Some bosses leave a special place in our hearts and this beautiful bracelet is a great way to say thanks for being a great mentor and friend. Whether it is for a holiday or retirement she will love and appreciate how special this gift is. Multiple finishes and stones are available to choose from, pick the ones that best fit your amazing boss.

  61. Sarcastic Keychain
  62. gifts-for-boss-sarcastic-keychain

    If your boss has a great sense of humor like mine this keychain offers the perfect amount of sarcasm. This stainless steel keychain will make your boss laugh and won’t break your bank. 

  63. Leg and Foot Massager
  64. gifts-for-boss-leg-and-foot-massager

    The air compression leg massager can provide a comfortable air compression massage experience. After sitting at a desk for hours this massager will help with circulation, can relieve tiredness in the legs, relax tight muscles, and relieve leg pain. After thinking about it, you should add 2 to your cart since you should treat yourself too.

  65. Boss Face Mask
  66. gifts-for-boss-boss-face-mask

    I get it, we’re all sick of hearing about the pandemic and seeing masks everywhere. However, you need your boss to stay safe so they can process payroll. This mask is great for the boss that loves bling and letting everyone know they’re in charge.

  67. Beard Grooming Kit
  68. gifts-for-boss-beard-grooming-kit

    This beard growth kit includes conditioner, shampoo, oil, balm, a brush, comb, scissors, and a storage bag. It even comes already packed in a gift box. Natural ingredients are used to help with beard growth and health. The boss that loves to keep his beard looking sharp will appreciate this set.

  69. Mouse Pad
  70. gifts-for-boss-mouse-pad

    A mouse pad for the boss lady that will add some color to the office. Whether the boss lady is your friend, sister, or actual boss she will be sure to love this gift!