20 Fun and Stylish Clip On Earrings For Those Without Holes

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: October 4, 2021

    No holes? No problem! Just because your ears are not pierced doesn’t mean you can’t wear fun and stylish earrings. Here are one-of-a-kind pieces clip-on earrings that will add a special flair to any ear.

  1. Tassel Earring
  2. clip-on-earrings-tassel

    These boho tassel earrings are very popular with women and girls and will give your outfit just the upgrade it needs. The metal is carefully polished, and every corner is clear and bright. There are seven colors to select from, there is always a suitable for you.

  3. Black Fancy Clips
  4. clip-on-earrings-fancy-black

    These earrings feature dazzling black fashion crystal. They are a trendy accessory that will compliment your style and natural beauty. Perfect for a special occasion such as wedding, festival, ceremony and evening dinner. 

  5. Retro Chandelier Clip Earring
  6. clip-on-earrings-retro

    These boho clips earrings are very easy to wear. The teal and blue colors, the unique shape, and the longer length all fit the bill. They are perfectly comfortable and look amazing.

  7. Crystal Clip Earrings
  8. A beautiful pair of clip-on earrings with clusters finished with high-quality crystals. These Earrings create a beautiful, sparkling look. They are like chandeliers for your ears. Perfect for Formal Affairs!

  9. Button Clip-On
  10. clip-on-earrings-wire

    The Robert Lee Morris Two-Tone Wire Wrap Clip-On Earrings are the perfect statement for your event. Silver-toned wire wraps through the middle of the circle charm. Gold-tone metal. Clip-on style. 

  11. Panther Studs
  12. clip-on-earrings-panthers

    Beautifully designed Black Panther earrings. Clip on style, accented with black and clear crystals. Gorgeous vintage style stud earrings for those fashionistas who have no holes. Comfortable Clip on style, accented with black and clear crystals. Size: 1.15″ width, 1.25″ length. 

  13. Pearl Clip Earrings
  14. clip-on-earrings-pearls


    Subtle sophistication. These pearl earrings are accented with crystal and cubic zirconia accents. Set in gold-tone mixed metal. Most importantly, they aren’t too heavy and they stay on nicely.

  15. Tassel Clip Earring
  16. best-clip-on-earrings-fans


    Quality, modern and long tassel earrings are stylish and fun! Our handmade clip on earrings features quality sterling silver-plated brass or Gold-Plated Steel Comfort Clips. Specially designed, these clip-on earrings can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit. Our long clip earrings never pinch!

  17. Leather Leaf Earring
  18. clip-on-earrings-leather

    These earrings come designed with a strong friction post back to ensure they stay on all day and night. Wear them from the office to the dance floor, these earrings are sure to match any outfit you bring out. They come in a few colors like brown and red.

  19. Gold Leaf Drop Earrings
  20. clip-on-earrings-leaf-gold

    Gold leaf drop clip earrings feature beautiful, intricate detail. Easily dresses up any casual look. Made of  copper and then gold plated. Fine and light weight so they will not feel heavy on the lobes. These beautiful and unique earring, perfect for catching the eye of anyone in the room.

  21. Teardrop Clip Earring
  22. clip-on-earrings-leaf-drop-crystal

    These are absolutely stunning. They have a soft foam on the clip for added comfort while wearing.  Stylish and faddish jewelry, works with daily dress, suitable for casual occasions.The two totally different elements combined together creating a magical effect and making you the center of any occasions.

  23. Hoop Clip Earrings
  24. clip-on-earrings-leaf-hoop

    Fashionable, trendy yet classic design these timeless silver hoop clips can be worn with your favorite jeans everyday or dress up a little black dress. Impossible to detect this earring is not a pierced hoop earring!

  25. Cascading Earring
  26. clip-on-earrings-cascade

    When you want to keep your outfit as simple as possible the best idea is to use eye-catching accessory, a jewelry piece, for example. This great pair of non pierced statement earrings.

  27. Rose Gold Studs
  28. clip-on-earrings-cz-stud

    Love the size and sparkle of these! The rose gold plated square cubic zirconia halo princess cut solitaire stud clip on earrings are great for a night out!

  29. Dream Catcher Clip


    Hung above beds to ensnare bad dreams, the dreamcatcher connects the universe with our minds. Traditionally handmade from a willow branch, they come to us from the Ojibwe Native American tribe. In Native American wisdom, dreamcatchers represent the connection between humans and the cosmos—how everything is interwoven and works in harmony. Filter out the negativity in your life, and let goodness find you.

  31. Flower Clip


    The black enamel flower clip earrings are a beautiful and classic style. The ear clips are 18k plated gold with white crystal accents. 

  33. Metal Tassel Earring
  34. clip-on-earrings-tassel

    These tassel earrings have gorgeous blue green stones are perfect for a night out. They will really add a lot of swing and glitter to your outfit. 

  35. Magnetic Gage Earrings
  36. clip-on-earrings-magnetic

    These black round magnetic faux gauge earrings are a badass look without the badass holes. Magnetcs strong enough to hold on tight but comfortable enough to wear all day.

  37. Angel Wing Cuffs
  38. clip-on-earrings-wings

    These are a great way to give thanks or surprise to the person you care about. This angel wing ear cuffs are made of silver-plated alloy and nickel free to protect your ear from any irritation. You can wear these earrings with anything.

  39. Vintage Style Earrings
  40. clip-on-earrings-twenties


    Found the perfect party dress? These Art Deco beauties will add an extra portion of glamour to your outfit! Made from silver-toned metal, set with shiny rhinestones.  Glamour, elegance, and fabulousness to the max!